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Chapter 82: Exorcism

“I understand.”

Ye Xiao nodded and agreed to that matter.

He originally did not want to agree, but thinking about it carefully, reading all the time was not very good for his eyesight.

Sometimes, he should also go out and relax.

Furthermore, he could read books outside, right

As long as he got Ning Yuhen to help him move the books related to body refinement to the car every day, it would be fine.

If he took the time to read it, it would not affect his relaxation, nor would it affect his reading.

The director exchanged a few pleasantries with Master Fa Zheng before they walked out.

The municipal government had equipped an Audi A6.

Ye Xiao actually did not know how to drive, but it did not prevent him from using the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to scan the minds of his colleagues who knew how to drive.

It was very easy to obtain driving skills, which was quite convenient.

After that, he called Huan Liuli and got into the car together.

“Master Fa Zheng, you dont mind if I bring star pets, right”

Master Fa Zheng shook his head slightly.

“No worries.”

“Thank you.”

Fa Zheng did not say anything, but when he looked at Huan Liuli on Ye Xiaos shoulder, he could not help but raise his eyebrows slightly.

He had an inexplicable feeling that the cat did not seem like an ordinary cat.

In fact, although one could conceal their aura when they reached the grandmaster rank, they would still feel a little strange whenever they met someone of a higher level.

After all, the suppression of ones level was an eternal and unchanging law.

Unfortunately… If it was not for Ye Xiao by his side, he might have noticed some clues.

However, with Ye Xiao by his side, he really could not see anything special about Huan Liuli.

That was because he could only see that Ye Xiao was a Houtian second-grade martial artist.

A star pet that a martial artist could subdue would definitely not be a top-grade star pet.

Therefore, after slightly raising his eyebrows, Fa Zheng no longer continued to pay attention.

“Where are we going”


When its time to stop, this penniless monk will inform you.”

Ye Xiao did not say anything more.

He started the car and drove around Jianghai citys road.

Fa Zheng was in the back seat.

He took out a golden Buddha, removed the red cloth, and placed it respectfully on the storage box in the front row.

The golden Buddha was like a stabilizing needle.

It sat cross-legged on the storage box and did not move at all.

Then, Fa Zheng leaned against the car door.

His eyes were filled with interest as he looked at the buildings in Jianghai city.

A human, a cat, and a monk sat quietly in the car and stayed for half a day.

When he ran out of gas and went to the gas station to fill it up, Fa Zheng finally spoke,

“After running for half a day, you should be hungry, right Go and eat some food.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

That was exactly what he had in mind.

After filling up the tank, he brought Fa Zheng to a high-end private restaurant that he had wanted to try a long time ago.

He opened his mouth and ordered a few hearty dishes.

Sweet and sour pork ribs, braised small yellow croaker, smoked beef, Jingdu roast duck…

After ordering, he suddenly spoke,

“Ah, Master is a Buddhist.

You cant eat meat.”

Fa Zheng smiled and did not expose him.

“Its fine.

Shaolin doesnt have any taboos on this.”

“Then Ill order just like this.”

FA Zheng nodded and immediately sat at a table by the window.

After Ye Xiao swiped his card, he followed.

Fa Zheng looked out of the window and could not help but sigh.

“The changes in Jianghai city are really huge.

This penniless monk still remembers it 60 years ago, when this penniless monk left Jianghai city and went to Shaolin to learn martial arts, the architecture of Jianghai city was far less prosperous than it is now.”

“Master is from Jianghai city”

“Thats right, a native of Jianghai city.”.

That year, the penniless monk attended the middle school department of the Jianghai Martial Arts Academy.

The penniless monk was good at strike techniques and had won some special awards for young people in the nine provinces, he was selected by the Shaolin Martial Arts Academy in Chu province and was specially recruited.

At that time, he had wanted to be an ordinary disciple, but he was helplessly addicted to Buddhism and could not extricate himself.

He simply shaved his head and became a monk, becoming a direct disciple of the Shaolin Martial Arts Academy.

Unfortunately, the penniless monk was stupid.

After 60 years of bitter cultivation, he had only advanced from Houtian fifth grade to Xiantian second grade.

“Im afraid that this life will end here.”

Ye Xiao had read in a book that Shaolin was divided into ordinary disciples and direct disciples.

Normal disciples were the same as normal students in other martial arts academies.

After graduation, they would go out to work or join the army.

Direct disciples, on the other hand, would be able to come into contact with high-level Buddhist cultivation techniques, and their prospects for improvement would be even broader.

However, once one became a direct disciple, they would be a direct disciple for the rest of their lives.

After becoming a direct disciple, they would not be as free as normal disciples.

They would be Shaolins people for the rest of their lives!

“Master, theres no need to belittle yourself.

Some people might not even be able to advance to the Xiantian realm even after 60 years of cultivation.”

Fa Zheng nodded.

“Thats true.

Even the most outstanding genius in the world would not be able to advance to the Xiantian realm from Houtian fifth grade in less than 20 to 30 years.

“This old monk should be satisfied.

“After all, its impossible to advance to such a level within a year.

Isnt that Inhuman”

Ye Xiao was silent.

Before long, the dishes were served one after another.

Ye Xiao immediately began to enjoy the delicacies.

To his surprise, Fa Zheng did not eat the meat.

He only ate plain white rice.

“Didnt master say that Shaolin did not prohibit eating meat”

Fa Zheng nodded.

“There are indeed no rules in Buddhism.

This old monk is the one who set the rules for himself.”

Ye Xiao looked at the dishes on the table.

Could it be that he was allowed to finish them all by himself

Although he would definitely finish them all, but… That was a little too much, right

Fa Zheng seemed to have seen through Ye Xiaos thoughts and smiled slightly.


Ye, theres no need to be so formal.

My rules are for myself.

Just because I dont eat meat doesnt mean that you cant eat meat.

“Dont do to others what you dont want others to do to you.

This penniless monk still understands this logic.”

Hearing those words, Ye Xiao was no longer reserved.

He directly swept away all the food on the table.

In any case, it was the municipal government who paid for it.

It would be a waste not to spend 100,000 yuan a day.

Fa Zheng also finished eating the rice and drank a mouthful of herbal tea.

It could be considered a vegetarian meal.

Actually, he and Ye Xiao did not need to eat.

Existences like them could already rely on spiritual energy to survive in the world.

However, Ye Xiao was a foodie, and Fa Zheng ate a little bit to give Ye Xiao some face.

In his opinion, if he did not eat, Ye Xiao would be too embarrassed to eat.

After eating, the two of them got back into the car and started strolling around the city once again.

However, that time, after strolling for less than twenty minutes, the golden Buddha suddenly lit up.

“Stop the car.”

Fa Zheng suddenly spoke.

Ye Xiao stepped on the brake and stopped by the roadside.

Then, Fa Zheng quickly got out of the car and stepped into a residential building nearby.

Ye Xiao used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to take a look.

Only then did he realize that a star beast at the Houtian ninth grade was hidden inside.

Only now did Ye Xiao understand that the governor had invited Fa Zheng over not only to give a speech to the graduating students of Jianghai Martial Arts Academy but also to make him do a clean-up activity for Jianghai city, to lightly sweep away the star beasts and beastmen hiding in the city.

To prevent the disaster brought by the star beasts and beastmen due to the seven stars alignment.

That golden Buddha should have a search function then.

Like Huan Liuli, it was his star pet.

It could not emit light, and when it encountered independent star beasts and beastmen, it would immediately issue a warning.


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