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Ye Xiao read one book after another about mental cultivation techniques until he got off work.

He finally found a suitable mental cultivation technique, Swimming Dragon Returns to the Sea.

By then, he had collected three mental cultivation techniques.

He just did not know how many original mental cultivation techniques he needed to collect before he could merge and upgrade them.

During that period, other than picking out the books, he did not move at all.

Furthermore, his back was always facing the girl.


Ye Xiao closed the book, stretched his body, stood up, and walked over to the girl.

After becoming a grandmaster, even if he had not wanted to know, he was aware of everything that happened within a few meters.

Therefore, he knew that the girl had not left and was still searching for books related to saber techniques.

“The library is closed.

You should leave now.”

She looked at Ye Xiao in a daze, but when she checked the watch on her wrist, she said apologetically,

“Im sorry.

Ill just borrow these books to read.”

Ye Xiao stared straight at her.


She could have done that earlier.

Yet, she had to do it now.

After going through all the procedures, he would have to work overtime for at least ten minutes.

“The library has a rule.

After the library closes, no cultivation techniques can be lent out.

You can come back tomorrow during work time.”

Her eyebrows quirked up slightly.

She seemed to have noticed Ye Xiaos irritation, so she tactfully put down the book and apologized softly.

“Im sorry.”

Then, she turned around and left, leaving behind a faint fragrance of gardenias.

Ye Xiaos mood was much better.

However, it was not because of her fragrance, but because she had left.

He could finally leave.


Just as he was about to leave, he noticed a student card under a book.

He lifted it from the table.

The card was light green colored.

On it was the same gardenia fragrance as well as a beautiful photo.

“Qin Yuyan, a fourth-year student in the Kendo Department of Jianghai Martial Arts Academy… Shes pretty, but unfortunately, shes not very sharp.”


Shaking his head, Ye Xiao hurried to the cafeteria.

He had wanted to order a roast duck that night, but because it was too greasy, he ultimately chose the chicken with handmade noodles.

Halfway through his meal, Ye Xiaos phone rang.

It was Gu Hai.

“Hello, Old Ye, are you busy tonight”

“If you want something, just say it.”

“Hehe, I got student IDs for us, but I have something to do.

Can you take some time to go to Jianghai Martial Arts Academy to get them”

“Okay, Ill hang up.”

Ye Xiao simply replied.

Before hanging up, his sharp hearing clearly caught the sound of him breathing heavily through the phone.

That brat was probably not being honest again.

After dinner, Ye Xiao took the second bus and rushed to the academy.

From the hands of an oval-faced girl with a good figure, he obtained two student IDs.

Although he was a grandmaster and could run faster than a bus, he liked to experience more things that he did not have the chance to do when he was sick in the past.

Moreover, others assumed that he was still a first-grade martial artist.

It would be too suspicious if he did not even take a bus when he went out.

“I didnt expect you to be so handsome.

Are you interested in having a drink tonight.”

Ye Xiao could not help but be speechless.

Girls nowadays drove faster than buses.

“Thank you, but I dont drink.”

His tactful rejection made the oval-faced girl somewhat disappointed.

“Alright then, but if you want to come and play in the future, Ill be waiting.”

Ye Xiao coughed lightly and turned around to leave somewhat awkwardly, making the girl giggle behind him.

After turning the corner, Ye Xiao finally heaved a sigh of relief.

‘It seems that even though Im already a grandmaster, my state of mind still needs to be improved.

Just as he calmed his thoughts, the large screen at the intersection played the Jianghai citys local news channel.

The dignified and elegant female host, who was dressed in a uniform, spoke with a grave expression,

“We interrupt this broadcast with urgent news.

At 7:32 pm today, there was a star beast riot in Jianghai city prison.

A large number of star beasts had escaped from the prison.

Among them were extraordinary-level star beasts and a grandmaster-level star beast.

 “Citizens, please try to avoid going out and take refuge at home or work.

The Jianghai city garrison will capture those star beasts and bring them to justice as soon as possible.”

Ye Xiao paused slightly.

Something really happened

Previously, he vaguely felt that the guy he saw in the garrison that morning might have been bad news, but he had not expected that his guess was right.

However, why did the garrison not detect the others identity

Grandmaster Nangong was in the garrison so why had he not done anything

Moreover, he even informed them anonymously.


As he stood there puzzled, there was a commotion not far away.

“Run, theres a star beast coming!”

Someone shouted, and the crowd began to scurry.

They all began to hide in Jianghai Martial Arts Academy.

Ye Xiao glanced at something in the distance.

On the street, there were a few garrison members surrounding a civet cat and fighting.

The civet cat was only half a meter in size, but it was very fast.

What was even more terrifying was that its strength was formidable.

Every time it attacked, the huge force would force back the members of the garrison, who had been through hundreds of battles.

Their entire bodies trembled as they were pushed back.

“Is that a star beast”

Although he had only seen the cat from a distance, Ye Xiao could not help but marvel at it.

An animal that was so small dealt with humans that were many times taller, and even be able to exchange blows for half a day.

It was a fatal threat.

However, in Ye Xiaos eyes, their movements were all ridiculously slow.

From their movements, Ye Xiao could easily analyze that the garrison members would only be able to take it down after 20 moves with their light injuries.

As a grandmaster, his martial intuition was impeccable.

Many times, he did not need to see the end to know the final result.

Therefore, he only glanced at it and did not make a move.

The beasts are divided into ordinary star beasts, extraordinary star beasts, and grandmaster star beasts! Its the same as the division of cultivation techniques.

The strength of an extraordinary star beast is roughly equivalent to a sixth to ninth-grade martial artist.

A grandmaster star beast is already equivalent to a grandmaster martial artist.

However, the star beasts here were too weak, just like little chicks.

The garrison was enough to deal with them.

Shaking his head, Ye Xiao immediately walked toward the library with quick steps.

He missed the bus, but he was not in the mood to use it.

As he walked quickly, the scenery around him began to retreat rapidly.


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