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Chapter 95: There Was No Limit to Synthesis

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Xiao said with an indifferent expression,

“Its not that serious.

If someone cuts you, you cant just stand there and let them do it.

Just dont kill the innocent.”


Ning Yuhens heart shook, and he agreed with a solemn expression.

“Dont worry, Supervisor Ye.”

“Then go.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao turned around and walked into the courtyard.


“I dont want my quiet life disturbed.

If my identity is known, I will blame it on the Silver Fox clan.”

Ning Yuhen bowed deeply to Ye Xiao.

“Supervisor Ye, thank you for taking care of me for so long.

Dont worry, the Silver Fox clan will definitely not reveal any of your secrets.”

The Fox Empress smiled faintly.


“Child, can we leave now”

Ning Yuhen nodded.

Following that, the Fox Empress glanced at You Wei.

You Wei immediately brought Ning Yuhen and left on the wind.

As for Ye Xiao, he returned to his room and went to study the Silver Fox clans imperial healing cultivation technique, the Morning Star Method.

Ye Xiao had never heard of the termImperial Technique, but he had been reading books in the library every day, so he also understood that there were other higher-level cultivation techniques above the grandmaster level.


The Overpowering Saber cultivation technique that he had synthesized previously was definitely a cultivation technique above the grandmaster level.

From the looks of it now, that technique might be an imperial technique!

“Imperial technique…”

Ye Xiao muttered and raised his brows slightly.

“Could it be that what those ancient emperors of a thousand ages or whatever, practiced, was the so-called imperial technique”

He could sense that the aftershocks of Overpowering Saber and other cultivation techniques were far from being achieved.

Cultivating those cultivation techniques would definitely allow one to break through the limits of the divine grandmaster rank and reach a higher level.

However, he did not know what the higher level was called.


He quickly finished reading the Morning Star Method and the Golden Book recorded it.

After a night, the Golden Book should have finished cultivating it.

Time flashed by and a night quickly passed.

The next day, when Ye Xiao woke up from his sleep, the blanket was already above his line of sight, preventing him from seeing the end of the bed.

That was not because he had cultivated the Morning Star Method.

Ever since he had learned the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art, he had been used to seeing such a scene every morning when he woke up.

His consciousness was immersed in the divine souls Golden Book, and he could not help but feel slightly shocked.

The Morning Star Method had indeed been cultivated, but the cultivation techniques that had been imprinted with the Morning Star Method and the Mending the Heavens technique had begun to emit a faint golden light.

That meant that they were still one or two cultivation techniques short of being able to be synthesized again!

Could it be that there were still more powerful cultivation techniques that could be combined above the imperial technique

That made Ye Xiao overjoyed.

If the imperial technique could be further synthesized, his future improvements would definitely not be underestimated.

In addition, that also indirectly proved that the Mending the Heavens, Overpowering Saber, Violet Sea of Stars, Heaven-cleaving Sword, Indestructible Diamond Divine Art, Divine Intent, and Bid Dippers Grand Mystery were all imperial level cultivation techniques.


In the future, those other types of cultivation techniques could probably be combined again.

However, there was a bit of trouble.

Ordinary cultivation techniques were easy to find, but imperial techniques were not.

Where could one obtain some imperial techniques

It probably did not even exist in the library.

Moreover, basic cultivation techniques could only be combined into one imperial technique.

In the future, no matter how many ordinary cultivation techniques one read, they would not be kept in the Golden Book and be combined into another imperial technique.

However, very soon, Ye Xiao shook his head and did not think about that matter anymore.

Who cares, when the cart reaches the mountain, there will always be a path.

When the water reaches the bridge, it will naturally straighten out.

Can a living person be suffocated to death by the unknown

The laid-back way would be done.

Ye Xiao first came to try the Morning Star Method.

Although the Morning Star Method and the Mending the Heavens technique were both imperial healing cultivation techniques, there was still a difference between the two.

Just like the basic techniques of other cultivation techniques, there were many types.

The Morning Star Method and the Mending the Heavens technique were roughly equivalent to the two different ways of displaying the imperial techniques of the healing cultivation techniques.

The Mending the Heavens technique was to quickly heal the wound.

Even if it was chopped into dregs, it would be able to completely recover.

As for the Morning Star Method, it was the ability to regenerate.

In the event that Ye Xiao had chopped off his own arm.

The manifestation of the Mending the Heavens technique was to restore it to the body.

As for the healing manifestation of the Morning Star Method, it was to directly regenerate a new arm.

Speaking of which, King Els healing cultivation technique seemed to be very strong as well.

He did not know if his healing technique was an imperial cultivation technique, nor did he know if his healing technique was a completely different imperial technique.

If it was, then he could consider digging out his star core and refining his healing cultivation technique from it.

In any case, he was not a good person.

However, no matter what, he had already saved a persons life, and he even learned about the matter of further synthesis.

It was ultimately a good day.

In the morning, Ye Xiao finished his breakfast and brought the Huan Liuli to the library to work.

Many people in the library were discussing the matter of the Silver Fox star beast.

Many people were spreading it, and they all knew that the Silver Fox star beast was Ning Yuhen.

That caused many people to look at Ye Xiaos side in a slightly different light.

After all, Ye Xiao was usually quite close to Ning Yuhen.

In the morning, the garrison team came over to investigate, and Ye Xiao was also called over for questioning.

Fortunately, Gu Hai had taken special care of him, so they did not interrogate him too much.

After a brief chat, they went back to their respective homes.

Gu Hai did not come.

He had already gone to participate in the intensive camps special training.

After he came out, his cultivation would probably have a great increase.

Everything gradually returned to normal.

Ye Xiao continued to go to the upper floor of the library to read.

He came in early and left late every day.

He would clock in on time for work.

In the next few days, he found another armament-refining technique.

He already had nine basic armament-refining techniques.

In his Golden Book, the page that recorded armament-refining techniques finally began to emit a faint golden light.

That meant that as long as he found another basic armament-refining technique, he would be able to synthesize an imperial-level armament-refining cultivation technique.

During that period, Ye Xiao would go home every night and buy some materials like pig iron.

After refining that night, he would take it back to the shop the next day.

The weapons that he refined were basically at most extraordinary grade weapons, so he did not have to worry about causing a stir.

In that world, imperial techniques were existences that ordinary people could not touch.

Thus, the grandmaster level was the highest grade cultivation technique, highest grade equipment, and highest grade medicinal pills that many people dreamed of!

Below the grandmaster level, be it transcendent or ordinary, the price would not be too high.

Take weapons as an example.

The difference between transcendent and grandmaster level was like heaven and earth!

Grandmaster-grade weapons were priced at least a million!

As for transcendent-grade weapons, most of them were around 10,000 to 20,000.

The difference between them was often tens to even hundreds of times!

That was because ordinary and transcendent-grade weapons could be forged by ordinary craftsmen.

Only grandmaster-grade weapons could be forged by the grandmaster sect.

However, grandmaster-grade weapons were very rare, to begin with.

In addition, most of them would choose to hunt star beasts, so there were even fewer of them on the ground!

However, even so, Ye Xiao relied on refining a little every night to flip his hands and earn a small sum of money.


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