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Chapter 96: Ghost Saber

It was about 30,000 to 40,000 yuan.

Including Ye Xiaos previous salary and savings, it was now more than 100,000 yuan.

However, things like money did not have much meaning to the current Ye Xiao.

It was just that he could buy more delicious food.

Such a peaceful life lasted for about a month.

Until one morning…

“Shocking news, my friends!”

That morning, Ye Xiao had just arrived at the upper floor to read when he heard someone exclaim in surprise.

Generally speaking, the library required a quiet environment, and very few people were noisy.

However, that persons words successfully attracted the curiosity of everyone there.

Therefore, no one was complaining.

“The genius of the Han state, Piao Jiansheng, has been defeated!”

Everyone could not help but exclaim,

“Even Piao Jiansheng has been defeated”

“How is this possible Ive seen his swordsmanship.

With such strong sword art attainments, can he still be defeated”

“Isnt it to be expected The reason why he was able to sweep through the Jing province before was because in recent years, the martial arts heritage of the Jing province had been somewhat broken.

Some martial arts experts had fallen while fighting against the star beasts.

“In fact, there are many capable people in the nine provinces.

There are still many recluse martial arts experts who have taught a few geniuses.

Its just that they havent left the mountain yet.”

“Yes, Ive heard that in the nine provinces, there are a total of 17 top-tier martial arts experts who have entered the top ranks of the Dragon and Phoenix rankings.

Two of them seemed to have received the news of taking in disciples 20 years ago.”

“Are you talking about swordmaster Lu Qingshan And saber prodigy Li Liushui”

“Thats right.

The two of them are both martial artists of the divine sect and are famous in the nine provinces.

They should be the disciples that the two of them taught and defeated Piao Jiansheng, right”

However, the person who spoke first shook his head.

“Its not him.

Its the successor of the Jia He Lius Ninja Blade from the Ying state, Sasaki Taro.”

“Its actually the successor of the Jia He Lius Ninja Blade! I heard that this guy also wants to follow Piao Jiansheng and challenge the prowess of the saber art experts of Zhong province.”

“Yes, his master is the master of the Jia He Liu Ninja Blade from Ying state, Beizumi Murakami!”

Everyone knew that Beizumi Murakami was the top martial artist from Ying state and was ranked 50th in the Dragon list.

He was three places lower than Piao Jianshengs master, Liu Chengxun.

The reason why he defeated Piao Jiansheng was to humiliate the Han state.

With Piao Jiansheng as the starting point, he began to challenge the younger generation of martial artists in the Zhong province.

The first stop was our Jianghai citys Qin Yuyan

“D*mn! Shes the first one he wants to target in our Jianghai city Im afraid shell be in trouble this time.”.

Jia He Lius Ninja Blade was an unparalleled cultivation technique that combined saber techniques and Ying state ninjutsu.

It was famous for its craftiness, strangeness, viciousness, and ruthlessness.

It was impossible to guard against.

There was a joke on the internet that explained how terrifying Jia He Lius Ninja Blade was.

Once the Ghost Saber turned invisible, one slash would slice your throat before you know it.

“Last time, Qin Yuyan lost to Piao Jiansheng, and now Piao Jiansheng has lost to Sasaki Taro.

That Qin Yuyan will definitely lose again.”

“I heard that today is the day of the duel, but its a pity that theres no live broadcast.

Were still in the library right now.

If we run over, itll probably be too late.

We can only wait until someone records a video and puts it on the Internet!”

Everyone sighed incessantly.

Ye Xiao, who was reading by the side, did not mind.

He read books every day, so he naturally had some understanding of such things on a surface level.

Jia He Lius Ninja Blade, commonly known as the Ghost Saber, was a combination of the two basics of saber techniques, the fast saber, and the illusionary saber, that were both evolved to perfection.

That was why when it was used, it would be tricky to deal with when in reality, it was a combination of speed and feints.

Although it had a scary name, when faced with a real saber technique, it was still not good enough.

The saber intent that Qin Yuyan had comprehended contained the Overpowering Saber intent.

It had condensed the seven most basic saber techniques.

It could be said that it had gathered the essence of the saber technique and evolved to the highest state!

Therefore, from that point of view, Jia He Lius Ninja Blade would definitely not be able to defeat the Overpowering Saber.

The key reason why Qin Yuyan had lost to Piao Jiansheng previously was that Qin Yuyan had only cultivated for a month or so.

It was absolutely impossible for her to absorb so much saber intent.

At that point… Sasaki Taro would not be as lucky.

Therefore, Ye Xiao did not care at all and continued to look at his armament-refining technique.

On the other side, in Jianghai Martial Arts Academy, the showdown had begun.

The atmosphere at the scene was very solemn.

Du Changfeng, Qin Shenglong, Du Tianyu, Ouyang Yunzhong一all the important people from the city were all present.

Du Changfeng looked at Sasaki Taro who stood proudly on the stage with a very grave expression.

“I didnt expect that before Piao Jiansheng left, another martial arts genius would come.

Jianghai city, this small place, is really going to be famous.”

Qin Shenglong sighed faintly.

“Who knows Its a pity that those true martial arts experts are all hidden from the world.

“If it were the sword prodigy or saber master of the nine provinces, they could send their own disciples to fight.

They would never let such a petty person run rampant here.”

Ouyang Yunzhong smiled and said,

“Otherwise, why would they be called the mysterious martial arts experts Such experts have always focused on martial arts and never thought much about worldly affairs.”

Du Tianyu could not help but say,

“It would be great if those martial arts experts of our Jianghai city could teach one or two disciples.

They would definitely be able to nurture powerful disciples.”

Everyone could not help but fall into silence.

They still had no clues about the elusive martial arts experts of Jianghai city.

It would be great if they could find them.

The strength of the entire Jianghai city would increase to a terrifying level.

Unfortunately, they could not find them.

Even as martial arts experts themselves, they really did not know where those two were hiding.

Before long, Qin Yuyan entered the arena, and the students of the Jianghai city Martial Arts Academy started to cheer for her.

Everyone also focused their attention on the arena.

“Judging from Yuyans pace, her cultivation should have improved quite a bit!”

Du Changfeng could not help but reveal a look of admiration, while Qin Shenglong smiled complacently.

“She has already broken through to Houtian eighth grade, and is only one step away from Houtian ninth grade.”

“So fast It seemed that the saber intent had helped her improve quite a bit.

Thats good.

This lady has a high chance of becoming a Xiantian realm martial artist in the future.

Furthermore, given her current age, it shouldnt be a problem for her to surpass the Xiantian first grade.”

Upon hearing that evaluation, many of the surrounding students could not help but exclaim in admiration.

A Xiantian realm martial artist!

How many people dreamed of such a dream

Piao Jiansheng was also in the crowd.

The student beside him could not help but ask,

“Piao Jiansheng, do you think Qin Yuyan can win”

Piao Jiansheng shook his head and said with a serious expression,

“Its very difficult! Although her saber technique is amazing, she has only cultivated it for a short period of time.

As for Sasaki Taro, he has been cultivating his saber technique for a full 23 years!”


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