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Ye Xiaos combat strength clearly surpassed the Ancestral Dragons!

Following the continuous output of the battle, the spatial barrier had already been blasted to the point that it could not explode anymore.

To put it another way, that was already their limit.

They had already broken through the spatial barrier of too many dimensions.

That was something that could not be done by relying on any two Supreme Sovereigns.

At that point, they had done it.

At that moment, even the Ancestral Dragon had to retreat to avoid affecting himself.

After all, he was injured and not in his peak condition, so he had no way to resist the energy shockwave.

However, even though he was far away, he could still feel the terror of those people fighting.

After all, their strength was really too strong.

The range of the shockwave from the battle was also beyond his imagination.

Even if he was already very far away, he could not completely avoid the impact of the battle.

It made him unable to help but feel incomparably shocked.

‘This is really too crazy.

This brat Ye Xiao, just what did he learn in that cave How did he raise his strength to such a terrifying level in such a short period of time

‘I feel that the current him is more than several times stronger than when I was at my peak.

However, after sighing with emotion, he could not help but admire Ye Xiao again.

That was because the reason why Ye Xiao was able to achieve such a powerful strength was not that he was lucky, but because he himself possessed a sufficiently powerful talent.

The Ancestral Dragon himself had also tried to comprehend that level of strength before, but he did not obtain that level of strength.

That meant that that level of power did not take a fancy to him.

Yet, it took a fancy to Ye Xiao.

That was enough to show how powerful his potential was!

Between a powerful power and a cultivator, there was no such thing as giving alms.

Only mutual attraction and mutual achievement!

Hence, Ye Xiao had come to that step that day.

A superior cultivator admired a superior cultivator.

Therefore, the Ancestral Dragon admired Ye Xiao!

“Looks like Im old after all! The younger generation surpasses the younger generation.

The young people nowadays are getting more and more powerful.”

However, he suddenly felt that the feeling was pretty good because it meant that he could finally rest for a while.

He had been lonely for too long.

Standing alone in front of the front and cutting through the brambles and thorns was really too tiring.

After he had Ye Xiao, perhaps he did not need to be so tired anymore.

At that moment, even the Ancestral Dragon did not realize that his fighting spirit had already been suppressed by Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao had become the strongest person in the true sense of the Xuan Yuan clan.

The battle continued.

Nalan Qi and the other Supreme Sovereigns fought for billions of moves before they slowly came to a stop.

It was not that they did not want to continue fighting, but that their own strength did not allow it.

It did not mean that once they reached the Supreme Sovereign realm, their strength could be used indefinitely.

That also depended on how strong their attacks were.

If their attacks were really too strong, the cultivation in their bodies could not guarantee an unlimited supply.

The Supreme Sovereign was only the Supreme Sovereign compared to the existence of the world!

Hah… Hah…

Everyone could not help but take a few deep breaths, and finally, a smile began to appear on their faces.

“After fighting for so long, no matter how powerful he is, its impossible for him to withstand it, right”

“Thats right! So many of us joined hands to attack him, and we fought for so long.

It would be really strange if he wasnt injured.”

“After we exterminate him, well go look for that Ancestral Dragon and absorb all of their cultivation.

Our cultivation will definitely rise by a portion again.”

“Not only that, we originally wanted to have one more person to share it with, and only one Ancestral Dragon.

Now that Li Huo has died, not only will we have one less person to share it with, but we also have one more addition, Ye Xiao.

“This time, the cultivation of the few of us will probably rise to an unprecedented level.

“It seems that we might even be able to challenge those seniors from the immemorial era.”

Hearing those words, the eyes of the rest of the people could not help but light up.

In the end, it was as if they had really obtained so much improvement.

However, at that moment, a resplendent light suddenly erupted from the shattered void.

That extremely bright light instantly killed one of the supreme existences in an invincible manner!

He did not even have the chance to resist.

Before he could react, he was already gone.


“Whats going on”

“Hes not dead! Hes not dead yet!”

“How is this possible After enduring so many of our attacks, just what did he rely on to survive”

At that moment, because of that sword strike earlier, the shattered void also opened up a brand new passageway.

Ye Xiaos figure slowly walked over from within.

He could pass through time and space with a single step.

In two to three breaths, he had already arrived in front of everyone.

At that moment, everyone was dumbstruck and their faces were filled with extreme shock.

Nalan Qi was even more shocked to the point that his mouth was agape.

There was not a single trace of his image left.

In reality, it was no wonder that they were so shocked.

That was because the strength of their attack earlier was really too strong.

Moreover, the number of times they attacked was also exceptionally high.

If it was an ordinary Supreme Sovereign, no, even if it was a Supreme Sovereign like the Ancestral Dragon, it was likely that he would not be able to withstand it.

Despite that, Ye Xiao had withstood it.

Moreover, not only had he withstood it, he had even managed to remain unscathed.

It was simply extremely inconceivable.

It had already completely exceeded the scope of their understanding.

“Nalan Qi, you b*stard, youve really caused us to suffer miserably.”

At that moment, the others all thought that Nalan Qi had lied to them.

After all, at that moment, they definitely would not believe that Ye Xiao was just an ordinary Celestial Sovereign.

If he had leaped from a Celestial Sovereign to his current strength in a single step, their group of Supreme Sovereigns would dare to broadcast to the entire universe that they were eating sh*t.

At that moment, everyone was simply extremely furious.

If it was not because Ye Xiao was there, they would definitely turned their spearheads and directly destroy Nalan Qi.

Nalan Qi was also very wronged.

He was also at a loss and completely did not know what was going on.

Ye Xiao took a step forward and casually swung his sword again.

The sword light shot out like a dragons shadow erupting, charging straight at one of the supreme beings.

“Not good!”

That Supreme Sovereign could not help but let out a scream on the spot.

He immediately mobilized all of his energy and threw it in front of him to block Ye Xiaos sword.

However, it was a pity that although he thought very well, it did not have any effect in reality.

After Ye Xiaos sword touched the energy barrier that he threw, it only paused for a little bit of time.

Following that, it was mercilessly shattered.

The other party had already escaped out of the range of a few universes, but the sword light still caught up to him and instantly destroyed him completely.


Before he could finish his words, his entire person had already been killed by that sword strike and turned into pure energy, fusing into the entire universe.

That scene made the remaining four Supreme Sovereigns unable to endure it any longer.

Even if they were Supreme Sovereigns, they were already scared to death at that moment.

They finally came to a realization.

Ye Xiao was really too powerful.

They were not his match at all.

If that continued, all of them would have to die there.

Rather than that, it was better to seize the time to escape.

Although from the current situation, they might not be able to escape.

However, if they did not run, they would definitely die.

Not only that but there was also a very important reason.

That was that there were four of them there.

If they fought to the death, there might still be one or two people who could escape.

No matter how fast Ye Xiaos speed was, it was impossible for him to catch up to several people at the same time, right

Some of them might die, but… As long as the person who died was not them, they would be satisfied.

It was a gamble.

The bet was their lives.

If they won the bet, they would be able to live on.

If they lost the bet, they would die without a doubt.


There was practically no pause at all.

They escaped the scene at the same time.

Moreover, each of them had pushed their speed to the maximum.

They were afraid that if they were slightly behind the others, they would become Ye Xiaos possession.

Although at their level, they should not be so afraid of death, it was still good to be alive.

Who would be willing to die if they could live

The Ancestral Dragon in the distance naturally saw that scene and could not help but spit.

“What a bunch of trash.

werent you very arrogant when you beat me just now How did you become like this in the blink of an eye”

Following that, he silently cheered for Ye Xiao in his heart.

“Ye Xiao, beautifully done! Just like that, you killed all of them.

Its best if not a single one is left.

Let them know how powerful our Xuan Yuan descendants are!”

When Ye Xiao saw the four of them escape, he was not too anxious to use his power to chase after them.

Instead, he put the Great Dragon aside and began to use the World Destruction law.

The moment the World Destruction law appeared the world was destroyed!

Wherever the power of laws passed by, everything would follow Ye Xiaos will and turn into ashes, disappearing without a trace.

It would become the most primitive state between heaven and earth, that is, the power of laws.

That kind of feeling was somewhat like reformatting the things in a computer disk.

Nothing could escape.

It could be said that death was certain!

Moreover, when that kind of power was displayed, the space behind the four Supreme Sovereigns who had escaped also began to rapidly collapse.

Nalan Qi sensed something and was so frightened that his scalp went numb.

He seemed to have already faintly sensed something.

Could it be that Ye Xiao was attacking him first

He would not be so unlucky, right

He originally wanted to take the opportunity to escape, but in the end, the other partys first target was him.

With Ye Xiaos extremely terrifying strength, he was so dead.

The truth was as expected.

In the next second, he felt his body starting to retreat rapidly.

Moreover, he was still unable to control his own body.


He could not help but let out a scream.

He knew that he was done for.

He was completely done for.

Once he was targeted by the other party, there was absolutely no chance of him surviving.

Among the four of them, Ye Xiao had only captured him first.

It was very obvious that Ye Xiao was taking revenge for his previous grudge.

At that moment, he hated himself in his heart.

He hated himself for being so stupid to go and find trouble with him.

If he had not gone to find trouble with the other party, the scene would not be the one in front of him.

It was very likely that Ye Xiao would chase after the others instead of chasing after him.

The regret and resentment in his heart simply made him want to give himself a few tight slaps.

Why was he so stupid

He even had the urge to stab himself a few times.

However, it was already at this point.

Even regret was useless.

He should be dying soon.

He could feel that he was retreating, and the light and shadows around him were overlapping.

Forget it.

Since he was already dying, there was no way he could hide.

He might as well turn back and take a look.

At least, he could see what kind of move he was killed by.

If he died from the back, it would be better to die from the front.

He was more or less a Supreme Sovereign.

If he did not even know how he died, it would be too tragic.

Moreover, if he died, the other three Supreme Sovereigns should have a chance to escape, right

Therefore, he forcefully endured the fear in his heart and turned his head to take a look.

However, it would have been fine if he did not take a look.

After taking a look, his entire person instantly collapsed.

That was right, he had completely collapsed.


He could not help but violently spit out a mouthful of blood.

He could not believe his eyes no matter what.

In front of him, Ye Xiao was standing on the spot and executing an unknown cultivation technique.

Other than him, there were three other Supreme Sovereigns who were also being pulled back by Ye Xiaos unique strength.

That was right, all the Supreme Sovereigns who had escaped were all pulled back at that moment.

Nalan Qi instantly had an inexplicable feeling of wanting to cry.

Originally, it was because his death had a little value.

Allowing the others to successfully escape, for example

In the end, he did not expect that none of them could escape.

What great irony was that

At that moment, he suddenly felt that the few of them were so pitiful, so foolish that they were pitiful!

They had no idea what level of supreme cultivator they were facing.

Until that moment, they had thought that they were facing a very powerful Supreme Sovereign!

In reality, what they were facing was a super monster.

At that moment, he had even begun to suspect that there was a higher level existence in the world besides the Supreme Sovereign.

While that level of existence was Ye Xiaos cultivation at that moment!

It was just that they did not know.

However, why had he never heard of it

At that moment, Ye Xiao had already pulled everyone back to a sufficient distance.

Without wasting any more time, he raised his hand and swung his sword, easily killing a Supreme Sovereign in an instant.

Then, he turned his hand and swung his sword again, easily killing another Supreme Sovereign.

At that point, there were only two Supreme Sovereigns left.

At that moment, Nalan Qi suddenly knelt down.

“Supreme Ye, I surrender! I surrender! Im willing to be your slave, just dont kill me!”


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