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“A sacred-grade snow lotus that contains the power of law.

The quality is very good.

You can enter now.”

The Sacred Sovereign guarding the city gate handed over a resource to the other person, allowing him to enter the Spirit Nether City.

Ye Xiao, who was far away, saw that scene, but his expression did not change.

With a thought, he followed the other person into the city gate.

As a Celestial Sovereign, he was many times stronger than those people.

Wherever he wanted to go, those people would not be able to see him or catch him.

If it were in the past, he might have chosen to pay some money so that no one would notice him.

However, he was a Celestial Sovereign at that point.

Even if he did not pay, no one would notice him.

Behind him, there were still Sacred Sovereigns queuing up to pay, waiting to enter Spirit Nether City.

Inside Spirit Nether City, compared to the void outside, it looked much brighter.

A luminous celestial body was directly imprisoned there and used as a light source.

That celestial body was about the size of the Earths moon in Ye Xiaos previous life.

One could imagine the scale of Spirit Nether City.

However, to the current Ye Xiao, those were no longer important.

His current strength was too strong.

It did not matter whether there was light or not.

With a sweep of his divine sense, he could see everything in his surroundings.

He would first understand the situation inside Spirit Nether City.

Ye Xiao walked on the streets and strolled leisurely.

His divine sense was constantly searching for all the conversations in the entire city.

Even the secret voice transmissions of some Sacred Sovereigns could not escape his ears and were easily heard by him.

In just a few short minutes, most of the information about the entire Spirit Nether City had already been recorded in his mind.

That was enough.

Among the things that interested him more, other than the many items that the Spirit Nether City would be auctioned off tomorrow, there was also a point where the city lord of the Spirit Nether City was said to be on the verge of successfully advancing to the Celestial Sovereign realm.

It looked like he was very likely planning to use the resources at that time to raise his cultivation and reach the final step of advancement.

Other than that, there was another point that made him very interested.

That was that the Spirit Nether City actually belonged to the Void Alliance that he had encountered previously!

Ye Xiaos memory of the Void Alliance was still fresh in his mind.

They dared to face the Lord of Heavens Yin Shi head-on, so they could be considered a rather big faction.

Ye Xiao was currently considering whether to make use of the Void Alliance to let them fight against the Celestial Sovereign Yin Shi.

That way, he could just reap the benefits afterward.

Not only would he be able to help Universe 78 and restore the power of the origin laws, but he could also make a huge profit and obtain more sacred blood for himself to absorb and strengthen.

After all, Ye Xiaos ultimate goal was not merely to help Universe 78.

His ultimate goal was to successfully advance to the Supreme Sovereign realm.

Only by advancing to that level would he have the chance to fight alongside the Ancestral Dragon against the God of Creation and then slaughter the God!

He wanted to become the God of Creation and become an existence that could truly control his life and freedom forever!

For that goal, he had to plan ahead!

Every supreme being had to trample over mountains of corpses and seas of blood.

They had to trample over the destruction of countless universes before they could be formed.

To reach that level, the first thing they needed was strength.

Strength was not something that could be gained in a single bite.

It was something that could be cultivated slowly.

The Celestial Sovereign Yin Shi… The Void Alliance could be used as a springboard for him to increase his strength in the early stages.

When his strength increased once again and reached the late stage of the Celestial Sovereign realm, he could easily fight against those old Celestial Sovereigns.

Then, he could expand further and plunder the resources of those old Celestial Sovereigns.

As long as he plundered enough resources, he would be able to reach that level one day.

It was perfect!

However, at that moment, he suddenly felt a strange power searching for something in the crowd.

That made Ye Xiao narrow his eyes slightly.

Someone had discovered something.

He did not expect that there were still some powerful existences in that city.

He had only used his divine sense slightly, but the other party was actually able to discover him.

His methods were truly extraordinary.

Forget it, he would pause his small actions for the moment.

After all, he had already gathered sufficient information and knew that the auction would only begin tomorrow.

Although he already knew the location of the archaic Dragon Emperors imprisonment, he did not want to go over to rescue him so quickly.

There might be some high-level cultivators in the city who had similar strengths as him.

Rushing over rashly was not a wise choice.

Ye Xiao found a large-scale inn in the city.

Almost all of the people staying there were Sacred Sovereigns.

Even those who ran errands were all high-level cultivators at the Imperial Immortal realm.

If that kind of matter was told to those cultivators in the small universe, they would probably feel that it was like a fairy tale.

He would temporarily rest in the inn for the night and talk about it tomorrow.

He needed an identity token to stay in the inn.

The identity token would be given out when he entered the city.

However, for Ye Xiao, he did not need to worry about that thing at all.

He only needed to use his spiritual energy to slightly control the staff at the front desk, and he would be able to easily complete the check-in procedures.

After entering the room, Ye Xiao immediately set up the array and began to enter a meditative state, adjusting his strength to the most perfect degree.

On the other side, in the grand City Lords manor, a figure suddenly opened his eyes, revealing a deep look of puzzlement.

‘This is strange.

What was that feeling just now Why does it feel like the entire city is being spied on by others Spirit Nether City has fused with me.

Although my strength isnt a true Celestial Sovereign and has only reached a lesser Celestial Sovereign, with the support of Spirit Nether City, I can already unleash the full strength of a Celestial Sovereign.

‘However, I still couldnt find the other party.

Could it be that the other partys cultivation was even stronger than mine He had already reached the true meaning of a Celestial Sovereign

‘Who was it Did he secretly come to the Spirit Nether City Was it just a simple divine sense inspection

Before he finished that though, a figure rushed in quickly.

“Greetings, City Lord.”

“At ease.”

“Thank you, City Lord.”

“How are the preparations for this auction coming along”

“Reporting to the City Lord, the preparations are very good.

Everything is waiting for tomorrow.

This time, we are estimated to receive three times more resources than usual.

“These resources are enough for the Spirit Nether City to increase their strength once again.

It wont be long before they create even more Sacred Sovereigns with 12 apertures!

“It might even be possible for the City Lord to advance to become a true Celestial Sovereign in one step.”

“Good! Well done!”

Hearing that he could become a Celestial Sovereign, the City Lords eyes went wide, and he could not help but smile.

A Celestial Sovereign!

Just thinking about it made people extremely excited.

He had inherited the Spirit Nether City from his ancestors for more than 200,000 years.

During those 200,000 years, he had been trembling with fear, guarding the Spirit Nether City with all his might.

He had never stepped out of the city.

It was not because he did not want to, but because he could not.

There were many dangers in the void.

Even Sacred Sovereigns could be killed in the void.

When he had inherited the city, he had used the primordial array passed down to display the strength of a Celestial Sovereign.

As long as he was inside, he was safe.

Even if a Celestial Sovereign powerhouse came, he could do nothing to him.

In the past 200,000 years, he had wanted to leave more than once.

He was almost driven mad.

However, there was nothing he could do.

He had been cooped up in the city for more than 200,000 years in order to live a peaceful life!

During those 200,000 years, he used the power of Spirit Nether City to conduct various businesses.

He had collected a large number of resources and used them to slowly increase his cultivation base.

In the end, his cultivation base had reached the lesser Celestial Sovereign realm.

He was only one step away from becoming a Celestial Sovereign!

Furthermore, after becoming a Celestial Sovereign, not only would he be able to leave Spirit Nether City and wander around the void, but he would also have a place in the Void Alliance and have a say.

The Void Alliance was an extremely large organization in the void.

It had the standard of several cities joining forces.

If he could gain a seat in it, it would be many times better for his future development.

Most importantly, with his cultivation level as a Celestial Sovereign and the backing of the Void Alliance, he would no longer have to worry about the old Celestial Sovereigns in other universes or the void.

That was extremely important to him.

He had spent tens of thousands of years preparing for that final step.

Everything was waiting for tomorrow.

Therefore, he had to succeed no matter what.

“There are some rare treasures in the auction, which might attract the envy of others.

When the time comes, you have to pay attention to maintaining order.

Dont let anyone disrupt my auction.”

“Yes! However, City Lord, among the items we are auctioning, there is a group of slaves who escaped from the Lord of Heaven Yin Shi.

I wonder if the Lord of Heaven Yin Shi will take the opportunity to cause trouble for us.

“After all, that fellow is vicious and ruthless.

He is like a poisonous snake, and everyone in the void knows about him.”

The City Lord narrowed his eyes.

“If he dares to come, Ill make sure he cant go back.

This time, Im here to advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm.

Ive been waiting for this moment for far too long.

No one can stop me.

Whoever dares to stop me, Ill kill them.”


As soon as he finished speaking, another figure rushed in.

“Report! City Lord, the Lord of Heaven Yin Shi has sent a team of saints to participate in tomorrows auction.”

“What Theyve sent people here too City Lord, dont let them in.

If they see those slaves, Im afraid theyll cause a big mess.”

However, the City Lords eyes rolled a little before he smiled.

“No worries, let them in.”

“City Lord! What are you… ”

“Since theyve sent a team of Sacred Sovereigns here instead of the Celestial Sovereign Yin Shi himself, it means that theyre not here to cause trouble.

“Otherwise, they wouldnt have sent people over today.

Instead, they would have waited for the auction tomorrow and the Celestial Sovereign Yin Shi would come over to snatch it.

“Since they are here now, it means that they want to participate in the auction.

“Since they are guests, how can they be swept out of the door

“Anyway, as long as they can afford the price, I will welcome them.

“If they want to cause trouble, then we have to see if they have the strength to do so!”

“Yes! City Lord is wise!”

On Ye Xiaos side, he was currently resting with his eyes closed, meditating and cultivating.

All of a sudden, he could not help but open his eyes.

That was because he felt that something was not quite right.

A few familiar auras had also checked into that inn.

‘Its actually them.

This is really interesting.

I didnt expect the City Lord of Spirit Nether City to actually dare to let them in.

Those people were the ones that Ye Xiao had seen fighting with the Void Alliances Sacred Sovereigns, the Lord of Heaven Yin Shis Sacred Sovereigns.

At that time, they had already escaped.

He did not expect them to actually come over now.

Moreover, they had even come to the Void Alliances territory.

They were really bold.

Ye Xiao thought carefully for a moment and detected a trace of something fishy from within.

The other party dared to swagger in there might be because he was extremely confident in the strength of Celestial Sovereign Yin Shi behind him.

Looks like the strength of the Lord of Heaven was a little beyond his imagination.

The Void Alliance did not belong to a single faction.

Rather, it was formed by several factions that had joined forces.

The fact that Celestial Sovereign Yin Shi dared to send people to Spirit Nether City, which was one of the territories of the Void Alliance, meant that he was not afraid of any force in the Void Alliance.

He was indeed a little strong.

On the other hand, the City Lord of Spirit Nether City did not let them in just because he was afraid of Celestial Sovereign Yin Shi.

After all, even if he could not beat him, he could still find helpers to help him.

However, he still agreed to let them in.

If nothing unexpected happened, there were probably two reasons.

One was that he was indeed afraid of Celestial Sovereign Yin Shi, and the other was that he wanted to get some profit from the Sacred Sovereigns of the Lord of Heaven.

If it was the former, it meant that Sacred Sovereign Yin Shi was much stronger than he thought.

If it was the latter, then it meant that the City Lord was about to advance.

That was why he spared no expense to rapidly take advantage of such a situation.

If that was the case, he might be able to see if there was a chance to start a war.

With that, Ye Xiao began to meditate again.

However, at that time, he was not meditating on matters related to cultivation, but on how to start a Great War!

At the same time, in the room next door, the various Sacred Sovereigns from the Lord of Heaven Yin Shi gathered in a room with solemn expressions.

“Tomorrow is the day of the auction.

No matter what, we have to bring those few Sacred Sovereigns back.

They have a large number of World Creation fragments in their bodies.

If they were to fall into the hands of others, it would be a huge loss to the Lord.

“He is preparing to advance to the Supreme Sovereign realm.

We must not hold him back.

Otherwise, our lives will be in danger!”


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