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Ye Xiao calmly spat out those three words.

Only then did everyone calm down the feeling of kneeling down before they could stand up.

However, everyone still could not be happy because they had only removed the feeling of worshipping under Ye Xiaos permission.

If Ye Xiao did not allow it, they would not have been able to remove it.

That was not the result they wanted at all.

Ye Xiao could not be bothered with what they were thinking.

He directly opened his mouth and said,

“I came here today to see if there is anything that you need to upgrade.

The other reason is to bring you some new partners.”

Those peoples bodies all had an automatic repair function.

However, the automatic repair function and the automatic upgrade function were two different things.

Ye Xiao did not create an auto-upgrade function for them.

The main purpose of doing so was to prevent them from escaping from his control.

That would not be good.

After Ye Xiao swept a glance, he confirmed that a few of them needed to level up.

Their primordial souls and cultivation levels had already risen.

Correspondingly, the sacred weapon-grade bodies that were forged for them also needed to be upgraded.

Only then would they be able to display 100 percent of their strength.

Only after Ye Xiao had completed that round of leveling up did he begin the second part of the work.

“The new partners that I brought this time are many people that you used to know.

Some of them are even close relatives and friends.

“As the saying goes, a family should be neat and orderly.

I hope that when you guys are together in the future, you can be happy and dont cause trouble.”

The moment those words were said, the hearts of many people present could not help but thump.

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Sacred Sovereign Yun and the rest immediately transmitted their voices,

“Could it be… Lord Shang and the rest”


When Sacred Sovereign Ziyue heard those words, he could not help but curse out loud on the spot, completely disregarding his image.

“What kind of existence is Sacred Sovereign Shang How could he be refined into a puppet by Ye Xiao Do you think that he is someone that we can compare to Idiot!”

Gu Tie said faintly,

“He lost once before.

Moreover, his cultivation isnt at the peak of the immemorial era.

Its understandable that his current strength cant defeat Ye Xiao, right”

“Absolutely impossible! Shut your stinky mouths! My Shang is the most invincible existence in this world.

Its absolutely impossible for him to lose to Ye Xiao…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Ye Xiao released those existences that he had just refined into puppets.

Then, when she saw those puppet figures, she was completely dumbfounded.

“This… How is this possible Shang… This is impossible! This is impossible!”

Her voice was slightly trembling.

She could not help but open her mouth to call out.

Looking at her expression, she fell into a kind of madness and despair.

After Ye Xiao released these people, he spoke again,

“Many of you are old friends.

Theres no need for me to introduce you one by one.

You guys can catch up on old times yourselves.”

With that said, he instantly disappeared from where he was.

Sacred Sovereign Shang looked at the Sacred Sovereign Ziyue, who was sitting on the ground, and teleported to her side.

He gently stroked her little head and comforted her,

“Silly, dont be sad.

We can be together again.

Isnt this a good thing”

Sacred Sovereign Ziyue shook his head.

“No, this is not the ending I want.

You are an unparalleled hero and a Heavens Chosen One.

How can you be Ye Xiaos slave”

Sacred Sovereign Shang let out a long sigh and smiled.

“Actually, I never thought of this problem from the beginning.

I thought that I was the fated person in the legends.

Only when I met Ye Xiao did I realize the crux of the problem.

“Perhaps in the past, I was indeed the fated person.

However, following that calamity that descended in the immemorial era, I chose to escape.

From that time onwards, I had already lost the protection of the fated person.

“The so-called fated person should be self-reliant and never lower his head.

He should be fearless and brave!

“It was I who gave up everything of mine in the immemorial era that caused me to end up in this state today.

“However, you dont have to be sad.

Ive seen through it.

Ye Xiao is stronger than me, and hes not just a little stronger.

Therefore, his future is more promising than mine.

“Perhaps, by becoming his puppet, the status, benefits, and strength we obtain in the future might not necessarily be stronger than us fighting alone!”


At that moment, not only was it Sacred Sovereign Ziyue but even everyone present could not help but feel a wave of trepidation.

Ye Xiao had actually obtained such great praise from Sacred Sovereign Shang!

What kind of joke was that

Who was Sacred Sovereign Shang That was the pride of the immemorial era.

He was a peerless existence that people could not resist and could not resist.

Despite that, even he had made such a high evaluation of Ye Xiao.

It could be imagined just how strong Ye Xiaos true strength was.

At that moment, there were quite a number of people among them who suddenly had an additional form of admiration towards Ye Xiao.

Their loyalty towards Ye Xiao had become even higher.

Ye Xiao, who had just arrived outside, suddenly felt that he had obtained a lot of loyalty and faith.

He could not help but be stunned.

“This is… ”

He used his divine sense to check and very quickly confirmed what was going on.

That made him a little surprised.

He did not expect that after putting Sacred Sovereign Shang in, there would actually be such a good thing that directly helped him convert so many people, causing their loyalty to him to increase by a large margin.

He had earned a huge sum for nothing!


However, it was not the time to think about that, but the time to think about serious matters.

He released his divine sense once again, sensing the distance.

At that time, time became a little slow.

After all, he was exploring the entire universe.

With Ye Xiaos current strength of the Sacred Sovereign with ten apertures, it was impossible for him to do a detailed scan all at once.

He very quickly found the first unusual location.

With a thought, he instantly disappeared from where he was.

When he reappeared, he had already arrived at that place.

It was a sect that had been completely destroyed.

It had already completely turned into a pure starry domain.

There was not a single trace of it left at the scene.

The other partys strength was very strong.

He should have completely destroyed a huge area in an instant, so much so that not even a speck of dust remained inside.

Such terrifying strength was something that even a Sacred Sovereign Shang could not easily do.

At the very least, a low-level lord could not do it.

Those who could do it were at least above the Sacred Sovereign with eight apertures.

In that era, very few people could have such a level.

It could be said that it was rare in that world.

The only possibility was that the Sacred Sovereign came from the immemorial era.

Back then in the archaic ruins, those archaic Sacred Sovereigns who had successfully possessed were not all killed by him.

However, none of them could reach such a level of cultivation.

Logically speaking, it should not be them.

Could it be that there were Sacred Sovereigns saints They had not been discovered by him

After being slightly silent for a moment, Ye Xiao closed his eyes and began to execute the Void celestial art.

The power of the Void celestial art allowed him to use another stance to explore the profoundness of the world, and that was the gods perspective.

It was also possible that it was because the power of celestial art had already reached the limit that the world could withstand, so it had already transcended beyond the laws.

When Ye Xiao executed that godly perspective, his line of sight could see every single place within the range of the cultivation technique.

That perspective was different from the divine sense and also different from the vision of an ordinary Primordial Pupil.

Instead, it was in a very mysterious state, as if it was looking through the main body of the four worlds, and then looking at the entire world.

From that perspective, he was like a person standing outside the world, and even he himself was covered by that perspective.

Under that perspective, there was no existence that could shield his aura.

Even if the other party had already reached the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures,it was impossible for him to achieve this step.

Ye Xiao had used Sacred Sovereign Shang to experiment.

After he had forged Sacred Sovereign Shang into a puppet, he was already able to display all of the cultivation of the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures that he possessed.

Ye Xiao had him conceal his aura before using the godly perspective of the Void celestial art to scan.

It was very easy to discover him.

Under that perspective, Ye Xiao quickly discovered a figure.

It was a figure that he had never seen before.

Moreover, what was even stranger was that his cultivation had already advanced to the Sacred Sovereign with eight apertures.

This cultivation was extremely rare.

Among the known existences, no one was able to achieve that level.

Who was his identity

At that moment, the other party seemed to have sensed something and immediately began to teleport away.

Ye Xiao was stunned.

He did not expect such a situation to happen.

What he used was the power of celestial art.

Although the other party was a Sacred Sovereign with eight apertures and was already very powerful, his cultivation was not his match.

His cultivation technique was only the sacred art and similarly could not compare to his celestial art.

‘How did he discover me

With a heavy heart, Ye Xiao directly teleported over and blocked in front of him.

His speed was very fast, but Ye Xiaos speed was even faster!

“Not good!”

The instant he saw Ye Xiao, his expression changed in shock.

Following that, he punched out without any hesitation.

A powerful force was reflected from his fist, forming many strange pure silver runes.

The power of those runes was too powerful.

In the starry sky, with just a flash, the spatial barrier was shattered, and the stars in the sky trembled incessantly.

Some celestial bodies were within a million miles away.

They even directly exploded because they could not withstand that powerful aura.

That was simply unimaginable.

The other partys strength was actually so strong.

Although it could not be said that he had completely reached Sacred Sovereign Shangs level, he was actually able to reach half of Sacred Sovereign Shangs level.

One had to know that Sacred Sovereign Shangs strength was very strong.

With the help of the fusion of many sacred arts, he could easily display an offensive strength that surpassed that of the same level.

In other words, he could fight across levels.

Ye Xiao was slightly stronger than him.

He could skip levels by two or even three levels.

Moreover, when fighting against existences above level four, he also had the chance to flee for his life without dying.

That was something that ordinary people could not do.

The problem was that the fellow in front of him was able to reach half of Sacred Sovereign Shang That already meant that he had a very high suppressive victory rate against existences of the same tier.

When did so many high-level cultivators suddenly appear in that world

What a good fellow.

Just a random person who ran out had that strength.

Ye Xiao was stunned for a moment, but he recovered very quickly.

The instant his eyes moved, he directly used his Primordial Pupil to forcefully shatter the runic power that the persons punch brought out.

It was not just the runic power, because Ye Xiao was already a Sacred Sovereign with ten apertures, and his actual combat strength was much higher than the other partys.

Therefore, Ye Xiao was able to shatter his arm with a casual glance.

Under Ye Xiaos glance, his arm continuously exploded, and the nine-colored golden sacred blood inside drifted in the starry sky.

“D*mn it!”

Seeing that his attack had failed, he immediately prepared to escape.

Moreover, he used the Explosive Blood technique to escape at the fastest speed possible.

The more complicated the power of the Explosive Blood technique was, the more powerful it would be when used.

Its strength was strengthened through the strengthening of bloodline power, and it itself was an existence that surpassed the power of laws.

Therefore, the moment the other party used the Explosive Blood technique, the power of laws could not restrain him.

He had already surpassed the current four-dimensional space and could freely gallop.

The power of space within the four-dimensional space.

It could no longer suppress him.

It was like a sports car that had no wind resistance, was unobstructed, and could unleash its speed to the extreme.

However, Ye Xiao was not a fool.

He was no longer the small fry from back then.

The current him was a super cultivator of the Sacred Sovereign with ten apertures!

Along the way, his battle experience was countless!

Therefore, he had long anticipated that the other party might use that move.

Therefore, in order to prevent the other party from escaping, he had sealed that space in advance and used the power of the celestial art.

He could easily seal the four-dimensional space or even the five-dimensional space.

Hence, just as that Sacred Sovereign wanted to escape, he bumped into Ye Xiaos blockade line and was directly bounced back.


He let out a miserable cry and Ye Xiao immediately executed the Void celestial art, wanting to invade his spiritual sea.

At that moment, an incident suddenly happened.

His spiritual sea, along with his body, actually exploded and was completely destroyed, not leaving a single trace!

Ye Xiaos expression was somewhat solemn.

That was because the other partys body had some kind of mark placed in advance.

Once it was triggered, it would directly detonate his sacred body and completely destroy his entire existence!

Good heavens, looks like there should be other existences behind that fellow.

Otherwise, he would not be so ruthless.

The other party was far from just that cultivator, but an organization.

Unfortunately, he had just found out about the other partys existence and the other party had already self-destructed.

He did not obtain any information at all.

That made Ye Xiao feel that it was a threat.

An extremely powerful mysterious organization might bring about the danger of destruction to his clan.

He still did not know about the other partys information.

Looks like he had to find out the mastermind behind the other party.

‘The power that the other party displayed just now, Ive never seen it before.

Could it be the sacred art from the immemorial era If thats the case, Sacred Sovereign Shang might know something.

Id better go back and ask him to see if there are any results.

With that thought in mind, Ye Xiao directly turned around and disappeared on the spot.

At the instant he disappeared, this starry sky suddenly trembled slightly.

Those celestial bodies that had been destroyed earlier had actually recovered to their original state.

Not only that, there were even some more.


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