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Ye Xiao returned to the Xuan Yuan immortal territory very quickly.

All the Sacred Sovereigns were basically meditating and cultivating.

Ye Xiao directly appeared in front of Sacred Sovereign Shang.

Everyone there was a puppet, so Ye Xiao did not have to be afraid that his conversation would be spread.

Everyone there was only loyal to him.

“Ye Xiao, youre looking for me, right”

Although Sacred Sovereign Shang was the strongest person under Ye Xiao, he was more aware of the general situation than anyone else.

The person who respected Ye Xiao the most was him.

There was a saying that said, the person who respected you the most was sometimes your strongest opponent.

Although Sacred Sovereign Shang could not be considered Ye Xiaos strongest opponent at the moment, he was once Ye Xiaos strongest opponent!

Ye Xiao nodded and replied, “Yes.

“I met someone strange.”


“I dont know who he is either, but he should be an archaic Sacred Sovereign.

Moreover, hes a Sacred Sovereign with eight apertures.

Therefore, I wanted to come back and ask you if you have any impression of him.”

Sacred Sovereign Shangs eyes moved slightly.

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“If an archaic Sacred Sovereign had existed until now, his cultivation should have been greatly reduced.

If he had existed until now and his cultivation was still so strong, then he was definitely not an ordinary person.

“You have to know that in order to protect my woman and subordinates, I also used up quite a bit of my cultivation.

When I woke up, my cultivation was only around the Sacred Sovereign with four apertures.

Later on, I also absorbed many Sacred Sovereigns from the archaic ruins, only then did I recover to the Sacred Sovereign with eight apertures.

“With that, my aptitude and cultivation could already be said to be at the top in the immemorial era.

“If the other party can even surpass me, then in the immemorial era, he should be considered a famous existence.

“Does Ye Xiao have any information about him For example, his name, or the name of his moves, or perhaps, his appearance.”

Ye Xiao did not need to think too much before he directly said,

“The move he uses will release runes.

A type of rune that looks very special.

Once all sorts of runes are displayed, the power that explodes can even match up to half the strength of your sacred art, the Discord sacred art.”

“I know him!”

Sacred Sovereign Shangs expression could not help but be a little stunned as if the other party was an old acquaintance of his.

Ye Xiao could not help but ask,

“You know him Could it be that he is also a high-level cultivator from the immemorial era”

Sacred Sovereign Shang shook his head when he heard that.

“He is not a high-level cultivator.

Strictly speaking, at that time, he was just a small fry.

When I became famous, he seemed to be just a tiny little Sacred Sovereign.”

When the surrounding Sacred Sovereigns, who were in closed-door meditation, heard that, the corners of their mouths could not help but twitch violently.

They did not know why that sentence made them feel an inexplicable offense!

Calling a Sacred Sovereign a small fry… Did you think it was such a thing to be called small

Though what made them even more aggrieved was that they had no way to refute it.

That was because they could not beat Sacred Sovereign Shang.

Therefore, no matter how angry they were, they could only stay silent.


At that time, a melodious fart sound suddenly came from the body of an unknown Sacred Sovereign.

Ye Xiao and Sacred Sovereign Shang had not even said a word before that Sacred Sovereign hurriedly apologized,

“Sorry, sorry, I didnt do it on purpose.

I just had an advancement just now, so there was an energy surge in my body.

I was careless for a moment, so you dont have to mind.”

Sacred Sovereign Shang did not want to bother with him, so he continued,

“However, you said that he has already reached the Sacred Sovereign with eight apertures.

According to common sense, it shouldnt be very realistic.

“Unless there was another reason.

“At the end of the immemorial era, this world had been invaded by extraterrestrials.

Their cultivation was very strong, and many of them were high-level Sacred Sovereign.

“They invaded our world in order to plunder the World Creation fragments of our world.

“Outside of our universe, there are other universes.

Each universe had a limited amount of energy.

As the number of high-level cultivators in the universe increased, the amount of energy and matter in the universe would always decrease.

“This was the reason why there were so many high-level cultivators in the immemorial era, but now, there were fewer and fewer of them.

“After they were defeated, many Sacred Sovereigns in our universe started to have evil thoughts.

“They also started to have designs on the World Creation fragment.

“The so-called World Creation fragment was a fragment that could support the creation of this world.

It was a supreme power of laws.

“If one could obtain that thing, no matter who it was, their cultivation would be able to rapidly advance to a level that they did not even dare to think about in a short period of time!

“That fellow is originally a Sacred Sovereign, just like my subordinates.

However, as time passes, his cultivation should decrease.

“Its even to the extent that without the protection of an existence like me, he might not even be able to maintain his cultivation at the Sacred Sovereign realm.

“But now, not only has his cultivation not decreased, it has even increased.

This means that has his hands on the World Creation fragment.”

That was the first time Ye Xiao had heard of the World Creation fragment.

He could not help but feel a little surprised, but he quickly could not help but ask,

“But why did this batch of people only appear now I did not sense them before.”

“That is because Ye Xiaos speed of raising his cultivation was too fast.

You did not come into contact with too many people before, so you might not have noticed them.

“Now, your cultivation has already increased, reaching a level where you can stand against them, or even suppress them.

Under such circumstances, you can naturally sense them clearly.”

When Ye Xiao heard that, it seemed to make some sense.

At that moment, Sacred Sovereign Shang suddenly could not help but open his mouth,

“Ye Xiao, you saidthem just now… Could it be that its not just one person”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Ive never seen anyone else like him.

However, Im confident that they were definitely not alone.

“When that fellow was captured by me and unable to escape, he was actually directly destroyed by an unknown imprint energy, not even leaving a drop of blood behind.

“If it wasnt for the organization behind him, he wouldnt have had to be so ruthless to himself.”

“Thats possible.

If it was just him alone, he wouldnt have dared to show his face so casually.

When you defeated me previously, your reputation could be said to have resounded throughout the entire universe.

He wasnt the type of person who was arrogant to begin with, so there was no need for him to run into trouble by himself, dont you think so

“Moreover, there was another reason.

They were completely hostile existences.

“In the immemorial era, the Sacred Sovereigns were divided into two categories.

The first category was the conservative faction represented by me.

We didnt want anything to happen to this universe.

Therefore, we didnt allow those people to have any ideas about the World Creation fragment.

“Once too many World Creation fragments were plundered, the universe might collapse.

“They didnt care about this at all.

In order to successfully advance to the Sacred Sovereign realm, they would do anything.

They didnt care about the safety of this universe.

“Because in their opinion, as long as they successfully advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm, they would be able to leave this universe and go to other big universes.

“As long as they could survive and have the cultivation level of a Celestial Sovereign, nothing else mattered.

“Anyway, high-level cultivators at the Celestial Sovereign realm could survive even in other universes.

“The reason why they did not come out previously was probably that they were worried about the confrontation between them and the conservatives.

“Now, even the strongest existence, me, has been captured by you and refined into a puppet.

They have also lost their greatest enemy.

“Moreover, you did not know of their existence in the beginning.

“Therefore, this is very beneficial to their progress!

“Its just that they did not expect to be noticed by you so quickly.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

If it was not for Sacred Sovereign Shang telling him about the situation, he would not have known about the existence of such a group of people.

“The question now is, do I have any way to find them”

Sacred Sovereign Shang continued,

“If you want to find them, you first have to confirm whether or not they are that person.

“If they are, there should be a lot more things in the place where he just died.

That is the energy and material that he has accumulated from plundering the World Creation fragments from other places.

It will be thrown into the place where he just died.

“Moreover, there should be other people who will collect those World Creation fragments to prevent you from discovering any clues.”

Ye Xiao was startled, but his eyes immediately narrowed and he instantly disappeared from where he was.

He had just returned not too long ago.

If the other party was really as Sacred Sovereign Shang had said, then he should have already started moving by then.

He absolutely could not allow the other party to destroy the universe so easily.

The current universe had its own family and clansmen.

Once they were destroyed by the other party, everything here would be annihilated.

More importantly, his current cultivation base was only at the Sacred Sovereign with ten apertures.

He had not reached the Celestial Sovereign realm yet, so he could not easily transfer to another universe.

Therefore, from a certain perspective, if the universe was destroyed, he might be destroyed as well.

How could he allow such a thing to happen

At the same time, the figures in the other star areas also sensed that special fluctuation at the same time.

“Sacred Sovereign Shi Fang has been killed.”

“His cultivation base has already advanced to the Sacred Sovereign with eight apertures.

There are very few people in this world who can fight with him, let alone kill him.

Could it be that the other party is… The pure True Immortal blood of the Xuan Yuan immoral sect”

“Regardless of whether its him or not, the other party is definitely not on our side.

The nearest Sacred Sovereign has to rush over immediately and bring back the World Creation fragments he has collected.

Otherwise, it will attract the attention of others, especially Ye Xiao from the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

It will be big trouble.”

“Let Sacred Sovereign Snow and the Sacred Sovereign Dragon be in charge of this matter.

Do it quickly and dont let Ye Xiao discover it.

“Its not enough for us to collect the World Creation fragments.

We still need more World Creation fragments.

If we drag him into this at this time and delay our final plan, we will be in big trouble.”

“Leave it to the two of us.”

With that said, the two figures instantly disappeared from where they were and headed straight in that direction.

At the same time, Ye Xiao had also arrived at that place.

He had just arrived when he could not help but narrow his eyes slightly.

That was because all of it was indeed exactly as Sacred Sovereign Shang had said.

In the place where the Sacred Sovereign had been destroyed, there were some celestial bodies and stars that had not originally appeared out of thin air.

Those celestial bodies and stars should not exist in that place.

Ye Xiao guessed that some of those celestial bodies and stars should belong to the cultivator that he had destroyed previously.

He did not expect that there was actually such a miraculous method in the world that could take the energy and matter in the universe for his own use.

However, those people were a little too selfish.

It could even be said that they were evil.

In order to strengthen his own strength, they did not hesitate to destroy the universe that he lived in.

Those guys were simply insane.

Although Ye Xiao would sometimes make a move and hurt many people, he would not hurt those who were not hostile to him for no reason.

Those guys were different.

Their actions might very well cause the entire universe to collapse.

The number of lives destroyed in that would probably not be able to be calculated anymore.

Truly ruthless!

At that moment, Ye Xiao could not help but start to form a special thought.

That was since others could devour those things, could he also devour those things Then, after raising his strength to a Celestial Sovereign, or even a stronger world, he could traverse other worlds and similarly protect his family and clansmen.

However, he quickly woke up and broke out in cold sweat.

What a terrifying thought!

How could he have such a thought all of a sudden

No, that was not a thought that he should have had.

It was a thought left behind by the Sacred Sovereign who had died there.

Since he was the only one there, that thought had affected him.

It was a blessing that his will was very strong, so he was able to wake up very quickly.

He did not go astray and was misled by that spiritual power.

That made Ye Xiao suddenly feel a little uneasy.

Sacred Sovereign Shang had just said that it was after the universe had been invaded by cultivators from other universes that some Sacred Sovereign had such an idea and began to snatch the World Creation fragment.

There should not have been such a situation before.

Could it be that the spiritual power came from another universe and was accidentally left behind by cultivators from other universes, or that it was intentionally left behind to collect the World Creation fragment

If that was the case, could there be an even more terrifying conspiracy

One had to know that after advancing to the Sacred Sovereign realm, one could already cross over to other universes.

However, the problem was that the Sacred Sovereign realm was not the limit.

Above the Celestial Sovereign realm, there was an even more powerful pinnacle existence, the Supreme Sovereign!

Could it be that someone wanted to use those World Creation fragments to advance to the Supreme Sovereign realm Was that why they left behind such evil thoughts and let those people help him collect the World Creation fragments They did it so they could merge them in the end

A cold glint flashed across Ye Xiaos eyes.

If that was really the case, then he had probably already unknowingly provoked an extremely terrifying existence.

Looks like he had to be on guard.


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