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“Youre courting death!”

Sacred Sovereign Auroras expression turned cold, and the stars in the sky trembled!

The living beings in the universe could even clearly feel the biting cold killing intent contained within Sacred Sovereign Aurora.

All of them were terrified.

That killing intent was no longer something that they could easily withstand.

Some weak beings even had their livers ruptured and spat out bile because they were too terrified in their hearts!

At that moment, everything in the universe was filled with intense fear!

He took a step forward and the supreme power of the celestial art crushed toward Ye Xiao.

The powerful strength that he obtained from the alternate universe was fully displayed at that moment.

“Its actually the celestial art!”

Sacred Sovereign Yuns expression changed, and his eyes could not help but reveal a look of shock.

Up until then, he had only seen two types of celestial art.

One was the Void celestial art that Ye Xiao used, and the other was the celestial art that Sacred Sovereign Aurora used.

The power of the celestial art was extremely powerful, and it was an existence that he had always yearned for.

Unfortunately, he had spent his entire lifes effort, yet he still had not obtained the power of the celestial art.

However, it was not the time for him to be concerned about that.

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The most dangerous thing at the moment was Ye Xiaos trouble!

Originally, if the other party was only a Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures, Sacred Sovereign Cloud did not need to worry too much.

That was because Ye Xiao had the celestial art, and the other party did not, Ye Xiao could easily suppress the other party.

There was a huge difference between having the celestial art and not having it.

Despite that, the other party also possessed the power of the celestial art and was on par with Ye Xiao, so Ye Xiao had lost his original advantage.

“Lord Ye, you have to be more careful.

This fellow has the same power of the celestial art as you, and his strength is extraordinary.

You can not underestimate him.

You must not be careless!”

Ye Xiaos expression was indifferent.

He did not respond and had already gone up to meet him.

Moreover, at the instant he moved, the Void celestial art was also unleashed at the same time.

The two extremely powerful celestial arts collided mercilessly.


The level of the collision was so terrifying that it could destroy the world!

The moment he attacked, the entire star field exploded.

Countless heavenly bodies exploded due to the collision of those two forces.

When the Sacred Sovereigns saw that scene, they immediately began to use their own methods to firmly lock the Xuan Yuan immortal territory within to prevent it from being affected.

The Xuan Yuan immortal sect currently had too many Sacred Sovereigns.

The clan already had dozens of Sacred Sovereigns, and with the addition of over 100 reincarnated cultivators, they had already surpassed 200.

With so many Sacred Sovereigns, it was simply too easy for them to protect the area.

Even if they were faced with the terrifying explosive power of Ye Xiao and Sacred Sovereign Aurora, they could still resist.

If they could resist, it was up to them to resist.

However, when Ye Xiao and Sacred Sovereign Aurora fought, winning or losing was not included in it.

Therefore, after both parties attacked, everyone immediately released their divine senses.

That was because the power produced by the explosion had already shattered the spatial barrier.

It was impossible to see it with ones eyes.

Only divine senses that could penetrate the spatial barrier would have the chance to see it.

However, when they opened their eyes and saw it clearly, they were instantly dumbstruck.

Their expressions were shocked to the extreme.

One move!

In just one move, Sacred Sovereign Aurora was actually repelled by Ye Xiao.

Although Sacred Sovereign Aurora did not suffer any serious injuries, he was repelled and suppressed by Ye Xiao.

This in itself was something that was shocking to the extreme.

The two people had the same cultivation and the same level of cultivation technique, but Sacred Sovereign Aurora was actually repelled by Ye Xiao.

That meant that Ye Xiao was definitely able to suppress the other party in a certain aspect.

It should not be possible in terms of cultivation level, so the only explanation was the cultivation technique.

Under the situation where the two of them had the same cultivation level, it was only possible to cause such a situation if the gap between their cultivation techniques was huge.

Ye Xiaos cultivation technique had actually reached such a terrifying level.

In reality, they had guessed correctly.

Ye Xiaos Void celestial art was originally synthesized by the Golden Book divine soul, and the Golden Book divine soul was an existence that surpassed the laws of the universe.

Therefore, the cultivation technique it created was much stronger than the cultivation technique it evolved in the universe, the cultivation technique it evolved into was much stronger.

The celestial art that Sacred Sovereign Aurora used was imparted from another universe.

However, if the difference between the universe and the universe was not great, then the difference in the power of the origin laws was also not great.

The difference in cultivation techniques was also not great.

If the Void celestial art could surpass the cultivation techniques in their universe, then it could similarly surpass the cultivation techniques in other universes of the same level!

Not to mention, the Void celestial art had also absorbed a large amount of the many sacred arts in their universe.

Apart from that, it also absorbed the kind of sacred art that Sacred Sovereign Aurora used.

The kind of sacred art that Sacred Sovereign Aurora used was actually exactly the same as the sacred art that every Sacred Sovereign in their universe used.

Ye Xiao had already obtained that kind of sacred art from other Sacred Sovereigns before.

Therefore, his cultivation technique surpassing Sacred Sovereign Aurora was a certainty.

Sacred Sovereign Aurora was also frightened.

To be more precise, he had never thought that the gap between him and Ye Xiao would actually be so great.

Before arriving there, he had only considered the issue of cultivation.

Unless Ye Xiao had reached the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures, there was simply no way for him to withstand one and a half moves of his.

When he sensed that Ye Xiao had also reached the same cultivation as him.

He did not panic too much either.

The two peoples strengths were similar.

Even if he could not successfully kill Ye Xiao, at the very least, he would not be easily killed by him.

He still had a way to escape unscathed.

However, the two of them had only exchanged blows once before Sacred Sovereign Aurora directly sensed the difference between the two of them.

A kind of fear quickly spread from the bottom of his heart.

He was not Ye Xiaos match!

“What a powerful cultivation.

Looks like this venerable self has underestimated you!”

Sacred Sovereign Aurora said indifferently.

Although he had already started accumulating strength and was prepared to escape at the fastest speed later, at that moment, he was still pretending to be calm on the surface.

That was because he knew that the more dangerous the matter was, the more he had to remain calm and not panic.

Once he panicked, Ye Xiao would see through any clues and make preparations in advance.

Then, he would not be able to escape smoothly.

“However, its a pity that the older the ginger, the spicier it is! Just now, this venerable self did not use his full strength.

This time, this venerable self will use his full strength to let you broaden your horizons and see this venerable selfs true strength.”

He deliberately said a few more words because that way, he could accumulate more strength for himself.

Finally, just as he finished saying that, he immediately exploded with all the power he had accumulated, directly shattering the void and escaping on the spot.

That move simply stunned everyone present.

No one had expected that such a situation would actually happen.

One second ago, Sacred Sovereign Aurora was still making impassioned remarks, but in the next second, he turned around and ran away.

Was he really shameless

How would he dare

Everyone did not even dare to believe that it had happened.

However, although it was a good idea for him to run away, it was not so easy for him to run away in front of Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao had already expected that because he knew better than others that he would definitely be able to easily defeat Sacred Sovereign Aurora.

Therefore, the matter of Sacred Sovereign Aurora running away was also within his expectations.

Hence, he had long been prepared.

The instant Sacred Sovereign Aurora escaped, Ye Xiao had a thought.

The entire starry sky instantly expanded from the Xuan Yuan immortal sects area to dozens of star regions, directly transforming into countless spatial arrays.

Those spatial arrays were set up there in advance by him.

They were like a bunch of traps.

No matter who he was, as long as he stepped on them, he would be instantly devoured and transferred to his front.

The same was true for Sacred Sovereign Aurora.

He had just escaped and had been in several star areas in a second.

Before he could show a happy expression, an incident suddenly happened.

A bright light suddenly lit up under his feet!

Seeing that scene, Sacred Sovereign Aurora was stunned.

He suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Not good!”

However, it was a pity that he already had no way to escape.

Ye Xiao was also a cultivator at the level of Sacred Sovereign, so the array that he set up was naturally easy to deal with Sacred Sovereigns of the same level.

Before Sacred Sovereign Aurora could react, he had already been teleported in front of Ye Xiao by the array.

His pupils constricted, and cold sweat kept pouring out of his entire body.

Just as he was about to speak, Ye Xiao held the Great Dragon in his hand and pierced through his heart with a sword.

Violent energy gushed out and instantly suppressed his body.

It was an instant kill!

A merciless instant kill!

A genius cultivator was mercilessly instantly killed!

That was simply the greatest irony!

“That… My God, am I seeing things”

“Youre not seeing things, its real.

Lord Ye really killed the other party, and it was an instant kill!”

At that moment, almost everyone present went crazy!

Ye Xiao was actually able to successfully instant kill an existence whose cultivation was on par with his!

Was that not too inconceivable

“Long Live Lord Ye! Lord Ye is indeed very powerful! To kill an existence on par with him so easily, doesnt that mean that he can cross realms and kill enemies”

Everyones faces were filled with excitement!

Ye Xiao was like a god-like existence to them.

The stronger he was, the stronger the entire Xuan Yuan immortal sect would be!

Hence, everyone was sincerely excited!

In the future, they no longer needed to be afraid of any powerful enemies.

Following closely behind, Ye Xiao executed the Void celestial art.

The energy within Sacred Sovereign Auroras body began to be rapidly absorbed into Ye Xiaos body, becoming a power that increased his strength.

Feeling the energy within his body being absorbed to a large extent, and he still had no way to control his body, he could only watch helplessly as that situation happened.

The fear in Sacred Sovereign Auroras heart at that moment was simply indescribable.

He panicked!

A dignified Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures had completely collapsed in the face of death.

Everyone thought that the stronger the person was, the less afraid he would be of death.

In reality, it was the exact opposite.

It was not like that.

The stronger the person was, the more defeat he would experience.

The more experience he had, the more afraid he would be of death!

That was because they knew better than anyone else that once they died, there would be nothing left.

They had spent tens of thousands of years, or even hundreds of thousands of years, cultivating to their current cultivation level.

If they died, facing a Sacred Sovereign-level powerhouse, the destructive power would probably be so great that even their primordial soul would be reduced to ashes.

If that were the case, they would not even have the chance to reincarnate.

Who would be willing to do that

Hence, Sacred Sovereign Aurora immediately said,

“Dont kill me! Dont kill me! You cant kill me!”

Ye Xiao raised his head to look at him, but the Void celestial art did not stop.

Sacred Sovereign Aurora hurriedly said,

“Do you know who is behind me That is an existence that you can never afford to offend! He is as great as a god to you, and you are just a dog at his feet.

No, not a dog.

You are just a tiny ant.

He doesnt even take a glance at you!”

Ye Xiao still did not have the intention to reduce the absorption speed because, at that moment, Sacred Sovereign Auroras strength was too dense.

It was the first time in his life that he had seen so much energy and law energy!

If he could completely devour that fellow, Ye Xiao estimated that his cultivation would very likely advance again and become a Sacred Sovereign at the peak of the 12 apertures.

He might even be a Celestial Sovereign.

If it really reached that level, it would be too blissful.

Moreover, Sacred Sovereign Aurora himself was the one who jumped to his death.

Was it not reasonable for him to kill him

Sacred Sovereign Aurora looked at Ye Xiaos calm face and felt as if his heart was about to collapse.

He immediately could not help but ask,

“Arent you afraid of the prodigal existence behind me He can squash a little ant like you to death with one finger.”

“Youre spouting too much nonsense.”

Ye Xiao simply spat out a few words and directly and magnificently drained more than half of the other partys strength.

It was estimated that there were at most another ten seconds or so before he could drain almost all of the other partys strength.

From a Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures to 11 apertures to 10 apertures… His aura was continuously declining.

The expression of Sacred Sovereign Aurora changed drastically.

He immediately began to struggle wildly, but it was completely useless.

He was on the verge of crying!

He was once just a piece of trash.

His aptitude was simply not enough to raise to his current realm.

He relied on devouring the World Creation fragment to luckily obtain success and reach his current cultivation level, the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures.

Seeing that he still had one last step and was able to successfully advance to the strength that he wanted to advance to the most, in the end, such a thing suddenly happened and he met a freak like Ye Xiao.

How could he be willing to accept that

“I was wrong, I was wrong! Im willing to be your slave, let me off! Spare my life!”

Ye Xiao rapidly devoured his strength as he could not help but mock in his heart.

How could he still be a man like that

It was simply a disgrace!


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