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“What a terrifying aura.

What kind of aura is this Why does it feel like even my will is about to be twisted by it”

A Sacred Sovereign could not help but speak slowly.

As a Sacred Sovereign, he was already infinitely close to the peak state of the universe.

Even when Ye Xiao was fighting with other peak Sacred Sovereigns with 12 apertures, as long as he hid far away, he would basically not be injured by the shockwave.

However, he did not expect that he would actually be suppressed by that powerful aura while hiding at the edge of the universe.

One could imagine how powerful that aura was.

It could already be said to be able to suppress the entire universe.

“A Celestial Sovereign! Someone is about to advance to the realm of a Celestial Sovereign!”

Beside him, another high-level cultivator could not help but say with a solemn expression.

“What A Celestial Sovereign”

Hearing that, he could not help but exclaim.

After all, even if he had already reached the Sacred Sovereign realm, the Celestial Sovereign was still an existence that he could not even look up to.

In his lifetime, he was at most a Sacred Sovereign, and it was 100 percent impossible for him to reach the Celestial Sovereign realm.

Therefore, when he heard that someone was about to advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm, he was completely speechless.

“In the entire universe, the only person with the ability to advance to that level should be him, right”

Everyone did not speak.

Everyone was well aware.


Other than Ye Xiao, there would not be a second person in their universe who was about to advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm.

Ye Xiao was truly becoming a god!

From then on, he was the most powerful existence in their universe.

Countless living beings knelt on the ground and bowed toward Ye Xiao.

It was not that they were forced to kneel and bow, but it was their own will that made them do so.

In front of a Celestial Sovereign, all living beings seemed to submit at that moment.

No one had any strange thoughts.

The lightning in the sky began to descend.

The will of the universe began to suppress Ye Xiaos body.

That was the test of the will of the universe to Ye Xiao.

If he could pass that test, then Ye Xiao could truly reach the level of a Celestial Sovereign.

That was because the will of the universe was unable to stop him from advancing.

Otherwise, he could only be suppressed.

Facing the suppression of the universal will, Ye Xiao took a deep breath and went all out to resist.

He began to display the power of the Void celestial art.

Once the power of the Void celestial art was unleashed, it would directly resist the universal will.

The universal will had just begun to suppress, pressing Ye Xiaos body down at the height of the universe.

In the next moment, Ye Xiaos body slowly stopped.

Moreover, after he stopped, he began to rise in reverse.

That meant that he was resisting the will of the heavens.


Seeing that he dared to resist, the will of the entire universe began to suppress him even more intensely.

However, to be honest, the will of the universe had long been unable to suppress him.

That was because Ye Xiao himself had the Golden Book divine soul.

The power of the Golden Book divine soul allowed him to possess strength that surpassed the will of the universe.

Moreover, the cultivation that he had accumulated after being stuck at the peak of the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures for such a long time also erupted at that moment.

The amount of strength that he had accumulated had long surpassed the normal peak of the regular Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures.

From the moment his body started to resist, it had never stopped and had always been rising upwards.

It was as if the suppression of the universe was not a problem in his eyes at all.

Under normal circumstances, if a Sacred Sovereign wanted to successfully advance to the cultivation level of a Celestial Sovereign, it might take a very, very long time.

It might even be possible that some people would have to undergo advancement for hundreds of years.

That was because this last step of advancement was really too difficult.

One moment of carelessness and one might be reduced to ashes.

However, Ye Xiaos speed of advancement was very fast.

Very soon, he turned into a nine-colored ray of light and shot straight into the clouds in the sky.

At that moment, Ye Xiao felt as if he had arrived at a peaceful zone that was filled with golden light.

He looked at his surroundings with a calm expression.

Suddenly, a figure slowly appeared in front of him.

That figure had the appearance of a male.

His face was peaceful as well.

It was as if he was one with the surrounding scenery.

The other party was looking at him with a smile.

Ye Xiao was silent for a moment before he said,

“Senior, could it be that you are the will of this universe”

The other party nodded.

“As expected of you.

You guessed my identity so easily.

Thats right, I am the will of this universe.”

Pausing for a moment, he spoke again,

“When the Sacred Sovereign advances to the Celestial Sovereign realm, the greater the resistance, the greater the potential after the advancement.

“Ive already done my best to suppress you just now, but unfortunately, too much of my origin energy has been stolen, so Im unable to display my peak strength and help you raise your aptitude.

“Im sorry.”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Senior, please dont say that.

Youve already helped me the best you could just now.”

The universal will in front of him was already doing its best to help him advance.

The reason why it was unable to help him create even greater resistance was entirely because he was also harmed by others and could not display his full strength.

Ye Xiao should not have any trace of blame towards him, but should be grateful instead.

The universe will let out a long sigh.

“Im ashamed.

You have such good talent, but I dont have complete strength.

I dont know what your talent will be like after you advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm.”

“Senior, you dont need to blame yourself.

Youve done the best.

No matter what kind of talent I get, it will be the best help you can give me.”

The universe will nodded and immediately opened his mouth to laugh again,


From today onwards, youre a Celestial Sovereign.

Your cultivation will exceed the range that my will can control and reach an existence that surpasses the current universe.”

Ye Xiao immediately asked,

“Does that mean that I can freely enter and exit other universes now”

“Theoretically speaking, it can be done.

However, it also has a prerequisite.

That is, are the other universe wills willing to let you enter their bodies This is a problem.

“Of course, if you want to be able to easily break through to other universes in the true sense, then you need to reach a more powerful cultivation base that surpasses your current strength.

“That cultivation base is called the Supreme Sovereign!

“Celestial Sovereigns can only resist the interference of our wills and reach a level similar to ours.

Only Supreme Sovereigns are an existence that truly surpasses us!

“An existence that has reached that level, even a powerful universe would not dare to easily provoke it.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

He knew that it would not be so easy to successfully break through to other universes.

Even so, after he had obtained such a strong cultivation, he was already satisfied.

That was because, as long as he reached the level of a Celestial Sovereign, he would definitely have a chance to reach the Supreme Sovereign realm in the future.

As long as he reached that level of cultivation, even if it was the will of the other universes, he would not need to put them in his eyes.

“Senior, I still want to ask some questions.”

“Go ahead.

If you have anything you want to ask, feel free to ask.

In my universe, there hasnt been such a powerful little doll like you for over 2,000 years, so Ill especially reward you.”

Ye Xiao immediately said,

“I want to know, how did the Ancestral Dragon advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm at that time”

“Him! When that fellow advanced, my origin energy hadnt been used up that much.

Those archaic Sacred Sovereign traitors also only started to do evil wildly after nearly 2,000 years.

“Moreover, that fellow was very powerful.

The celestial art he learned was all created by himself!

“His divine abilities seemed to be the type that could create everything.

“Even if I didnt have nearly complete origin law energy, he could still create the law energy that would allow him to successfully advance.

“That fellow couldnt be viewed with common sense at all.

“However, although he had that kind of special ability, he was still far inferior to you.

“I can sense that your strength is stronger than his, and your aptitude is also more monstrous than his.

“In the future, you will definitely be able to surpass him.”

“I see.”

Ye Xiao muttered before saying,

“The reason why I was able to successfully advance this time was all because of Senior.

I dont know what Seniors wishes are, but this junior can help fulfill some of them.”

“I dont have any wishes.

My only wish is that you can protect yourself well in the future and walk further so you can fly higher.

“After all, you came out from my universe.

I definitely hope that you will become stronger in the future and be able to display your brilliance in the Grand Universe.

“Dont be like me, who is easily bullied by others.

In the end, even the power of the origin laws will be torn apart and plundered away by others.”

Ye Xiao could hear some sadness and helplessness in his tone.

He took a deep breath, cupped his fists, and said,

“Senior, dont worry.

Ive been indebted to Senior for taking care of me along the way.

Moreover, Im also from this universe.

One day in the future, Ill definitely find the person whos behind this.

“No matter how much origin law energy he takes from you, Ill give you double.

“Ill make him reap what he sowed.”

“Good! Good! In that case, it wont be in vain for me to have helped you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the universal wills expression suddenly changed.

Ye Xiao raised his brows slightly.

To be able to make the universal wills expression instantly change, it seemed like the other party was not simple.

However, he no longer needed to ask the universal will to obtain an answer.

His current level was already equivalent to the universes will, so he could easily sense it with his divine sense.

It turned out that the barrier of that universe had once again been opened by someone.

Needless to say, Ye Xiao knew clearly in his heart that it was definitely the work of that Lord.

Only someone of his level could open the universes barrier.

Moreover, among the few people who came, the weakest one was at the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures, and the strongest one was at the peak Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures.

If they were given a little more opportunity to develop, they could easily advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm!


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