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After Ye Xiao left, the battle between the Lord of Heaven and the various Celestial Sovereigns of the Void Alliance continued.

That unprecedented battle shocked the entire void and countless small universes.

No one had expected such a grand battle to suddenly happen.

Those who saw that battle with their own eyes were all extremely excited and proud.

Those who had not witnessed the battle regretted not going to Spirit Nether City.

Of course, there were still some who were glad that they were still alive.

Being alive was better than anything else.

The battle lasted for ten days and ten nights.

In the end, the Lord of Heaven Yin Shi was injured and two Celestial Sovereigns of the Void Alliance were severely injured.

The Lord of Heaven was defeated and retreated.

When the battle ended, the cultivators of the Void Alliance finally let out a sigh of relief.

“This guy is finally gone.

If he doesnt leave now, I wont be able to hold on.”

“His level isnt bad.

Luckily, our Void Alliance isnt weak either.

In the end, we managed to hold off his attack and repel him.

“This time, at least we can keep the peace for tens of thousands of years.”

However, one of the Celestial Sovereigns did not think so.

He was an old Celestial Sovereign of the Void Alliance, the City Lord of Dawn City, Wu Shi Shui!

He looked in the direction where the other party was defeated and said with a serious expression,

“I think its better for everyone not to be careless.”

“Senior Wu, what do you mean by this”

Wu Shi Shui said meaningfully,

“I have a strange feeling that he didnt use his full strength just now.

He was just dealing with us.

“His true strength should be able to reach a higher level.

He was injured and forced to retreat just now on purpose.”

“What did you say”

When he said that, everyone could not help but be shocked.

“Senior Wu, it shouldnt be, right Isnt this a little too unbelievable The cultivation he just displayed can be said to be close to the peak of the Celestial Sovereign realm!

“If we say that he restrained his true strength just now, then doesnt that mean that hes only one step away from that legendary realm”

Wu Shi Shui took a deep breath and spoke again with a solemn expression,

“If my guess is correct, he probably doesnt even need to take one step.

He should only be half a step away.

If Im exaggerating a little, he should only be one step away from the door.

“Think about it carefully.

Although our cultivation bases have already reached the Celestial Sovereign realm, the stronger our cultivation bases are, the more we are lazy to pay attention to those mundane matters.

“But why did he come personally this time Is it just to vent his anger

“Dont you think that this is too unreasonable

“And in his realm, even a slight injury is very dangerous, and also very time-consuming.

“He cant be so brainless as to come personally for the sake of so-called face.

“The only explanation is that he had to come to this battle.

“But think about it again.

Under what circumstances would an existence at his level need such a dangerous battle”

As soon as those words were said, the expressions of everyone present could not help but change.

“My God, could it be that this fellow is trying to accumulate some battle insights so that he can advance to the final level, the Supreme Sovereign realm”

“How is that possible How many tens of thousands of years has it taken him to become a Celestial Sovereign He became a Celestial Sovereign 200,000 years ago.

In just 200,000 years, he is about to advance to the Supreme Sovereign realm.

Thats too terrifying.”

“Its hard to say whether its terrifying or not.

After all, there are many geniuses in the universe who can surpass him.

“Some of them are even more exaggerated.

In just a few 1,000 to 10,000 years, they have successfully advanced to the Supreme Sovereign realm.

“The universe is far bigger than we can imagine.

“I once met a peerless mighty figure called Su Lingwu by luck.

He could even create a universe with a wave of his hand! His strength has even surpassed the Supreme Sovereign realm!

“Moreover, I could sense that he wasnt that old.

“However, an existence at his level wasnt something that people like us could fathom.

Moreover, it was impossible for him to have too much of an impact on us because there wouldnt be any interaction between the two of us.

“However, it was different for the Lord of Heaven.

We were all people who had a grudge against him.

If he successfully advances to the Supreme Sovereign realm, it will be an unprecedented disaster for us.

“He will wipe us all out.

He will even wipe out our descendants and all our bloodlines from this world forever.”

Everyones hearts became heavier.

He was right.

Although the universe was big with many geniuses and strong people, no matter what the others did, it would not cause any harm to them.

After all, they would not have any interactions.

However, Lord of Heaven Yin Shi was different.

If he could successfully advance to the Supreme Sovereign realm, it would definitely be an unprecedented disaster for them.

“No matter what, we cant let him successfully advance to that realm.

Otherwise, well definitely die.”

“But what should we do Just now, we used our full strength, but in the end, we only caused him some injuries.

Moreover, Senior Wu said that he might not have even used his full strength.

“If we chase after him now, we might not be able to defeat him.

We will only become the souls of his subordinates.”

“Its true that we are no match for him by ourselves, but we dont need to fight him alone.

Perhaps we can find some allies and join forces to fight him.”

“How Although the void is very large, you have to know that each faction basically acts on its own.

Its impossible for them to obediently join forces.

“There might even be some people who might become his minions and help him deal with us!”

Wu Shi Shui thought for a moment before saying,

“That might not be the case.

The Lord of Heaven has had quite a number of enemies over the years.

I believe that they wouldnt be willing to see the Lord of Heaven advance to the Supreme Sovereign realm either.

“We can join forces with this group of people and deal with the Lord of Heaven together.

“Other than that, we can also rope in some ambitious people.

“The Lord of Heavens sacred hall has accumulated for so many years, so there must be a lot of resources inside.

If we destroy the Lord of Heavens sacred hall, we can share the resources inside together.

“There will always be some greedy people.”

“Senior is right!”

“As expected of the Senior Wu, he is indeed smart.”

“Lets not talk too much.

We dont have much time.

Lets hurry up and contact the others.

If he succeeds in advancing to the Supreme Sovereign realm, let alone all of us working together.

“Even if we find 1,000 Celestial Sovereigns, they wont be enough to kill him.

They might even become his nourishment.”


Everyone responded and quickly flew out to look for allies.

Meanwhile, Wu Shi Shui quietly arrived inside the already dilapidated Spirit Nether City.

“Its rumored that the ancestors of Spirit Nether City left two magic treasures for the descendants of Spirit Nether City.

“One of them is a great array used to protect the city.

It allows them to unleash the cultivation of a Celestial Sovereign to defend against external enemies.

“Other than that, the other is to allow them to be resurrected from the dead and ensure that they are not destroyed.

“At the same time, there should be a large number of resources hidden in this place.”

He did not mention those things just now because he wanted to wait for the others to leave.

He wanted to take it all for himself.

However, when he arrived there, he found that the place had long since become empty.

That made him unable to help but frown, and his expression was more or less unhappy.

“Strange, strange, why is there nothing here The main body had been paying attention to this area with his thoughts.

After the City Lord was resurrected, he didnt escape from here at all.

It was also impossible for him to hide so many good things, right

“But, if it wasnt him, then who did it”

At the same time, on the other side, the moment the Lord of Heaven returned to his sacred hall, he immediately ordered people to seal off the sacred hall.

“Greetings, Lord!”

“Send out the order to gather all the disciples of the sacred hall who are outside.

I will be in closed-door cultivation for a period of time.

During this period of time, no one is allowed to go out.

You must do your best to protect me.”


“Also, open all the offensive and defensive arrays of the Lord of Heavens sacred hall.

Dont allow any rest.

“Dont let anyone in, not even a fly.

Do you understand Even our disciples have to pass the test before they can come.”


The moment the Lord of Heaven said that he entered his own forbidden area and started cultivating.

He split the Lord of Heavens sacred halls defensive barrier into three layers.

The outermost layer was an offensive array, followed by a defensive array.

Those two arrays were used to protect the sacred hall, and at the same time, it could be said that they were used to protect the Sacred Sovereigns outside.

However, they were mostly used to delay time and prevent the Celestial Sovereigns from entering in time.

The innermost layer was the most vicious.

It was not only used to protect itself, but it was also different from the two arrays outside.

As long as someone approached the sacred hall or was injured, once the array was activated, they could be absorbed, it would become the nourishment of the array and form the strongest defense!

Those people included the disciples of the sacred hall.

In a sense, they were the most important ones.

The strength of the defense was so strong that it could even defend against the rapid continuous attacks of a Celestial Sovereign!

The Lord of Heaven had chosen to treat his subordinates as cannon fodder.

He was not sure if the other party had seen through his intentions.

If the other party had not seen through his intentions, that would naturally be a good thing.

However, if they had seen through his intentions, it would be a very troublesome matter.

In a battle, he was not afraid of the other party.

He was only afraid that the other party would disturb his advancement.

With his current cultivation, he was only one step away from advancing to the realm that he had always dreamed of.

Thus, he could not screw it up no matter what.

Otherwise, it would not be so easy to successfully advance the next time.

So, no matter what, he could not make a mistake.

After taking a deep breath, the Lord of Heavens lips curled up and he began to enter seclusion.

First, he crushed the Sacred Sovereigns that he had imprisoned and deceived from other worlds.

Their sacred blood would help him recover from that little injury.

The World Creation fragments in their bodies would form the origin law energy, which would then help him advance and reach the Supreme Sovereign realm.

As time passed, Ye Xiao gradually woke up from his seclusion.

His strength had increased by an unknown amount during that seclusion.

The City Lord originally wanted to use those artifacts to help him advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm.

Now, all of it had become Ye Xiaos benefit, helping him raise his cultivation further.

Not only that, but Ye Xiao had also raised the Great Dragon to an unprecedented terrifying level.

He felt that the current Great Dragon, even if a Sacred Sovereign were to use it at full strength, would still have enough strength to heavily injure a newly advanced Celestial Sovereign.

Of course, that required some cooperation, but the Great Dragons strength was without a doubt.

Coupled with his powerful cultivation, it appeared even more abnormal.

Killing a newly advanced Celestial Sovereign in an instant should not be a big problem.

Ye Xiao focused his mind on the Golden Book divine soul.

The golden light of the Golden Book divine soul also became denser, and the golden color even began to emit a reddish glow.

That was caused by the golden color being too dense.

He opened the Golden Book divine soul and saw that the Void celestial art had become even more complicated and wondrous.

The Void celestial art originally had only a small section of characters, but at the moment, it had become an entire page of characters.

Those characters contained the truth of the great martial arts.

The power of each character was enough to easily destroy half of the universe, and it was so powerful that it made ones hair stand on end.

“It seems that the Void celestial art isnt complete yet, and it hasnt evolved to a higher level yet.

“However, its already much stronger than before.

At the very least, fighting against many celestial arts right now should be like crushing cabbages.

“If this continues, Im afraid Ill be able to truly evolve.

Im afraid Ill be able to truly evolve into an existence that surpasses the celestial art.

“At that time, I should also successfully advance to the Supreme Sovereign realm.”

Ye Xiaos heart was quite good.

Becoming a Supreme Sovereign was his dream!

At that time, he could be like the Ancestral Dragon, crusading against the God of Creation and forever obtaining his own independent destiny.

Just thinking about it made him feel excited.

“Oh right, I wonder how those guys are doing.

Its been a long time.

They should have finished fighting too, right”

Ye Xiao immediately began to release his mind and began to gather information about his surroundings.

Very quickly, he gathered quite a lot of information, and his face was quite interesting.

“I didnt expect that there were still some people in the Void Alliance who were so smart to actually see through the Lord of Heavens little tricks.”

After being surprised, he turned excited again.

“However, this is actually a great thing to me.

When they fight, I can take the opportunity to plunder some benefits!”

Those Sacred Sovereigns, as well as the resources and cultivation techniques in their hands, were all great tonic to Ye Xiao.


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