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Chapter 81: A Real Man Takes More Than Five Seconds


A massive amount of spiritual energy exploded once again, turning King Els soul body into ashes.

However, before Ye Xiao could take another breath, King Els voice sounded once again.

“Little brat, if you have the guts, let me speak…”






Every time King El reconstructed his soul body and wanted to speak, he would be mercilessly shattered by Ye Xiao before he could even utter a single word.

In less than a minute, King El was forcefully destroyed 28 times.

Even soul bodies could feel pain!

King El felt as if he was being subjected to the most excruciating torture each time.

However, his soul body recovered very quickly once again.

Ye Xiao narrowed his eyes slightly.

That time, he did not attack again.

Multiple attacks already showed that it would not work.

Although it was only a split body of King Els soul and was far from the spiritual energy of the original body, which was at the level of a god, it was able to withstand the countless attacks of his Big Dippers Grand Mystery and repair itself.

Could it be…

“Your soul body has the same ability as your physical body to quickly heal”

King Els soul body, which had just recovered, let out a proud chuckle.

“Thats right, youve finally discovered it!”

“Although this king did not want to admit it, in reality, your methods were very powerful.

It could even be said that among the great grandmasters this king had met so far, you could be considered the strongest one!

“However, even so, you still cant kill my soul body clone.

“If you want to do so, you have to destroy all the single spiritual energy in every corner of this room!

“This requires a huge amount of spiritual energy, and the attacks need to be continuous!

“Even if you give me a chance to catch my breath, I can still repair it.

“Do you feel despair, human”

By revealing his weakness, King El was not lacking in intelligence.

He was overly confident.

He was confident that Ye Xiao would not be able to do what he said.

In fact, even if Ye Xiao was a great grandmaster, he had his own limits even if he practiced spiritual techniques.

As an ordinary human great grandmaster, he could use all his strength to unleash a spiritual attack.

He could do it without even a 0.001-second break.

His limit was already very good if he had five seconds.

King El, who had the cultivation of a divine grandmaster, also had rich experience in martial arts.

His experience allowed him to clearly understand that point.

However, in the next moment, Ye Xiao said two words indifferently.

“Thank you.”

King El was left confused.

Before he could react, the next second, the entire room was instantly filled with Ye Xiaos spiritual energy.

Following that, countless amounts of spiritual energy rapidly condensed, forming streams of pure spiritual energy light.

At that instant, King El was completely dumbfounded!

Such powerful spiritual energy was much stronger than an ordinary great grandmaster, right

Just based on that amount, let alone five seconds, even if it was fifty seconds, King El would not have the slightest doubt!

How did he do it

He was only a freaking great grandmaster!

A Xiantian fifth-grade great grandmaster!

Back then, even he could not do such a thing with this cultivation, so what right did he have

What right did he have

In his shock and speechlessness, Ye Xiaos light ray had already begun to move.

Tens of thousands of spiritual energy rays blotted out the sky and covered the earth.

With a crushing momentum, they began to rapidly slash at King Els soul body.

When the light rays slashed at the soul body, King El was instantly jolted awake.

Wait a moment.

That familiar feeling!

The feeling of that blade!

That… That was the saber ray that appeared when his soul body clone was fighting with Yang Zhengyi that instantly killed him!

It was him!

It was that stinking brat!

It was him who destroyed his soul body with a single slash!

He was not only a spiritual arts expert but also a martial arts expert!

Dual cultivation of the spirit and martial arts!

By the time he understood all of that, his soul body was also instantly chopped into pieces by Ye Xiao.

That time, Ye Xiao did not stop.

At the same time, he activated the Big Dippers Grand Mystery and the Overpowering Saber, and it lasted for a full minute!

Later on, in order to ensure his safety, he chopped for another minute.

After two minutes, he used his spiritual energy to search again.

The entire room no longer had the spiritual energy of King Els soul body.

Ye Xiao knows the soul body clone has been completely exterminated.

In an underground seal outside Jianghai city, King Els true form did not roar that time.

Instead, he gave a strange smile.

‘Heh heh heh… This is really interesting, among the humans, there was such a powerful genius!

‘This king has not been this excited for a very long time!

‘The day of the seven stars succession is approaching.

This kings strength is increasing and breaking the seal is imminent.

‘Stinky Brat, wait for this king well.

‘That brats Silver Fox bloodline has already been activated and will soon attract the Silver Fox clans martial arts experts.

But, you must not be killed by the Silver Fox clan.

‘Because this king wants to personally break your bones one by one.

After dealing with King El, Ye Xiao returned to work and helped Ning Yuhen apply for a leave.

After that, he continued to read books, striving to increase his strength as soon as possible.

The seven stars alignment made him have no choice but to work harder.

King Els clone was so strong, and its main body was definitely terrifying enough.

Ye Xiao did not want to be dismembered by the other party when the time came.

Star beasts would also eat people.

They might even eat him.


‘Ive decided to become stronger.

Then, I must dismember King El into pieces!

Speaking of which, back then, he should have asked Yang Zhengyi for King Els map.

It would be much easier with the map.

He could take advantage of the fact that King El had not resurrected to dig out his clones first and then destroy them one by one!

In the afternoon, while Ye Xiao was reading, a young librarian ran over and said that the director was looking for him.

Although he did not understand what was going on, he still had to go.

When Ye Xiao arrived, he realized that in the directors office, there was someone he had seen before.

A few days ago, at the graduation ceremony of the Jianghai Martial Arts Academy, the great grandmaster monk from the Shaolin Martial Arts Academy gave a speech.

“Ye Xiao, youre here.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Is the director looking for me”

“Let me introduce you.

This is the professor of the Shaolin Martial Arts Academy, Master Fa Zheng.

He is also a great grandmaster.

“This time, he has come to our Jianghai city on a mission and needs a guide.

“Therefore, you dont have to go to work these few days.

Take a paid vacation and do your best to help Master Fa Zheng complete his mission.”

Ye Xiao raised his brows slightly and was prepared to reject.

He had no interest in being a guide.

How could he have the leisure to read books in the library

Before he could speak, Ouyang Yunzhong continued,

“These few days, the city council will specially allocate a car for you.

“The daily expenses will be 100,000 yuan.

“If Master Fa Zheng has any special needs, he can call the governors manor at any time to apply for funding.”


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