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Sacred Sovereign Yuns words made Ye Xiao feel a little more at ease.

However, it was only a little more at ease.

That was because he did not know whether the origin law energy that the universe lacked would allow him to successfully advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm or not.

If it could not, then to him, it would be over.

Very soon, Sacred Sovereign Yun and the others were once again arranged by Ye Xiao to continue hunting other Sacred Sovereigns!

They continued to provide Ye Xiao with cultivation and supplement the origin laws of the universe.

Ye Xiao also did not continue his closed-door cultivation.

Right then, even if he continued to cultivate, there was no way for him to raise his cultivation so that he could successfully advance.

He might as well do something else first.

As an example, make an ancestral shrine for Sacred Sovereign Yun and the other members of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect!

Ye Xiao had done it before, but he had not done much before.

Moreover, at that time, everyones strength was not very strong, and their cultivation was not that high.

Naturally, it was not that comprehensive.

Ye Xiao thought about it.

He would collect all the blood essence of the entire clan, one drop per person, then place it in the ancestral shrine to be nurtured and kept.

That blood would be connected to their main bodies.

Once their main bodies died, they could be revived in the ancestral shrine.


It was a huge project, but fortunately, Ye Xiaos current cultivation was already very high, so it was not very difficult to do it.

He quickly arranged those things and made a complete ancestral shrine.

Of course, it was called an ancestral shrine, but it seemed like it was not an exaggeration to call it a sacred hall.

At the same time, in a distant place in the starry sky, a few archaic Sacred Soveriegns gathered together.

The atmosphere was extremely heavy.

“I didnt expect that the Xuan Yuan immortal sect is really powerful.

In such a short amount of time, theyve already wiped out almost all of our companions.

“Right now, there are only a few of us left.

If this continues, Im afraid that well all be wiped out.”

“The Lord hasnt sent anyone to save us yet.

It looks like we have to think of a way to call for help.

We have to use the sacrificial method to get His Majesty to send someone to save us.”

“We have a large number of World Creation fragments in our hands.

His Majesty will definitely not give up on us so easily.”

“However, our cultivation hasnt reached that level yet.

If we want to successfully call for help, Im afraid we have to sacrifice some.”

“Lets use the World Creation fragment in our hands to offer sacrifices! However, in this way, our cultivation will definitely be greatly reduced.”

“So be it.

Its still much better than dying.”

Everyone looked at each other.

Although they were a little unwilling, they still made this decision in the end.

They had no choice.

They had no choice but to lower their heads under the eaves.

Right then, Ye Xiao was too strong.

They had to avoid his edge and find a sufficiently strong aid.

Very soon, everyone began to carry out a sacrificial ritual.

Under their control, a teleportation array was quickly constructed.

After the teleportation array was displayed, the cultivation of the few of them immediately began to decrease at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Originally, they were all powerful existences at the Sacred Sovereign with eight or nine apertures level.

At that moment, they quickly dropped to six or seven apertures.

However, the cultivation of the sacrificial ritual was worth it.

That was because, after the sacrifice, the light of the array continued to expand.

The few of them could not help but become excited, so excited that they trembled.

Even if they were Sacred Sovereigns, they could not control their emotions when they saw that legendary figure.

“I can already feel the aura of the Lord, he is behind this teleportation array!”

However, just as they were feeling smug, a sword light suddenly burst out from the depths of the universe.

A sword slashed out, and the sword light surrounded the array and mercilessly shattered it!


The few of them could not help but shout, and their eyes started to turn red.

It was not easy for them to use their cultivation to exchange for that array, but in the blink of an eye, it was destroyed by someone else.

All the effort they had put in was wasted, and their hearts were bleeding.

It was so painful that it pierced through their souls!

However, that was not the only thing that gave them a headache.

After that attack, in the next second, several auras of Sacred Sovereigns appeared around them and surrounded them.

“D*mn it! Its the Xuan Yuan immortal sect!”

Their expressions changed drastically.

It was too late to feel sorry for the loss of their cultivation base.

Escape was the best strategy!

The few of them were like frightened birds as they quickly flew in the other directions.

Unfortunately, the Xuan Yuan immortal sects small team was originally there to capture them.

They had already come up with a strategy in their minds.

They also used their tactics at the same time.

It was like a huge net一in an instant, they surrounded all of them.

They were like birds trapped in a net.

How could they escape

“Take them down!”

The leader, Xuanyuan Long, spoke with a cold expression.

As for the other Sacred Sovereigns, they roared in a low voice,

“Lets fight it out with them.

If we cant escape, well take them down one by one.”

The few of them fought like trapped beasts.

Unfortunately, it was not of much use.

There were simply too many people from the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

They were overwhelmed and were quickly restrained.

It was fine if they were restrained, but after being restrained, they would have to be beaten up again and again.

Originally, if their cultivations had not decreased, they would have been able to hold on a little longer.

However, along with their sacrificial ritual, their cultivations had been greatly weakened, and their strength had been greatly reduced.

The chances of them being able to hold on had become smaller and smaller.

In fact, it did not even take them a few minutes to be beaten until they could not even raise their heads.

It was estimated that in a few more minutes, they would be tied up and none of them would be able to escape.

However, at that moment, a strange change occurred once again.

The spatial barrier in the starry sky suddenly began to distort.

After the distortion, streaks of lightning appeared in the sky.

It was as if the worlds will was roaring furiously.

A massive aura was transmitted out from the distorted space, and it actually suppressed all of them for a moment, making them unable to raise their heads.

One had to know that all of them here had extraordinary strength.

All of them were cultivators at the level of a Sacred Sovereign.

So many high-level cultivators were there, but they were suppressed by the opponents aura on the spot.

One could imagine just how powerful the opponents cultivation was.

Before everyone could take a deep breath, the opponents aura pressed down once again, and it actually suppressed everyones level position in the starry sky by more than 10,000 feet.

It was not that they wanted to descend, but the other partys aura was too strong, suppressing them to the point that they could not rise.

The area above seemed to have become the other partys forbidden ground.

It was too terrifying!

“This… This… Such a strong cultivation, the other partys strength has probably surpassed the Sacred Sovereign with ten apertures and reached the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures!

“Where did this powerhouse suddenly appear from In our universe, other than Lord Ye, there shouldnt be an existence of this level, right”

Before everyone could figure out what was going on, the few Sacred Sovereigns were the first to speak.

“Its the Lord of Heaven! Its the Lord of Heaven! It must be the Lord of Heaven who sensed the message we just sent and especially sent people to save us.”

“Hahaha… Now we dont have to die.”

Everyone was so excited that they could not even speak.

When the people of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect heard that, their expressions instantly became extremely solemn.

Was it a genius cultivator from the other universe

That fellow had casually sent over a subordinate, but he was actually an existence of the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures.

Just how powerful was that fellow

Soon, that figure slowly descended into the world.

He was a golden-haired man dressed in an imperial robe.

He had a pair of arched eyebrows, exuding an imposing and domineering aura.

That pair of golden pupils were like giant dragons, staring straight at everyone below.

“We pay our respects to the high emissary!”

Those few Sacred Sovereign traitors did not say anything and directly knelt down to the other party.

Their obsequious expressions made people feel nauseous.

The high emissary only gave them a simple glance before casting his gaze on the members of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

“What audacity.

He actually dares to attack the subordinates of the Lord.

He truly doesnt know death.”

His words, along with his imposing manner, were extremely powerful.

He intentionally caused those people to suffer heavy injuries.

When the people of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect heard those words, it was as if lightning had struck their ears.

It shook their internal organs so much that they were trembling incessantly.

The bones in their entire bodies were trembling.

Was that the strength of the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures

All of them could not help but tremble.

Although they had previously witnessed Ye Xiao and Sacred Sovereign Aurora who had 12 apertures fighting with their own eyes, the situation was different.

That was because, at that time, Ye Xiao and the others were not aiming at them after all.

Moreover, Ye Xiao was still silently protecting them at the same time, coupled with the Xuan Yuan immortal sects array, the impact on them could be said to be very small.

However, it was different at the moment.

The other party was directly attacking them.

The target was accurately struck, and the pressure points were completely different.

However, even though that was the case, not a single one of them knelt down.

Every Sacred Sovereign of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect was bitterly enduring, protecting their dignity, as well as the dignity of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

That scene seemed to have provoked the other partys bottom line.

The other party slightly narrowed his eyes.

His eyes revealed a biting cold intent.

“Youre courting death!”

He shouted once again.

All the Sacred Sovereigns felt their spiritual energy and blood essence churning as if they were about to explode.

At that time, the other party really made a move.

Although it was just a very ordinary move, it was still not something that they could withstand.

In less than three seconds, those few Sacred Sovereigns would all explode and turn into fragments, dying on the spot.

However, at that critical moment, a familiar voice with supreme dignity suddenly transmitted into their ears.

“Since when did a dog dare to be arrogant in my territory”

As soon as those words were said, the blood essence and spiritual energy in the bodies of the Xuan Yuan immortal sects clansmen, which were already boiling, suddenly began to gradually calm down and did not explode.

That made them unable to help but heave a sigh of relief before quickly retreating.

“Greetings, Lord Ye!”

Under everyones respectful greeting, Ye Xiao crossed his hands behind his back and strolled leisurely through time and space.

That Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures slightly narrowed his eyes and stared straight at him.

He also stared straight at the other party.

Those archaic Sacred Sovereign traitors immediately flew to the other partys side and whispered in front of him,

“High Emissary, this is the strongest existence in this world, Ye Xiao! Hes a member of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect and also has a pure True Immortal bloodline.

Previously, it was him who killed Sacred Sovereign Aurora!”

The high emissarys gaze was indifferent as he lightly snorted.

“Pure True Immortal bloodline In this small universe, it can be considered one of the top two existences, but out of all the universes, its nothing.”

Hearing that, the lackeys could not help but be overjoyed.

“High Emissary!”

The high emissarys expression was calm.

“All of you, retreat behind me.

I need to use some lightning techniques to kill him.

Youll be affected in the front.”

“Yes, Sir!”

The lackeys retreated excitedly.

Furthermore, they used their minds to communicate secretly while retreating.

“Now, we have a Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures on our side as well.

Lets see what he will do.”

“However, Sacred Sovereign Aurora was also a cultivator at this level before.

However, he was also killed by Ye Xiao.

Will the High Emmisary have any mishaps”

“Thats different.

Although Sacred Sovereign Aurora is powerful enough, he had only just gained his twelfth aperture at that time.

The high emissarys aura is much stronger than his and is much more stable than his.

The high emissary must have advanced to this realm long ago.

He would definitely be more secure against Ye Xiao.”

“Thats true.

As long as Ye Xiao dies and the high emissary takes action to settle the Xuan Yuan immortal sect, no one in this universe will be able to stop our footsteps.

“As long as we take down all the World Creation fragments and present them to the Lord, he will definitely lead us to a higher glory!”

The few of them seemed to have inexplicable confidence in their beliefs.

Ye Xiao only took a glance.

Although he did not hear what they said, he could roughly guess what they were talking about.

He was thinking that the cultivation technique that the Lord had passed down to them should have some effect on their minds.

A group of grand archaic Sacred Sovereigns looked like a bunch of foolish children.

However, he could not be bothered with those fellows.

It was all their own doing.

It had nothing to do with him.

At that moment, the high emissary had already opened his mouth once again.

“Your strength is not bad.

It would be a pity if you were to be killed by me just like this.

“I can give you a chance.

As long as you swear allegiance to the Lord, I can spare your life.”

Ye Xiao turned his right hand and took out the Great Dragon.

He did not say any more nonsense and directly slashed out with his sword.

The wordlackey had never appeared in his dictionary!

When the high emissary saw that Ye Xiao had attacked without a second word, his expression could not help but change.

“I gave you a chance, but in the end, you actually did not cherish it.

Then dont blame me for being impolite.

Prepare to die!”

He stretched out his right hand and took out a sacred weapon spear that was no weaker than the Great Dragon!


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