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On Ye Xiaos side, he returned to the Xuan Yuan immortal territory to cultivate.

Very quickly, he refined most of the energy substances, law energy, and sacred blood that had not been refined in his body.

Just as he thought, those things were very dense.

They had greatly increased his cultivation, allowing his cultivation to advance to the late-stage peak of the Sacred Sovereign with 11 apertures.

He was just a little bit away from successfully advancing to the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures.

Feeling the 11 huge apertures in his body continuously rotating, Ye Xiao let out a long breath.

The power in his body seemed to be endless, inexhaustible, and eternal.

Under that situation, he even felt that he could almost unleash the power of the Void celestial art without any restrictions.

As a celestial art, the Void celestial art should be a power that could only be used by powerhouses in the Celestial Sovereign realm.

As a Sacred Sovereign, Ye Xiao was not suitable to control that power in the beginning.

That was because he did not have enough origin source reserves that he could output.

After his cultivation had increased, he could output even more origin sources, so he could naturally control that power easily.

He clenched his fists, and the stars in the sky could not help but tremble.

‘What a powerful strength.

I feel that even without using any cultivation techniques, I can easily destroy a star area with just my physical strength!

‘Ive only cultivated to the Sacred Sovereign with 11 apertures, and I havent even obtained the 12 apertures, yet Im already so powerful.

I really dont know how powerful Ill be after I advance to the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures.

‘Not to mention, theres still the existence of a Celestial Sovereign after the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures! What kind of scene will that be

After that, Ye Xiao summoned Sacred Sovereign Shang over.

“Shang, Ive already investigated it clearly.

Theres indeed not just one of them, but a group of people.

In fact, the number of members in this organization far exceeds our imaginations.

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“In the short period of time Ive been out, Ive already killed a series of archaic Sacred Sovereigns!

“If my guess is correct, even if Ive already killed many people, they still have some companions that exist in this universe.”

A cold glint flashed through Sacred Sovereign Shangs eyes.

“I only know that there are a few of them, but I didnt expect there to be so many.

These people are simply shameless.

In order to raise their cultivation, they actually went all out and risk destroying the entire universe.

“One must know that once the World Creation fragment is exhausted to a certain extent, the entire universe might fall apart.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“The problem Im thinking about now isnt this, but the person behind them.

Someone who can set up such a thing is definitely not an ordinary person.

His strength might even be above the Sacred Sovereign realm and has already reached the level of a Celestial Sovereign.

“Currently, Ive already killed quite a number of his subordinates.

Its very likely that he has already sensed something and suspects that he might send even stronger subordinates over.

He might even come over personally to deal with me.”

Sacred Sovereign Shangs expression was extremely solemn when he heard that.

One reason was that after he was subdued by Ye Xiao and refined into a puppet, he would gradually become more inclined to think for Ye Xiao.

Another reason was that in his primordial soul, there was a deep-rooted feeling towards the universe.

He knew better than anyone that right then, in the universe, there was only one person who could kill those traitors and save the entire universe, and that was Ye Xiao himself.

Therefore, Ye Xiao absolutely could not have any mishaps.

Otherwise, the universe would be completely finished.

Sacred Sovereign Shang pondered for a moment before continuing,

“This matter requires special attention.

If the other party might send an even stronger existence, then you must raise your strength to an even stronger level in the shortest amount of time possible.

“Otherwise, if you die, all the living beings in this universe, including this universe itself, would become food for others.

“Moreover, there was an extremely important matter.

“Originally, I didnt think that they would have so many people, so I didnt pay too much attention to it back then.

Now that I know that they have so many people, they should have already swept across this universe and walked away with many World Creation fragments.

“If thats the case, then well be in big trouble.”

Ye Xiao raised his eyebrows as if he did not quite understand what he meant.

Sacred Sovereign Shang looked at him and explained in the end,

“If a Sacred Sovereign wants to successfully advance to the level of a Celestial Sovereign, not only do they have to rely on the energy and substance of the world but they also have to rely on the complete source energy of the universe.

To put it another way, it is the vast majority of the source energy that is close to complete.

“Just like how if a woman wants to give birth, her body must be healthy.

If her body is already broken and incomplete, it will be very difficult for her to continue giving birth.

“At this moment, I dont know what level the origin energy of this universe has been destroyed to.

“If the destruction is too intense, theres no way for you to become a Celestial Sovereign!

“At that time, how can you possibly beat the other party”

When Ye Xiao heard those words, his heart instantly sank!

He had never thought of that problem before.

That day, when he suddenly heard Sacred Sovereign Shang mention it, he suddenly realized the seriousness of the entire matter.

If he could not advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm, then there was naturally no possibility of advancing in the future.

That was fatal to both his and the Ancestral Dragons plan!

“Is there any way to help me increase my strength faster now”

Ye Xiao asked.

Although the speed at which he increased his cultivation was already very fast, that was because of the credit of the Golden Book divine soul.

On the path of martial arts, his improvement speed was too fast, and he lacked experience in many areas.

Compared to a super genius like Sacred Sovereign Shang who was a native, he was far inferior.

It was also good to learn from others.

Sacred Sovereign Shang pondered for a moment and immediately said,

“If I told you that this matter requires a certain price, what would you choose”

Ye Xiao was startled and immediately asked,

“You mean to let you go”

Sacred Sovereign Shang had yet to be completely assimilated, and so had the other Sacred Sovereigns.

It was impossible for the puppets to completely change their minds in an instant.

Otherwise, they would not be worthy of being called Sacred Sovereigns.

It was a circular and gradual process, and they had yet to reach the peak.

Sacred Sovereign Shang did not speak.

His eyes were staring straight at Ye Xiao as if he was looking at what choice he wanted to make.

Although he did not speak, Ye Xiao already understood that what he said was right.

After taking a deep breath, he said seriously,

“If thats the case, Im willing to let you go.”

Sacred Sovereign Shang was no longer that much of a threat to him.

Right then, his main enemy was a high-level cultivator from the second universe.

Compared to Sacred Sovereign Shang, that puppet, the other party was an existence that could truly make him die.

Ye Xiao was not stupid.

He could tell the difference.

Right after he said that Sacred Sovereign Shang smiled, very happily.

“Thats right.

As expected of someone who could defeat me.

Very bold.”

After laughing, he continued to speak,

“Im not asking you to let us go.

More accurately speaking, I want you to make us all become members of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

We have the same bloodline power as you, and we also have the pure origin blood.”

Ye Xiaos brows twitched.

“What do you mean by this idea of yours”

“Do you feel that every time you advance, you will be able to raise the entire Xuan Yuan immortal sect and bring them gifts That your relationship with the Xuan Yuan immortal sect is one of mere give and take

“If thats what you think, then you are gravely mistaken.

“When you achieved success in your cultivation, not choosing to leave your immortal sect was a very correct choice.

“The reason was that, according to the worlds origin laws, although your ascension brought them great gifts.

However, when their cultivation base rose, they would also give you a portion of their gifts!

“The worlds origin laws were not heartless.

They were more like a bond of mutual help.

“There were so many people in the Xuan Yuan immortal sect who advances every day.

“However, because of one persons advancement, the gifts would be distributed to the entire immortal sect.

In addition, ones cultivation base was stronger than all of them.

Therefore, there were many times when one could hardly feel this gift.

“However, it was real.

Moreover, it was also one of the reasons why one could maintain a rapid advancement when ones cultivation base was at such a high level.

“The gift will not only bring about an improvement in the aspect of repair, but also an all-around improvement in aptitude, bloodline power, and other aspects.”

Hearing those words, Ye Xiao nodded.

As expected, it was right not to abandon his clansmen.

If he had really abandoned them, perhaps he would not have been able to advance to this cultivation level so quickly, right

This thing was not like money.

If it was distributed to other people, they would not receive any feedback.

Things like bloodline gifts were a good thing that went both ways.

Even if their clansmen received their gifts, they would still give back a portion of their gifts.

It was probably an existence that was allowed in the universes origin laws.

It was like a bonus in a game!

Sacred Sovereign Shang continued to speak.

“However, the problem now is that you want to quickly raise your cultivation base in a short period of time.

However, just relying on the Xuan Yuan immortal sects clansmen isnt enough.

“Your Xuan Yuan immortal sects Sacred Sovereigns are few in number.

“If you can turn all of us into members of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect now, the benefits we will bring you when we raise our cultivation base will definitely be very obvious.

“After all, everyone here is basically a Sacred Sovereign!

“Whether its talent or experience, we far surpass the vast majority of the Xuan Yuan immortal sects members.

“This is currently the only method that can allow you to quickly advance in a short period of time.

Moreover, there arent any side effects.”

Ye Xiaos eyes instantly lit up.

Sacred Sovereign Shang was right.

That was indeed a good method.

Since the Xuan Yuan immortal sect was under his control, the Xuan Yuan immortal sects pure True Immortal blood was also suppressed by him.

Even if all of them became members of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect, they were not much different from puppets, they were still under his control.

The difference was that in that way while raising their cultivation, they could also give him some feedback.


It was simply a perfect plan.

“Ill do as you say.”


Sacred Sovereign Shang immediately went to prepare for this matter.

First, he had to obtain the consent of the other Sacred Sovereigns.

That was because reincarnation was not to be made into a puppet.

During reincarnation, Ye Xiao had to let go of his control over the other partys primordial soul.

He could not interfere too much with external forces.

Otherwise, if he were to injure the primordial soul, even the slightest bit would not be able to achieve a perfect reincarnation.

When the other Sacred Sovereigns received the news, they did not object.

Instead, they were very excited.

After all, they could become a living person once again.

It was at least 10,000 times better than being a puppet.

Although they would still be under Ye Xiaos control when they were reincarnated as members of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect, at the very least, they could have their own dreams, their own lives, and their own choices.

More importantly, becoming a member of Ye Xiaos clan would definitely be much, much stronger in Ye Xiaos heart than being his puppet.

A puppet was a beast that would do whatever it wanted.

If it was unhappy one day, it might even self-destruct.

Clansmen were things that Ye Xiao had to protect with his life.

Other than that, there was another very important point.

That was that the Xuan Yuan immortal sect had a pure True Immortal bloodline.

It was even stronger than their own original bloodline.

That way, the hatred they had for Ye Xiao in their hearts had unknowingly been reduced by more than half.

Some of them had even been completely eliminated.

After all, to them, this was practically equivalent to taking a huge advantage.

If not for that matter, they might not have had the chance to possess a pure True Immortal bloodline in their entire lives.

Hence, they did not think too much and directly nodded their heads in agreement.

If the Sacred Sovereigns agreed, it would be much easier.

Sacred Sovereign Shang communicated with the Xuan Yuan clan leader and the others.

They then picked out a large group of handsome men and beautiful women from the various large clans of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

Many of them had just gotten married, but they did not have children yet.

There were also some who were in love with each other and had not gotten married yet.

The remaining people were also quite talented, but they had not been matched yet.

However, regardless of whether or not they were matched, or even if they had feelings for each other, they would not refuse to be married at that moment.

That was because it was a great thing that was beneficial to the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

It would be strange if the Xuan Yuan immortal sect was unhappy to have more than 100 Sacred Sovereigns joining them all at once!

On the other hand, it was also because it was also a very good thing for them personally.

How great of an honor was it to be able to become the parents of a Sacred Sovereign

Many people might not be able to pursue that opportunity their entire lives.

It was to the extent that even if they were people of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect at the moment, with Ye Xiaos blessing, they might not have the chance to become Sacred Sovereigns in the future.

At that moment, their children might become an existence at that level.

It was a rare opportunity, and anyone with a bit of brain would not miss it.

After finding those handsome men and beautiful women, the Sacred Sovereigns began to choose their parents for themselves.

They needed to let their parents marry and then give them a perfect body.

After they fused with their primordial soul, they would be able to successfully live out their second life.

The requirements of the Sacred Sovereigns were naturally not simple.

Not only did they have great requirements for their appearance, but they also had great requirements for their talent, including their family background.

That was because although they were willing to reincarnate into the Xuan Yuan immortal sect, they had to think of a way out for themselves.

Theoretically speaking, after they were born, they would definitely obtain a lot of resources.

However, one had to know that there were many large clans in the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

Resources were not given out 100 percent fairly.

If they could choose a pair of parents with great potential and great strength, they would be able to obtain even more benefits from the Xuan Yuan immortal sect in the future.

That was also quite good.

That kind of wondrous news could only be seen there.

Xuanyuan Long and the others also left behind a little bit of caution.

They tried their best to have more outstanding juniors in their family.

After all, even though they had already cultivated themselves to become cultivators at the level of Sacred Sovereigns, no one would find it too much to have two more Sacred Sovereigns in their family.

If it was not because they were worried that Ye Xiao might be angry because of that, they might even directly go down and start pulling people.

Pulling one person in that would be a cultivator at the level of a Sacred Sovereign!

If they pulled a few more people in, their own family clan would have a few more Sacred Sovereigns in the future.

Just thinking about it made them very excited.

The Sacred Sovereigns quickly selected their parents.

The various large families immediately began to make arrangements.

Those young people who were selected by the Sacred Sovereigns, regardless of whether they were already married or not, were directly sent into the bridal chamber.

It was not too late to get into the car first and then buy tickets.

After they were pregnant, the Sacred Sovereigns would begin to fuse their primordial souls into their bodies and then begin to grow.

The big families used the laws of time, space, all sorts of laws, and all sorts of top-grade resources to rapidly throw their lives in.

Xuanyuan Long and the other cultivators at the Sacred Sovereign realm even created the space outside for one minute and inside for one year to speed up the birth of those Sacred Sovereigns.

Thus, the birth of the Sacred Sovereigns was done in the blink of an eye.

After they were born, it was much easier.

They could continue to use all kinds of rich resources and throw their lives away.

In any case, those children were cultivators at the level of Sacred Sovereigns.

They had rich cultivation experience and all kinds of super-powerful cultivation techniques that perfectly matched the stages of cultivation.

Then, they created some space faults outside for a minute and inside for countless years.

After cultivating inside for hundreds or thousands of years, they would be able to recover the cultivation of Sacred Sovereigns in a minute.

Even if they could not recover their cultivation at its peak, they were already very close to it.

The entire Xuan Yuan immortal sect had almost no end to Lightning Tribulations.

That was because the gifts were shared by the entire clan, the other clansmen could also enjoy a portion of the gifts.

Hence, the other clansmen were also brought along and raised their cultivation by a whole wave.

Such rapid cultivation brought great gifts to Ye Xiao.

After they advanced to the Sacred Sovereign realm, Ye Xiao finally surpassed the final barrier and successfully reached the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures!


The moment Ye Xiao advanced to the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures, the entire universe in his eyes seemed to have changed.

The universe in his eyes was no longer the same as before.

Instead, it had become a three-dimensional, somewhat virtual feeling.

Outside the universe in his eyes, there seemed to be other four-dimensional domains that similarly existed.

“Could those be other worlds”

That feeling of Ye Xiaos was very wonderful, but he had already figured something out in his heart.

The Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures had already begun to gradually evolve towards the Celestial Sovereign!


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