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Chapter 75: New Target, Body-Refining Technique

In the days that followed, Jianghai city once again returned to peace.

Ning Yuhen also returned to work.

Everything was as usual.

However, there was another legend in Jianghai city.

It was said that there was another martial arts grandmaster!

That shocking discovery once again caused a heated discussion among the netizens.

Many people felt that there might be some kind of treasure in Jianghai city, or that heavenly and earthly treasures were about to be born, to the point of attracting so many martial arts experts from major sects!

There were countless speculative posts about that mysterious martial artist on the Internet.

Just randomly clicking on one would allow one to find a strange and sinister secret of Jianghai city.

Why were there so many pregnancies in the widowed village

What villages sows had been howling in the middle of the night recently Was it a distortion of human nature or a loss of morality

The birth rate of Jianghai city is on the rise, and it is strongly urged for all the powerful individuals to come out and do the paternity test.

In short, any rubbish could be related to the martial arts experts, and the stories written were all vivid and lifelike.

If Ye Xiao had not known that those martial arts experts were actually him, he might not have been able to resist inserting a post as well.

As expected, the keyboard warriors guts were really fat.

Anyway, it was on the Internet.

No one knew who it was, so he could just blindly write a few words.

With so many people saying it, it was impossible for a great grandmaster to find them one by one.

Moreover, if he had the time, he might as well think of ways to improve himself.

After experiencing the events of the past few days, Ye Xiao had already noticed the Divine Intent technique.

There were still some conditions for him to use it to its full potential.

Although Ye Xiao was already able to perfectly control the Divine Intent technique and prevent himself from bumping into something that he should not have.

However, when the Divine Intent technique was unleashed to its limits, his skin would feel a very intense tearing sensation, as if it was going to tear apart.

That meant that his physical body was still somewhat unable to handle the speed brought about by the Divine Intent technique.

After all, the cultivation technique that the divine souls Golden Book had synthesized was much, much more powerful than an ordinary grandmaster-level cultivation technique.

The amplification had already exceeded the extent that a great grandmasters physical body could handle.

Even if the Mending the Heavens technique could repair the torn skin at any time, as long as one continued to use the Divine Intent technique, it would continue to tear, and that would be too painful.

Moreover, the blood spikes were all over the place, very contrary to his handsome appearance and somewhat laid-back inner heart.

Therefore, Ye Xiao was prepared to practice the body-refining technique in the following time.

At the end of the month, Jianghai Martial Arts Academy, Class 227, officially graduated.

Ye Xiao was not interested in that at all.

Even if Gu Hai tried to coax him, he was too lazy to go.

However, he still came in the end.

There was no other reason other than that he heard that a large faction of the Chu province Shaolin Martial Arts Academy would participate in the graduation ceremony and speech.

That kind of thing had almost become the standard of small martial arts academies like the Jianghai Martial Arts Academy.

It seemed that it was not decent enough to not invite a person with status and face to give a graduation speech.

The main reason Ye Xiao came here was to see if he could take the opportunity to obtain some basic cultivation techniques.

It was said that all martial arts in the world came from Shaolin, and Shaolin had many cultivation techniques.

Basic cultivation techniques should be relatively easy to find.

As expected, he really did find one.

The great sect old monk who was giving a speech talked about a body-refining technique, the bone-strengthening technique!

It was the Shaolin Martial Arts Academys ancestral basic body-refining technique.

It had the effect of strengthening the body, greatly increasing physical strength, and increasing the flexibility of the body.

It was said that the Shaolin body-strengthening techniques highest cultivation technique was the Tendon-changing Scripture.

However, in a place like that, it was obvious that it would not be taught.

At most, a cultivation technique like the muscle-tendon and bone-strengthening technique, which was practiced by the Shaolin disciples who had just entered the sect would be taught instead.

However, that was also very good.

Ye Xiao had also cultivated a little body-refining technique previously.

In addition to the one he had learned today, he already had six body-refining techniques.

It was estimated that it would not be long before he could successfully synthesize them.

That was already quite a good harvest.

It was wonderful.

Very few people would listen carefully to a long speech.

The disciples of Jianghai Martial Arts Academy were far from being comparable to the disciples of top martial arts academies like Jingdu or Qing Academy.

After the speech, it was time for the students to take pictures together as a memento.

Qin Yuyan and Lu Wanwan were both wearing student uniforms.

Lu Wanwans stomach was already somewhat bloated, and the buttons at the navel of the uniform could no longer be buttoned.

Gu Hai was wearing the uniform of the garrison team.

That fellow had clocked in to work in the garrison team and then came to the academy.

In the name of being on duty, he was actually playing with his wife.

He had always been rather crafty when it came to taking advantage of others.

However, what Ye Xiao did not expect was that the fellow actually managed to get into the special training camp.

He would start participating in the collective training next month.

It was really out of his expectations.

After the few of them took a simple photo together, Gu Hai and Lu Wanwan secretly found an opportunity to slip away, leaving only Ye Xiao and Qin Yuyan behind.

Before leaving, Gu Hai even made a hand signal to Ye Xiao.

One hand formed a circle, and the other hand stretched out a finger to stir the milk tea.

Ye Xiao finally understood why Gu Hai had been trying so hard to persuade him to come over.

It was because he wanted to set him up with Qin Yuyan.

He had mentioned it before.

Qin Yuyan was a fair, rich, and beautiful woman.

Moreover, she was also a young martial arts genius.

Her aptitude was very good.

If he married her, he would not have to worry about anything for the rest of his life.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiao had no interest in Qin Yuyan at all.

It was not that he had any special hobbies.

However, he was only 20 years old.

Why would he spend all his time on women

Men had to conquer the world first.

When he was invincible, what kind of women could he not find

“Where are Gu Hai, Wanwan, and the others”

“I dont know.

Maybe they went somewhere to take photos”

“These two guys actually left the two of us behind.”

“Maybe they think that the two of us are third-wheeling.”

Qin Yuyan sighed helplessly.

“Being single is hard.

Everywhere I go, Im despised by others.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“After you graduate, do you want to continue to take the postgraduate entrance examination and cultivate, or do you want to look for a job”

Qin Yuyan brushed her hair by her ear and said with a faint smile,

“Im not taking the postgraduate entrance examination anymore.

If I just focus on studying, my progress will always be limited.

Moreover, currently, the educational resources in the nine provinces are seriously lacking.

Im preparing to take the teacher establishment exam and stay in Jianghai Martial Arts Academy to teach.

Ill do my part to nurture talents for the country.”

“That sounds pretty good.”

That made Ye Xiaos impression of Qin Yuyan a little better.

A patriotic person might not necessarily be a good person, but they definitely would not be that bad!

“Oh right, in the future, when I teach, Ill need books and materials.

Ill have to trouble you more.”

“Thats fine.

If theres anything you need, Ill get Ning to prepare it for you.”


The two had just finished speaking when a voice quietly sounded from behind Ye Xiao.

“Eh! Youre here too”


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