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It was also because of that reason that the two of them did not put Ye Xiao in their eyes at all.

It was not to say that they did not put him in their eyes at all.

At the very least, the other party had already reached the Supreme Sovereign realm.

It was just that the two of them did not fully display their strongest strength.

In their view, the two of them attacking at the same time and working together to take down Ye Xiao was simply an easy matter.

Even if they could not take him down, they could still trap him.

As long as they successfully trapped Ye Xiao and allowed the other five companions to successfully suppress the Ancestral Dragon, everything would be over.

Their target was not only Ye Xiao, but also the even more powerful Ancestral Dragon.

The Ancestral Dragons strength was very strong.

If they could absorb him, it would give them a large portion of their cultivation.

Hence, no one wanted to miss him.

They had to kill him!

The two of them looked at Ye Xiao with eyes that revealed an indescribable madness.

It was as if both the YYe Xiao in front of them and the Ancestral Dragon behind him had already become their belongings.

None of them could escape.

The other supreme existences also attacked the Ancestral Dragon at the same time.

They wanted to take him down and then assist Nalan Qi and Li Huo in successfully annexing Ye Xiao and taking the final victory of that battle.

However, at that critical moment, not only did Ye Xiao not panic, but his expression did not change and his heart did not beat.

With a stomp of his foot, he held the Great Dragon in his hand and his body headed straight for Nalan Qi and Li Huo.

“This fellow has probably gone mad, right”

That was practically the thought in the minds of everyone present.

In their view, Ye Xiao had already been reckless and was seeking his own death!

His madness would only speed up his death.

Even the Ancestral Dragon could not understand.

Why had Ye Xiao not taken him away at that time They were clearly at a disadvantage right then.

It was impossible for them to turn the tables in such a short time.

The best choice was to escape.

Amidst everyones confusion and doubt, Ye Xiao finally made his move.

He held the Great Dragon in his hand and directly struck out with his sword.

Sword light shot out in all directions and continued to spread.

It was mixed with the supreme law as it mercilessly slashed toward Li Huo in front of him.

Although Li Huo did not think highly of Ye Xiao, he was not a fool either.

At the instant that Ye Xiao made his move, he also struck out a move at the same time.

However, no one had expected it!

At the instant that the two peoples moves collided with each other, an incident suddenly occurred.

Ye Xiaos attack was unstoppable, mercilessly and tyrannically destroying Li Huos attack!

That was right, it was mercilessly destroying his attack.

It was as if the two peoples strengths were completely different levels.

Ye Xiao was like an adult beating a child, occupying an absolute advantage.

He was so powerful that he did not have a shred of reason.


Li Huos expression immediately changed.

However, Ye Xiaos attack did not stop there.

Instead, after completely destroying his attack, it finally landed on his body.


He immediately launched a defense.

In fact, he had also done it.

However, it was a pity that his attacks were unable to stop the other party.

His defense was also unable to stop the other party.

Therefore, at the instant that he had just formed his defense, Ye Xiaos sword mercilessly tore through his defense and penetrated his body.

Despair spread in Li Huos heart and gradually dissipated along with his heart and primordial soul.

He had never thought that such a thing would actually happen.

That was simply too ridiculous.

Ye Xiao was only a cultivator at the level of a Celestial Sovereign previously.

How could he have advanced to such a realm in such a short period of time

Even if he had successfully stepped into the Supreme Sovereign realm, the Supreme Sovereign also had its own strength.

He had just entered that level.

How could he be so much stronger than those veterans who had entered this level for hundreds of thousands of years

It was simply a serious violation of the rules and principles.

However, no matter how unwilling he was, no matter how hard he could not figure it out, everything was already over.

He had become Ye Xiaos subordinate, the first Supreme Sovereign to be killed.

The others were similarly dumbfounded.

They had never thought that such a thing would actually happen.

What did they see

Ye Xiao easily killed a cultivator of the highest level with a single sword.

Were they dreaming Was the world already crazy

According to Nalan Qi, he should have just advanced to that realm.

How could he develop such terrifying strength all of a sudden

The people who were shocked included the Ancestral Dragon.

His mind was a mess.

That was because no one present knew Ye Xiaos cultivation better than him!

That was right, no one knew Ye Xiaos true strength better than him!

He was really just a Celestial Sovereign before, and it was the kind of Celestial Sovereign who had not reached the peak of the Celestial Sovereign realm!

At most, he could only be said to be a late-stage Celestial Sovereign!

However, how long had it been

He was actually able to kill a Supreme Sovereign with a single sword strike.

Even if he had absorbed the first two levels of enlightenment, it was impossible for him to become so strong in such a short period of time.

The gap in his strength was really too big, so big that even he himself felt that it was unfathomable.

His entire being was in a daze.

No, could it be… Could it be…

He suddenly thought of something

It was the third level!

The third level of comprehension!

Ye Xiao had comprehended the third level of comprehension!

Oh my God!

That was a comprehension that even he had not comprehended!

There was actually such a huge gap between him and Ye Xiao

His aptitude could already be said to be extremely monstrous.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to successfully advance to the Supreme Sovereign realm in over 2,000 years.

Even so, he felt as if he was a completely unrated existence in front of Ye Xiao.

Moreover, what was even more unexpected was that the third level of comprehension was actually so powerful.

After Ye Xiao absorbed the third level of comprehension, his strength actually became so powerful to such an extent.

It was simply so powerful that it shocked people to the extreme.

It was only at that moment that he could not help but sigh emotionally in his heart:

“Ye Xiao, perhaps you are the one with the greatest hope of reaching the God of Creation.”

At that moment, he could be said to be completely convinced.

He was completely convinced of Ye Xiaos aptitude and his strength.

A cultivator like the Ancestral Dragon would rarely admire someone.

However, the person who could make him admire was definitely an extremely extraordinary existence.

That was because he himself was an extraordinary existence.

At that moment, the other Supreme Sovereigns had already begun to wake up.

They could not help but ask,

“Nalan Qi, whats going on Didnt you tell us before you came that his strength was only at the Celestial Sovereign realm Even if he had some fortuitous encounter and successfully advanced to the Supreme Sovereign realm, its impossible for him to become so powerful all of a sudden, right”

Nalan Qi gritted his teeth.

“How would I know whats going on He was clearly just a Celestial Sovereign before.

It clearly didnt take long for his strength to increase to such an extent.”

“D*mn it! Its definitely you, you bastard, trying to trick us! In order to avenge your juniors, you deliberately tricked us into helping you.

“You told us that he was just a Celestial Sovereign and only the Ancestral Dragon was a Supreme Sovereign, but in fact, he was also a Supreme Sovereign.

“In this way, we were unprepared at the beginning and would come over.

After we come over, you will use us to help you deal with them.

At this time, we have offended them, and it is already difficult for us to back down.

We have to do something.

“You b*stard, you are really scheming.”

Nalan Qi was unable to defend himself.

“Heaven and earth, I really dont know about this matter.

If I knew, I would have died a horrible death right now!”

“You can go and die now!”

“Enough, stop arguing.”

Another Supreme Sovereign could not help but say,

“It is already at this point, there is no point in continuing to argue with him.

He might really not know about this matter…”

Nalan Qi finally heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that.

Fortunately, someone spoke up for him.

Otherwise, he really did not know how to continue.

However, what the other party said the next second made him feel the urge to vomit blood.

“Because his brain is too stupid, its very likely that he was deceived by the other party, so he mistakenly thought that the other partys strength was only at the Celestial Sovereign realm.”

Hearing that, the corners of Nalan Qis mouth could not help but twitch fiercely.

Was there a need to say that

Saying that was a little too vicious, right

It was better not to say it.

What did he mean by his brain was faulty Did he really look like an idiot

In that case, he was no longer slapping his own face.

It was practically stabbing a knife into his heart.

It just so happened that at that moment, he had no way of retorting the other party.

That was because the current situation was very dangerous, he still had to rely on those few people to have a chance of winning.


At that moment, even if the other party wanted his wife, he had to endure it.

Everyone gave up on the Ancestral Dragon and aimed their attacks at Ye Xiao.

At that moment, they could only give up on the Ancestral Dragon.

However, since Ye Xiaos strength was stronger than his, would he not gain more benefits from obtaining him

Everyone was not a fool and knew how to weigh the pros and cons.

“Everyone, dont be afraid.

The reason why he was able to instantly kill Li Huo was very likely because he used some special secret technique.

“Even if his strength was strong, it was impossible for him to be strong to such an extent.

That would be too monstrous!

“However, a secret technique of this level is so powerful.

Its definitely impossible for him to use it consecutively.

Otherwise, his body wouldnt be able to withstand it.

“As long as we work together, theres a chance of successfully taking him down.

When that time comes, everyone can share his cultivation.

Its enough to let our strength rise by another wave.”

However, they were clearly thinking too optimistically.

At that moment, Ye Xiaos strength had already soared by leaps and bounds after comprehending the three levels of comprehension in the cave.

He had reached an unprecedented level with a single step to the sky.

Even within the Supreme Sovereigns, his strength could not be underestimated.

The exchange between the six of them was completed in an instant.

Therefore, the other party immediately launched an attack after he finished speaking.

The time difference between the two was less than 0.001 seconds.

The speed was so fast that it made ones hair stand on end.

Six beams of dazzling brilliance shot toward Ye Xiao mercilessly in an unstoppable manner.

The combat strength of the Supreme Sovereigns could already surpass time and space.

Even the Supreme Sovereigns of the same cultivation level could not dodge their attacks.

They could not use spatial or time displacement to escape.

Therefore, Ye Xiao had to use his own powerful strength to receive all of the moves that those six people unleashed.

The Ancestral Dragon felt extremely worried in his heart.

That was because he currently did not know whether Ye Xiao really had sufficient strength or was just bluffing.

Just like what they said, the move that he used to kill Li Huo was only using some kind of secret technique.

In reality, his strength had not reached that level.

After all, his current strength was too strong.

Even the Ancestral Dragon did not dare to completely believe that it was his true strength at that moment.

Ye Xiao would not care about those things.

Whether he was strong or not, or how strong he was, there was no need to explain it to anyone.

His sword would let those people know just how strong he was.

With a flick of his wrist, the Great Dragon made a sword move.

Then, he swept forward with a circular arc of the sword, directly facing the attacks of those six people.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

Violent explosions rang out one after another.

Light and shock waves lit up the large area of darkness.

Even in the distant universe, one could see the bright light that erupted from that place at the moment.

That was because their strength was simply too powerful.

The range of that attacks power could already penetrate countless worlds!

After the explosion, everyone did not stop at that point.

Their strength had already reached its level.

Their combat experience and standards naturally did not need to be too doubtful.

Before they completely destroyed Ye Xiao, they would not stop attacking.

The six of their attacks continued continuously.

In the shortest amount of time, each of them mercilessly blasted out hundreds of millions of moves!

Moreover, the six of them added up quickly reached a billion moves!

While all of that only took a moment.

One could imagine how powerful the force that the region endured in a short period of time was.

That kind of destruction-grade energy caused the spatial barrier to shatter layer after layer.

The powerful life forms within the countless dimensional crack continuously emitted explosive sounds, as if they were venting the anger and unwillingness in their hearts!

However, they could only hide within the dimensional crack and let out furious roars.

That was because even existences at their level were extremely afraid of Ye Xiao and the current six Supreme Sovereigns joining hands.

That was an effect that even the seven Supreme Sovereigns did not achieve despite the Ancestral Dragon being attacked by them earlier.

That was because the Ancestral Dragon had still dodged a little during the battle.

He did not choose to truly clash head-on.

He had still held back a little in order to prevent himself from being unable to hold on in the end.

However, Ye Xiao was different.

He really received every move and completely used his own strength to completely destroy it.


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