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Chapter 93: Could It Be That the Supervisor Was Not a Human

When the force imprisoned Ning Yuhen, he instantly fell into complete despair.

At that moment, he hated himself for being weak and helpless!

If he could be as powerful as those legendary big shots in Jianghai city, how good would that be

He did not want to hurt anyone.

He only wanted to have a chance to live.

A chance to live like the supervisor, like all ordinary people!

Unfortunately, the reality was cruel.

He knew that he did not have long to live.

He was ready to give up resistance because he could not resist at all.

Weakness was the original sin!

Goodbye, Supervisor.

Goodbye, colleagues in the library.

Goodbye, world.

However, at that moment, Ning Yuhen heard a faint sigh beside his ear.

Following that, a violent explosion instantly burst in the entire air.

After the explosion, the enormous strength that restrained him instantly vanished into thin air.

“This is…”

Ning Yuhens pupils constricted.

In the next moment, Ye Xiao had already walked out of the courtyard.

“S-supervisor Ye”

At that moment, even if he had a pigs brain, he could vaguely guess something.

Earlier, it was the supervisor who saved him!

However, the supervisors strength was Houtian second grade, right He had not even activated his divine soul yet!

The strength that imprisoned him just now was definitely above the Xiantian realm!

The supervisor… Did he hide his cultivation

Moreover, he might even be a grandmaster martial artist


How old was the supervisor

He was barely even 21 years old.

A grandmaster martial artist in their twenties

Was that a joke

It was 100 percent certain that he was the number one person among the younger generation in Jianghai city.

No, that was an exaggeration.

In the entire central plains, the entire nine provinces, and even the entire world, the talent of the supervisor was one of the best.

Ye Xiao ignored him.

He was not afraid of exposing his identity to Ning Yuhen.

He had countless ways to make Ning Yuhen forget about the matter.

Moreover, even if he did not let Ning Yuhen forget, with his character and the friendship between the two of them, Ye Xiao believed that he would not expose his identity.

He raised his head and looked at the sky.

A barefooted woman wearing a long beautiful dress, with six silver-white tails, slowly descended.

Seeing the other partys foxtails, Ning Yuhen was completely stunned.

It was obvious that they were of the same race.

Silver Fox!

“Supervisor Ye, she is also a member of the Silver Fox clan.

However, why does she only have six tails She doesnt have as many tails as I do…”

Ning Yuhen could not help but feel a little puzzled.

Ye Xiao, on the other hand, said indifferently,

“You and she are different.

“You should be a member of the Silver Fox clans royal family.

Therefore, after activating your bloodline, you were born with nine tails.

As for ordinary Silver Fox star beasts, they can only rely on themselves to increase their cultivation in order to increase the number of tails.

“She already has six tails.

This means that she is an ordinary Silver Fox clan member, but her cultivation is at least at the great grandmaster rank.”

Ye Xiao read books every day, and a lot of strange knowledge he accumulated had long reached an unimaginable level.

Ning Yuhen was instantly dumbfounded on the spot.

A great grandmaster

What kind of joke was that

If that was the case, then the supervisor easily neutralized the other partys strength just now.

That means… ! That means that the supervisor is also a great grandmaster!

A 20-year-old great grandmaster

He had thought that Ye Xiao was only a grandmaster.

In the end, he did not expect that Ye Xiao was actually not just a grandmaster, but a great grandmaster!

That supervisor was definitely the number one person among the younger generation in the world!

The supervisor, who usually did not show his face, only knew how to read books and was completely harmless, was actually such a formidable existence

At that moment, Ning Yuhen began to doubt life.

Could it be that the supervisor was not human

Humans could not possibly be so strong!

In the sky, You Wei slowly descended.

Her gaze revealed some vigilance as she stared straight at Ye Xiao.

However, a fake smile appeared on her face.

“I didnt expect that there would be a great grandmaster here.

This is really unexpected.”

Ye Xiao looked at her indifferently.

In the next moment, the aura of a great grandmaster was like a tidal wave, pressing out in all directions.

There was no unnecessary nonsense, nor did he have any intention of communicating with her.

Everyone who had seen him make a move, except for special circumstances, had to die.

Moreover, the other party was here to capture Ning Yuhen!

Feeling the pressure of that aura, You Wei did not dare to be the slightest bit careless.

Her expression turned serious, and her ten fingers crossed.

She immediately activated the spiritual energy in her body, driving the strength in her body to execute the cultivation technique.

However, before she could activate her cultivation technique, a sword ray quickly appeared in front of her eyes.

The sword ray grew larger and larger!


The sword ray exploded in the sky, turning into a ball of dazzling fireworks that directly blasted You Wei into ashes!

Ning Yuhens face could not help but twitch violently.

A great grandmaster was instantly killed by the supervisors sword ray

The supervisor was too powerful to be reasonable, right

Could it be that he had even surpassed a great grandmaster

However, Ning Yuhen was not much shocked because of Ye Xiao.

In the next second, in midair, You Wei was resurrected again and returned to her original state.

She was still the same as before.

The only difference was that one of her fox tails was missing.

Life Substitution technique!

The Silver Fox clans innate divine ability was the culmination of the Silver Fox bloodlines healing cultivation technique!

Through cultivation, they would store their own life essence in their tails.

Once they encountered an attack that they could not evade in time, their tails would replace their original bodies and absorb all the attacks.

However, every time they used the Life Substitution technique, one of their tails would be lost.

If they wanted to rebuild a tail, they would need over 100 years of effort!

If all of her tails were lost, the Silver Foxs life would also disappear completely.

“Huff! Huff!”

You Wei gasped for breath intensely.

Her small face was already as pale as wax.

She did not expect that there was such a powerful existence in Jianghai city.

‘No, I cant go head-on with him.

Otherwise, Ill definitely die!


However, just as she was about to ask for a ceasefire, before she could say the word, Ye Xiao slashed out another sword ray, blasting her into a bloody mist once again.

After killing her, Ye Xiao said to Ning Yuhen beside him,

“The substitution technique of your Silver Fox clan will cause the user to lose a tail every time you slash it.

Therefore, you have to kill her a few more times before she will truly die.”

Ning Yuhen nodded his head as if he was not aware of it in the first place.

Following that, You Wei was resurrected again.

Ning Yuhen immediately pointed to the sky and said,

“Supervisor Ye, look, shes resurrected again.”

“I know.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao slashed out another sword ray.

The resplendent golden light attacked once again.

You Wei was already in despair.

She knew that she could not continue like that.

If that continued, even if she had 100 lives or 10,000 lives, it would not be enough for her to survive Ye Xiaos attacks.


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