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Chapter 78: Advancement to Xiantian Fifth Grade

At that moment, Ye Xiao actually felt that the spiritual energy in his body was faintly beginning to fluctuate and change.

That was the epitome of wanting to advance.

The difference between the great grandmaster rank and the grandmaster rank was that the great grandmaster was no longer just purely practicing martial arts.

It also cultivates the martial art learned and incorporates the martial intent, into the martial art.

Only by combining the two would one be able to advance.

If ones martial art concept was sufficient, but the spiritual energy stored in ones body had not reached the limit, it would be impossible for one to advance.

Likewise, it is always impossible to advance easily when the aura had reached the zero boundary point and the martial intent is insufficient.

Ye Xiao had the divine souls Golden Book, and he cultivated several top-tier cultivation techniques at the same time.

The speed at which he absorbed spiritual energy was actually very fast.

At the very least, compared to an ordinary great grandmaster, he was definitely much faster.

That was because the cultivation techniques and mental cultivation techniques in that world could both raise ones cultivation if they were continuously circulated.

The difference between cultivation techniques and mental cultivation techniques was that one was used for battle, while the other was used to recover spiritual energy.

Therefore, when his aura was sufficient, he could easily advance.

The last time, Ye Xiao advanced because he understood the importance of protecting.

Protecting himself and protecting his companions.

However, at that moment, what Ye Xiao understood was from the heart.

Just like how he treated Mr.

Zhao previously.

Why did he have to come out just because Mr.

Zhao wanted to find him


Zhao tricked me and didnt have any morals, yet I still have to indulge him

Then what use is there for me to have such powerful strength Why not cultivate and directly tie a chain for me to watch the door for him!

The strong had the power to control their own destiny!

America was strong so it could do whatever it wanted in the world.

Similarly, he was stronger than those fighter pilots, so when they wanted to attack him, he could kill them!

Not only could he kill them, but he could also steal their blueprints.

He was not a demon, so he would not kill the innocent.

Whether he killed them or not, the control was in his hands.

When ones strength was strong, ones temperament would also gradually become stronger! Then, it would be fed back to martial intent.

The spiritual energy fluctuation in Ye Xiaos body became more and more intense!

Like water that was about to boil, the circulation became rapid.


Finally, with a muffled sound, the spiritual energy in Ye Xiaos body seemed to have cleared the clouds and mist to see the clear sky, once again stepping into a brand new realm.

Xiantian fifth grade!

At that moment, the spiritual energy storage in his body became even thicker!

At that moment, his martial art aura also became even denser!

At that moment, he was even closer to the wordinvincible!

The scorching weather of the entire Jianghai city suddenly had a slight cool breeze, refreshing ones heart.

Countless citizens of Jianghai city felt that refreshing cool breeze, and their restless hearts seemed to be comforted, and then calmed down.

The maple leaves by the roadside were dyed red.

Autumn chrysanthemums welcomed the cool breeze and silently bloomed behind a hundred flowers.

It was a cool autumn day.

By the time Ye Xiao finished his lunch and returned to the library, it was already two oclock in the afternoon.

Ning Yuhen and a few managers were discussing something when Ye Xiao passed by and glanced at them.

He could not help but be slightly stunned.

They were reading a newspaper and discussing a fighter jet.

That fighter jet was the one that Ye Xiao had just sent the blueprint to.

“The supervisor is here.”

Ning Yuhen and the others noticed Ye Xiaos arrival and immediately greeted him.

Ye Xiao nodded and placed his hands behind his back as he watched them discuss.

When did those guys become so interested in war technology

A young man was the most enthusiastic in their discussion.

“This is the strongest fighter jet in war technology that America has just announced! Star Streak! Its the most advanced fighter jet in the world! It can display the combat strength and speed of a grandmaster!

The cost of one of these fighter jets is more than six billion dollars.

Its said that those who are not grandmasters dont even have the qualifications to control it.”

Ye Xiao slightly raised his eyebrows from behind.

Was that fighter jet really that powerful

However, it had to be said that back when the three fighter jets launched six attacks, he had indeed received some threats and minor injuries when he was unprepared.

Moreover, those six attacks did indeed have the combat strength of a grandmaster.

If it was an ordinary, no, even if it was three ordinary grandmasters, if they were not careful when facing those three fighter jets, they might have died.

It was just a pity that they met him, who could fight above his level, and the result was…

Forget it, lets not think about it.

It could be a good thing.

After all, he had already handed over the blueprint and the information USB to Changfeng.

It was also a good thing for the nine provinces.

Ning Yuhen could not help but sigh:

“If only someone in the nine provinces could create such a fighter jet, that would be great.”

“I want to, too, but from the looks of it, its too difficult.

The development of war technology and genetic technology in the nine provinces was much slower than that of the other regions.

Moreover, the other side has a technological blockade.

If they dont teach us their technology, the nine provinces can only rely on themselves to fumble around.

In a short period of time, it will be impossible to create a fighter jet comparable to the Star Streak fighter jet.

“However, one day in the future, we will definitely be able to create a fighter jet that surpasses the American fighter jet!”

“I really hope that someone can build it now!”

“If someone can really build a Star Streak fighter jet now, then they will definitely leave their name in the history books and leave a deep mark in the field of science in the nine provinces!”

“If it really cant be done, its fine to steal the Star Streak design.

“When the time comes to hand it in, whether its honor or reward, I estimate that it will be the pinnacle of the nine provinces!”

“Will it be a few hundred million”

“A few hundred million At the very least, it will be at least tens of billions to a hundred billion!”

Ye Xiao was stunned.

Was that fighter jet… That valuable

His expression was a little dull.

After a long while, he finally woke up and let out a long sigh.

Forget it.

Money was just a worldly possession.

He was donating for the country and for the sake of the nation.

How could he think of asking for money


With that thought in mind, Ye Xiao began to read books again.

He had already learned six body-refining techniques.

He estimated that if he learned one or two more, at most three, he would be able to collect all the basic body-refining techniques.

At that time, he would be able to synthesize a top-tier body-refining technique.

In that case, not only would his defense increase greatly, he would also have an additional life-saving method.

At the same time, when he used the Divine Intent technique, his skin would not be torn apart by the powerful wind force.

However, it was still the same.

Every time the cultivation technique reached the last one or two, it would be very difficult to find it.

The vast majority of the cultivation techniques all came from the same source.

The cultivation technique was something that was continuously evolving from a basic cultivation technique.

The evolving version was in the thousands.

Whoever deleted, omitted, added, wrote, altered, or paraphrased would create a new type of cultivation technique.

It was always the same.

Ye Xiao did not despair about it.

Sooner or later, it will be found, it is only a matter of time.


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