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Ye Xiao did not bother with him and continued to circulate the Void celestial art.

“No! Ahhhh!”

Sacred Sovereign Aurora let out one miserable cry after another, but it was all to no avail.

At that moment, an incident suddenly happened.

Ye Xiao suddenly felt that he was being stared at by another extremely powerful force.

That force was extraordinarily powerful.

Ye Xiao could even clearly feel that although he was very far away from him, his strength was more than 100 times stronger than his.

However, he seemed to be unable to step any closer for some reason, so he was unable to cause any harm to Ye Xiao.

Although he was unable to cause harm, the aura that he was releasing at that moment, as well as the prying gaze, all made Ye Xiao feel a dense threat.

It was very obvious that the other party was threatening him.

As long as he continued like that, he was afraid that he would die without a burial ground.

Despite that, Ye Xiao would not stop his actions just because of that threat.

Not to mention that the Sacred Sovereign Aurora himself was a big fat sheep that could greatly increase his strength.

His actions towards the world alone were enough for Ye Xiao to kill him 10,000 times, 10,000 times even!

He was equivalent to that kind of traitor, betraying the interests of his country and compatriots in exchange for his own interests.

If that kind of existence was not eliminated, there would be even more people who would learn from him in the future.

At that time, their universe would probably cease to exist.


The other party seemed to have seen through his intentions and was extremely furious.

Ye Xiao could clearly feel the other partys aura pressing down on his body.

However, it was as if it was blocked by special energy.

The collision between them caused the entire universe to change color, revealing bursts of lightning and thunder.

Sacred Sovereign Auroras consciousness had already started to weaken, but when he saw that scene, he started to get excited instead.

“Hahaha… Ye Xiao, youre courting death.

Youve already attracted the attention of the Lord! Why arent you letting me go quickly Perhaps the Lord might still give you a chance to pledge your loyalty to him.

“If not, you and the entire Xuan Yuan immortal clan will definitely die without a burial ground!”

Ye Xiao could not even be bothered to look at him then.

He directly increased the circulation of the Void celestial art and devoured the last trace of energy in his body.

Not a single trace was left.

After Ye Xiao completely devoured all of his energy, his cultivation started to soar once again.

Although it had not allowed him to successfully advance to the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures peak in one step, the increase in his cultivation was not small either.

As expected, it was still better to devour cultivators of the same level because the increase in cultivation that they could bring was even stronger.

If it was an existence whose cultivation level was lower than his, the increase in cultivation was simply negligible.

Sacred Sovereign Aurora, who had been completely devoured, was like a fallen leaf in the wind.

His body began to rapidly age and decay.

In a short moment, he would directly turn into a ball of dust and completely disappear from the universe.

Before completely falling, he looked at Ye Xiao in front of him with a face full of disbelief.

Until the moment of his death, he still did not dare to believe it.

The existence behind him had clearly already displayed such a powerful and terrifying power.

Why did he still dare to attack him

That fellow was simply a madman.

However, there would eventually be a day when he would wait for him.

The Lord would definitely avenge him and kill Ye Xiao!

Just as Ye Xiao went all out and completely destroyed Sacred Sovereign Aurora, the changes in the universe finally subsided.

That aura stayed on Ye Xiaos body for a few seconds before it completely disappeared!

Sacred Sovereign Yun quickly flew up and congratulated Ye Xiao.

“Congratulations, Lord Ye.

To kill Aurora so easily, I was still a little worried that this battle might be very difficult.”

Ye Xiao did not show any joy on his face.

He only said indifferently,

“Did you feel that energy just now”

Upon hearing Ye Xiaos question, the smile on Sacred Sovereign Yuns face instantly turned heavy again.

He nodded his head slightly solemnly.

“I felt it.

If my guess is correct, that guy should be the mastermind behind them!”

Ye Xiaos expression was solemn as he said,

“That fellows cultivation has already far surpassed mine.”

“Its certain.

Since he was able to control so many Sacred Sovereigns and have them work for him to plunder the World Creation fragments of other universes, one can imagine that his methods are definitely extraordinary.

“Moreover, he had already started laying out his plans hundreds of thousands of years ago.

At that time, his cultivation was already so powerful.

Now, he will only become even more powerful.

“If Im not wrong, his lowest cultivation base should have already reached the level of a Celestial Sovereign.

“In fact, he is not an ordinary Celestial Sovereign.

It is very likely that he has already reached the peak level of a Celestial Sovereign.”

Sacred Sovereign Yun paused for a moment before speaking again,

“However, there is a better situation at the moment.

He might be blocked by the will of this universe and wont be able to come over easily.

At the very least, his main body wont be able to come over easily.

“Every universe has its own will.

Their strength will definitely surpass that of an ordinary Celestial Sovereign.

“The other party controls this worlds Sacred Sovereign.

Plundering the World Creation fragments is akin to cutting off the flesh and letting the blood shed.

How could the universes will not view the other party as an enemy

“And you have protected the universe.

If you resist the other partys lackeys, you will definitely be protected by the universes will.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Even though thats what you said, who knows how many World Creation fragments those Sacred Sovereigns have stolen over such a long period of time So many World Creation fragments are enough to reduce the strength of this universe greatly.

The universes will might still be able to resist him now, but when it reaches a certain level, it might not be able to resist him.

“Moreover, the most important thing is that Im still a short distance away from the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures peak perfection state.

“Before I reach that level, I wont be able to successfully advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm.”

Just as Sacred Sovereign Yun had said, the other partys strength was very likely to have already surpassed the level of an ordinary Celestial Sovereign.

A cultivator at that level had to be at least in the Celestial Sovereign realm to have the strength to fight.

While Ye Xiao had not even reached the level of a Celestial Sovereign, so he was definitely no match for the other party.

After pausing for a moment, Ye Xiao opened his mouth again.

“In addition, theres another problem that you might not have thought of.

That is, although this universes will has already surpassed ordinary Celestial Sovereigns and can even stop the other party.

“However, other than resisting the other party, the will of the universe also needs to use a large portion of its power to maintain the balance within the universe.

“Otherwise, the universe will be in turmoil and all living creatures will be destroyed.

Whats the point of it resisting the other party

“If the will of the universe is unable to mobilize all of its power, the other party only needs to reach a power that is sufficient to advance the spatial dimensional barrier before he can successfully break in.”

Sacred Sovereign Yun was silent for a moment before speaking.

“We still have some time now.

At the very least, it should be impossible for the other party to invade within a short period of time.

Otherwise, the other party would have already arrived and would not choose to retreat.

“Moreover, due to the fact that you have killed quite a number of the Sacred Sovereigns who betrayed our universe, there should not be much left.

“I suggest that we leave a portion of the Sacred Sovereigns behind to protect the Xuan Yuan immortal territory.

The rest of the Sacred Sovereigns all be sent out to form a small team to hunt them.

“After hunting them, we can bring them all back for you to absorb.

“That way, your cultivation should be able to increase by a large margin within a short period of time.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“At this point, this is the only way.

Next, Ill go all out in closed-door cultivation.

If you catch those Sacred Sovereigns, bring them back directly for me to devour and increase my strength.”


After Ye Xiao made new arrangements, Sacred Sovereign Yuns side also began to split up.

For a moment, the entire starry sky once again fell into deep turmoil.

Originally, those high-level Sacred Sovereigns had already been killed by Ye Xiao until there was not much left.

What was left was basically all trash.

Moreover, Sacred Sovereign Yun and the others were fighting in teams again.

A large group of Sacred Sovereigns joined hands, focusing on the main attack, assisting in the attack, luring the enemy, and sending reinforcements… It could be said that there were practically no loopholes.

Under such a situation, those Sacred Sovereigns were simply unable to bear it.

Very quickly, they were captured one by one.

Ye Xiao also takes advantage of that period of time to constantly improve his own cultivation.

At the same time, in another dimension of the universe, at the very center, stands a temple as magnificent as the sky!

It is so huge that it exceeds the combined size of dozens of celestial bodies!

It looks like a supermassive star!

Sitting cross-legged in the very center of the temple was a bald man with skin as golden as gold.

He was wearing thick armor and his strength was unfathomable.

No one could see how powerful he was.

In front of him stood several powerful figures.

Each of them was a cultivator at the level of a Sacred Sovereign!

Moreover, they were not ordinary Sacred Sovereigns.

Each of them was a high-level cultivator at the late stage of the Sacred Sovereign.

Those people were all standing at the bottom of the stairs.

It was obvious that they were subservient to him.

The mans sharp gaze, which could penetrate the entire universe, swept across the group of people below and said coldly,

“In the 78th universe, the subordinates that I planted are being gradually eliminated.

It wont be long before all of them are eliminated.”

When everyone heard that, their expressions remained calm, but they opened their mouths and said,

“We will comply with the Lords orders!”

The man opened his mouth again and said,

“This venerable self will use all his strength immediately to open an even larger void passageway.

One of you will go and see what exactly is going on.

The 78th universe has only been excavated for 100,000 years, and there are still many World Creation fragments.

We cant waste them like this.”


In the Xuan Yuan immortal territory, in the Xuan Yuan Mountains.

Ye Xiao slowly opened his eyes after cultivating once.

Two rays of light that were like sharp swords shot out from his eyes.

Those rays of light were heaven-piercing and could destroy everything.

It seemed to have evolved to the extreme.

At that moment, Sacred Sovereign Yun entered the Xuan Yuan Mountains.

He brought along a few Sacred Sovereigns that he had just captured.

After that period of improvement, his cultivation had already recovered by more than half.

He had reached the level of a Sacred Sovereign with ten apertures.

He was not far from the peak of his cultivation in his previous life.

“Lord Ye, weve captured a few more traitors.”

Ye Xiao glanced at them and immediately said,

“Release them first.

I have something to tell you.”


Sacred Sovereign Yun suppressed those Sacred Sovereigns together and was prepared to listen to Ye Xiaos words.

However, at that moment, an incident suddenly happened.

One of the Sacred Sovereigns took advantage of the moment when he was distracted to directly squat and jump.

“Not good!”

Sacred Sovereign Yun was just about to make a move to intercept when suddenly, he exploded into a cloud of blood mist out of thin air.

The energy was instantly absorbed by Ye Xiao.

Only then did Sacred Sovereign Yun realize that in front of Ye Xiao, how could the other party possibly escape

That was simply a fools dream!

Ye Xiao slowly opened his mouth as he absorbed the bloody mist,

“Ive already reached the peak of my current realm a few days ago.

But for some reason, these few days, no matter how much I cultivate, my cultivation has never shown any signs of wanting to advance.

“Did something go wrong

“Youve cultivated to this realm before.

Have you experienced this situation before”

Sacred Sovereign Yun shook his head.

“Im different from you.

I didnt have this situation.

At that time, I actually almost succeeded in advancing to the Celestial Sovereign realm.

It was only because of the invasion of the peak Sacred Sovereigns from other universes.

“They should be the subordinates of that person who glared at you!

“Because of their sudden invasion, I had no choice but to interrupt my advancement and fall into a deep sleep with the other Sacred Sovereigns.

“In fact, if it wasnt for their arrival, I might have already succeeded in advancing to the Celestial Sovereign realm.

“According to normal logic, as long as my cultivation reached the peak of the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures, there should be some special evolution, whether its my own body or my own consciousness.

One would have an inexplicable sense of evolution that one has never experienced before.

“However, you havent touched anything at the moment, so I seriously suspect that this is because after so many years, the origin laws of this universe are no longer complete.

“Too many of the World Creation fragments have been stolen by those shameless traitors and have already caused this world to become somewhat fragmented.”

Ye Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly.

The Ancestral Dragon had arrived in that universe more than 2,000 years earlier than him.

He must have already successfully advanced to that level by then.

Although 2,000 years seemed to be a lot, in reality, to a cultivator at the level of a Sacred Sovereign, it was merely a drop in the ocean.

The blink of an eye had passed.

Then, according to that situation, there should not be a situation where the universes origin laws were incomplete.

That made him a little confused.

It seemed that if he had the chance to meet the Ancestral Dragon in the future, he should ask him to see how he dealt with it.

At that time, Sacred Sovereign Cloud spoke again,

“However, Lord Ye, you dont have to worry too much.

We are already doing our best to capture these Sacred Sovereigns.

As long as we capture many of them, we will be able to snatch back enough World Creation fragments and restore the origin laws.

“At that time, you should have a chance to successfully advance.”


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