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Boom, Boom, Boom…

That extremely terrifying power was like a vast ocean, continuously pouring into Ye Xiao.

His blood vessels and meridians were all filled with golden energy, like stripes, branded on his body.

However, there was also a very troublesome problem.

It was because the energy was really too powerful, it had already exceeded the limits of what his body could withstand.

He was merely a cultivator at the level of a Celestial Sovereign right then.

He had yet to truly reach the ranks of the Supreme Sovereign.

However, even the Ancestral Dragon was unable to comprehend the power of that level.

It was very obvious that its level far surpassed the Supreme Sovereign realm.

Since it had already surpassed that level, then needless to say, it had definitely exceeded the limits that Ye Xiao could withstand.

At that rate, his body would probably not be able to withstand it very soon.

Even if there were already some cracks on the surface of his body and a rich and dazzling golden light was released from within, it looked as if his entire body was about to explode.

While Ye Xiao had only just absorbed a portion of the energy and had yet to completely absorb all of it.

Looking at his current state, it was likely that he was already unable to completely absorb all of the energy.

Before he finished absorbing it, he would directly explode.

He had already unleashed the Void celestial art to its limits.

However, the Void celestial art that could rapidly devour in the past seemed to be unable to do so at that moment.

Finally, when the energy in Ye Xiaos body reached an unprecedented level, a huge explosion suddenly erupted from the depths of his consciousness.

At that moment, his consciousness seemed to have entered an unprecedented level.

He saw quite a few figures, from the time when they were babies, growing up and fighting all the way until they finally rose up.

They looked down on everyone and stood at the peak of the entire sky.

Those few figures had all reached an unprecedented height.

However, they were all ultimately defeated by a group of people.

Among the ten people, one of them was extremely strong, so strong that it was difficult for one to breathe.

The strength of that person had already completely surpassed those people.

As for the other nine, their strength was obviously one level lower, and were not their opponents.

Although that person with the strongest strength was the strongest in terms of personal cultivation, it was difficult for him to fight against four hands with two fists.

He also had no way of defeating those people.

In the end, the nine cultivators whose strength was ranked in the third tier suddenly merged together.

Their battle strength soared, and in the blink of an eye, they reached a strength that was not weaker than those people.

With his addition, that Supreme Sovereign could finally let go and attack the other people.

In the end, those people could not hold on any longer and ultimately chose to self-destruct.

After that, the energy from their self-destruct fused into the Golden Book divine soul!

“This is the origin of the Golden Book divine soul!”

Ye Xiao could not help but feel shocked and astonished.

He seemed to finally understand why the Golden Book divine soul was so powerful.

It turned out that it was formed from the synthesis of several Supreme Sovereigns.

If Ye Xiaos guess was not wrong, those few peoples strengths had already reached the peak of the peak.

They might even be the Gods of Creations that the Ancestral Dragon mentioned.

Then, since the other party was able to suppress the God of Creation, what level of cultivators were they

The God of Creation

Perhaps even… Surpassing the God of Creation

At that moment, Ye Xiaos heart felt so shocked that he was speechless.

He did not know what to say at all.

His entire mind was empty.

That was because the Golden Book divine soul was formed from the power of those few destroyed Gods of Creation.

Those few Gods of Creation had self-detonated, but their self-detonation did not mean that they had the chance to blow up the other party.

If they did not kill the other party, then they would be in big trouble.

First of all, the other party had already gone through who knew how many years, and their strength had already reached an unknown level.

Could it be that they had already completely surpassed the Gods of Creation

If they had already surpassed the Gods of Creation then even if he had become a God of Creation, he probably would not have been able to defeat them.

Secondly, they had been enemies before.

Since he had obtained the Golden Book divine soul, it was only natural that he would be on the opposite side.

That way, even if he wanted peace, he would not be able to do so.

There would definitely be a great battle between the two sides.

Even if he did not want to fight, he was not sure if the other side would not want to fight.

After all, they were all enemies.

As the successor of their enemy, that battle seemed inevitable.

However, at that moment, the Golden Book divine soul suddenly trembled.

Then, Ye Xiao saw another scene.

It was that unrivaled cultivator who had left behind his comprehension in the cave.

“Wait a minute, this guy… This guy… Is actually him! Lu Xiaoran!”

Ye Xiao had never expected that the person who had left behind his comprehension in the cave was actually the few existences that had killed the Golden Book divine souls synthesis!

Good heavens, he had obtained the strength of both sides at once at that time.

Then which side did he belong to then

Ye Xiao was completely confused.

However, very quickly, he seemed to have figured it out.

When a person wanted to advance to the peak of strength, along the way, he would definitely encounter countless opponents.

Even if he was about to reach the highest peak of the mountain, the more he reached the peak, the stronger the enemies he would encounter.

If he did not want to stand under the feet of others, then he had to cross that hurdle and stand on the peak of the mountain!

So, regardless of whether he would fight with them in the future.

He should not be afraid.

His goal must be to press forward and live until the end.

If he was afraid before he fought, then he would be like that for the rest of his life.

Either he would cower, or even if he fought, he would lose without a doubt.

He did not want to lose.

He wanted to live and protect his clansmen and family.

He wanted to live!

At that moment, the Golden Book divine soul seemed to sense his conviction.

It directly emitted a ball of resplendent golden light and raised the Void celestial art, which had already fused with a large number of cultivation techniques, once again!

The evolution of the Void celestial art, the World Destruction law!

The World Destruction law was above all celestial arts and could mercilessly destroy all energy.

After which, it could turn all that energy into its own.

That terrifying degree had already reached a degree that even the Supreme Sovereigns could not compare to.

At that instant, Ye Xiaos body, which was about to explode, instantly healed again.

All the meridians that were emitting light on the surface of his body gradually began to recover back to their original state.

It was as if he had already completely suppressed that energy and was beginning to digest it.

The World Destruction law!

It was indeed powerful!

It had already surpassed the strength of celestial art.

With it, his future limit could almost be said to be able to surpass the Supreme Sovereign.

At that moment, Ye Xiaos heart surged violently.

He wanted to become stronger!

He wanted to become stronger!

He wanted to suppress everything in that world!

At the same time, the battle in the void outside was almost unbearable for the Ancestral Dragon.

Many wounds had already appeared on his body, emitting nine-colored blood with a golden color inside.

If those guys were to fight one-on-one, none of them would be his match.

Even if two people joined hands, they might not be able to defeat him.

However, the biggest problem was that there were seven people there.

Seven people, each with supreme strength.

No matter how strong his Ancestral Dragon was, it would be difficult for him to fight four hands with two fists.

It was already extremely rare for him to be able to do so.

Since the people present could be said to be existences from the immemorial era.

He was the only one who had only cultivated for over 2,000 years.

The amount of time he had cultivated could be said to be less than a fraction of those people.

However, he was able to withstand their attacks for such a long time.

That was already quite remarkable.

“Ancestral Dragon, dont hold on any longer! If you choose to surrender now, we can spare your life.

However, we will plant a curse of laws on you.”

“Thats right! Its not easy for you to cultivate to this level.

If you die just like that, wouldnt that be too much of a pity Why dont you just obey us We can give you a way out.”

“Bullsh*t! Do you think Im an idiot If I listen to you and let you plant a law curse, wont you kill me immediately Split all the energy in my body.”

The law curse was a curse formed by the power of laws.

Once it was cast, the cursed person had to obey the other party unconditionally.

If he wanted to resist, the other party only needed to use the law curse to easily kill him.

The Ancestral Dragon would not be so stupid to put his fate in the hands of others.

Moreover, he had his own dignity.

Even if he died there, he would still fight to the death.

He would not be so sullen as to be killed by someone else.

If that were the case, even he himself would look down on himself.

“You really dont know whats good for you.

I gave you a chance, but you dont even know how to cherish it.

If thats the case, then you dont have to live anymore.

Well send you on your way now.”

After everyone finished speaking, the attacks in their hands became even more powerful.

The frequency of their attacks was also extremely high, and the pressure was so strong that it made it difficult for people to breathe.

Ancestral Dragon was already injured to begin with, so the pressure was even greater then.

The injuries on his body also continued to increase, and his speed was much faster than before.

He could not help but secretly complain in his heart.

As he desperately resisted the other party, he prayed that Ye Xiao would seize the time to run out.

He believed in Ye Xiaos character.

That fellow should not be able to run away without him.

He had yet to come out until then, which already made the Ancestral Dragon feel extremely dangerous.

Could it be that his cultivation had gone mad, which was why he was unable to come out

If that were the case, everything he was doing then would be meaningless.

Moreover, not only would it be meaningless, it might even cost him his life.

If Ye Xiao were there, even though he had beaten up the other party, he would at least be able to successfully escape with him.

As long as he escaped, once Ye Xiaos strength rose to the Supreme Sovereign realm, the two of them would have no need to be afraid if they were to join forces and encounter those seven people in the future.

“Ye Xiao! If you dont come out now, I wont be able to hold on any longer.”

The Ancestral Dragon was almost driven mad!

“Everyone, be careful.

This fellow is already on the verge of not being able to hold on any longer.

Its very likely that he will choose to escape.

We must not let him escape.”

The others had already seen through the clues and felt that Ancestral Dragon was about to give up.

After all, they were all cultivators at that level.

Although their individual strength was slightly weaker than his, they were not much weaker overall.

Otherwise, the few of them working together would not be able to do any harm to the Ancestral Dragon.

At that moment, seeing that the Ancestral Dragon was getting more and more anxious, their hearts were filled with excitement.

They were finally about to kill that fellow.

As long as they killed him, they would be able to snatch his cultivation.

Moreover, Nalan Qi and Li Huo could even successfully avenge their juniors.

It could be said to be killing two birds with one stone.

Moreover, it was impossible for the Ancestral Dragon to escape.

He had to defend Ye Xiao no matter what.

Once he escaped then, Ye Xiao would definitely fall into their hands.

If Ye Xiao was possessed by the devil, then it would not be a loss for him to leave.

If Ye Xiao was not possessed by the devil and was cultivating instead, it just so happened that he was about to advance.

Then his departure would really let him down.

At the same time, it would also destroy one of his strong allies.

Right then, he was betting, betting that Ye Xiao was advancing.

If he won the bet, everything would be happy.

If he lost the bet, then, he would really lose everything.

In order to win that round, in order to obtain more time, the Ancestral Dragon even used all of his trump cards.




His thoughts were about to become blank because the fresh blood in his body flowed too quickly.

His blood pressure had already reached an unprecedented level.

He was almost at his limit.

However, he could not take it anymore.

That was because there were seven of them working together.

While he was increasing his strength, his opponent was also increasing his strength.

That way, no matter how much he increased his strength, his opponent would be able to steadily suppress him.

To be more accurate, his opponents increase in strength would suppress him even more.

That was because when the opponent increased his strength alone, he was already able to resist his increased strength.

However, the opponent had seven people increasing their strength together!

Therefore, the opponents base of increase was stronger than his.


First, Nalan Qis sword struck his left shoulder.

Then, Li Huo and the other Supreme Sovereign struck his chest at the same time.

He could not even break through those two attacks because the attacks of the others were still restricting his hands.

Under that attack, the Ancestral Dragon spat out blood and flew backward.

His body was like a meteor as he ruthlessly bombarded the celestial body behind him.

At that moment, the entire celestial body could not help but tremble violently.

After all, that was the attack of a Supreme Sovereign.

Even if that celestial body had a very powerful defense, it would still be unable to withstand it.

Li Huo and the other Supreme Sovereigns raised the corners of their mouths and looked at each other.

They could see the pride in each others eyes at a glance.

They had finally obtained the final victory.

At that point, they only needed to kill the other party and forcefully strip him of his cultivation.

He was so powerful.

If they could swallow his cultivation, even if it was divided equally among the seven of them, it would be able to increase their strength by a portion.


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