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Ye Xiao took out all the primordial souls of the archaic Sacred Sovereigns.

All the archaic Sacred Sovereigns looked at him angrily.

“Ye Xiao, what exactly do you want If you want to kill, then kill.

Dont do anything stupid!”

Ye Xiao only glanced at them indifferently and said expressionlessly,

“I wont kill you.

I want to refine you into puppets and use them to help me protect the Xuan Yuan immortal territory.”

The moment those words were said, it instantly caused everyones reaction.

“What did you say Say it again”

Ye Xiao spoke indifferently.

“Ive already said it once.

I wont say it again.”

Everyone became agitated.

“B*stard! Dont go too far! You absorbed our energy and used it to raise your cultivation.

You even want to refine our primordial souls into puppets, so that we can never reincarnate.”

“Youre going too far.

Do you really think that were fish meat that can be slaughtered by you”

“If you really dare to do this, then well fight to the death with you even if we have to destroy our primordial souls and scatter our souls!”

Unfortunately, Ye Xiao only swept a glance at them and instantly suppressed all of them.

All of the archaic Sacred Sovereigns primordial souls felt as if an entire world was pressing down on their heads when they were stared at by Ye Xiao.

They were so heavy that they could not raise their heads and did not have any ability to resist at all.

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Ye Xiaos current cultivation had already successfully advanced to the Sacred Sovereign with ten apertures.

To them, it was simply a degree of suppression.

A casual glance from him was a destruction-level existence to those people.

“My God! How did he suddenly become so strong Previously in the archaic ruins, his cultivation was still far from reaching this level! How long has it been Only a little over a months time has passed!”

“This fellow increased his speed.

How did he become so fast”

“Its Sacred Sovereign Shang! Sacred Sovereign Shang absorbed another portion of the archaic ruins energy.

After that, Sacred Sovereign Shang lost to Ye Xiao, so it was equivalent to the energy of all the archaic Sacred Sovereigns in the entire archaic ruins.

Apart from some Sacred Sovereigns who succeeded in possessing others, almost all of them ended up in Ye Xiaos hands.

Thats why he was able to raise his strength to such a powerful level in such a short period of time.”

“D*mn it! Sacred Sovereign Shang, this is all a good thing that youve done.

Why dont you quickly unite with us to resist him Otherwise, well all become his puppets.

“At that time, we wont have a chance to escape anymore.

Well only become walking corpses at his mercy.

Well have to do whatever he wants us to do.

We wont even have any dignity.”

However, Sacred Sovereign Shang only closed his eyes and did not say a word.

He was stronger than anyone else present.

Moreover, he was also the only person who had truly fought with Ye Xiao.

Therefore, he was also clearer than anyone else that Ye Xiao was not someone they could deal with.

No matter how much they struggled, it was all in vain.

Ye Xiao was different from ordinary people.

He had absolute control at the same level.

That was not right.

Based on Sacred Sovereign Shangs experience, Ye Xiao had already reached the Sacred Sovereign with ten apertures.

He was only two apertures away from the Celestial Sovereign.

A super genius like Ye Xiao also had a true heavens path cultivation.

Even if he were to cross two apertures to kill the enemy, he was confident and had a very high chance of winning.

Therefore, from a certain point of view, Ye Xiao was an invincible existence below the level of a Celestial Sovereign!

With that group of Sacred Sovereigns, and they were even Sacred Sovereigns who had been beaten until only their primordial soul was left, wanting to go against Ye Xiao was simply courting death.

Of course, that did not mean that Sacred Sovereign Shang was willing to be used by Ye Xiao because of that.

As a prodigy of a generation, he naturally did not want to be controlled by Ye Xiao.

Instead, he was clear about one thing.

It was something very important.

That was why Ye Xiao did not kill them because he did not want them to die.

He wanted to refine them into puppets.

In addition, with Ye Xiaos powerful strength, he could completely suppress them.

He definitely would not let them die.

Under such a situation, resisting was not only futile, but it might also cause him to lose face.

After he had seen through everything, he would not do anything that would cause him to lose face.

“Hey! Sacred Sovereign Shang, say something! What do you mean by not saying a word”

“D*mn it! Dont bother with this trash anymore.

I see that his martial heart has been shattered, and he has become a complete waste.

He can not be counted on!”

“Lets go.

We have to burn our primordial souls in exchange for strength to obtain a sliver of life force.

Even if we die, we definitely cant be refined into puppets by him.”

However, before everyone could make a move, Ye Xiao directly said indifferently.

“In Ye Xiaos name, kneel down and seal all their cultivations.”

After those indifferent words, all the Sacred Sovereigns present all knelt down in unison.

Their knees smashed the ground into pieces.

Moreover, at the same time, they had just wanted to burn their primordial souls in exchange for strength.

In the blink of an eye, they were suppressed to the point that not a single spark could be ignited.

At that moment, all the Sacred Sovereigns finally understood why Sacred Sovereign Shang had not made any movements previously.

After Ye Xiao had strengthened, he had already reached a stage that they could not reach.

That strength was equivalent to an existence below the Celestial Sovereign.

In front of the Celestial Sovereign, they were already completely unable to control their own destinies and were completely controlled.

Similarly, even if they were already high-level cultivators in the Sacred Sovereign realm, they were nothing in front of Ye Xiao.

At that moment, Ye Xiao had already finished refining the first puppet body at an astonishing speed.

Along with the increase in his cultivation, the speed at which he refined the sacred weapon also became faster.

After refining the sacred weapon-grade puppet body, Ye Xiao extended his large hand, and his strength transformed into shackles across space, directly grabbing onto the neck of a Sacred Sovereign and pulling him over mercilessly.

That Sacred Sovereign continuously screamed and struggled!

“D*mn it! Ahhhhh! Im not resigned!”

He knew clearly in his heart that once his body was grabbed into that puppet, he would have to listen to Ye Xiaos orders from then on.

There was a special restriction set up by Ye Xiao within the puppet.

It would directly pierce through his primordial soul and completely fuse with his primordial soul.

Following that, the restriction would continuously erode his will, gradually turning him into Ye Xiaos slave, he was incomparably loyal to Ye Xiao.

It was just like the iron spear of an ordinary human type of corn.

It would suddenly pierce into the fertile and moist soil, then sow seeds to soon blossom and bear fruit.

It was deeply rooted.

No matter how fierce the wind and rain were, they would not be able to pull out the corn that had already grown.

Unfortunately, no matter how he struggled, he had no way of escaping in front of Ye Xiao.

In the end, he could only watch helplessly as he was suppressed into that puppets body.

The puppets eyes emitted a ray of light as if a machine had been activated, possessing an independent life.

The gaze he looked at Ye Xiao with was filled with anger, unwillingness, and resentment.

However, there was also an additional helpless subservience.

Moreover, that subservience was still continuously strengthening.

When it reached a certain time, all of his negative emotions, such as anger, resentment, and so on, would completely disappear.

Only subservience would remain.

After the first puppet was made, it would be the second, the third, and the fourth…

Until all of the puppets were completed by Ye Xiao.

The last puppet that was made was Sacred Sovereign Shang.

Sacred Sovereign Shang was the strongest.

The puppet that Ye Xiao made for him was the best so that he could display his highest level.

In the immemorial era, his cultivation was at the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures and he was a lesser Celestial Sovereign.

It was just that after going through so many years of hibernation, his cultivation level had dropped by quite a bit.

Originally, with his level, it should be impossible for him to drop so much.

Ye Xiao guessed that he sacrificed his cultivation level for the sake of Sacred Sovereign Ziyue and his subordinates.

In order to delay the drop in their cultivation level by too much, he sacrificed his cultivation level.

Otherwise, Sacred Sovereign Ziyue and the other Sacred Sovereigns would not have only dropped one or two levels, but he had dropped so much all at once.

Later on, when he was in the archaic ruins, Sacred Sovereign Shangs cultivation had already risen to the Sacred Sovereign with eight apertures.

After that, he was killed by Ye Xiao.

However, he was still a supreme existence with twelve apertures.

The puppet that Ye Xiao had refined for him allowed him to perfectly display his full strength.

In any case, as long as he became a puppet, it would be impossible for him to rebel against him again.

Therefore, he did not need to worry about any problems.

He only needed to display his strength to the maximum, and it would bring him the greatest benefits.

With Sacred Sovereign Shang, that supreme existence, helping him guard the Xuan Yuan immortal territory, he did not need to worry about going out in the future.

After doing all that, he brought those puppets and rushed to the center of the array in the Xuan Yuan immortal territory.

The center of the array could allow them to instantly teleport to every corner of the Xuan Yuan immortal territory, making it convenient to protect the Xuan Yuan immortal territory.

At that moment, many Sacred Sovereigns were discussing Sacred Sovereign Shang in the center of the array.

“Hmph! All of you hyped up that Sacred Sovereign Shang, but what happened in the end He was killed right after he arrived.

That fellow is simply trash.

To think that I had such high expectations of him!”

A Sacred Sovereign was venting his dissatisfaction.

However, just as he said that he was attacked by a few people.


A powerful ripple sent him flying.

The ones who attacked were none other than the Sacred Sovereign Ziyue and Sacred Sovereign Shangs subordinates.

“B*stard, can you evaluate him as a puny ant like you”

The Sacred Sovereigns mouth was still stubborn.

“If hes really as strong as you all say, its impossible for him to be defeated in one strike.”

“What do you know During the immemorial era, Sacred Sovereign Shang suppressed all the geniuses at the end of the immemorial era by himself.

Suppressing the entire era to the point that they couldnt raise their heads!

“Have you seen that scene

“The reason why he lowered his cultivation so much was that he used up his own cultivation to protect us.

That was why our cultivation didnt fall out of the Sacred Sovereign level during the hundreds of thousands of years of slumber.

“Otherwise, he would not have lowered his cultivation so much.

That Ye Xiao is merely an insignificant ant in his hands.

He is not even worth mentioning.”

“Humph! You guys have said everything.

I am not a Sacred Sovereign from your immemorial era.

I did not see the situation that you guys mentioned.

Of course, it is what you say.”

However, at that moment, the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign spoke,

“Its not like that.

In the ancient records of our demonic sect, there was indeed a record that the Sacred Sovereign Shang was as powerful as they said.

“His strength and talent were monstrous.

He could be said to be the strongest person at the end of the immemorial era, and there was no such thing as second place! He is far ahead of a large group of people.

He is a completely dominating existence.

“If it wasnt for the fact that the energy between heaven and earth dropped drastically at the end of the immemorial era, he would have very likely succeeded in advancing to the Celestial Sovereign realm.

“Although I dont know what exactly happened during the immemorial era that caused them to fall into a deep sleep, Sacred Sovereign Shang is truly a very powerful person.”

After hearing his words, the Sacred Sovereign moved his lips and stopped arguing.

If even the Sacred Sovereign of his era said that, then it was obvious that the matter was not fake.

However, he did not expect the other party to be so powerful.

Perhaps it was because he had high expectations, but Sacred Sovereign Shang did not display enough strength to make him agree.

That was why he complained because he was not in balance.

After all, he had already allowed you to act tough, yet you were pulling his crotch like that.

It was a waste of the expectations he had for him previously.

“Dont worry,” Sacred Sovereign Ziyue said slowly.

“Dont worry, all of you.

Sacred Sovereign Shang is a natural-born king existence.

He will definitely come and save us.

You dont have to worry about this at all.

“Last time, he only came to probe us.

In addition, I was controlled by Ye Xiao.

He did not expect this.

It is understandable that he was killed by me in a sneak attack.

“The next time he returns, he will definitely raise his cultivation to a stronger realm.

“Moreover, he knows Ye Xiaos methods and that I have already been refined into a puppet by Ye Xiao.

He will definitely be wary of me and will definitely not be killed by me again.”

Hearing those words, a fire of hope ignited in the hearts of the various Sacred Sovereigns.

They really had no other way because they themselves had no way of escaping and also had no way of resisting Ye Xiao.

Moreover, they could faintly feel that their desire to submit to Ye Xiao was getting stronger and stronger.

That was the puppets body continuously eroding and changing their wills.

If that continued, it would not be long before they would completely become Ye Xiaos slaves.

At that time, even if someone wanted to come and save them, they would probably not want to escape.

It was only because they were all cultivators at the Sacred Sovereign realm and had extraordinary wills that they were able to endure for so long.

If it was anyone else, they might have already been completely devoted to Ye Xiao.

Those Imperial Immortals that Ye Xiao had previously subdued for example.

They were all hidden in a corner to prevent them from eavesdropping on their words so that information would not be leaked to Ye Xiao.

Hence, in order to prevent such a terrifying thing from happening, everyone wanted to escape as soon as possible to prevent an irreversible situation from happening.

At that moment, a familiar voice suddenly sounded by their ears.

“Eh, all of you are here.”

Hearing that, the expressions of everyone present instantly changed.

It was Ye Xiao!

When Ye Xiao descended, all the Sacred Sovereigns immediately knelt down to worship him.

They did not want to kneel down from the bottom of their hearts because their wills had yet to be completely refined.

However, the puppet body forced them to kneel down, so there was nothing they could do.

Moreover, what was even sadder was that there were some Sacred Sovereigns among them who unconsciously knelt down to worship him.

Only after they knelt down did they realize that they seemed to be about to be assimilated by the puppet body.

They no longer had that kind of hostility towards Ye Xiao.

That made them inexplicably feel so sad that they wanted to cry!


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