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The City Lord had been passively being beaten while the Lord of Heaven had been slapping him.

He seemed to have done it on purpose.

Killing the other party was really too easy for him.

Hence, he just did not do it.

However, Ye Xiao did not simply think that he was just humiliating the other party.

He vaguely felt that he had other motives.



Just as the Lord of Heaven was fighting, another thunderclap came from the sky.

Following the thunderclap, some shattered tunnels appeared in the space.

In turn, some extremely terrifying auras began to spread out rapidly.

“Lord of Heaven, arent you being too arrogant The City Lord of Spirit Nether City is a member of our Void Alliance after all.

Dont you think that youre going too far to humiliate him like this”

As he spoke, all the spears were aimed at him.

His aura fell rapidly and pressed on Lord of Heaven Yin Shis body.

The Lord of Heaven naturally did not want to be outdone.

He sneered and directly used a part of his power.


When the two forces collided, the space in the void was violently shaken.

Many cracks appeared on the spatial barrier.

Some places even shattered.

“Youre finally here.

I thought you wanted to be a bunch of cowards!

“Since youre here, I dont need to waste any more time.”

Then, he raised his hand and launched an attack on the City Lord of Spirit Nether City.

At that moment, the expressions of everyone present could not help but change drastically.

The Lord of Heaven actually dared to do that!

In front of so many high-level cultivators, he actually completely unleashed his combat strength, wanting to kill the City Lord.

He was not planning on stopping instead, it became more and more intense!

It was to start a war!

Previously, when he beat the City Lord, it was already openly provoking the Void Alliance.

At that point, what he did was equivalent to directly declaring war on the other party.

Ye Xiao finally understood why the Celestial Sovereign Yin Shi kept humiliating the City Lord and did not make a move to completely destroy him.

He was waiting!

Waiting for an opportunity!

What he wanted to do was not only to completely destroy the City Lord but also to destroy the pride of the Void Alliance.

He wanted to wait for those people to come over and then kill the City Lord in front of them.

That was because it was the only way to maximize his prestige.

Good heavens, that Lord of Heaven was really arrogant.

If he did that, although he would ruthlessly slap the Void Alliances face in front of everyone, there was one point that would completely infuriate the Void Alliance.

The Void Alliance would definitely not easily let him off.

If both sides fought to the death, he would probably not have a good ending either.

However, Ye Xiao did not think that a person with such strong cultivation and deep schemes would put himself in a disadvantageous situation just to show off his courage.

Something was wrong!

There must be something wrong.

If the Lord of Heaven was such a foolish person, he would not have thought of letting those Sacred Sovereigns help him plunder the World Creation fragment and help him achieve the Supreme Sovereign realm!

Could it be…

Ye Xiaos heart suddenly paused as if he had already thought of something.

After experiencing so many tens of thousands of years, the energy in the Lord of Heavens body had long accumulated something unknown.

Was there a possibility

His energy cultivation was actually about to reach the requirements for advancement.

It was even possible that he had already reached the verge of advancement and was only one step away from the final step.

At that point, what he needed to do was to gain some enlightenment so that he could break through that final restriction and reach a brand new realm, the Supreme Sovereign realm.

If that was really the case, then he would be in some trouble.

He had to speed up his advancement or else he would not be able to catch up to him.

If the Lord of Heaven killed the City Lord, then he would not need to wait for the Void Alliance to come.

That was because those people from the Void Alliance would definitely continue to go against the Lord of Heaven.

He would take the opportunity to go in and plunder some resources first!

He did what he said.

While everyones attention was on the Lord of Heaven, Ye Xiao instantly disappeared from where he was and his figure entered the Spirit Nether City.

In any case, with the Golden Book divine soul helping to shield his aura, no one would be able to sense him.

Even an old Celestial Sovereign like the Lord of Heaven would not be able to sense his aura.

At that moment, due to the Lord of Heavens attack, the cultivators from the Void Alliance were completely exposed.

“B*stard, I dare you.”

“You are simply courting death.”

“Stop immediately, or else dont blame us for being rude.”

As they spoke, those cultivators also displayed their strength at the same time.

The pressure of several Celestial Sovereigns burst forth, and together, it made it difficult for all the Sacred Sovereigns present to breathe.

Faced with the joint attack of those people, the Lord of Heaven was not flustered.

His face was calm as he continued to attack the City Lord.


The City Lord let out a heart-wrenching scream.

Then, he was completely destroyed by the Lord of Heavens attack and died on the spot.

The huge explosion caused the entire Spirit Nether City to tremble violently.

Countless Sacred Sovereigns were sent flying.

The epic mushroom cloud soared into the sky.

Wherever it passed, it still had boundless destructive power, even the spatial barrier trembled!

Even at the same time, the attacks of the Celestial Sovereigns from the Void Alliance landed on the body of the Lord of Heaven.


A huge explosion lit up the world.

That was the attack of Celestial Sovereigns, not the attacks of the Sacred Sovereigns.

Therefore, the explosion at that time was many times more powerful than those of the Sacred Sovereigns.

Some of the weaker entry-level Sacred Sovereigns were killed by that shockwave because they could not withstand it.

As for the powerful Sacred Sovereigns, they could only retreat and run for their lives so that they would not be dragged into it.

At that time, it lasted for a very long time.

After a long time, everything disappeared.

The light slowly disappeared.

At that time, everyone suddenly realized that the Lord of Heaven had withstood that attack and was not injured.

Everyone fell into madness at that moment.

Their madness was not because the Lord of Heaven had killed the City Lord in the end, but because he had withstood the attacks of several Celestial Sovereigns by himself.

That was simply too unbelievable.

What level of cultivation did he have to reach in order to reach that level

He had become stronger.

It was beyond everyones imagination.

More importantly, no one had discovered it all those years.

What kind of method did the Lord of Heaven use to secretly accumulate such a powerful force

If they had not discovered it that day, they would not even know that the Lord of Heaven might even advance to the Supreme Sovereign realm one day.

At that moment, many peoples attitudes changed drastically.

They could not afford to provoke that guy anymore, or else they might not even know how they died.

The Celestial Sovereigns of the Void Alliance also looked extremely gloomy when they saw that scene.

“What a scheming person.

I didnt expect you to grow to this level secretly!”

“Everyone, we cant let him leave today.

Otherwise, hell be a threat to us in the future.”

“Youre right.

Lets take him down.”

How terrifying was the power of a Celestial Sovereign

The fact that the Lord of Heaven had single-handedly fought against the Celestial Sovereigns changed everyones view of the world.

At that moment, Spirit Nether City was like a fallen leaf in the water.

It had no way of controlling its own fate.

It was being pushed back by the shockwave, and the entire city was exploding.

In Spirit Nether City, no one noticed that a primordial spirit had quietly mixed with a drop of blood essence within the city.

‘D*mn it! I didnt expect this fellow to have such a powerful cultivation base and be able to kill me in one move.

However, my Spirit Nether City isnt to be trifled with.

Back then, the City Lord had previously set up this array.

Apart from defense, he also had a trick up his sleeve.

‘If Im killed by others, Ill be able to use this drop of sacred blood stored in advance to resurrect myself!

‘As long as I have some more time and the resources of the Spirit Nether City, Ill still be able to successfully advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm!

However, just as he finished speaking, the spatial barrier was torn apart, and a figure directly stepped in.

Their eyes met, and the City Lords expression instantly darkened.

“B*stard, who are you How dare you intrude into the forbidden area of my Spirit Nether City! Who gave you the courage”

The other party was silent for a moment, then raised his hand and punched.

The power of that fist made the City Lord unable to help but fiercely hit his wits.

So powerful!

That guy was actually a Celestial Sovereign.

He was finished!

His current strength was too weak, and he had no way to control Spirit Nether City.

He simply had no way to display the cultivation level of a Celestial Sovereign.

In the end, he was mercilessly killed by the other partys punch.

Until the moment of his death, he still could not understand what had happened.

Why did the Lord of Heaven suddenly come to find trouble with him and insist on killing him

It was impossible for him to be so angry just because he had cheated him of a wave of auction fees.

Although the Lord of Heaven himself was not a good thing, he should not be so low-class, right

Furthermore, who was that Celestial Sovereign who had suddenly appeared

Unfortunately, there was no one to help him solve the answer in his heart!

With despair, the City Lords last shred of will completely disappeared.

He had completely vanished from the world and fallen!

Ye Xiao let out a long sigh of relief.

‘Thinking of this fellow, he actually has a backup plan that can be resurrected here.

After he resurrects, hell probably escape with the treasures here and find a place to advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm.

‘Fortunately, I arrived in time.

Otherwise, I might have really let this fellow escape.

Then, his eyes landed on the resources in front of him, and the corners of his mouth could not help but curl up slightly.

He had really struck it rich that time.

He had not thought that there would be so many good things there.

The City Lord had collected a lot of resources for the auction.

Moreover, the auction had not reached the end yet.

Many good things had not come out yet, and those good things were all hidden there.

Even the items that had been auctioned off previously and the resources that had been exchanged for them were all here.

At that moment, those items had all become his.

The City Lord had painstakingly accumulated so many good items.

It was likely that he would be able to raise his cultivation base by quite a bit.

What a good person.

Speaking of which, the City Lord already had so many top-grade resources.

Who knew how many top-grade resources the other city lords had

If he could obtain all of them, would he successfully advance to the Supreme Sovereign realm

Speaking of which, there was no need for him to go overboard.

He could not just capture the strength of one side and pluck the sheeps hair until his scalp was bald.

Perhaps he could go and take a look at the Lord of Heavens sacred hall next.


At that moment, Spirit Nether City was once again shaken by the shock waves from the battle of the Celestial Sovereigns.

Ye Xiao took a deep breath.

‘Forget it.

Ill take this little good thing in front of me first.

‘Ill look at the rest later.

Ye Xiao grabbed with his large hand and directly stored all those resources in a space that he created.

A cultivator at the level of a Celestial Sovereign could already create a small space at will.

After Ye Xiao had reached the level of a Celestial Sovereign, he was even more adept at doing it.

It was as easy as a child falling into the mud.

After he took it away, he swept it with his divine sense.

The battle between the Lord of Heaven and the others had already entered a white-hot stage.

He did not waste too much time and directly turned around to leave.

Just as he left, Spirit Nether City was completely blasted apart.

A super ancient city that had existed for more than a few 100,000 years was completely turned into ashes just like that.

One could not help but feel a myriad of emotions.

Ye Xiao very quickly arrived at a corner of the void.

He quickly set up a restriction and did not allow anyone to enter.

Only then did he begin to carefully count the resources that he had obtained at that time.

Nine-colored chaos glazed lotus!

Eternal Imperial clans qilin blood!

Rule sacred art, Imperial sacred art…

Time Quicksand gold!

Those resources, including cultivation materials, sacred arts, and artifact-refinement materials, could be said to have everything.

Ye Xiao swallowed all those cultivation materials at once and used the Void celestial art to rapidly refine them.

At the same time, he branded all those sacred arts onto the Golden Book divine soul and used the Golden Book to synthesize them with the Void celestial art to strengthen it.

Ye Xiao had a faint feeling that the Void celestial art would definitely reach an unprecedented level.

The stronger the cultivation technique, the further he could go in the future.

He did not know if he could successfully advance to the cultivation technique that was required by the supreme.

However, Ye Xiao felt that it should not be too far away.

The Void celestial art would break through the current limit sooner or later.

Once the cultivation technique advanced, even if he could not reach the Supreme Sovereign realm yet, he would at least have the ability to fight them.

He did not dare to say that he could defeat the strong with the weak.

At the very least, it was not a big problem to preserve his life.

Next was to strengthen his weapon, the Great Dragon!

At that time, he must make the Great Dragon an existence that surpassed the Celestial Sovereigns!


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