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“This… This is… ”

The Celestial Sovereigns of the Void Alliance were still dumbfounded as they looked at that fellow who had suddenly appeared.

They had not even figured out who that fellow was.

After pondering for a moment, Wu Shi Shuis expression suddenly turned extremely shocked.

“He… He… Wait a moment, could he be the previous leader of the Void Alliance, Nalan Qi!”

“What You said he was Lord Nalan How could this be possible Lord Nalans existence had already exceeded a million years and was infinitely close to the Supreme Sovereign realm.

Up until now, he had already experienced countless reincarnations.

How could he still be alive This is absolutely impossible

“I cant believe it either, but I cant think of anyone else who is at the highest level of power and willing to stand up for us.”

“Are… Are you really Lord Nalan”

Celestial Sovereign Wu could not help but ask cautiously.

His eyes were filled with endless anticipation and hope.

Nalan Qi turned around and smiled.

“I didnt expect that someone would still remember my name after such a long time.”

Everyones hearts trembled.

It was really Alliance Leader Nalan!

Everyone knelt down in unison.

“Greetings, Senior Nalan!”

Nalan Qi waved his hand and used his illusory power to help everyone up.

“No need to be polite.

Im no longer the leader of the Void Alliance.

Im just an old man now.”

Wu Shi Shui respectfully said,

“Senior Nalan, no matter what happens, you will always be the leader of our Void Alliance.”

The others also echoed one after another.

Such a powerful senior, if they did not unite and let him go, then they would really have water in their brains.

Nalan Qi smiled and said,

“You juniors, haha…”

Wu Shi Shui took a glance at Ye Xiao who was not far away and hurriedly began to get down to business.

He directly said,

“Senior Nalan, whats the background of this fellow in front of us Why havent we seen him before His strength is so powerful that it makes ones hair stand on end.”

Nalan Qi took a glance at Ye Xiao and immediately said,

“To be honest, although Ive already lived for so long, I havent been able to see where this fellow came from.

“The aura on his body is well-shielded.

Although his cultivation is only at the Celestial Sovereign realm and hasnt reached my cultivation, I actually cant see through him! “Its also strange.

“However, he definitely belongs to one of the universes.”

Celestial Sovereign Wu took the opportunity to speak,

“Senior Nalan, this fellow has killed quite a few of our Void Alliances brothers.

Please make a move and help us deal with him.”

However, Nalan Qi did not directly answer him.

Instead, he stared at Ye Xiao with a face full of interest and immediately said,

“Brat, your strength is not bad.

If you die just like this, wouldnt it be too much of a pity Do you want to consider joining our Void Alliance If you join us, I can let bygones be bygones for what you did just now.”


Everyone simply could not believe their ears.

They were still counting on Nalan Qi to let them vent their anger, take revenge, and kill Ye Xiao!

In the end, they did not expect that not only did he not have the intention to kill him, he even wanted to take him into the Void Alliance and become their ally.

That was simply the biggest joke in the world!

“Senior Nalan, absolutely not!”

“Thats right! Senior Nalan! This fellow has killed so many of us.

If we dont kill him, how will we be able to stand in the void in the future Wont we become the laughingstock of the entire Grand Universe”

Hearing that, Nalan Qi merely laughed.

“We are all adults, not children.

Adults dont differentiate between right and wrong, nor do we care about face.

We only care about the pros and cons.

“Although this kid has killed many of our people, dont forget one thing.

His strength is very strong, at least stronger than any of you present.

“Moreover, I see that his bone age is very young, and his potential in the future is very great.

If he can join us, it can be considered as increasing our strength.”

Hearing that, although everyone was somewhat unwilling, they had no choice but to agree.

To be honest, they did not have much of a choice.

First of all, Ye Xiao and the others could not beat him.

Secondly, Nalan Qi and the others could not beat him.

They could not beat both of them, so they could only act according to others expressions.

After Nalan Qi finished speaking, he no longer bothered with them.

Instead, he smiled and looked at YYe Xiao, who was not far in front of him, and said indifferently,

“Young man, how is it Do you want to consider this matter that Im talking about I can guarantee your personal safety.

Moreover, I can also guarantee you that as long as you join our Void Alliance, I will give you the best portion of the resources.

“What do you think”

Ye Xiao chuckled.

“Your excellency is really quite courteous.

However, I dont have such great aspirations, so I wont join the Void Alliance.”

He knew clearly in his heart that even if this old man in front of him was willing to accept him, the others might not be willing to accept him either.

Moreover, whether that old man truly chose to accept him or not, he did not know either.

What if he was just deceiving him, and when he was caught off guard, he would directly kill him with one move That would be too much of a loss for him.

Not only did they not know each other, but there was also enmity between them.

Ye Xiao really had to be on guard.

Of course, other than those issues, there was another problem.

He wanted to make a move on those people and take their resources.

If he were to form an alliance with them, the old man would definitely think of a way for him to sign some kind of alliance agreement with them.

At that time, he would have no way to make a move on them.

That would be the end of him.

Ye Xiao was not stupid.

He did not want to be sold by others and even count the money for them.

Of course, if it was just based on that point alone, he would not be able to reject the other party so brazenly.

The other partys strength was obviously higher than his, and it was not even slightly higher than that.

To be honest, he could be considered to be the greatest crisis that he had encountered in his life.

However, Ye Xiao was not afraid.

Nalan Qi narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Young man, you killed quite a number of our people just now.

If you are unwilling to join us, have you ever thought of the consequences”

“I have.”

Ye Xiao spoke indifferently, while the other Celestial Sovereigns could not help but become completely furious.

“B*stard! Who do you think you are talking to You are really tired of living.”

“Senior Nalan, dont waste your breath on him.

This kid is a thorn.

I think its better to just kill him! Only by killing him can everything be settled.”

Everyone added fuel to the fire.

They did not want Ye Xiao to join the Void Alliance in the first place and share the cake with them.

That was because the Void Alliance had already destroyed the Lord of Heaven.

At that point, there was practically no enemy left.

Moreover, they still had an old alliance leader who was a Supreme Sovereign.

With him around, who would dare to touch the Void Alliance

Hence, the Void Alliance was unprecedentedly powerful at the moment.

One could foresee that in the future, they would definitely obtain a very, very large amount of resources.

If there was no Ye Xiao, they would have one less person to share.

Moreover, with Ye Xiao added, they would have one more person to share.

Anyone with some brains would not be willing.

The current them wished for Ye Xiao to die!

Moreover, it was the kind that would die immediately.

Nalan Qi looked at Ye Xiao.

“You should have seen their expressions.

If you are not willing to join us now, Im afraid that you wont live past today.

“This old man will ask you one last question.

Are you willing to join our Void Alliance or not”

“Ive already said it very clearly.

Im not willing.”

Ye Xiao rejected him once again.

The smile on Nalan Qis face had long disappeared.

What replaced it was a solemn and murderous look.

“Its really too regretful.

This old man saw that you have outstanding talent and originally wanted to give you a chance.

However, it seems that you dont care.

Since thats the case, then dont blame me for being impolite.”

As he spoke, he took a deep breath and began to activate his aura.

Unlike a Celestial Sovereign who activates their aura from the inside out, when a Supreme Sovereign activated his aura, the surrounding aura began to circulate at the same time.

That was because they were too powerful, and had already filled a large area!

In such a large area, supreme only needed a single thought, and all the areas would have a chain reaction.

It was like a special domain.

In that domain, the Supreme Sovereigns power was far beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

It was not only the embodiment of speed but also the embodiment of power.

Supreme, it could completely kill everything in an instant.

It was worthy of the wordssupreme!

Celestial Sovereign Wu and the others could not help but become excited when they saw that scene.

Previously, when Nalan Qi said that he wanted to recruit Ye Xiao into the Void Alliance, they were extremely anxious when they heard it.

They were afraid that Ye Xiao would really join the Void Alliance.

At that point, they were not afraid at all.

That was because Ye Xiao was about to die!

Once the Supreme Sovereign appeared, no matter how powerful Ye Xiao was, he would definitely die!

However, at that critical moment, an incident suddenly happened.

In the sky, an extremely terrifying aura suddenly descended once again.

That terrifying aura was actually not inferior to Nalan Qi at all!

That was not right!

Accurately speaking, not only was he not inferior to Nalan Qi, he was even much stronger than the other party.

The moment that aura appeared, it directly broke through Nalan Qis domain.

Then, it surrounded Ye Xiao within and firmly protected him.

Nalan Qis expression was suddenly shocked.

Clearly, he did not expect such a thing to actually happen.

The others could not sense that aura because their strength was far from being a Supreme Sovereign.

They were still far from it.

They only felt that it was a little strange.

Why was Ye Xiao not killed by Nalan Qi yet

“Senior Nalan, why havent you made your move yet”

“As long as we kill him, everything will be settled.”

Nalan Qi said with a deep tone,

“An extremely powerful existence has come over.

His strength is not inferior to mine, even above mine.”

Hearing those words, the few Celestial Sovereigns present were instantly petrified on the spot.

Nalan Qi himself was already a Supreme Sovereign, a pinnacle existence!

There was actually an existence even more powerful than him.

Moreover, that fellow was actually Ye Xiaos backer!

Was there a mistake

Has the world gone mad

Such a powerful existence came just like that

It was simply too unreasonable.

On the other hand, Ye Xiao let out a long sigh of relief.

“Fortunately, you came in time.

If you had come a little later, I might have died.”

At the next moment, space was torn apart, and a stout figure wearing a black and red dragon robe slowly appeared in front of Ye Xiao.

He was none other than the Ancestral Dragon of the Xuan Yuan clan!

“I didnt expect you to increase your strength so quickly.

Youve already reached the Celestial Sovereign realm in such a short time, and youre not even a new Celestial Sovereign.

It looks like it wont be long before you reach the Supreme Sovereign realm.”

The Ancestral Dragon looked at Ye Xiao with a face full of admiration.

Frankly speaking, Ye Xiaos performance had greatly exceeded his expectations.

That fellow was too amazing.

His aptitude was countless times stronger than his.

He had spent over 2,000 years reaching that level.

Moreover, his speed could already be said to be a monster among monsters.

In the end, he did not expect that when he met Ye Xiao, he would instantly become worthless.

Although Ye Xiao had yet to reach the Supreme Sovereign realm, with his talent, it would not be long before he could successfully advance.

That fellow was simply awesome to the extreme.

Even the prideful Ancestral Dragon felt inferior.

Ye Xiao smiled.

“Thanks to Seniors blessing, my luck is a little better.”

“Kid, whats there to be humble about between you and me You should be considered the strongest genius in this world since ancient times.”

“Lets talk about these matters later.

Its more important to settle the matter in front of us now.”

The reason Ye Xiao had summoned the Ancestral Dragon was to deal with those fellows in front of him.

He was not here specifically to chat.

The most important thing for him now was to raise his cultivation.

If his cultivation was not enough, he would forever be trash.

If his cultivation was enough, he could chat with the Ancestral Dragon for as long as he wanted.

The Ancestral Dragon nodded and looked at Nalan Qi in front of him.

A hint of disdain was faintly revealed in his eyes.

“Youve cultivated for more than a million years, but youve only just reached the Supreme Sovereign realm not too long ago.

With your cultivation, youre not worthy to be my opponent.

Do you want to get lost, or do you want me to send you away”


Nalan Qi narrowed his eyes.

His eyes were full of killing intent.

Although that guys cultivation was slightly stronger than his, everyones strength was in the Supreme Sovereign realm.

That fellow actually did not put him in his eyes at all.

That was simply too much.

However, he still suppressed his temper.

Although he was not afraid of the Ancestral Dragon, there was one thing that would not benefit him if he fought there.

For a person like him who had always pursued profit, it was not worth it.

If it was not worth it, then there was no need to do it.

Thinking of that, he snorted coldly and immediately said,

“Lets go!”


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