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‘There might still be a chance to find him.

Although Ye Xiao killed Celestial Sovereigns of our Void Alliance, he also caused the death of his descendants.

If we were to find him, he would definitely be willing to take action.

Thinking up to that point, the corners of Nalan Qis mouth curled up.

‘Ye Xiao, just you wait.

Not long from now, I will definitely personally take back your head.

With that, he turned around and disappeared from where he was.

At the same time, Ye Xiao quickly refined the few Celestial Sovereigns under the protection of the Ancestral Dragon.

Although his cultivation was also at the Celestial Sovereign realm and was on the same level as the other party, logically speaking, he should not have refined the other party so quickly.

However, the Void celestial art was getting stronger and stronger.

After the Golden Book divine soul continuously merged with the other celestial arts, it had already reached an unprecedented peak state.

Right then, he was very close to the Supreme Sovereign realm.

Of course, that did not mean that he was only half a step away from the Supreme Sovereign realm.

It was just that the Celestial Sovereign realm was not divided into small realms.

There was only one unified big realm.

Under such circumstances, he was unable to carefully rank his cultivation.

However, he estimated that he should be about the same as those old-fashioned Celestial Sovereigns.

If he had to add another definition, then could he be considered a late-stage Celestial Sovereign

Forget it, forget it.

As long as his strength could increase, he was stronger than anything else.

In any case, he would still become a Supreme Sovereign in the end.

He stood up and the Ancestral Dragon slowly opened his mouth to say,

“Have you finished refining”

Ye Xiao nodded and then looked carefully at the Ancestral Dragon.

Frankly speaking, the battle earlier was too intense, and he did not have the time to take a good look at the senior, the Ancestral Dragon.

“Why do you keep staring at me”

The Ancestral Dragon could not help but feel a little strange, while Ye Xiao smiled.

“Its nothing.

I just want to take a look at the Ancestral Dragon.

What exactly does he look like”

The Ancestral Dragon did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Didnt you already see my clone before My clone definitely looks the same as me.”

“Not the same! Although the two of you look the same, the aura and charm between the two of you are completely different.

“No matter how much the clone looks like the main body, its impossible for it to reach the height that the main body possesses.”

“Then theres no need to keep staring at me, right”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“As your junior, in the era where I existed, many people viewed you as their idol.”

The Ancestral Dragon was a little stunned.

“Is that so”

“Yes! Youre the first ruler to unify China.

Its also because of you that Chinas culture has a long history and a unified form.

“No matter how the world is divided, it will still be unified in the end.

“Just because of this, youre worthy of many peoples respect and admiration.

“Of course, I personally feel that the only thing you havent done well is not unifying the entire world, causing many barbarians to clamor at China like fleas all day long.”

The Ancestral Dragon sighed.

“I have no choice either.

The ancients had limited horizons.

At that time, my eyes could only see middle-earth China, and no one gave me a globe.

“If someone had given me a globe, perhaps I would have already conquered the whole world.”

However, after Ye Xiao looked at it for a while, he could not help but say,

“Why do I feel like theres nothing special about you”

Once again, the Ancestral Dragon did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Then what do you think is different about me Im just a person too.

Its just that my thinking at that time was a little ahead of others, and my vision was a little farsighted.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

After some things were too deified, one would have high expectations.

Usually, one would only realize that it was just like that after personally seeing it.

Forget it, it was best not to think about that anymore.

“Senior Ancestral Dragon, you said that after I refine it, what should I do next”

Ancestral Dragon came back to his senses.

“I want to bring you to a place that has an inheritance that you have never thought of.

I used to comprehend there to advance to the Supreme Sovereign realm.

After you go there, you should have a chance to successfully advance.

“Moreover, even if you cant raise your energy to the Supreme Sovereign realm now, you can at least store some inspiration for yourself.

“This way, you wont feel so constrained when you advance in the future.”

“So thats the case.

Then lets go quickly.

Its too late.

Im afraid that Nalan Qi will do something behind the scenes.”

“Alright! Follow me!”

With a thought, the Ancestral Dragon instantly disappeared from where he was.

Ye Xiao followed closely behind him and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Only a mess was left in the void.

Ye Xiao and the Ancestral Dragon flew for a very long time, about ten minutes or so.

One had to know that the speed of the two of them had already reached an unprecedented peak.

Even if it was only in the span of a breath, the distance that they moved out might have already crossed several universes.

At that time, they still ran for so many minutes.

One could imagine how far the distance was.

After arriving at the place, Ye Xiao could not help but open his mouth to say with some doubt,

“What is this place Could it be the end of the void”

The Ancestral Dragon shook his head.

“Of course not.

The scope of the void far exceeds our imaginations.

Its scope is ridiculously large.

Its not something that the two of us can guess at all.

“Ive tried it before, and it seems to have a special power of laws that trapped me within.

No matter how I advance, I can only end up in the void, endlessly circulating.

“I faintly guess that its highly possible that the God of Creation has injected a special power of laws into the entire void, specifically used to restrict existences at our level.

“To successfully break this rule, one must advance to the Supreme Sovereign realm.”

“So thats how it is.”

Ye Xiao could not help but sigh in his heart.

Looks like the God of Creations power far exceeded his imagination.

From Ye Xiaos perspective, even if he had already reached the Supreme Sovereign realm, he would probably only be trash in front of the God of Creation.

There was still a long way to go!

“Right, where is the cultivation place you mentioned just now”

“There, its there.”

The Ancestral Dragon pointed at a small cave on one of the small planets.

Ye Xiao could not help but be a little stunned.

That was because that small cave was really very small, and not only was it very small, but it also looked very ordinary.

Next to it, there was a mountain.

It was not very tall, and it did not look like a place for a Celestial Sovereign to cultivate.

“This… Senior Ancestral Dragon, are you playing with me This place can be a place for a Celestial Sovereign to cultivate And it also allowed you to successfully advance to the Supreme Sovereign realm

“Are you playing with me”

Ancestral Dragon did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Why am I playing with you You can take a closer look.

If you still dont believe me, try attacking yourself.”

Ye Xiao was skeptical.

Then, he raised his hand and sent out a sword light.


Following a shocking explosion, the entire small celestial body was enveloped by that light.

The strength of a Celestial Sovereign was not something to brag about.

Moreover, Ye Xiao was not the kind of Celestial Sovereign who had just advanced, but a Celestial Sovereign with an extremely strong cultivation.

With his current cultivation, that terrifying strength was simply terrifying!

Even so, when the light completely disappeared, there was actually no change at all!


When Ye Xiao saw that scene, he simply could not believe his eyes.

He was very clear about his cultivation.

Even if the Ancestral Dragon, as the Supreme Sovereign, had blessed that place, he would not be unable to blast it open at all.

That was not right.

When the Ancestral Dragon saw his shocked expression, he could not help but snicker.

“Dont look anymore.

When I first came here, it was because I was fighting with others.

A few Celestial Sovereigns surrounded and killed me.

We, a few Celestial Sovereigns fought together, but we did not injure this celestial body in the slightest.

“You can believe what I said now, right”

Ye Xiao took a deep breath.

“Is there any mystery to this place”

“Im not very clear about the specific situation, but I know that there were cultivators living here before.

Moreover, they were not ordinary cultivators! There are three levels of comprehension.

Ive only comprehended the first two, and theres still the last type of comprehension that I havent comprehended.

“Even so, my current cultivation has already reached the Supreme Sovereign realm.

“If you can comprehend it, youll definitely be able to reach an unprecedented level.”

Ye Xiao thought for a moment and nodded.

“Ill go in and take a look.”


Its still the same as before.

Ill stay outside to protect you.”


Ye Xiao entered that cave and began to comprehend the first level.

Time passed minute by minute.

When he completely immersed his mind in it, it was as if his entire person had touched a spiritual world that he had never touched before!


Very strong!

So strong that it made ones hair stand on end!

In the unseen world, Ye Xiao seemed to have seen an infatuated woman bitterly searching for her lover.

Her stubbornness seemed to have been carved into time and space.

Even though countless years had passed, when he arrived, he could still feel that unforgettable infatuation and love.

Ye Xiao sensed it once more, and a memory from ancient times entered his mind.

“Im a person with high ambition.

I dont want to randomly find someone and hand over my entire life just like that…

“First of all, if you want to be with me, you must have a dowry…

“Our sect just got married, and their dowry is equivalent to 200,000 high-grade spirit stones.

However, the problem is that theyre just ordinary people.

Youre the Holy Maiden of the True Xuanwu sect, so without a few hundred million high-grade spirit stones as dowry, how could I accept

“If you give too little, I would lose face.

If you give too much, you might not be able to afford it…

“Secondly, after getting married, do you want to set up your own sect Dont tell me you still want me to stay in your True Xuanwu sect or do you want to stay in my Heavenly Demon sect”

“I have sworn that after I get married, I will definitely have my own sect, and it will be a big one at that! I dont want a small sect, and I dont want a small palace in the True Xuanwu sect.

I want to live in the biggest palace in my own sect…

“I dont want my child to be called Young Master after he is born.

I want my child to be a young master himself…”

“Also, what is your current cultivation level That is cultivation level is way too low.

With such a low cultivation level, what will you have to protect me after we get married What if, in the future, I am taken by some Empress and snatched away by others You wont even have the ability to protect me…

“Look at you.

If you dont have a cultivation base, you wont be able to fork out the dowry, and you dont even have your own sect, I wont feel safe with you like this.

How can I become your dual cultivation partner…

“Who doesnt know how to sayI love you.

You said that you want to repay me, so you should repay me with something practical.

Love isnt something that can be formed by just words.

Love needs to be nourished…

“All right, all right, dont cry.

It makes it seem like I have no human feelings at all.

Well, dont say I dont give you a chance.

Ill give you 100 years.

In 100 years, you can become an Imperial Immortal, have your own sect, then, come to me.

When that time comes, Ill think about giving you a chance to chase me…”


He could not help but be petrified.

What kind of situation was that

Just a moment ago, he had thought that the woman who had once comprehended there was an extremely infatuated woman.

After he thought about it, that woman was simply a living doormat!

Was there a mistake Meeting such a scumbag man, she actually still loved him to death.

Such an existence could also become an unrivaled cultivator, and even leave behind such strong karma in the world

Ye Xiao simply could not believe his eyes.

Forget it.

The Ancestral Dragon had said that there was more than one comprehension in that cave.

There were a total of three ancient mighty figures who had left behind their comprehension.

He once again sank into deep thought and began to deeply comprehend the second level.

Time once again passed by minute by second.

At that time, the duration was much longer than the first time.

It was very obvious that the cultivation of the second ancient mighty figure was much stronger than that womans.

Hence, it caused his comprehension to be even more difficult to perceive that state.

However, it was not too much of a problem for Ye Xiao.

Even the Ancestral Dragon could perceive the second level, so it did not seem too difficult for him to perceive the second level.

Very soon, he sensed the spiritual energy of the second level.


Ye Xiaos mind suddenly jolted.

He did not perceive anything.

He only perceived the wordcarefree!

That was right, it wascarefree!

Even he himself did not dare to believe it.

Although he himself often followed thecarefree path, when compared to that fellow, his laid-back lifestyle was nothing in comparison.

It was as if he had seen an existence that was extremely cowardly!

He did not do anything and rejected everything.

All he needed to do was hide.

Hide, continuously cultivate, and constantly strengthen himself.

That made Ye Xiao confused once again.

Just what kind of beings had lived in that cave

Two such freaks in a row.

The first one was a doormat!

The second one was extremely careless.

What about the third one

What kind of freak would the third one be

One had to know that even the Ancestral Dragon could not sense the third person.

One could imagine how strong the third persons standard was.

What kind of existence was he How could he block the Ancestral Dragon


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