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“Who is it Who is it If you have the guts, stand up!

“You dare to do something but dont dare to admit it.

Isnt this too embarrassing”

“Enough, enough.

You people of the Lord of Heavens sacred hall should stop acting here.

Its simply disgusting!”

At that moment, someone had already started to stand up and retort back to the several Sacred Sovereigns of the Lord of Heavens sacred hall.

People did not need to know the truth of the matter.

They just needed to find an outlet to vent their anger.

Anyway, in the end, they were not the ones who were injured.

Why not take the opportunity to step on someone

The people of the Lord of Heavens sacred hall were so angry that their lungs were about to explode!

That person was really too shameless.

He had actually done such a small trick in the dark.

At that time, the Lord of Heavens sacred hall had become the target of public criticism.

Seeing that everyone was continuously denouncing the Lord of Heavens sacred hall, the people from the Spirit Nether City also looked at each other and took the opportunity to add fuel to the fire.

They were originally not satisfied with the auction situation of the archaic Dragon Emperor and the others.

Taking advantage of that opportunity, they could cancel the buying of the Lord of Heavens sacred hall and start the auction again in exchange for a high price.

After receiving the secret message, that group of people immediately began to shout,

“This round doesnt count.

Well start the auction again.

Otherwise, we wont be willing to continue.”

“Youre right.

This isnt a normal auction.

This is a scam.

The Lord of Heavens sacred hall deliberately deceived us, so we didnt bid.”

“If this round doesnt start the auction again, well leave now and wont continue to participate in the rest of the auction.”

The moment those words were said, the members of the Lord of Heavens sacred hall instantly became anxious.

“The rules of the Spirit Nether City have existed since ancient times, and everyone knows it.

Dont tell me that you dont keep your word.

If thats the case, who will come to the Spirit Nether City in the future I hope that everyone in the Spirit Nether City will handle this impartially! We cant let our emotions get the best of us.”

However, just as they said those words, they were met with a furious rebuke from everyone.

“Forget it.

You guys are shameless.

The Spirit Nether City is really protecting the order.

If we leave it to you, the Spirit Nether City will be hopeless.”

“Dont worry, everyone in the Spirit Nether City.

We will continue to come to Spirit Nether City to participate in the auction in the future.

As for whether the Lord of Heavens sacred hall will come or not, let them be.

After all, we have so many customers.

We dont lack one or two of them.”

The people on the high platform laughed lightly and said to the people of the Lord of Heavens sacred hall,

“Fellow cultivators, Im really sorry.

As you can see, its not that we are unwilling to agree with your words, but that its difficult to offend the public.

Since thats the case, its better to start the auction once again.

“Once more.

After this, if you can successfully bid again and convince everyone, we guarantee that we wont say anything else.”

The people from the Lord of Heavens sacred hall were so angry that they wanted to vomit blood.

How could it be the same

The price of the previous auction was very low, and there were not many people participating.

After what they had done, if there was another round of auction, there would definitely be many people participating.

If they still wanted to buy it at such a low price at that time, it would be wishful thinking.

That round trip had consumed a lot of resources.

No ones money had come from the strong winds.

It was as if someone had used a knife to scrape off their flesh!

It was so painful that it made one drip blood.

“Has the auction of the Spirit Nether City become so unreasonable We have clearly already won the auction, but you guys arent willing to give it to us.

If this matter is spread to the ears of the Lord of Heaven Yin Shi, Im afraid he wont let it go so easily.”

The moment those words were said, the faces of all the Sacred Sovereigns in the Spirit Nether City turned cold.

“B*stard, what are you talking about Say it again if you have the ability.”

“This is the territory of our Spirit Nether City, not your Lord of Heavens sacred hall! Youre so arrogant here.

Dont tell me you dont want to live anymore”

Seeing that both sides were about to fight, another Sacred Sovereign of the Lord of Heavens sacred hall immediately stepped out to mediate the situation.

“We are all here to do business.

Doing business is nothing more than seekingpeace and making money with harmony! Since everyone has objections to our Lord of Heavens sacred halls auction just now, lets do it again.

“However, if the auction is successful this time, I hope the people of Spirit Nether City will not make things difficult for us again.”

“Hmph! Thats more like it.

At least you know whats good for you! Dont worry, our Spirit Nether City isnt some scoundrel.

Since weve already agreed to it, we naturally wont go back on our words.”

“Thats good!”

The auction started once again.

The Sacred Sovereigns of the Lord of Heavens sacred hall were still indignant.

“Why did we agree to it Do they really dare to attack us If they dare to attack us, the Lord of Heaven will definitely not let them off easily.”

The Sacred Sovereign who spoke up to make peace earlier explained once again,

“Let them take advantage of us first.

The Lord is currently continuously increasing his cultivation base.

It is definitely not appropriate for him to come out and fight at this time.

“If he attacks the Spirit Nether City and attracts the other factions of the Void Alliance to fight, it will only delay the big matter if he is injured.

“At that time, we will be in even more trouble.

“After the old man successfully advances to the Supreme Sovereign realm, no one from the Void Alliance can resist him anymore.

“At that time, we can make the Spirit Nether City return ten times or even 100 times!”

Hearing those words, the indignant crowd temporarily calmed down.

They no longer argued and continued to participate in the auction.

The second auction was just as they had expected.

There were many people who had opened their mouths to bid, more than twice as many as the first time.

That caused the price of the dragon and the others to soar.

The price continued to rise and soon broke past the previous price.

In the end, they were taken over by the Lord of Heavens sacred hall at six times the previous price.

Although they still managed to sell them, they were still unhappy that they had to spend six times more resources.

Fortunately, they only needed to buy the dragon and the others so they did not need to participate in the auction anymore.

After they obtained the dragon and the others, the people from the Lord of Heavens sacred hall quickly left Spirit Nether City and prepared to rush back to the Lord of Heavens sacred hall.

However, they did not notice that a figure had quietly followed them and left the Spirit Nether City together.

On the way back, the few Sacred Sovereigns could not help but curse again.

“This bunch of little brats from the Spirit Nether City are really too arrogant.

They actually dared to openly oppose the Lord of Heavens sacred hall! They deserve to die for their crimes.”

“However, its a good thing that we managed to capture the dragon and the others.

We didnt let the World Creation fragment in their bodies leak out.

Otherwise, we would really be in big trouble with the Lord of Heaven.”

“Now, we just need to bring these guys back and let the Lord of Heaven make further advancementS.

At that time, well let him personally destroy the Spirit Nether City.

Lets see if these b*stards still dare to be arrogant.”

“Youre right.

When the time comes, Ill definitely use their blood essence to raise my cultivation!”

The few of them laughed sinisterly as if they had already seen a beautiful future.

However, at that moment, an incident suddenly happened.

A few figures in front of them suddenly attacked their path.


“The Void Alliance or other freelance martial artists”

“I advise you to be tactful and not come looking for trouble with us.

We are from the Lord of Heavens sacred hall, you cant afford to provoke us.”

However, the other party did not say anything and directly launched an attack.

The attacks of a cultivator at the level of a Sacred Sovereign were fatal moves.

When they attacked, the violent power caused the surrounding energy substances to resonate and tremble.

“D*mn it! Lets fight it out with them.”

Everyone quickly fought together and burst out balls of brilliant light.

Not far away from them, a figure was coldly watching the Sacred Sovereigns of the Lord of Heavens sacred hall fight.

That was right, there were no other figures there.

There were only the people of the Lord of Heavens sacred hall.

They had all been affected by the illusion.

Inside the illusion, they thought that they had been ambushed by the enemy.

In reality, there was nothing.

While the person who had cast the illusion was none other than Ye Xiao!

Soon, following the evolution of the illusion, one of the Sacred Sovereigns from the Lord of Heavens sacred hall suddenly opened his mouth and said,

“Thats not right! I saw you earlier.

Youre from the Spirit Nether City!”

“I didnt expect you to recognize us.

Yes, we are indeed from the Spirit Nether City!”

“Spirit Nether City! What do you want We have participated in the auction!”

“Hehehe… It is true that you have participated in the auction, but our City Lord is really curious.

Why do you care so much about these guys

“Logically speaking, they are already seriously injured, and the sacred blood in their bodies is already very scarce.

You guys shouldnt have done such a thing!

“After all, no matter how big the Lord of Heavens sacred hall is, money is not something that can be easily earned.

“The previous two auctions were six times the difference, and you guys are actually able to accept it.

There must be something special about these guys.”

“So what Weve already spent money to bid for them.

Do you want to go back on your word You even stopped the goods halfway! If this gets out, arent you afraid of ruining your reputation”

“If it doesnt get out, wont everything be fine”

As they spoke, the battle became even more intense!

The people of the Lord of Heavens sacred hall finally could not take it anymore and fell one after another.

At the moment when the last person was on the verge of death, he suddenly erupted with unprecedented strength and burned his primordial soul to release a message.

“Spirit Nether Citys b*stards! Just you wait.

The Lord will not let you off.”

As the sound of his voice faded, they also finally fell.

At that moment, Ye Xiao, who was hiding in the dark, directly rushed out and absorbed all of their sacred blood and primordial souls.

He also casually grabbed the dragon and the others before instantly disappearing from the spot, no longer existing.

After a few breaths, a furious roar suddenly sounded from the void.

“Spirit Nether City! You bunch of little b*stards, do you really think that this venerable self is easy to bully”

In the next second, a terrifying aura began to spread out and rapidly expanded to Spirit Nether City.

Spirit Nether Citys auction was still ongoing at that moment.

Suddenly, everyone felt that Spirit Nether city was enveloped by an extremely terrifying aura.

Everyone could not help but shiver.

“What a terrifying aura.

This aura actually suppressed my 12 apertures, making it hard for me to breathe.

Its a Celestial Sovereign!”

“A Celestial Sovereign is here.

Could it be that hes here to participate in the auction But right now, there isnt anything that a Celestial Sovereign cares about.”

Everyones faces were filled with confusion.

In the next second, the voice of the Lord of Heaven was heard.

His voice was not as fast as his aura.

“Spirit Nether City! You little b*stards, do you really think that I am easy to bully”

“The Lord of Heaven! Its the voice of the Lord of Heaven!”

“Oh my God, why is he still here Could it be because of the auction just now”

“It must be because of the auction just now, which made the Lord of Heaven lose face.

Thats why hes here now.”

“Im afraid were in big trouble again.”

The crowd started to talk among themselves, feeling a bit nervous.

A battle between Celestial Sovereigns was not something they could easily withstand, even if it was a shockwave.

While everyone was panicking, an extremely powerful shockwave spread out from Spirit Nether City.

That fluctuation had reached the level of a Celestial Sovereign, making countless people tremble in fear.

“The City Lord of Spirit Nether City has come out.

With the help of the array left behind by the ancestors of Spirit Nether City, he can also unleash the power of a Celestial Sovereign.”

“Are the two Celestial Sovereigns about to start fighting”

Peoples hearts beat faster.

They were both terrified and excited.

One had to know that even in the void, where high-level cultivators were as common as clouds, there were countless battles every day.

However, battles between cultivators at the Celestial Sovereign realm were extremely rare.

It could be said to be a drop in the ocean.

To be able to see a battle at that level with their own eyes was a form of luck for them.

Not only was it extremely exciting, it could also increase their comprehension of the martial arts, allowing them to reach a higher level.

“Lord of Heaven Yin Shi! What are you trying to do”

The City Lord was extremely unhappy.

His auction was in full swing.

At that moment, the Lord of Heaven Yin Shi had intruded.

It was obvious that he wanted to destroy the auction.

He would not allow anyone to destroy that auction.

He was just one step away from advancing to the Celestial Sovereign realm!

He was about to accumulate enough resources.

If someone were to destroy it, he would really die of anger.

However, the Lord of Heaven did not seem to want to reason with him at all.

His aura directly pressed down wildly, suppressing the entire city!

“What are you doing I want your Spirit Nether City to be reduced to ashes today, never to be found again.”

“What big words.

Dont think that Im afraid of you just because youre a Celestial Sovereign.

This is Spirit Nether City, not the doghouse of your sacred hall!

“Ever since Spirit Nether City was founded, weve never been afraid of a Celestial Sovereign!

“If you know whats good for you, then scram.

Otherwise, dont blame me for being rude.”

“Then let me see how rude you can be”

Lord of Heaven Yin Shi could not bear it any longer and unleashed all his attacks!


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