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“Ive advised you a long time ago, but you refused to listen.

If you had been obedient back then, you wouldnt be like this now.”

“Thats right.

I wanted to leave you a way out as long as you submit to us.

Unfortunately, you dont know how to appreciate favors.

In that case, theres no need for you to exist anymore.

“We will use your cultivation to increase our strength.”

Everyones faces revealed a crazy and greedy smile.

It was as if at that moment, they had already taken down the Ancestral Dragon.

The Ancestral Dragon felt extremely powerless.

Facing seven people at the same time was still too much pressure for him.

He simply had no way of holding on.

‘Ye Xiao, what on Earth are you doing Why havent you come out at this time Could it be that youre really dead

However, at that moment, from the corner of his eye, he suddenly saw many cracks in heaven and earth.

Moreover, those cracks were still growing far and wide.

The Ancestral Dragon was stunned before his eyes were filled with ecstasy.

It was him!

It must be Ye Xiao!

It looked like he was about to come out of seclusion.

Otherwise, that celestial body would not have undergone such a mutation.

However, he should have long expected that to happen.

That was because even if it was the Supreme Sovereign realm, it would not be able to cause any harm to the celestial body.

However, when he collided with it earlier, it caused the celestial body to explode.

That meant that the bearing power of the celestial body had already been greatly weakened.

There was only one explanation for that situation.

That was that the bearing power of the celestial body was already weakening, or even disappearing.

Strength was conserved.

The only reason why it would weaken was that Ye Xiao had absorbed all of this energy.

At that moment, the other Supreme Sovereigns had already gathered their strength and were prepared to attack him.

“To be able to be killed by us seven Supreme Sovereigns at the same time, you can also be proud.”

“Im afraid that from now on, very few people will be given such good treatment as you.

Perhaps you can even leave your name in history and be known by future generations.

Thank us.”

The Ancestral Dragon spat out a mouthful of saliva mixed with blood and said with a smile,

“Dont be too proud.

You are not worthy of me thanking you.

Also, let me tell you one thing.

You may not be able to kill me today.

“Other than that, there is another thing.

When I recover my peak cultivation in the future, I will definitely visit you personally and settle the score with you.”

Everyone raised their eyebrows, not quite understanding what he meant.

“What do you mean by that Dont tell me you have a backup plan”

“Hmph! Dont waste your breath on him.

This guy is purely trying to delay us for a little longer.

If you waste your breath on him, youll fall into his trap.

“Everyone, attack together.

Quickly kill him and divide his cultivation.”

Those words seemed to have reminded everyone.

Everyone immediately began to gather their full strength to attack.

In the next second, an overwhelming aura rapidly surged out and occupied several large areas of the universe.

That aura was not only used to scare people, but also to suppress the Ancestral Dragon and prevent his primordial soul from escaping.

As long as he wanted to escape, everyone could sense him at the first moment.

After the aura spread out, the next second, the attack followed like a shadow as it rushed toward the Ancestral Dragon.

They were already impatient.

The attack was very fast, and all they wanted was to kill him in an instant and then take away his cultivation base.

Faced with the seven peoples most powerful attack, the Ancestral Dragons long hair could not help but begin to flutter.

If that attack landed on him, even if he did not die, he would only have one last drop of blood left.

He would not be able to withstand it at all.

However, at that critical moment, an incident suddenly occurred.

An extremely terrifying aura suddenly spread out from the celestial body behind him.

That aura had just spread out when a golden energy barrier formed within the celestial body.

It went past the Ancestral Dragon and mercilessly collided with the seven supreme-level attacks.


At that moment, half of the void could not help but tremble.

That energy was so powerful that several universes around them were pushed away.

How big were those universes There were even countless star areas inside them.

Even so, they could not withstand the explosion of that attack.

It showed how powerful the attack was.

“Whats going on”

Everyone could not help but turn pale with shock, their faces filled with disbelief.

The Ancestral Dragon clearly did not have the strength to resist them.

Even if he wanted to unleash his strength, it was impossible for him to reach such a powerful existence in an instant.

The person who attacked was definitely not him, but if it was not him, then who was it

“Nalan Qi, didnt you say that this guy was just a single Supreme Sovereign Where did this one come from”

Nalan Qi was also confused.

“I dont know where this guy came from.

It shouldnt be! Whats going on Why cant I understand it at all”

“Nalan Qi, dont fool us.

The reason why we came here is that you said that we would definitely win.

If we cant kill him today and leave any trouble for us, we will definitely not be done with you.”

Nalan Qi was about to say something when he suddenly seemed to have thought of something.

His expression immediately changed.

“Somethings wrong! It might be that guy he brought here earlier, Ye Xiao! That guys cultivation was only at the Celestial Sovereign realm previously.

After we found the Ancestral Dragon, he hasnt appeared.

“In addition, the Ancestral Dragon has always been protecting the celestial body behind him.

Its very likely that he was comprehending something in that celestial body.

As such, he has advanced to the Supreme Sovereign realm.

“Otherwise, the Ancestral Dragon would not have been able to find another Supreme Sovereign!

“That was because if he had found another Supreme Sovereign, the other party would have directly come out to fight with him from the beginning, and would not have waited until then to come out from behind.”

“What did you say”

Hearing that, everyone present could not help but be shocked.

That cave actually contained resources that could allow a person to successfully advance to the Supreme Sovereign.

At that moment, their eyes instantly turned red.

A resource that could allow a person to successfully advance to the Supreme Sovereign realm was simply too attractive.

It was simply going to drive them crazy.

First of all, if that resource was given to them, it would definitely allow their cultivation to increase by a large margin.

Even if they were unable to cultivate, they could leave it for their juniors to create a brand new Supreme Sovereign.

Since the other party was their juniors, they would definitely be on the same side as them.

That would mean that they would have an invisible helper, and it would also be a helper of the same level of strength.

In the void, there was not just one Supreme Sovereign.

As individuals, although they would not encounter any battles under normal circumstances, they might occasionally encounter some conflicts of interest.

At that time, it was definitely not as powerful as two people fighting alone.

One person might still dare to shout at them, but two people would definitely not dare to offend each other.

Therefore, one could imagine how precious that celestial body was!

It could create a brand new Supreme Sovereign!

“Quick, snatch that celestial body!”

Everyones attention had already shifted from the Ancestral Dragon to the celestial body.

That was because the Ancestral Dragon might not be able to let them create a new Supreme Sovereign.

However, the thing in the cave might be able to.

Moreover, the Ancestral Dragon was basically unable to escape.

They should target the celestial body first.

At that moment, everyone attacked once again, trying to suppress the celestial body.

However, at that moment, the celestial body suddenly exploded.


Following a world-shaking explosion, the shock wave spread out wildly.

All the Supreme Sovereigns were forced out at that moment.


When everyone saw that scene, their hearts ached so much that they were bleeding.

One had to know that the celestial body contained a secret that could make others become Supreme Sovereigns!

After it had been destroyed, even the most precious thing was instantly turned into worthless trash.

Who would be willing

That was no different from using a knife to cut off their heart.

After the explosion, Ye Xiaos figure finally appeared in everyones eyes.

“Its him! Hes that stinky brat protected by the Ancestral Dragon.

He was only a Celestial Sovereign previously and was completely no match for me.

All of this was witnessed by me with my own eyes.

“But now, he has already become a Supreme Sovereign!”

Nalan Qis words made everyones small heart, which was already feeling extremely sad, feel even more pain.

It was as if someone had ruthlessly grabbed it with their hands.

“There must still be some secrets left behind in that celestial body on his body.

If we take him down and force the secrets out of him, we might still have a chance.”

Everyone was restless.

Their eyes were filled with greedy ambition as if they wanted to swallow Ye Xiao alive.

The Ancestral Dragon had a vigilant look on his face.

He immediately retreated to Ye Xiaos side and stood on the same side as him.

“Ye Xiao, be careful.

These guys are just a bunch of lunatics.

Moreover, there are too many of them.

Just the two of us might not be able to take them down now because Im currently heavily injured and am unable to display my strength at my peak.

“Lets leave first.

After my injuries recover, Ill look for them and have a showdown.”

The Ancestral Dragons character was not that of a coward.

A temporary retreat was very necessary.

In the current situation, they had no choice but to retreat.

If they were to fight head-on, the degree of danger was extremely high.

It was not easy to advance to the Supreme Sovereign realm.

If they were to die, there would be nothing left.

However, Ye Xiaos expression was calm and there were no ripples.

“Theres no need.

Senior Ancestral Dragon, just heal your injuries here.”

Ancestral Dragon was stunned.

He did not understand what he meant at all.

“Ye Xiao… What do you want to do”

Ye Xiao looked at the people in front of him with an indifferent expression.

“Of course I want to kill them.

If they want to kill us, they have to bear the price of wanting to kill us.”

“Ye Xiao, are you crazy Im heavily injured now, and youve only just advanced to the Supreme Sovereign realm.

The two of us are no match for them at all.

“The advantage they have is really too great.”

“Senior doesnt need to think so much.

Just retreat behind me.”

“You… Arent you being too reckless We…”

“Believe me!”

The Ancestral Dragon wanted to say something, but was directly interrupted by Ye Xiaos one sentence.

He looked at Ye Xiaos expression and was very serious.

It did not seem like he was joking at all.

He originally wanted to say something, but in the end, he chose to remain silent.

He understood Ye Xiao.

That fellow had never been a madman who liked to take risks.

He had his own confidence.

Since he had already said so, he might as well believe him that time.

He definitely had a way to deal with those people, even though he did not know what method that was.

The Ancestral Dragon retreated.

That action also made the other side feel extremely puzzled.

“What is the meaning of this Why is the Ancestral Dragon retreating”

“Could it be that he wants to use his own strength to fight against so many of us”

When he said that, the others felt that it was unbelievable.

“This… This shouldnt be possible, right He just advanced to the Supreme Sovereign realm.

His strength is far from enough compared to the Ancestral Dragons peak.

“Therefore, its impossible for him to fight with us like the Ancestral Dragon did!”

“Perhaps, he wants to hold us off for a while and then let Ancestral Dragon escape first.

That way, he can use some secret techniques to escape and the two of them can successfully escape from our encirclement.”

Hearing that, everyone could not help but be shocked.

What he said was right.

Earlier, the Ancestral Dragon had specifically said that they would not be able to kill him that day.

That guy definitely wanted to escape, and that was the only explanation.

“Everyone, pay attention.

Dont let the Ancestral Dragon escape.

This guys strength is very terrifying, and hes higher than any of us here.

“If he escapes and recovers his strength, we wont be able to resist him if he sneaks up on any of us in the future.”

Everyone was very clear in their hearts that the reason why they were able to defeat the Ancestral Dragon was because of the combined strength of the seven of them.

However, the seven of them were not conjoined babies.

It was impossible for them to stay together at all times.

Once they were separated, they would be like a flock of sheep when they faced the Ancestral Dragons sneak attack and assassination.

They would not be able to resist at all.

“Brother Nalan, Brother Li Huo, the two of you will deal with this Ye Xiao first.

Help us stall him and dont let him disturb our good work.

“The few of us will join hands to deal with the Ancestral Dragon.

After we destroy the Ancestral Dragon, we will come back to deal with him.”


Nalan Qi and Li Huo were also very sensible.

They knew that the situation at that moment was a little dangerous, so neither of them put on airs and immediately suppressed Ye Xiao.

Once the two supreme powers erupted, their might was comparable to the combined might of the seven of them, but it was still no small matter.

Especially the level between the two of them, they had long reached the Supreme Sovereign realm.

It was much earlier than when Ye Xiao became a Supreme Sovereign!


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