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In a certain vast starry sky, as space distorted, two figures slowly appeared.

They stepped out of the void and stood face to face.

“Can you feel it The Sacred Sovereign Dragon and Snow are already dead.”

“I didnt expect them to die so quickly.

How long has it been and theyre already gone”

“You have to know that one of them is even an existence with the Sacred Sovereign with nine apertures.

“In the current universe, to be able to destroy the two of them so easily, if Im not surprised, its most likely Ye Xiaos doing.”

“I didnt expect that this Ye Xiao actually killed both of them! Hes really ruthless!”

“Now is not the time to discuss whether hes ruthless or not.

Its very likely that he has already discovered our conspiracy, and it should be possible for him to deal with us.

Although our cultivation is very strong, Ye Xiao is a ruthless person.

He is not so easy to deal with.

We must work together to have a chance of winning.”

“Right! Gather all the archaic Sacred Sovereigns and we shall deal with Ye Xiao together.

Coincidentally, Ye Xiao has the Xuan Yuan immortal sect behind him.

They all have pure True Immortal blood in their bodies.

If everyone shares a portion, they might be able to raise their aptitude and strength by quite a bit.

“At that time, well be even closer to advancing to the Celestial Sovereign realm!”

“Lets go and join up with the others!”

Just as the two of them finished speaking, a resplendent radiance suddenly bloomed in the distant starry sky!

It was a sword light!

That sword light was as fast as lightning and its speed was hair-raising!

Even two cultivators at the level of a Sacred Sovereign did not dare to say that they could withstand that sword!

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“So strong! Run!”

Their pupils constricted, and they instantly disappeared from where they were, trying to dodge that attack.

However, although they thought it was beautiful, the reality was very cruel.

The opponents speed was too fast, far beyond what the two of them could bear.

One of them was relatively fast, barely dodging that sword.

However, even if he managed to dodge the center of the sword, he could not dodge the aftershock.

As soon as the aftershock appeared, his blood essence and spiritual energy surged.

At that moment, it was as if he had been hit in the chest by a high-level cultivator.

The overly powerful force caused his body to fly backward quickly and crash into other celestial bodies.

Several celestial bodies exploded on the spot, and he suffered minor injuries as a result.

His companion was not so lucky.

Under that sword attack, he was turned into ashes on the spot and exploded.

That sword attack was too fast and too powerful so he had no way to resist it.

A dazzling light burst out, and everything in the world was mercilessly devoured by that light.

Countless celestial bodies and stars continuously burst out of the light.

Those were all the resources within the World Creation fragment that the Sacred Sovereign had devoured.

Many celestial bodies collided together, producing an endless stream of explosions.

The light came wave after wave.

The Sacred Sovereigns heart sank, and he immediately prepared to escape.

Even if he used his toes, he could roughly guess who had attacked.

It was most likely Ye Xiao!

In the entire current universe, among the hostile forces, only he alone had the strength to deal with them!

If he was captured by him, needless to say, he would definitely die without a burial ground.

Though he had clearly underestimated Ye Xiaos level.

At the instant he disappeared, all the energy and matter in that large star field began to retreat frantically, as if there was a black hole behind that could devour everything.

The speed of the Sacred Sovereign started to slow down because of that sudden suction force, and soon, it fell to the freezing point.

Moreover, not only that, when his speed fell to the freezing point, his body started to move backward.


All the hair on his body could not help but stand up.

That was too terrifying.

No one could withstand it.

It was as if one knew that if the reins were pulled to a certain extent, one would die, but there was nothing one could do.

One could only watch helplessly as it was pulled up.

He tried his best to resist, but in the end, he was unable to stop himself.

He knew that he was finished.

There was no hope left.

Perhaps it was due to despair, but at the last moment, he actually gave up resisting and chose to turn around to look for Ye Xiao.

To see if that legendary figure had anything special about him

He turned his head around and a figure appeared before his eyes.

He looked extremely young, with black hair, black eyes, and slightly white skin.

His appearance was also very handsome.

“Is this Ye Xiao”

He could not help but mutter, but his heart was extremely shocked.

Clearly, he did not expect Ye Xiao to be so young.

He knew that a cultivator at the level of the Sacred Sovereign could already change his appearance at will.

However, he could observe Ye Xiaos age through the age of his bones.

That was basically impossible to fake.

Seeing that scene, he did not know why, but he suddenly felt a sense of relief in his heart.

That was right, it was relief!

It could also be said to be admiration!

Towards an extremely powerful heaven-defying genius like Ye Xiao, he was completely convinced.

Being able to die at the hands of such a person was also the best way to protect ones dignity, right Perhaps it could be said to be glory

“You… Are you really Ye Xiao”

He raised a question and wanted to confirm it again, but unfortunately, Ye Xiao did not respond to him.

With a casual sword, his head was directly chopped off.

Following his death, all the energy in his body was also rapidly devoured by Ye Xiao.

All the energy in the surroundings was devoured by his Void celestial art and endlessly converted into his own use, increasing his strength.

Waves of thunder-like explosive sounds were emitted from within Ye Xiaos body.

That was his continuously increasing strength, surging within his body.

However, that did not matter.

As he became more and more powerful, those energies would soon be completely suppressed by him.

After Ye Xiao absorbed everything, he clenched his fist and felt the energy in his body increase significantly.

He could not help but feel a little joy in his heart.

The speed at which his strength increased was very fast, very much to his liking.

In just a short two days, he had already used the Void celestial art to find quite a few Sacred Sovereigns.

Moreover, because those archaic Sacred Sovereigns had devoured the World Creation fragment for too long, their current cultivation had basically reached the Sacred Sovereign with seven, or eight apertures, or even higher existences.

Those cultivation levels were not far from him, and they could achieve a substantial increase in his strength.

It was very perfect.

Ye Xiao estimated that it would not be long before he would be able to advance to the Sacred Sovereign with 11 apertures.

Once he reached the 11 apertures, would the 12 apertures still be far away

After the 12 apertures, Ye Xiao could smoothly advance to the strength of a Celestial Sovereign.

Just thinking about it made him feel very excited.

At that moment, his eyelids suddenly moved and he looked in a direction in the distance.

‘Looks like I gained quite a lot today.

Theres actually another one in that direction.

Im really lucky.

After that thought, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly, and his body instantly disappeared from the spot.

A few days later, a few figures gathered in a certain spot in the void.

Those figures were also high-level cultivators in the Sacred Sovereign realm, but each of their faces was filled with solemnity.

“I didnt expect that in such a short period of time, Ye Xiao would have killed so many of our companions.

If this continues, all of us will be killed by him.

“If thats the case, wouldnt the cultivation that we painstakingly obtained over the past 100,000 years all become stepping stones for him”

“Who would have thought that after Sacred Sovereign Shang died, Ye Xiao would appear in the blink of an eye! What bad luck!”

“We cant continue waiting for death like this.

We should join forces to fight against Ye Xiao.”

“However, that fellow is able to kill enemies of a higher level.

Furthermore, his cultivation should be above ours.

If we rush forward rashly, even if so many of us join forces, we wont be a match for him.

Who knows, we might just deliver ourselves to his doorstep and all of us will become his food!”

“Dont worry, theres no need for us to deal with that fellow.

Someone will take care of him.”

“What are you talking about… ”

“In these two days, Sacred Sovereign Aurora is going to come out of seclusion.

He already knows about this matter and has promised that after he comes out of seclusion, he will personally come knocking on his door and kill Ye Xiao to avenge our colleagues!”

“Good! This is really great! Sacred Sovereign Auroras strength is stronger than all of us.

He has long reached the strength of the Sacred Sovereign with 11 apertures.

Moreover, it is said that after this seclusion, it is very likely that he will successfully advance to the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures.

“If this is the case, even if the other party is able to kill enemies of a higher level, we dont need to worry anymore.

“He is 100 percent able to kill Ye Xiao.”

“Is that so If Ye Xiao dares to go against us, hes destined to die.”

As the few of them spoke, they began to secretly laugh.

However, at that moment, an extremely powerful force suddenly pressed down from above their heads.

“Looks like me dying makes you guys really happy, right”

Hearing that voice, everyones expressions instantly changed.

“Not good! Its Ye Xiao! Ye Xiao is here! Quickly escape!”

“Why did this baleful God suddenly come over How could he sense our aura This is impossible!”

Everyone had puzzled expressions, but no matter what their expressions were, Ye Xiao mercilessly suppressed them.

The terrifying power was as if the sky had collapsed, forcefully smashing several Sacred Sovereigns with eight or nine apertures, shattering the space and falling into the alternate dimension space.

However, Ye Xiaos power did not decrease.

It directly shattered the spatial barrier and once again heavily injured them.


They directly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Their auras rapidly withered on the spot.

“Ye Xiao, dont be too arrogant! Your time of death is almost up! Sacred Sovereign Aurora will take revenge for us.”

Ye Xiao disdainfully glanced at them.

He could not be bothered to look at them.

The Void celestial art suppressed and merciless power tore apart everything.

It directly suppressed the Sacred Sovereigns until their sacred bodies exploded.

Bang, Bang, Bang…

Balls of blood mist exploded.

Ye Xiao once again circulated the Void celestial art and directly swallowed their energy for his own use.

At that point, after he absorbed the energy of several Sacred Sovereigns one after another, his cultivation increased once again and finally advanced to the Sacred Sovereign with 11 apertures.


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