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“No matter what kind of blow he takes, he can turn defeat into victory and beat his opponent.

This is the power that the God of Creation bestowed upon him, a heaven-defying law!

“At least thats what we call it.

Its very likely that its an existence related to the God of Creations origin law.

“This kind of power can allow us to break away from the shackles that the God of Creation placed on us when she created us!”

“So thats how it is.”

Ye Xiao could not help but feel a little surprised.

If that was the case, why did the God of Creation create them

As if he could see the doubt on his face, Zhang Shen continued to speak,

“Because their final form is the World Destruction Cavalry! When they grow to their limits, they will be our enemies.

“The God of Creation may only need a small portion of their power to create them, but after they grow in their respective worlds, they will become powerful enough to rival us!

“This was the reason why the God of Creation created them.

He wanted to use the smallest price to nurture a group of reliable and powerful subordinates for himself.

“Even if these people might die prematurely, it didnt matter.

It was just like raising fish, throwing a large number of fish fry into the world of the heavens at once.

Even if some died, there would still be a large number of them that would grow up in the end.”

“I see.

However, I have another question.

Since they have the heaven-defying law in their bodies, why dont we just kill them and plunder it”

“We once had the same idea as you, but we gave up in the end.

This is because we discovered that if the chosen ones really died, they would immediately attract the World Destruction Cavalry.

“Therefore, we guessed that these chosen ones were most likely connected to the God of Creation, or that the God of Creation was monitoring them.

“If they didnt die, it wouldnt be a big problem, but once they died, they might attract the attention of the God of Creation.

“Therefore, we chose another method.

We would protect them, mark them, and periodically extract some heaven-defying laws from their bodies!

“Thats because heaven-defying laws will increase along with their strength.

Its just like cutting leeks, one wave after another.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“So thats how it is.”

“Lets go.

We have to make good use of our time.

If we miss it, we might not have such a good opportunity next time.”

After saying that, Zhang Shen directly broke through the spatial barrier and entered the alternate dimension world.

Ye Xiao followed closely behind.

In a certain corner of the alternate dimension world, a young figure was running rapidly in the mountain forest.

Behind him were several servants who were madly chasing after him.

“Dont run!”

“You cant run anymore! Its better for you to surrender obediently! This way, we can still let you die more easily and wont make you suffer too much.”

Unfortunately, the youth did not listen to them and instead ran even faster.

That angered them and made their expressions even uglier.

“B*stard, I gave you face but you dont want it.

Since thats the case, dont blame us for not being polite.

Brothers, go! Catch him and chop him to death.”

Although the youth ran very fast, he was still relatively young and was soon caught up by the crowd.

Seeing that the few of them were about to catch up and chop him into meat paste, lightning suddenly flashed and thunder rumbled in the sky, a storm started.

The torrential rain instantly disrupted everyones vision, making it impossible for them to see clearly in front of them.

The youth took that opportunity to escape in a flash.

In the sky, Ye Xiao could not help but raise his eyebrows.

Was that it

Was the so-called mission that simple Moreover, it was only to save a child.

That child probably had not even tempered his body yet, right

It could be said that he was a completely ordinary human.

Would such a human really have heaven-defying laws in his body

Zhang Shen, who had used a small trick to rain earlier, waved his hand and placed a brand mark on the childs body.

Then, he took out a bit of law power from his body.

“This is the heaven-defying law.”

Zhang Shen threw the heaven-defying law to Ye Xiao, who carefully observed it.

“Is this the heaven-defying law that you speak of The power is indeed extraordinary.

Its just a tiny bit.

The destructive power that erupted from it seems to be able to break my skin.”

Ye Xiao was not joking because his current cultivation was very powerful.

However, that heaven-defying law was only taken out from the body of an ordinary person who had yet to be cultivated.

Even a Celestial Sovereign would not be able to break through his defense.

Yet, that tiny heaven-defying law was able to achieve such a thing.

One could imagine just how powerful that power was.

Therefore, at that point, Ye Xiao almost no longer doubted the matter of Heavens Chosen Ones that Zhang Shen mentioned.

Even so, he still kept an eye out for himself.

He pretended to swallow the heaven-defying law, but in reality, he was only wrapping it within his body.

He would see what the hell it was when he returned.

After all, no matter how good it was, he could not eat it carelessly.

“To be honest, the heaven-defying law this time should be your credit.

I didnt expect you to give it to me.

Im a little embarrassed instead.”

Zhang Shen said indifferently,

“It doesnt matter.

Its just a little bit, not a lot.

Theres no need to pay too much attention to it.

Besides, I brought you here this time to let you experience it.

If I dont let you experience it completely, there might be mistakes when you carry out missions by yourself in the future.

This is the true disadvantage for us.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Then this time, the mission is completed.

Can we return”

“Of course.”

Zhang Shen opened up that space-time passageway once again.

Following that, the two of them left that alternate dimension world in a flash.

After returning to the void, Ye Xiao directly bade Zhang Shen farewell.

However, he did not return to the Xuan Yuan clan directly.

Instead, he found a place and began to research the heaven-defying law.

Through his analysis, he quickly felt that something was unusual.

His expression revealed a somewhat solemn expression.

That power was indeed like what they had said.

It looked like a power that had been split from the God of Creation.

Since Ye Xiao had obtained the memories of that cave, he had once sensed the aura of that God of Creation.

The aura of the heaven-defying law was indeed exactly the same as hers.

However, the most important problem was that if the heaven-defying law was absorbed into his body, it would have a faint control over it.

It was so weak that Ye Xiao could not even sense it on his own.

It was only when the Golden Book divine soul jumped to warn him that he felt it.

If the Golden Book divine soul did not tell him, he would not even be able to notice it.

Did that mean that Zhang Shen was deceiving him

That was because they would definitely absorb the heaven-defying laws!

While the heaven-defying laws had a sense of control.

They would definitely be controlled by the God of Creation, so how could they think of rebelling against the God of Creation

Something was wrong!

Something was really wrong!

Thinking about it carefully, Zhang Shen was the one who told him about the World Destruction Cavalries.

However, he did not know if there were any in their world.

That was a huge mystery.

If Zhang Shen said that the World Destruction Cavalries no longer existed, then he was lying to him.

Even so, what was his purpose for lying to him

If he wanted to make a move on him, he should have done so long ago.

There was no need to go through so much trouble.

That was because Ye Xiao still believed him when he said there were other people behind him.

He might not be able to beat him alone, but if many people joined forces to attack, the effect would definitely be very obvious.

Could it be because he was afraid of getting injured

No, if he was afraid of getting injured, why did he let himself absorb the heaven-defying laws Even they had to absorb the heaven-defying laws.

In the end, everyone would be controlled by the God of Creation.

At that moment, Ye Xiaos mind was suddenly shocked.

What if there really was a World Destruction Cavalry in their world

What if… Zhang Shen and the alliance he mentioned were the World Destruction Cavalry

Ye Xiao suddenly broke out in a cold sweat.

If that was the case, it seemed to be much more reasonable.

Zhang Shen and his friends were the World Destruction Cavalry.

They would all listen to the commands of the God of Creation.

Whereas that Heavens Chosen one was indeed created by the God of Creation.

However, in reality, they were not cultivating the World Destruction Cavalry.

Even if they had the heaven-defying laws bestowed upon them by the God of Creation, they would not be able to reach their level so easily.

It was simply too difficult for them to reach their level.

No matter how talented they were, how lucky they were, how scheming they were… They could not do without any of them!

Even so, it was not so easy to cultivate them.

Although the God of Creation had scattered many fish fry, she herself would use up a portion of her energy to divide them.

If the success rate was very low, it would be a loss-making business.

How could the God of Creation act so foolishly

However, if those things were considered bait, then the explanation seemed more reasonable.

As long as he ate enough bait, he would be caught by her.

That way, in the end, he would be completely controlled by the God of Creation.

Could it be that the World Destruction Cavalry had been created using that method

What a vicious scheme!

Others had painstakingly cultivated for so many years to finally cultivate their strength.

She used that method to control others, steal their fruits, and finally become her slave.

Moreover, as more and more people like that appeared, the strength of the God of Creations subordinates also became stronger and stronger.

When her strength reached a certain level, even if others wanted to resist, it would be useless!

After thinking through everything, Ye Xiao suddenly felt that he had entered a dead end.

Firstly, it was impossible for him to openly declare his relationship with the other party right then.

Otherwise, if the other party had more people than him and directly joined forces to attack him, he would really have a slim chance of survival.

Secondly, he could not drag it out for too long.

That was because, if he did not absorb these heaven-defying laws, he would be discovered by them very quickly.

When that time came, he would still end up being besieged by them.

Then everything would be meaningless.

He still needed a certain amount of time to develop, to make his strength stronger, and to be qualified to deal with them.

However, the most important point was that he did not have that much time at the moment.

Just how could he not expose himself and still raise his strength

At that moment, the Golden Book divine soul in Ye Xiaos body began to vibrate once again and began to communicate with him.

Ye Xiao was overjoyed.

“So, the power of the Golden Book divine soul can purify the aura within this heaven-defying law.

This way, no matter how many heaven-defying laws I absorb, I dont have to worry about being controlled by the other party.”

With that, all of his problems would be solved.

That was, he did not have to be afraid of himself.

That was because he had absorbed too many heaven-defying laws, he would be controlled by the God of Creation.

He also did not have to be afraid that he would not absorb the heaven-defying laws and be discovered by those people.


He did not expect that in the end, he would still rely on the Golden Book divine soul to help him settle all of that.

Ye Xiao was filled with mixed feelings.

All the way there, it was all thanks to the Golden Book divine soul.

However, it was not the time for him to be filled with mixed feelings.

He had to immediately start absorbing heaven-defying laws to raise his cultivation.

He did as he was told.

He directly summoned his divine soul and began to purify those energies.

At the same time, Zhang Shen returned to the place where he had set off previously.

He had just returned when a figure leaned against the pillar in the hall and stared at him.

“Are you sure you can deceive him I feel like he hasnt started cultivating yet.”

Zhang Shens expression was calm.

“Dont worry.

In the beginning, he definitely has to be on guard.

However, as time passed, he would eventually choose to become a member of our World Destruction Cavalry.

“Because he no longer had any way to increase his cultivation.

If he wanted to increase his cultivation, he could only rely on this method.

“He didnt have any other choice.”

“I hope what you said is right.

However, my opinion is still the same as before.

That is to kill him.

“You know, the number of Heavens Chosen Ones that the God of Creation has sent out is getting fewer and fewer.

Its simply not enough for us to split equally.

“Now that we have another him, we dont know how much energy will be consumed.

If this continues, the pace of our improvement will slow down.”

Zhang Shen was expressionless.

“Whats the point of telling me all this No matter how much our strength increases, we will still be under the God of Creations control.

Do you have any other choices If you dont, then dont talk so much nonsense.

“Our final mission is to serve the God of Creation.

As long as we can consolidate his strength, nothing else is important to us.”

The figure wanted to say something, but suddenly, his body could not help but tremble.

He could not help but let out a deep sigh.

“This guy has already begun to absorb the heaven-defying laws.

Forget it! When he starts to absorb the heaven-defying laws, he will truly become one of us.

I can no longer make a move against him.”


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