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“Im sorry, your opponent is me.

If you want to fight him, you should at least go through me first.”

Nalan Qi hated the face of the Ancestral Dragon so much that his teeth were itching.

If it was not for that guys sudden appearance, he would have already killed that brat.

He would not have let him be so arrogant and kill his subordinates without any scruples.

It was all because of the Ancestral Dragon.

If that continued, he might really suffer heavy losses.

He could not let him be so arrogant anymore.

However, he knew in his heart that his strength was not at the level to fight with the other party.

It seemed that he could only be a little more ruthless.

He had to think of a way to break out of the encirclement first and blast him away in one go.

As for what would happen after that, he would talk about it later.

Thinking of that, he immediately summoned his weapon.

It was a six-foot-long short knife.

Although it was very small, the aura and power it emitted made people shudder.

The moment it appeared, Ye Xiao and the other Celestial Sovereigns, who were in the middle of the battle, clearly felt a chill suppressing them, causing all the hair on their bodies to stand up involuntarily.

“So powerful! What power is this”

“Its rumored that theres an even more powerful weapon above the celestial weapon, called the Chaos supreme weapon.

Its said that this weapon is specially refined to complement the Supreme Sovereigns terrifying power.

“There are even some weapons that are formed naturally, and their power is extremely terrifying!

“They can even destroy Celestial Sovereigns like us just by relying on their own power.”

“Theyre actually so terrifying.

Isnt this too inconceivable”

When Ye Xiao heard that, his thoughts were also surging with undercurrents.

‘Looks like Ill have to think of a way to turn the Great Dragon into such a powerful existence in the future.

Otherwise, when I become a Supreme Sovereign in the future, Ill be finished.

With that thought in mind, he accelerated his attacks on the other few Celestial Sovereigns.

That was because he did not know if the Ancestral Dragon could withstand Nalan Qis Chaos supreme weapon.

Since he did not know if the Ancestral Dragon had a supreme weapon.

Even if his cultivation was stronger than the other party, with the addition of weapons, the other partys true combat strength might not be weaker than his.

That was one point.

Another point was that he had already seen through the other partys intention.

Nalan Qi was definitely thinking of using a short burst of power to suppress the Ancestral Dragon and then escape with those few Celestial Sovereigns.

Although the Ancestral Dragon was very strong, he was still a Supreme Sovereign in the end.

His cultivation was still very high.

As long as he had the slightest chance, he could easily break through.

Ye Xiao absolutely would not allow such a thing to happen.

He was still hoping to use those few fellows to raise his cultivation.

Moreover, since everyone had already shed all pretenses of cordiality, there was no need to hold back.

Otherwise, would he not be leaving a disaster for himself

Ye Xiao was not stupid.

He would not do such a thing.

The few Celestial Sovereigns earlier happened to be affected by Nalan Qi.

They could not help but be a little absent-minded for a moment.

In the end, Ye Xiao took the opportunity to cut in.

For a moment, another person was attacked by Ye Xiao.

As a result, the other partys defense was weaker.

As for Nalan Qi, after he used his weapon, his strength and confidence doubled.

Without hesitation, he directly controlled his Chaos supreme weapon and headed straight for the Ancestral Dragons face.


The Chaos supreme weapon slashed out, and the blade light spread out for billions of miles.

That slash condensed his supreme power of laws, and no matter what power it was, it was impossible to block that slash.

Time, space… Everything became an illusion in front of that slash.

Everything was shattered!

The power of that slash was so strong that even a Celestial Sovereign might not be able to withstand it.

Even the aftershock of the blade light could severely injure a Celestial Sovereign!

However, the Ancestral Dragon did not even dodge.

He did not take out his supreme weapon either.

He just looked at his opponent.

He only attacked when his opponents blade landed.

The moment he attacked, time seemed to have frozen.

Following that, he threw a punch at his opponents attack.


Along with that earth-shattering sound, his powerful strength tore everything apart.

The effect he displayed was actually not inferior to his opponents blade attack.

When the others saw that, they simply could not believe it.

The spatial barrier was completely shattered.

The shockwave from their battle directly overturned everything.

Ye Xiao and the others, who were already unstable to begin with, became even more unstable at that moment.

However, it was as if Ye Xiao had predicted that step ahead of time.

He had set up a defensive force behind his back in advance and executed the Void celestial art, devouring a portion of his strength.

Following that, he borrowed the opponents attack wave to help him dash forward and increase his speed to the maximum.

“Not good! His speed has increased!”

The other partys remaining three Celestial Sovereigns could not help but feel that something was amiss when they saw that scene.

They could not help but exclaim out loud, then they shouted loudly,


Unfortunately, it was already too late.

Their speed was really too slow.

For cultivators at their level, sometimes, the deciding factor between victory and defeat was usually just an instant.

If they did not seize the opportunity in that instant, they might be done for.

They were just like that.

However, in reality, it was not their fault because everything happened too quickly.

It was so fast that they did not even have the chance to react before it was over.

Ye Xiao turned into a bolt of lightning that transcended time and space.

With one step, he cut off their heads and instantly killed them.

After that, he swallowed all of their powers and took the opportunity to escape from the battle ripples.

Nalan Qi, who was at the back, was furious when he saw that scene.

He did not expect such a thing to happen.

He originally wanted to make the situation chaotic and see if he could take the opportunity to take them away.

In the end, he did not expect to help Ye Xiao instead, allowing Ye Xiao to take the opportunity to succeed.

“Agh… I must kill you, you little b*stard! If this old man doesnt kill you in this lifetime, I will never improve a single step in my life!”

Nalan Qi was already furious to the extreme.

At that moment, he could no longer care about anything else and forcefully set a goal for himself.

One had to know that a person whose cultivation had already reached his level could not casually set a goal.

It was very easy for him to leave behind a demon.

At that point, he was willing to take the risk of creating a demon just to make such an oath.

One could imagine how furious he was at that moment.

Even so, from another perspective, that was also a good thing.

If he could successfully kill Ye Xiao, complete his goal, and get rid of the inner demon, his future might be even better.

That was much better than cultivation.

Of course, it also depended on the difficulty of the matter.

The more difficult it was for him to kill Ye Xiao, the stronger the impact he would receive.

If killing Ye Xiao was too easy, then the improvement would be minimal.

After he said that, the Ancestral Dragons expression changed and he started to attack him.

However, he had expected it.

After he said that, he detonated a drop of his blood essence and used the Explosive Blood technique to escape from that place.

The Ancestral Dragons attack missed.

It only shattered a large space barrier.

He could not help but feel a little angry.

“I didnt expect this b*stard to run so fast.

If I had known earlier, I would have put in more effort.”

Ye Xiao leaned over and could not help but ask in puzzlement,


Senior Ancestral Dragon, why did you let him escape”

“Its not that I wanted to let him escape, but this fellow ran too fast.

I accidentally let him escape.”

“Then why didnt you give him a fatal blow in the beginning That way, he wouldnt have run away.”

“Its not that easy to give him a fatal blow.

The forces in this world are complicated.

Can you guarantee that there wont be any more powerful existences behind him

“For example, some old Supreme Sovereigns.

If you force him into a corner, there might be some old monsters coming down.

When that time comes, itll be really troublesome.

“I originally just wanted to stall him and then wait for you to absorb those Celestial Sovereigns before ending this battle.

“In the end, I didnt expect him to actually curse you.

Thats why I wanted to attack him later.”

“It was the last sentence he said.

Is there anything special about that sentence”

Ancestral Dragon said meaningfully,

“After reaching our level of cultivation, in fact, every word and action can already affect the rules of all things.

“After he said those words, if he doesnt kill you, there will definitely be inner demons in the future, and it will be difficult for his cultivation to advance even an inch further.

“Therefore, he will definitely kill you in the future.

“If he can successfully kill you and get rid of the inner demons, there is a possibility for his future to advance even further.

“Moreover, the harder it is for him to kill you, the greater the improvement he will receive.”

Ye Xiao instantly had an impulse to curse.

He did not expect that he would actually be targeted by a Supreme Sovereign.

“Then the next time we meet him, would it not be so troublesome to kill him”

The Ancestral Dragon glanced at Ye Xiao.

“Its easy for you to think.

Im not the only Supreme Sovereign.

Ive already told you just now that Im not sure if there are any more powerful existences behind him.

“Because the Void Alliance has existed for too long! Countless big shots have been born within it.

“Including the Lord of Heaven, whose temple of the Eclipse Yin God you used to destroy.

He inherited it from his ancestors.

There might be some particularly powerful existences behind him.

“Youve stirred up a hornets nest.

“The reason why I didnt show up and let you speed up your cultivation was so that you could reach the same level as me.

“When you reach my level, you will know that this world is far beyond your imagination.

“There are countless more powerful people!

“I have always been fighting alone.

If you can reach my level and work together with me, the two of us will have a greater chance of survival.”

Ye Xiao was shocked.

“Thats not right.

Thats not what you told me before.

You said that after reaching your level of cultivation, we can fight against the God of Creation together and become Gods of Creation, reaching the level of eternal freedom.

“Why have so many cultivators suddenly appeared now”

“Its not that so many cultivators have suddenly appeared, but that there are already so many of them.

“Its also true that we are fighting against the God of Creation.

In reality, its not just us.

Other than us, there are others who want to fight against the God of Creation and advance to that final realm.

“However, not everyone is qualified to challenge the God of Creation.

“Moreover, even if they were to challenge the God of Creation and luckily succeed, the God of Creations creation laws wouldnt be enough for everyone to share equally.

After splitting equally, it would be impossible for everyone to become the God of Creation.

“What we need to do is to raise our cultivation to its peak state, then defeat them one by one.

Finally, in the process of raising our cultivation, we will also eliminate potential opponents.

Finally, we will obtain the qualifications to fight the God of Creation.

“Only then will we have a chance to fight the God of Creation, obtain the Gods creation laws, and become the new God of Creation!”

Ye Xiao was rendered speechless.

He originally thought that as long as he raised his strength to the Supreme Sovereign realm, he would be able to challenge the God of Creation.

In the end, he would return to the Xuan Yuan immortal sect and bring his family and clansmen to live in seclusion.

At that point, it seemed that his thoughts were still too simple.

It was still not that easy to rest.

However, forget it.

He would have to take it one step at a time.

“I havent even reached the Supreme Sovereign realm yet.

At the very least, I have to reach this realm first.

“What should I do next”

“The next step is to raise your cultivation base to the Supreme Sovereign realm first.

However, its not that easy to reach this level.

You still have a lot of hurdles to clear if you want to successfully advance to this level.

“Now, completely refine the few Celestial Sovereigns that youve just absorbed.

After youve completely refined them, Ill bring you to another place to see if you can raise your cultivation again.”


Ye Xiao immediately began to sit cross-legged and digest those Celestial Sovereigns.

Meanwhile, the Ancestral Dragon sat at the side to protect him in case someone suddenly ran out and ambushed him.

At the same time, in the center of the main city of the Void Alliance, Nalan Qi had just escaped back there.

Cough, Cough…

He could not help but cough twice, his eyes filled with murderous intent.

‘These two d*mn b*stards! They actually destroyed the foundation of our Void Alliance for millions of years! If I, Nalan Qi, dont break the two of you into pieces, I will be letting down the ancestors of the Void Alliance!

However, a moment later, his eyes calmed down a lot.,

‘With my current strength alone, I probably wont have the chance to kill them.

Perhaps I need to contact some allies to deal with them together.

‘But… who should I look for

‘The other party must have the same cultivation level as me.

‘Supreme Sovereigns, each of them is a proud person.

It wont be easy to find them and help me together.

‘I do have two good friends who might be able to help me.

However, that Ancestral Dragon is very strong.

It should be impossible to take him down with just a few people.

‘Or, even if we take him down, we will be heavily injured.

The others will definitely not be willing.

At that moment, he suddenly seemed to have thought of something.


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