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Chapter 76: Just Copying Homework.

Its Not Like Ill Get Pregnant

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Ye Xiao turned around to take a look.

It was Piao Jiansheng.

“You two know each other”

Qin Yuyan looked at Ye Xiao and Piao Jiansheng with a strange expression.

She seemed to be a little confused about the two of them.

Of those two, one was a nerd who only knew how to read in the library, and the other was an idiot who only knew how to practice swordsmanship in the Martial Arts Hall.

They never go out!

How could the two of them have any interaction

Piao Jiansheng said,

“There was a time when I went to the library to borrow books and got to know Mr.


“I see.”

“You two are on a date, right I wont disturb the two of you.”

His words instantly made Qin Yuyans face turn red.

However, before Qin Yuyan could explain, Piao Jiansheng turned around and left, walking in another direction.

There would occasionally be some ignorant girls on the road who wanted Piao Jianshengs contact information, but he ignored them all and left.

That direction was the direction of the academys Martial Arts Hall.

“This guy is quite interesting and different from the others.

Among the vast majority of guys, the quality is not as high as he is.”

Ye Xiao looked at his back and could not help but comment.

Qin Yuyan looked at him with some guilt before explaining,

“I heard that seven-eighths of him is of the nine province bloodline.

The remaining one-eighth is of the Han state bloodline.”

“I see.”

“Hes quite a good person.

My grandfather wanted him to be an exchange student because of this.

Otherwise, no matter how good his talent is or how famous he is, my grandfather wouldnt have accepted him.”

“Im afraid its not just because of this, right”

Qin Yuyan smiled helplessly.

“Yes, hes a disciple of the sword sage of Han state, Liu Chengxun.

My grandfather wants to learn some of Liu Chengxuns sword intent and moves from him.”.

“As a martial artist, doing that is actually a little despicable.

“However, my grandfather also has no choice.

“In the past two hundred years, due to the repeated large-scale attacks from star beasts, many inheritances were lost in the nine provinces.

“In addition to the technological blockade of the various regions, the genetic technology, and war technology of the nine provinces could not be developed.

“Therefore… My grandfather will not let go of any opportunity to become stronger and revive the martial arts of the nine provinces.”

Ye Xiao fell silent.

It had to be said that it was precisely because of those peoples silent perseverance and hard work that the nine provinces had been able to stand tall in the east and not fall.

Those people could be said to be the backbone of the nine provinces.

One person might be very small, but many people were silently dedicating themselves to the nine provinces.

In the end, they would be able to lift up an indomitable giant.

In his previous life, Ye Xiao had worshipped those unknown heroes who were willing to devote their lives to the motherland! Great scientists!

Now that he was in the nine provinces and had some ability, he naturally should also contribute a little for the country.

That was definitely not some divine responsibility, but a responsibility that a man of the nine provinces should pay.

The martial arts heritage of the nine provinces had declined by a lot.

That was indeed not good for the nine provinces.

However, there was still a chance to make up for it sooner or later.

After all, the foundation of the nine provinces was here.

Moreover, the strength of the martial arts was not something that could be changed in a day.

However, the development of the war technology of the nine provinces was difficult.

If he could contribute some information about the war technology, it might be able to bring about a significant increase in the overall strength of the nine provinces.

Moreover, the effect would be extremely fast!

Speaking of which, when he was in the starry sky, the few American fighter jets he met seemed to be pretty good.

Even the pilot was a grandmaster.

Their value should not be undermined, right

At that time, he had already used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to scan the entire fighter jet.

Therefore, he already had a good understanding of the structure and materials inside.

How about… Drawing out the design of that thing

In any case, that thing was also from America, and America also liked to snatch other peoples things.

Once it was snatched by him, it would be considered to be a benefit to society.


Moreover, what was the difference between copying a design and copying homework

They were all using pencils to write and draw on paper.

It was not a big deal, and they would not get pregnant.

He believed that the American scientists would also understand and be grateful to him, helping them, and bringing their inventions to greater heights.

“Ye Xiao, what are you thinking about”

Qin Yuyan shouted.

Ye Xiao woke up from the silence and looked at her.

“Its nothing.

If theres nothing else, Ill go back.

I only took half a day off.”

“Arent you going to tell Gu Hai and Wanwan”

“Theres no need.

The two of them are in love with each other.

I wont get involved as a third wheel.


Ye Xiao bade farewell to Qin Yuyan and left.

Qin Yuyan could not help but shake her head slightly.

“This fellow will probably return to the library to read books again.

Theres no hope for him.”

In the governors mansion, Du Changfeng was discussing the city planning and structure with Du Tianyu, Qin Shenglong, and Ouyang Yunzhong.

“The foundation of a city lies in the library.

The library must be upgraded again to contain more martial arts techniques and keep the fresh blood flowing out, so that martial artists can better find suitable techniques for themselves.

“I currently have some students who are doing quite well in Chu province.

I can use my connections to find more martial arts techniques, especially high-grade ones that the elites need.

“The martial arts academy also needs to expand again.

I plan to establish a few key postgraduate examination classes to train a group of high-quality martial artists.

At the same time, I also want to establish a scientific research class to arrange those students with low cultivation but profound academic attainments into the scientific research class to train a group of scientific and technological talents.”

As soon as Qin Shenglong finished speaking, Du Changfeng raised his hand in agreement.

“Its completely possible.

Currently, scientific and technological talents are extremely scarce in the nine provinces, and they are also a type of talent that is highly valued.

If we can cultivate a few of them, the profits they will bring in a short period of time will definitely not be underestimated.

“Unfortunately, we dont have the support of the American scientists.

Their new technology is really too advanced.

We can only stare at it.

Its so tempting!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a secretary quickly came to Du Changfeng with a document bag.

“Professor Du, please take a look at this.”

“Whats wrong”

“I dont know who gave it to me.

When I noticed it, I already saw it in my hands.”

Du Changfengs expression changed slightly.

He knew that his own secretarys cultivation was already Houtian seventh grade.

For the other party to be able to place the envelope in her hands without her noticing, that strength should not be underestimated!

He immediately opened the document bag.

However, when he saw what was inside the envelope, he instantly lost all sense of propriety of the director of an esteemed academy and swore!




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