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Chapter 88: What Dignity Does a Foodie Need

The Indestructible Diamond Divine Art could be said to be a combination of all the strengths of the basic body-refining cultivation techniques.

It would take advantage of the strengths of the various types and make up for their weaknesses.

One Indestructible Diamond Divine Art was enough to raise Ye Xiaos physical defense to several times that of a great grandmaster.

One had to know that although a great grandmasters physical body was powerful, there was still a limit to it.

After reaching the limit, one would still be injured.

An attack that has the strength comparable to a great grandmaster, or even an attack above the great grandmaster rank, could injure a great grandmaster for instance.

However, with the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art, Ye Xiaos defensive ability could be greatly improved.

Even if he did not evade the attack, with the toughness of his body, he could still withstand a great grandmasters attack.

The divine souls Golden Book immediately began to cultivate the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art.

It was already two oclock in the night.

Ye Xiao returned to his room to rest.

By tomorrow morning, he should be able to cultivate the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art to perfection.

Early the next morning, Ye Xiao looked at his blanket and fell into deep thought.

The Indestructible Diamond Divine Art had already been cultivated to the greatest stage.

However, what he was thinking about now was not that problem, but… That whether the cultivation technique would turn him into a steel bar!

He sat up and checked, then finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, nothing changed even with the addition of the new technique.

After that, he used the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art and shockingly discovered that his body was enveloped by a golden light.

That golden light originated from the divine souls Golden Book and spread from the divine soul to become a millimeter thick coat covering Ye Xiaos body.

Although the distance it spread out was not far, the defensive power it gave Ye Xiao was extraordinary.

Every inch of Ye Xiaos skin, even every cell, was under the protection of the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art and could withstand attacks of the grandmaster rank.

He tried to use his fist to collide with it.



The sound of metal colliding rang out from his fist.

The texture was very clear and pleasant to the ear.

“So powerful.

Lets try this cultivation technique and see how strong an attack it can withstand.”

Taking a deep breath, Ye Xiao used the Heaven-cleaving Sword on his arm.


The entire room instantly quieted down.

Ye Xiao looked at his arm lying quietly on the floor and fell into deep thought.

I was too careless.

The Heaven-cleaving Sword and the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art should be of the same level.

A normal great grandmaster would at most use a cultivation technique at the grandmaster level, but the Heaven-cleaving Sword had already far exceeded that range.

As a result, the indestructible divine art was unable to defend against its attacks.

Sighing slightly, ye Xiao picked up his arm and used the heaven-mending technique to repair it.

Very quickly, his arm was completely undamaged.

Not even a scar was left behind.

It seemed that with the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art, he would not be able to defend against anything.

It could only be said that it would not be a problem to defend against a great grandmaster or a martial artist from the divine sect.

If he wanted to obtain a higher level of defense, he would need a stronger cultivation base.

If he used the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art, his defense would be even stronger.

However, cultivation was not something that could be achieved overnight.

Perhaps, he should pick up his artifact refinement and try to refine a few very powerful defensive clothing.

Ordinary and extraordinary grade defensive clothing definitely would not work.

They did not have any special abilities, and they could not even change their form.

Moreover, their defensive abilities were not even enough to defend against a great grandmasters own defense, not to mention that he had the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art.

A great grandmaster-grade defensive clothing seemed to be able to be made into ordinary clothing.

However, their defensive abilities should only be able to defend against a grade grandmaster grade attack, and there was a limit to the number of times.

For ordinary martial artists, grandmasters, or great sects, they might need such an item.

However, for Ye Xiao, such an item was a little too flashy.

‘The divine souls Golden Book synthesis cultivation technique is very strong.

I wonder if the synthesized weapon-refining technique will be able to surpass the ordinary weapon refining techniques in this world

‘If I can surpass it, perhaps I can refine a weapon or defensive armor that surpasses the ordinary weapon refining technique.

Ye Xiao had already decided to properly practice his weapon refinement techniques.

If he could refine a super high-grade defensive armor that could defend against attacks from divine sects and above, it would be a great life-saving weapon for him.

Today was Saturday, so he did not go to work.

However, Ye Xiao did not have many friends either.

Gu Hai was married and had a wife to accompany him.

As for Ning Yuhen… When he was with him, he always felt like he was flirting with a girl.

However, although Ye Xiao did not like to casually fall in love, he was still a normal man.

Therefore, Ye Xiao would not easily find him to play with whenever he had nothing to do.

Therefore, Ye Xiao still went to the library to read.

However, before he could leave, his cell phone rang first.

Ye Xiao picked up his cell phone.

The caller ID showed that it was a call from the director Ouyang Yunzhong.

‘Why is the director looking for me

He raised his eyebrows slightly, but Ye Xiao still picked up the call.

“Hello, is this Ye Xiao”

“Yes, its me.”

“Ye Xiao, are you free today I have an appointment with a friend at the Flower Theatre Restaurant.

If you are free, can you help me meet them”

Ye Xiao did not even think about it and was ready to reject it.

Even if you are the boss, you cannot just randomly assign tasks to him, right

Hes working to get his salary, hes not your servant.

He, Ye Xiao, is a dead outsider.

Even if he were to resign from the library, he would definitely not help you meet any friends.

However, before he could say anything, the director spoke up again.

“You havent eaten yet, right Ive ordered a breakfast set meal of 388 yuan for you.

You know about the breakfast at the Flower Theatre Restaurant.

Its the specialty of our Jianghai city.

Usually, you have to make an appointment if you want to eat.

Im friends with their boss, so I managed to snatch it.

If you dont go, itll be a waste.”

Ye Xiao was silent.

The breakfast at the Flower Theatre Restaurant was indeed well-known throughout the entire city.

Ye Xiao had gone there once, but he had eaten a set meal of 98 yuan.

Later on, because he had to make a long appointment before he could eat it, Ye Xiao did not go to eat it again.

He did not expect the director to know the restaurants boss, and she had even ordered a set meal for him.

“Director, Im near the Flower Show Restaurant.”

“Thats good.

You can go up.

Its Table 306 on the second floor, by the window.

Ive already informed them.

You can go whenever you are ready.”


After hanging up the phone, a second later, Ye Xiao was fully armed and dragged Huan Liuli away from the sofa downstairs.

Now, he had to keep Huan Liuli by his side at all times to prevent it from going berserk because of the seven stars alignment.

Huan Liuli, who was sleeping soundly, was suddenly grabbed by a huge force by its tail.

Then, the cat flew backward at a speed faster than the speed of sound.

Huan Liulis cat face was stretched out due to the air resistance at that speed.

Looking at the scenery around her that kept flying backward, as well as the whistling sound that blew past her ears and exploded her brain, Huan Liuli fell into a state of suspicion.

Could she really live for 300 years, surpass Ye Xiao, and take him as her pet


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