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Chapter 98: The Collection of Refining Techniques

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Everyone was applauding Qin Yuyan.

At that moment, she could be said to be the most dazzling star in the entire arena.

One could foresee that after defeating Sasaki Taro, her fame would directly surpass Piao Jiansheng and shake the nine provinces.

At that moment, the only person in the arena who was not happy was Sasaki Taro.

He lost!

That was his first challenge in the nine provinces.

If he was defeated in his first challenge, how could he continue on

No matter how many battles he won or how many people he defeated, it would not change that fact.

It could be said that his plan to come to the nine provinces at that time had completely shattered.

He was a well-known saber genius in the Ying state.

He was also a master of the Jia He Liu Ninja Blade and the successor of Murakami.

When he came to challenge the nine provinces, the entire Ying state was promoting him.

He even obtained a lot of resources because of it.

If he went back just like that, his life would be over.

According to the rules of the Ying state, even if his master did not allow him to disembowel him, the saliva of the Ying state citizens could drown him.

He definitely could not go back just like that.

If he brought that humiliation back, even his family would be implicated.

A sense of humiliation, anger and fear surged into his heart, and his killing intent spread, causing his eyes to turn scarlet red.

He had not admitted defeat, which meant that the competition was not over yet, and he could still make another move.

If the restriction on his cultivation was lifted, with his Houtian ninth-grade strength, he would definitely surpass Qin Yuyans Houtian eighth-grade strength.

At that point, he could only kill himself.

Rather, kill Qin Yuyan!

At the very least, he would severely injure her meridians and cause a genius to fall from the nine provinces!

He could say that he was too angry, lost his rationality, and lost control of his emotions.

He did not kill her on purpose.

The demeanor of the nine provinces had always been benevolent and righteous.

He was hurting someone during a challenge and not killing people on the streets, so there was a high chance that he would not be convicted as a killer directly.

It was possible that he would capture him first and then bring him to court.

When that time came, the Ying state would make a negotiation.

If the situation was good, there might even be extradition.

If he had killed Qin Yuyan, the Ying state people would definitely support him and not despise him.

If he could return to the Ying state, he would instead obtain huge benefits.

At that moment, Sasaki Taro instantly thought of a plan that was most beneficial to him, a plan to solve the huge humiliation of his failure in the challenge.

Take a gamble!


After coming up with a plan, he did not hesitate at all.

He immediately unleashed all of his cultivation and charged at Qin Yuyan.

With his cultivation fully unleashed, his speed was more than twice as fast as before.

Houtian ninth grade, he was already close to a Xiantian grandmaster.

Furthermore, he cultivated the famous Jia He Liu Ninja Blade, which was famous for its speed.

Thus, he was extremely fast.

On the viewing platform, Du Changfeng and the others immediately realized his intentions.

“Impudent! How dare you!”

Du Changfeng roared furiously and executed his movement technique, charging straight at Sasaki Taro.

However, just as he activated the spiritual energy in his body, the injuries he suffered from You Wei began to resurface.

The pain and tearing sensation in his meridians caused his movements to freeze.

Qin Shenglong and the others were only at the Xiantian realm, and their speed was not much faster than Sasaki Taro.

There was no way they could catch up in time.


Qin Yuyan did not expect Sasaki Taro to be so shameless.

Caught off guard, she quickly activated the spiritual energy in her body.

However, the other party made the first move, and in the blink of an eye, he was right in front of her.

Even if she could activate the spiritual energy in time, there was no time for her to make a move.


A proud smile appeared on Sasaki Taros lips.

Killing Qin Yuyan and destroying a martial arts genius of the nine provinces was definitely a great achievement.

It was enough to make up for his failure in the challenge.

However, at that critical moment, when everyone thought that Qin Yuyan was doomed to die, a saber light suddenly shot out from between Qin Yuyans eyebrows, shooting out a 300-feet-long saber light and slashing down.


After a violent explosion, Sasaki Taro was directly split in half from the middle.

A huge gully was also split open on the ground of the stadium.

The entire stadium once again fell into a dead silence.

Qin Shenglong and the others were all stunned on the way, dumbstruck.

That saber masters saber intent could actually be released to resist the enemy when it sensed danger


Just how strong was that senior

On Ye Xiaos side, after reading non-stop, he finally found the last book of the armament-refining technique.

After recording it into the Golden Book, as long as he finished cultivating, he could synthesize it.

The few martial artists on the other side also began to discuss Qin Yuyans duel.

Without a doubt, Qin Yuyan won.

However, what he did not expect was that Sasaki Taro could not afford to lose and actually played dirty.

Fortunately, that saber intent of his killed him.

Otherwise, there would be someone from nine provinces who would be injured by someone from the Ying state.

In his previous life, Ye Xiao hated a certain brat from the Ying state the most.

In his current life, could it be that it was indirect revenge against the Ying state

It was quite comfortable to think about it.


The librarys closing bell rang.

Ye Xiao closed his books and prepared to go home.

When he passed by the main entrance and was about to clock out from work, a faint fragrance surged into his nose.

He turned his head to take a glance and happened to meet Ms.

Wangs gaze.

“What a coincidence.”

Ye Xiao extended his index finger to clock in.


Wang also punched in.

“Its quite a coincidence.

I havent seen you recently.

What are you doing”

“Ive been reading in the upper floors recently.”

“Youre still reading Its about time you found a girlfriend.

Do you want me to introduce you to one Dont worry, Ill definitely introduce you to a lady from a rich family.

Shes not some random girl.”

“Thank you, but I dont want to fall in love for the time being.”

“Alright then, Ill go home first.

Oh right, Im getting married in a few days.

Dont forget to come to the wedding.”

After saying that, a middle-aged man riding an electric scooter called out to Ms.



Wang waved her hand and quickly ran toward the other and sat on their electric scooter.

The mans appearance was simple and his clothes were not flashy.

He was an honest man.

He was a standard model of a person.


Wangs clothes were much more formal.

She did not have the same aura as before.

The makeup on her face was only light, and her words were no longer so frivolous.

It seemed that his words had impacted Ms.

Wang a little.

She already wanted to start her life over again.

That gave Ye Xiao an inexplicable sense of accomplishment.

What was the saying

The two most difficult things in the world.

One was to put other peoples money into ones pocket, and the other was to put ones thoughts into anothers head.

Saving a depraved soul seemed to have a greater sense of accomplishment than synthesizing a powerful cultivation technique.

However, Ye Xiao felt that the middle-aged uncle was quite pitiful.

Nevertheless, what did the matters of the human world have to do with him

As long as the person involved felt happy.


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