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Chapter 92: The Silver Fox Clan

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was night and the moon was hanging high in the sky.

Du Changfeng stood on the grass in the courtyard of the governors manor with his hands behind his back as he looked at the sky.

Du Tianyu stood behind him and carefully said,

“Uncle, there was news from the garrison just now.

They found a star beast in the library.

Judging from its family type, it seems to belong to the Silver Fox star beast clan.”

“Silver Fox I got it.”

Du Changfeng said lightly, but there was a hint of solemnity in his eyes.

“You can leave now.

Theres a guest here.

Its not suitable for you to be here.”


Du Tianyu replied.

Although he did not know what had happened, his uncle would not have any ill-intent.

Not long after, a strong wind blew, and the plants in the courtyard began to shake.

Du Changfengs clothes fluttered in the wind, making him look more ethereal.

“Du Changfeng, long time no see.”

A voice quietly entered his ears, carrying 30 percent reminiscence, 30 percent resentment, 30 percent killing intent, and 10 percent … Love.

Du Tianyu, who was hiding in his room, looked through the crack in the door and was suddenly shocked.

He simply could not believe his eyes.

In the courtyard, a young woman dressed fashionably and elegantly, barefooted, had quietly arrived.

However, what shocked Du Tianyu was not that, but the six Silver Fox tails on her back.

She was a star beast, and one in a human form.

Her strength was extraordinary!

Du Changfeng sighed slightly.

“You Wei, you shouldnt have come back.

Star beasts and humans were always on opposite sides.

The Silver Fox clan and humans had always stayed out of each others way.

If you step into the human domain, you will definitely attract the fear and hostility of the humans toward the Silver Fox clan.”

“Hmph! Stop pretending.

Back then, the princess of the Silver Fox clan did not harm anyone and even gave birth to a son for you humans.

Didnt you all kill her all the same

“From then on, the Silver Fox clan would no longer remain neutral.

“The confrontation between the humans and the Silver Fox clan has long since become a foregone conclusion.”

A hint of sadness flashed across Du Changfengs eyes.

“Do we really have to end up in such a situation”

“Dont you feel embarrassed when you say that Its the narrow vision of the humans and their ignorantly stupid minds that caused this situation.

It wasnt caused by the Silver Fox clan.”

Du Changfeng took a deep breath.

“Youre right.

However, as a human grandmaster, I will definitely not allow the Silver Fox clan to be out of control in the territory of humans.

“If you dont leave the nine provinces, then I can only take action.”

“Then go ahead and give it a try.”

You Wei raised her hand and lunged forward to strike Du Changfeng.

Du Changfeng also raised his hand to counterattack.

The two palms collided.

In an instant, the entire spiritual energy domain around them was blasted apart.

The shockwaves turned into strong winds that scattered in all directions.

The extremely sturdy governors manor, which was built with special materials, was instantly uprooted.


Du Tianyu cried out in shock.

The other staff members were also frightened to the point that their faces were deathly pale.

Du Changfengs eyes flickered, but that distraction was caught by You Wei.

A wave of spiritual energy surged out of her palm again, and the huge force instantly stuck on Du Changfeng.


Du Changfeng spat out a mouthful of blood, and he was sent flying like a kite with a broken string.

You Wei did not kill him.

After a heavy blow, she turned into a flash of light.

“If I find the princess son, Jianghai city will be safe.

If anything happens to him, I want the entire Jianghai city to be buried with him!”

Du Tianyu quickly ran over and helped Du Changfeng up.

“Uncle, what should we do now”

Du Changfengs face turned pale and he let out a long sigh.

“Inform Nangong Ling to stop pursuing that Silver Fox bloodline.

She should leave after she finds him.”


At the same time, the garrison team members were chasing after a Silver Fox through the streets of Jianghai city.

“Catch it, quick, dont let it escape.”

The Silver Fox star beast was frightened and could only run for its life, causing chaos on the streets.

When it arrived at the entrance of an alley, a huge force suddenly dragged it into the darkness.


It let out a low roar that was filled with threat, but when it saw the other partys true appearance, it was instantly stunned.

Following that, its body returned to its human form in a faint white light.

It was Ning Yuhen.

His expression was very dejected, and there was also a trace of pain.

“Supervisor Ye… Supervisor Ye!”

Ye Xiao said with a calm expression,

“This is not a place to talk.

Lets leave first.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao turned around and left.

Ning Yuhen gritted his teeth and still followed.

The members of the garrison team behind passed by the alley entrance, but they did not barge in.

That alley was already blocked by Ye Xiaos spiritual energy.

The two of them returned to Ye Xiaos residence.

Ning Yuhen appeared very dejected, and there was even a trace of guilt.

“Im sorry, sir.

I lied to you.”

Ning Yuhens tone carried a trace of sobbing.

It could be seen that he was feeling extremely uncomfortable.

“Everyone has their own little secrets.”

Ye Xiaos expression was still indifferent, and one could not tell that he was angry at all.

Ning Yuhen said with some doubt,

“Sir, could it be that youre not angry I hid my identity.”

Ye Xiao threw him a can of sprite and opened one himself.

After a few sips, Ye Xiao said,

“Have you ever thought of harming me”

Ning Yuhen was stunned and quickly shook his head.

“How would I dare to harm the supervisor You treat me like a younger brother.

Im grateful to you.”

“Since thats the case, isnt it settled then”

“Supervisor Ye.”

Ning Yuhens eyes reddened once again.

God knows how much he needed someone to care and acknowledge him at that moment, even if it was just a tiny bit.

Otherwise, his state of mind might really fall into the demonic path and become a crazy star beast that slaughtered everything in sight.

“Whats happening to you”

Ning Yuhens heart was raised once again.

“I… I can feel that theres a force approaching me.

Although I dont know what it represents, I can feel that its very terrifying! Very terrifying!”

“A very powerful force”

Ye Xiao raised his brows slightly.

He had just finished speaking when Ning Yuhen started to tremble again.

“Its coming! Its coming!”

After saying that, his body could not stop shaking.

At the same time, some silver-white long fur started to appear on his body.

A nine-tailed Silver Fox star beast appeared behind him from time to time.

“Supervisor Ye, Im sorry.

I cant get you involved in this mess.”

Ning Yuhen screamed and no longer suppressed himself.

He turned into a nine-tailed Silver Fox and quickly fled from Ye Xiaos courtyard.

However, he had just escaped when a huge force descended from the sky and imprisoned him.


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