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Feeling the strength in his body rise to a whole new level once again, Ye Xiaos mood became better.

The strength of the Sacred Sovereign with 11 apertures was many times stronger than the Sacred Sovereign with 10 apertures.

Moreover, after advancing to that level, Ye Xiao seemed to feel that he had some new insights on the path of martial arts.

That feeling was very mysterious.

It was as if he could suppress everything around him.

However, other than that suppression, there was also a special feeling.

That was, Ye Xiaos connection with the world seemed to have become even closer.

That suppression of his did not seem to be purely suppression.

Instead, it carried a feeling of dominance.

That made Ye Xiao have a vague doubt.

Could it be that after becoming a Celestial Sovereign, he was an overlord-level existence in a universe

Moreover, that overlord-level existence was not only powerful enough but also the ruler of the universe.

Could a Celestial Sovereign be connected to the fate of the universe

If that was the case, Ye Xiao had a vague feeling that something was not quite right.

In the process of his growth, the Xuan Yuan immortal territory had once brought him many constraints.

If not for the Xuan Yuan immortal territory, he would not have needed to go through so much trouble many times.

Of course, the Xuan Yuan immortal sect had helped him many times before.

Furthermore, they were of the same bloodline as him.

It was understandable for him to take care of them.

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However, if the universe needed him to take care of it at the moment, then Ye Xiao would not be willing.

That would not bring any benefits.

Ye Xiao was not a Sacred Sovereign.

He would not be willing to do things for free for no reason.

The universe was already targeted by someone.

It was very likely that there was a Celestial Sovereign behind it.

The reason why Ye Xiao eliminated those Celestial Sovereigns was to ensure the balance of that universe in a short period of time.

That was because his current cultivation was not enough.

He did not want the universe to collapse.

He wanted to make sure that he and the Xuan Yuan immortal sect had no place to settle down.

However, after becoming a Celestial Sovereign, Ye Xiaos lifespan was still unknown.

It was possible that any random start would be calculated in terabytes.

If that were the case, in the countless eras that he had lived, everything that happened in the universe would affect him, right

That was not what Ye Xiao wanted to see.

He did not want to be someones long-term nanny.

Moreover, that nanny was unpaid.

However, he also felt puzzled.

It was obvious that the Ancestral Dragon had long advanced to that level.

Why did he seem as if nothing had happened to him

That was because if he was still involved with the universe, then he should not sit idly by.

The Celestial Sovereigns of other worlds should have made a move on that world.

Therefore, that made Ye Xiao unable to help but feel deeply puzzled.

What exactly was the situation that caused such a thing to happen in front of him

After thinking about it, Ye Xiao could not think of a reasonable explanation.

However, he could not summon the Ancestral Dragon again because of such a small matter.

If that were the case, the Ancestral Dragon would probably die from anger.

Forget it.

He did not want to be bothered about that matter for the moment and proceeded to the next step first.

‘They seemed to have said before that theres an existence called Sacred Sovereign Aurora.

Moreover, that fellows cultivation seems to be very strong.

He might even be able to resist me.

I wonder what his cultivation is If its possible, he might even be able to raise my cultivation further.

I just dont know if theres a chance to help me advance to the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures and enter the final layer of the Sacred Sovereign realm.

Thinking of that, Ye Xiao turned around and rushed back to the Xuan Yuan immortal territory.

He had already absorbed too many Sacred Sovereigns those few days!

Although the Void celestial art had already unleashed the vast majority of them, there was still a portion that had not been completely refined.

It was just like eating a meal.

It was impossible for the intestines and stomach to digest everything in one go.

They still needed to settle down further.

Of course, the Sacred Sovereign had gone through a lot of tempering and there were no impurities in his body.

Ye Xiao would not produce any impurities after digesting them, so he would not poop.

Time flew by.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed in the starry sky.

Within a short month, the starry sky seemed calm, but in reality, it was surging with wind and clouds every day.

The destroyed sects had been gradually rebuilt by their disciples.

Some of the resurrected archaic Sacred Sovereigns had also started to rebuild their orthodoxies.

Some of them were working alone, while others were working together.

Some brand new sects and forces had gradually become famous!

For example, the Soaring Dragon immortal sect, the Celestial Burial immortal sect, the Ten Directions immortal sect… They were all newly emerging factions that had been very active recently.

The scale of some of those factions was not even inferior to the scale of the major factions before that cataclysm, causing people to be extremely fearful.

It was inevitable that there would be some fights and casualties during that process.

As the biggest existence in the entire universe at present, the Xuan Yuan immortal sect did not intend to get involved in the muddy water.

Ye Xiao dealing with those Sacred Sovereigns was considered to be fighting against external enemies, and those people could at most be considered to be internal conflicts within the universe.

Moreover, from another point of view, since the Xuan Yuan immortal sect was already the strongest existence in the entire universe, there was no need for them to compete with others.

The best resources in the entire universe were all there with them.

There was no reason for them to starve everyone to death after snatching away all the resources outside.

Even if they snatched all of them, they would not be able to use all of them!

In addition, within that one month, those archaic Sacred Sovereigns who were collecting the World Creation fragments became much more obedient.

It was unknown if they were frightened by Ye Xiaos reputation.

That also increased the development of the other factions.

After all, there were too many high-level cultivators among them.

Every one of them was an existence at the late stage of the Sacred Sovereign realm.

Even if there were many powerful archaic Sacred Sovereigns, they were not their match.

Since they did not come out, the others could rest assured and develop their factions.

However, a month later, in a certain place in the starry sky, an existence that caused the entire starry sky to change color once again gathered.

It was the archaic Sacred Sovereigns that were searching for the World Creation fragment!

At that time, a total of 13 people came!

13 high-level cultivators!

Each of them had the cultivation of late-stage Sacred Sovereigns!

The weakest among them was an existence that was a Sacred Sovereign with eight apertures!

That lineup was enough to sweep across the entire starry sky.

Apart from the Xuan Yuan immortal sect, there was no other faction.

No, to be precise, it was all the other factions.

The 13 high-level cultivators gathered together and looked at the void barrier in front of them.

Their eyes were filled with deep respect.

It was very obvious that there was a terrifying existence in that place that they respected.

“Time is almost up.

Senior Sacred Sovereign Aurora should be about to advance, right”

“Senior Sacred Sovereign Auroras cultivation was already at the Sacred Sovereign with 11 apertures.

I wonder if he managed to advance to the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures at that time”

“He will definitely advance.

His aptitude is already very good.

Moreover, before he entered seclusion, he received a portion of the World Creation fragment that we gave him.

There shouldnt be much of a problem for him to advance.”

“After senior successfully advances this time, he will have the strength of the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures.

He should be taken away by the God, right”

When he said that, everyone present couldnt help but reveal looks of envy.

“Once he is taken away by the God, under the protection of the God, his cultivation should be able to become a Celestial Sovereign, right”

A Celestial Sovereign!

That was a cultivation level that many people did not even dare to think about!

Even if many people had already cultivated the powerful cultivation level of the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures, they might not be able to successfully advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm.

However, as long as they were taken away by him, they would definitely be able to successfully advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm.

Therefore, their eyes could not help but reveal the most intense desire.

Everyone was fantasizing that they would one day be able to successfully advance to that level.

Their cultivation base and aptitude were all very low.

At the very least, among the Sacred Sovereigns, they should all be at the bottom.

There were even some people who were still unable to advance to the Sacred Sovereign realm.

In the beginning, they were only Imperial Immortals.

Later on, they relied on plundering the World Creation fragment to successfully advance to their current cultivation base.

Their talent was simply not worth mentioning!

Moreover, even existences like them, who were not worth mentioning, were able to successfully advance to the Sacred Sovereign realm.

How great of an honor was that

At that moment, someone suddenly spoke,

“Look, Senior Sacred Sovereign Aurora is coming out.”

After saying that, everyone immediately looked forward.

As expected, the spatial barrier in front of them began to slowly distort.

However, it did not shatter.

Instead, a black hole appeared out of thin air.

It was as if someone had used the power of laws to create a black hole in the spatial barrier instead of tearing it apart.

When everyone saw that scene, their pupils could not help but constrict.

Their hearts could not help but begin to beat faster.

“Creating a black hole! The Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures is indeed extremely terrifying! He has actually reached such a level that he can create such a terrifying thing out of thin air!”

In the next second, a large hand slowly stretched out from the black hole, supporting the edge of the black hole as it slowly stepped out.

It was a figure that looked like a withered tree trunk.

His figure was extremely thin and weak, and his hand was like a dried tree branch.

It was dry and slender as if it was only skin and bones as if it had no life at all.

Moreover, his body did not release any aura or pressure.

If it was not because they saw him, the others might not even have noticed him.

However, everyone knew that that was the most terrifying part of the other party.

He was clearly standing in front of you, but it was as if you could not feel it.

His strength had already completely surpassed the level of everyone present, reaching a whole new height.

It made them not even have the qualifications to look up to him.

Between Sacred Sovereigns, there was a huge difference in the cultivation of each aperture.

For an existence like Ye Xiao who could fight across levels, there were only a few people in the entire universe.

Therefore, between Sacred Sovereigns, each higher aperture was powerful enough to look down on an existence with a lower aperture.

Not to mention, the person in front of them was very likely an existence who had already successfully advanced to the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures.

Compared to the few people present, he might even be several levels higher!

One could imagine how powerful he was.

“We pay our respects to Senior Aurora!”

Everyone immediately knelt down and kowtowed to Sacred Sovereign Aurora.

Sacred Sovereign Aurora swept a glance at everyone.

Although it was just a very ordinary glance, everyone present felt as if they had been seen through in an instant.

In front of Sacred Sovereign Aurora, they did not seem to have any secrets at all.

However, that also made everyone even more excited.

That was because the stronger Sacred Sovereign Aurora was, the more he would be able to successfully defeat Ye Xiao.

Furthermore, after defeating Ye Xiao, the universe would lose the protection of the strong again.

At that time, they could continue to brazenly plunder the World Creation fragment!

In that universe, only an extremely unique existence like Ye Xiao could kill enemies of a higher level.

People like him were extremely rare.

Otherwise, the entire universe would be in chaos, right

“Senior, have you successfully advanced”

One of the Sacred Sovereigns could not help but ask.

The others immediately looked at him with shining eyes, their eyes filled with hope.

Although everyone had vaguely guessed it, they still wanted to confirm it.

After all, it was a big matter.

They had to hear it from the other partys mouth.

The Sacred Sovereign Aurora said faintly,

“If I didnt advance, how could I come out of seclusion”

Hearing that, everyone present was extremely excited.

“Congratulations, Senior Sacred Sovereign Aurora, for successfully advancing to the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures!”

Sacred Sovereign Aurora nodded his head in satisfaction and looked in the direction above his head.

“Ive cultivated for so many years before finally advancing to the realm before my eyes.

I finally have the opportunity to meet the God!

“Back then, the Gods gift was as if it was the day after yesterday.

I still remember it clearly.

“Every word that the old man said seemed to still reverberate in my ears.

“Now, I have finally not let him down.”

Hearing those words, everyone felt their blood boil.

They were the same as the Sacred Sovereign Aurora.

They were all enlightened and gifted by the God, which was why they had their current cultivation.

Therefore, their feelings were the same as Sacred Sovereign Auroras.

They all wanted to advance as soon as possible and meet their God.

“Senior Aurora has already advanced to the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures.

He will be able to meet the God soon.

Congratulations, Senior!”

Sacred Sovereign Aurora nodded.

Then, he looked in another direction.

That was the direction of the Xuan Yuan immortal territory.

After reaching his level, even if he had never been to the Xuan Yuan immortal territory, he could still clearly know the location of that place.

That was because his current perception was too vast.

With a glance, he could sweep through countless star areas.

“However, before I leave this universe and head to look for the God, theres still one more thing I have to do.”

Everyones hearts jolted, and they were immediately overjoyed.

They naturally knew what it was.

Kill Ye Xiao!

Everyone was all excited.

After all, as long as Ye Xiao was alive, their hearts would feel uneasy!

Only when Ye Xiao fell would they have hope.

Ye Xiao was like a huge mountain pressing down on their hearts, making it difficult for them to even breathe.


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