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Chapter 99: Godly Craftsmanship

When Ye Xiao returned home, the last armament refinement cultivation technique in the Golden Book had also been cultivated, reaching the state of perfection.

After all, armament refinement cultivation techniques were not combative cultivation techniques, so it was far from being that troublesome.

It could already be synthesized, so Ye Xiao shut Huan Liuli outside the door.

“Watch the main door.

Dont come in unless I call you.”

Huan Liuli muttered.

“Whats the big deal Do you really think Im a slave In another 300 years, youll see how Ill deal with you.”

Just as she finished speaking, a blinding golden light shot out from the crack in the door.

That caused Huan Liuli to gradually turn off her engine as her brows furrowed tightly.

‘This fellow… Became stronger again Did he f*cking eat an immortal pill Why is his cultivation rising like a rocket

Star beasts could grow stronger automatically as they grew younger.

Star beasts with a dragon-class bloodline could be said to have the fastest cultivation speed.

Why did it feel like compared to him, it was trash

‘If this goes on, Im afraid that in 300 years, I might not be able to defeat him.

After thinking for a moment, she clenched her little fists.

‘No, the I am a Phantom Cat, a star beast with a dragon-class bloodline.

How can I give up hope Ill just add another 50 years.

‘In 350 years, I will soar to the skies and take Ye Xiao as a pet.

In the room, Ye Xiaos armament-refining cultivation technique was all fused together.

Very quickly, a new armament-refining technique was formed.

Godly Craftsmanship!

What a perfunctory name!

Those who did not know better would have thought that it was an idiom.

Then, after waiting for a night, the Golden Book finished cultivating the cultivation technique automatically.

When Ye Xiao woke up the next morning, he immediately used the materials that he had prepared in advance to refine a weapon.

Godly Craftsmanship revolved, and spiritual energy formed a high-temperature area in front of him.

After throwing in all of the 1,000 pieces of pig iron, a portion of the molten iron was quickly refined, and a portion of the impurities was formed.

However, the molten iron that needed to be refined was much less than before.

Previously, when Ye Xiao refined molten iron, he needed to refine so much molten iron that he could forge a brand new weapon with it alone.

At that time, he only refined enough molten iron to forge a nail.

‘So little

Ye Xiao was a little surprised.

It looked like his divine skill was indeed much stronger.

In the end, it was an imperial technique!

It was far from what those basic cultivation techniques could compare to.

‘This isnt enough to make a weapon though.

Ill just forge a small throwing knife.

Ye Xiao forged it into a fine iron throwing knife.

Then, he withdrew the cultivation technique.

With a thought, the throwing knife entered his hand.

‘Looking at the grade of this throwing knife, it should already be able to reach the grandmaster grade.

Previously, I was still suspecting that pig iron wouldnt be able to forge a grandmaster-grade weapon.

I didnt expect to slap myself in the face.

‘However, this is also good.

The stronger the craftsmanship, the better it will be for me.

‘Using the essence of pig iron to forge a grandmaster-grade weapon.

If I were to use better materials, Im afraid there would be even better ones, right

Weapon forging techniques only had the ability to forge weapons.

In order to forge a reasonable weapon and armor, a certain amount of materials were required.

It was said that in order to forge a higher grade weapon, one still needed the soul of a star beast or a powerful martial artist to seal it in the weapon and fuse it with the weapon.

Only in that way would one be able to forge the strongest weapon.

Regarding that point, it was exactly the same as those ancient masters who forged weapons in his previous life.

However, it was meaningless to forge using a normal star beast soul.

The improvement was not great.

A high-grade star beast soul was very rare and hard to find.

Speaking up to that point, Ye Xiao suddenly thought of a fellow.

King El!

He was a celestial-level star beast so his soul and physical body were very powerful.

He could definitely refine a good weapon or armor with King Els soul.

Soon, it would be the day when the seven stars aligned.

He did not know if King El would run out at that time.

If he wanted to run out, he would kill him and use his physical body and soul to forge a weapon or armor.

However, his current cultivation was only at Xiantian fifth grade.

He still needed to work harder.

He had already comprehended the true meaning of Xiantian sixth grade martial arts.

As long as he increased his spiritual energy cultivation, he would be able to completely reach Xiantian sixth grade, the peak of a great grandmaster.

The speed of cultivation was slower the further one progressed.

No matter how good the cultivation technique was, the amount of spiritual energy needed to expand for a higher grade was also greater.

It was not as simple as one plus one.

How about… Learning the art of alchemy

That was because alchemy was the only way to quickly increase ones cultivation.

Although alchemy was more expensive, he could obtain resources by hunting star beasts alone so that he could refine pills.

It was perfect.

He decided to learn alchemy.

After thinking about that, Ye Xiao put away the throwing knife and went out to work.

He first bought some steamed buns and egg soup from the breakfast shop, then visited the materials store.

“Boss Xu.”

He often bought materials there so Ye Xiao and the boss were very familiar with each other.

Boss Xu immediately walked out with a smile.

“Did you finish refining the weapon yesterday”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“I failed yesterday.”

“Really Thats strange.

But its okay.

The failure rate of an ordinary blacksmith is much higher than yours.

You only failed once, so its nothing.”

Ye Xiao nodded, then took out a throwing knife from his pocket.

“I rummaged through my stuff at home yesterday and found a throwing knife passed down from my ancestors.

Can you help me see how much this is worth”

When Boss Xu saw the item, his eyes immediately lit up and he hurriedly took it.

“D*mn, this is a grandmaster-grade throwing knife! Ye Xiao, your ancestors have capable people forging weapons for them.”

Ye Xiao smiled and did not reply.

In reality, he was an orphan in that world.

His parents had died in battle against the star beasts a long time ago.

He had no idea who his ancestors were.

However, he made it up to smoothly sell the throwing knife.

Boss Xu repeatedly inspected the throwing knife and could not help but praise it.

“Its a good thing.

However, Ye Xiao, in terms of price, it might not be as good as you think.

“You should also know that regardless of whether its cultivation techniques, weapons, armor, or pills, grandmaster-graded items are definitely more expensive than ordinary and transcendent items.

“Ordinary items range from hundreds to thousands, transcendent items range from thousands to tens of thousands, and grandmaster-grade items range from hundreds of thousands to millions!

“However, your item is too small.

“If it were a real long saber, a coward would have to lie to you for at least six digits.

“However, this throwing knife of yours is about the same length as mine.

At most, it can only be used as a hidden weapon.

Its very inconvenient to use, so its very difficult to sell it at a good price.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“I know.

You can give it to me as you see fit.”


Boss Xu muttered to himself, reached out his hand, and gestured twice.

“This number.”


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