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Chapter 87: Synthesized Indestructable Diamond Divine Art

Each type of cultivation technique would differ according to the type, and the number of basic cultivation techniques would also be different.

Take the Overpowering Saber as an example.

Some of those basic techniques are based on cultivating the external skills of saber fighting, some are based on cultivating saber intent, and some are based on cultivating the internal strength of saber techniques.

That was also why the cultivation techniques in that world could be directly used to accumulate and increase ones cultivation.

That was because the cultivation technique itself had already encompassed inner strength.

Similarly, it was the same for the basic cultivation techniques of the body-refining system.

Just like before, when Fa Zheng was giving a speech at the graduation ceremony of Jianghai Martial Arts Academy, the body-refining cultivation technique that Fa Zheng mentioned belonged to the external cultivation technique of the body-refining cultivation technique, similar to Shaolins Iron Skin, because Fa Zheng obviously could not teach a high-level technique like the Iron Skin, it could only be said that it was a lower-level technique that evolved from the Iron Skin.

However, for Ye Xiao, as long as it belonged to the same type of technique, it was fine.

His divine soul only needed the basic technique within it.

It used the spiritual energy within the body to evenly lay under the surface of the skin, protecting the entire body.

However, it also had its own weakness, which was that it needed to leave a cover for its body to absorb the spiritual energy.

That was the flaw of that kind of cultivation technique.

After all, if it did not have any flaws, then its grade would most likely not be an ordinary cultivation technique, but a cultivation technique above that of a grandmaster.

The other body-refining cultivation techniques that Ye Xiao practiced had the ability to strengthen the internal organs, strengthen the attacking points of the limbs, and strengthen the mind…

The Golden Armor was an inner cultivation technique that focused on cultivating inner strength.

After practicing that technique, one would be able to break through the weak points that the iron cloth shirt had to leave behind when it used its moves.

It could be said that it made up for the weakness of the Iron Skin and the other basic cultivation techniques.

Furthermore, the Golden Armor was a grandmaster-level cultivation technique!

Although Ye Xiao only needed the basic techniques, the old monk Fa Zheng treated Ye Xiao very well.

That cultivation technique was one of the best even in the entire country.

In the Shaolin Martial Arts Academy, only teachers at the professor level and above had the chance to come into contact with it.

The Golden Book recorded the Golden Armor and soon began to cultivate it.

Ye Xiao laid on the sofa and ate melon seeds.

By the second half of the night, the cultivation technique would be completed and he would be able to synthesize it at that time.

However, at that moment, he suddenly felt some strange movements outside.

With a sweep of the Big Dippers Grand Mystery, he understood.

“Huan Liuli.”

He used his foot to kick Huan Liulis little butt, which was curled up in the other corner of the sofa and was already sleeping soundly

“Stop messing around.

Why did you disturb my sleep”

Huan Liuli muttered and turned around.

Ye Xiao kicked her little butt again.

“Do you want to eat a meat bun tomorrow morning”

“No! Why cant I just get some good sleep”

“What about crab roe soup bun”

“No! I just want some good sleep!”

“A meat bun and a crab roe soup bun.”

Huan Liuli sat up from the sofa.

“What do you want me to do Im sleepy so lets solve it quickly.”

“There are a few rats outside.

Go and take care of them.

Once youre done, you can continue to sleep.”

“The buns”

“Youll get them tomorrow morning.”

“Wait here a minute.”

Ye Xiao continued to munch on melon seeds while Huan Liuli transformed into a cat.

She opened the metal door slightly and squeezed out through the crack.

Outside the small courtyard, a few star beasts quietly surrounded the building.

They hid in the bushes outside and stared straight at the small courtyard.

“This is that lackeys small courtyard.”

“Its all this lackeys fault.

If it wasnt for him leading the way for that old bald donkey, we wouldnt have lost so many brothers.”

“Everyone, get ready.

Lets end this quickly so that we wont be discovered by other humans.

After we enter, the Second Bull will lock his legs, Bleating Sheep will lock his arms, and Thirteenth Toad will cover his mouth.”

“What if he bites me”

“Your skin is thick.”

“Then it will hurt even if he bites me!”

“Sit on his face.

If he wants to bite you, just pee on his mouth.”

Thirteenth Toads eyes lit up, and he was so excited that his body started to tremble.

“I cant take it anymore.

I want to pee now.”

“Hold it in! Now… Charge…”

Before he finished speaking, the air suddenly became quiet.

Second Bull said quietly,

“Wheres Big Ox”

“I dont know.

Did he rush in”

“No, his speed isnt that…”

The air once again fell into silence.

“Thirteenth Toad Where did you go”

The bull and sheep looked at each other and gulped.

They could see the fear in each others eyes.


Bleating Sheep shouted and turned around to run.

Second Bull did not dare to be careless and immediately turned around to run in another direction.

However, just as he moved, a huge force came from behind and knocked him down on the spot.


Pain bloomed on his back.

Second Bull took a glance and his eyes were filled with fear.

Bleating Sheep, who had just escaped, was already dead.

There was fear in his eyes and he was frozen to the spot.

An ominous pressure came from behind.

He forcefully suppressed the fear in his heart and slowly turned his head back, wanting to see just who had killed them.

Unfortunately, when he turned its head, he only saw a sharp claw.

In its pupils, it grew bigger and bigger.

After dealing with a few star beasts, Huan Liuli licked her claws and let out a faint sigh.

‘Sigh! Ever since I became Ye Xiaos follower, the treatment I get has become worse and worse.

In the past, I ate steamed buns and stole as many as I wanted.

Now I have to work to eat one.

Just as she finished speaking, she suddenly felt an extremely strong fluctuation coming from the small courtyard.

That fluctuation was not something that an ordinary person could sense.

However, Huan Liuli and Ye Xiao had a master-servant contract, so she could clearly sense it.

That made her frown.

‘No way! This fellow became stronger again I just advanced to Xiantian second grade, and I havent even gotten close to him yet.

Yet, he advanced again.

Does he still want me to live

However, after a pause, her eyes regained their determination.

‘Humph! So what if you become stronger If you become stronger, I will also become stronger! Its just that Ill surpass you a little later.

“Ive decided to be a servant for 300 years first.

After 300 years, I will definitely turn the tables and take you in as my pet!

In the living room, Ye Xiao was indeed synthesizing the Golden Armor.

After cultivating the Golden Armor to perfection, the first thing he did was to start the synthesis.

In any case, there was Huan Liuli outside, so he did not have to worry about disturbances.

After synthesizing using the Golden Armor, it began to shine brightly.









Just like before, a golden character would appear on every page, and after synthesis, it would form a top-tier cultivation technique.

Indestructible Diamond Divine Art!


‘Its actually the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art, so powerful!


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