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The other people present were stunned when they heard that sentence.

They simply could not believe their ears.

Senior Nalan Qi actually let them leave.

One had to know that he was also a Supreme Sovereign, the same as the other party!

He wanted to leave just because the other party said something.

All they did was disregard him.

“Senior, should we reconsider”

“Thats right! Senior, how can we leave just because he said something If thats the case, wont our Void Alliance become the laughing stock of the entire void in the future”

Nalan Qis expression was solemn as he said,

“This fellow is very strong, very strong.

His strength is much stronger than mine.

If we really fight, I might not have the confidence to protect you all.”


After hearing those words, the people present were once again deeply shocked.

They never would have expected Senior Nalan to actually say such words.

One had to know that he was not only a Supreme Sovereign but also an existence that had lived for nearly a million years.

Yet the other partys strength was still stronger than his.

How strong was the other party

They simply did not dare to imagine.

Moreover, after learning that the Ancestral Dragon was stronger, their mood, which had been about to make a ruckus, instantly changed.

Since they could not defeat the other party, they had to keep a low profile.

Survival was more important.

So be it.

Although it was embarrassing, at least they could live.

That was enough.

“Its never too late for a gentleman to take revenge.

Well listen to Senior Nalan and leave for now.

Well settle the score with him when we have the chance in the future.”

“Youre right.

Theres always hope.

Lets go.”

However, what they did not expect was that just as they were about to turn around and leave…

Ye Xiao opened his mouth once again.

“Wait a moment.

Did I let you guys leave”

The moment those words were said, the atmosphere in the entire place could not help but feel a little strange.

Everyones expressions changed slightly.

“What Dont tell me you want to keep us here forcefully”

“Thats right.”

Ye Xiao said indifferently.

“Previously, all of you were so arrogant and wanted to forcefully suppress me by relying on your own strength which was stronger than mine.

Now that my backer has come, if all of you leave just like that, wouldnt I be too disgraced”

“Then what do you want”

“Nothing much.

Its just that… All of you Celestial Sovereigns must stay.”

“What did you say”

Everyone was instantly enraged.

“Are you crazy You want to keep us here Dont tell me you want to start another Great War”

Celestial Sovereign Wu could not help but speak up,

“Senior Nalan, I think this kid doesnt know whats good for him and bullies people too much.

Im afraid he already doesnt know his place.”

The other Celestial Sovereigns also echoed,

“Right! Senior Nalan, why dont you help us stall that Supreme Sovereign If we work together to deal with this kid, well definitely be able to take him down.

“As long as he dies, everything will be fine.”

However, Nalan Qi did not help them.

Instead, he stared straight at Ye Xiao.

“Could it be that youre going to make a life-and-death struggle like this”

Ye Xiao spoke indifferently.

“The situation between us is already a life-and-death struggle.

If not for you appearing, they might have already died.

If not for my senior coming, Im afraid that I would have already been killed by you by now.

“Everyone is an adult, so dont say so many hypocritical words.

“I have a rule, which is that I dont like to leave anything that will put me at risk alive.

“To me, all of you are risks, and danger must be eliminated.”

“Youre going too far! Youre simply going too far.”

Those Celestial Sovereigns clenched their fists and could not help but clench their teeth so hard that their teeth were itching.

Nalan Qi still did not make a move, but looked at the Ancestral Dragon.

“Dont tell me that you think so too”

The Ancestral Dragon was also like Ye Xiao, speaking carelessly.

“This child is my junior.

He was bullied by all of you, so I naturally can not sit idly by.

I will not personally deal with all of you, so all of you should be grateful already.

“Now that he is preparing to take revenge himself, I will definitely support him.

“I can only say that your fate isnt good enough.”

Nalan Qi was silent for a moment.

He knew that the battle was already unavoidable.

In that case, there was no need to retreat again and again.

He took a deep breath and said to the people behind him,

“Since this battle is unavoidable, then we dont need to endure any longer.

Make your move.

Ill delay this Supreme Sovereign.

You must go all out and try to take down that kid in the shortest time possible.”


The various Celestial Sovereigns could no longer suppress their excitement and raised their hands to attack.

They had long been displeased with Ye Xiao and wanted to kill him.

Since there was such an opportunity, they definitely would not let it go.

Like a pack of hungry wolves, they pounced forward like crazy.

The battle was triggered once again, but the Ancestral Dragon and Nalan Qi did not make a move.

The two of them were top-notch characters and would not casually make a move.

Once the two of them made a move, it would be destructive to everything around them.

At that time, they might injure people.

They were waiting, waiting for Ye Xiao to decide the victor!

If one of them was at a disadvantage, the two of them might make a move.

Only then would they have the value of making a move.

Before that, they only needed to quietly sit at the back and wait.

The few Celestial Sovereigns from the Void Alliance attacked with fatal moves.

Ye Xiao was not afraid either.

The Golden Book divine soul could help him perfectly block his presence.

As long as he blasted open the spatial barrier and hid in the interdimensional rift, those people would have no way of finding him.

When he came out of the interdimensional rift, he could also create a surprise attack effect.

The first wave of attacks directly killed one of them!

The Great Dragon decisively pierced through the other partys chest and let him die.

Moreover, it was not as simple as just dying.

Ye Xiao also used the Void celestial art at the same time and rapidly devoured his sacred body, devouring all of his strength.

“D*mn it!”

When his companions saw that scene, they were prepared to come back to rescue him at the first possible moment.

Though how fast was Ye Xiaos speed

Moreover, his battle temperament was very good.

Although he was in the midst of absorbing the other partys sacred body, he did not hesitate at all when it was time to give up.

By the time the other partys attack came over, he had already escaped back into the dimensional crack.

Everyone instantly became blind, unable to lock onto him again.

“D*mn it! All of us have gathered together.”

“But this tactic has already been tried.

Before Senior Nalan came over, we had already tried this move, but it was still broken by him.

“If we still use this move now, is there a chance of success”

“Theres a chance! Everyone, dont give up.

As long as we destroy the spatial barrier, he wont be able to hide.

If he wants to attack us, he will definitely appear in our sight.

At that time, it will be his death!”

The moment those words were said, everyones eyes instantly lit up.

What a good idea!

Hence, they did not waste too much time.

They quickly united and launched an attack, shattering the surrounding spatial barrier.

In the blink of an eye, a vacuum zone was formed.

Ye Xiao either did not appear, or he would definitely be exposed in their field of vision if he appeared.

Nalan Qi nodded, expressing his approval of their tactics.

On the Ancestral Dragons side, they were also looking at them with interest.

He really wanted to know what Ye Xiao would do next and what method he would use to break the opponents tactic.

Time passed by minute by minute, but Ye Xiao did not appear.

It was as if he had already escaped and was completely not in the area.

“Strange! Whats going on with this kid Why isnt he appearing again”

“He must be hiding.

Everyone must be careful.

We cant let down our guard.

Otherwise, well be finished if were ambushed by him.”

“Youre right!”

The Celestial Sovereigns continued to unleash their attacks, maintaining the shattered spatial barrier, not giving Ye Xiao the slightest chance.

However, at that moment, an incident suddenly occurred.

Yet, the accident did not happen to them, but to Nalan Qi!

Ye Xiaos attack suddenly shattered the spatial barrier, and then ruthlessly landed on Nalan Qis body.


Following a violent explosion, flames soared into the sky.

The group of Celestial Sovereigns could not help but be dumbstruck.

They also did not expect that Ye Xiao would actually be so crazy.

He was unable to break through their defenses and launch a sneak attack on them, so he directly abandoned them and turned to attack the Supreme Sovereign.

That fellow was simply mentally ill.

He had angered a Supreme Sovereign.

Would there still be a good outcome

The corners of the Ancestral Dragons mouth curled up slightly.

“This brat is a little interesting.”

With his intelligence, he naturally understood why Ye Xiao did that.

The flames gradually disappeared and Nalan Qis figure once again appeared in front of everyone.

His body did not receive any injuries.

Ye Xiaos attack could not cause much damage to him.

Moreover, that attack of his earlier was not his strongest attack.

However, Nalan Qis face was extremely ugly and gloomy.

A thick fury filled his heart, making him want to tear that brat in front of him into pieces.

In his eyes, Ye Xiao was just a tiny fly.

Even if he was a Celestial Sovereign, he was still trash in front of him.

There was no other reason but that he was a Supreme Sovereign!

The Supreme Sovereign had its own dignity!

The reason why he did not make a move on Ye Xiao earlier was partly that he had already sent his subordinates over, and partly because Ye Xiao was still not worthy for him to make a move.

However, that tiny fly in his eyes was actually so rampant and dared to directly make a move on him.

If he did not attack the other party, he would probably never be able to raise his head again from then on.

All the living beings in the void could not help but laugh at him.

He simply could not hold it in any longer and not attack!

“B*stard! Youre simply courting death.”

He roared angrily, and the sound waves shook.

The spatial barrier was immediately shattered, and like a tidal wave, it spread out rapidly.

The Supreme Sovereigns power was displayed vividly at that moment.

How terrifying was that

If that attack landed on Ye Xiaos body, Ye Xiao would more or less be injured.

However, the Ancestral Dragon had also activated at that moment.

The other partys Supreme Sovereign had already made his move, so he definitely would not sit back and do nothing.


He only snorted lightly.

Although it was not as loud as the other partys voice, the power it emitted was not inferior to the other partys at all.

The attack directly landed on the other partys shock wave, repelling the other partys shock wave on the spot.

The space turbulence caused by the collision of the two shock waves made it impossible for the surrounding space to stabilize.

At that moment, those Celestial Sovereigns who were united could no longer stabilize their bodies and could only be forced to retreat and separate!

That was Ye Xiaos goal!

He wanted to use the shock waves from the Supreme Sovereigns battle to break the opponents formation and then take the opportunity to launch a sneak attack.

Although doing so was very dangerous, the effect was surprisingly good.

It was simply a success,

Without any extra hesitation, Ye Xiao immediately rushed toward those people.

Celestial Sovereign Wu and the others also discovered Ye Xiaos intentions.

“Not good! Quickly maintain the formation.

Dont let him succeed.”

The current spatial barrier had already been shattered by the two Supreme Sovereigns attacks, but Ye Xiao did not need to think about that problem at the moment.

When the other party had no way to unite together.

He no longer needed to use the spatial barrier to hide his location.

In a one-on-one battle, the other party was also a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

He directly went to the person with the weakest strength.

The other party no longer had celestial weapons in their hands, since they were detonated when dealing with the Lord of Heaven.

Therefore, his strength was so much stronger that there was nothing the other party could say.

With a wave of the Great Dragon, he directly beheaded the person.

That unstoppable strength intimidated the other Celestial Sovereigns so much that they could not help but tremble in fear when they saw it!


It was unknown whether it was because they were extremely afraid, but they could no longer care about anything else and directly launched frenzied attacks.

Killing intent erupted as the attacks continued to bombard.

However, to Ye Xiao, they were gradually no longer a threat.

That was because they had already gone from a few people in the beginning to only three or four people then.

For an existence like Ye Xiao who was almost invincible among people of the same level and could even slightly cross ranks to fight, the meaning of having more people was simply to slow down the time of their death!

Nalan Qi finally understood Ye Xiaos intentions and could not help but fly into a rage on the spot.

That b*stard not only dared to attack him but also used him.

He was simply extremely shameless.

If he were to successfully kill all of his subordinates that day, then he would be too embarrassed!

Moreover, the loss would be too great.

No way!

No matter what, he could not let him succeed.

Thinking of that, he immediately prepared to catch up to Ye Xiao!

“B*stard, I dare you!”

However, just as he started, another person appeared in front of him!


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