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“All of this is all thanks to your hard work, Ye Xiao.

We were just lucky enough to be your fellow clansmen.”

Everyone did not boast.

In fact, that was indeed all thanks to Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao scanned the entire Xuan Yuan immortal territory with his divine sense and instantly took in all the information.

He had basically seen clearly the situation of everyone in the entire Xuan Yuan immortal sect!

Everyones improvement was indeed very great.

Although they were still far from being compared to him, compared to the other immortal sects and god clans, they were already showing a crushing stance.

Even if he was not present at that moment, as long as the Xuan Yuan immoral sect did not meet that kind of top-notch big shot who reclused himself from the world, there basically would not be much of a problem.

However, Ye Xiao always had a rather special feeling.

The starry sky after this would probably not be as quiet as before.

‘Forget it, I dont want to care so much.

There have been too many things recently, causing his mind to be a little messy.

He had to let his heart calm down and properly raise his strength.

Strength was the only way for the king.

As long as he was strong enough, everything would not be a problem.

After giving a few simple instructions, Ye Xiao entered the Xuan Yuan immortal territory and met with Nishang and his daughter.

The family had not met for a long time.

It was not too late to cultivate after the meeting.

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In fact, Ye Xiao had always been a person who was more afraid of trouble.

If it was in the past, he might have felt that it was very troublesome.

His wife and daughter would delay his cultivation.

However, when he really got married, he would feel that it was pretty good.

If he did not have anything to protect, becoming so strong did not seem to have much meaning.

The current situation was better.

If he had something to cultivate, he could accompany his wife and children.

It could be considered a joy.

Ye Xiao returned to Xuan Yuan Mountain very quickly.

Feng Nishang was bringing Xiao Xinyi along.

When she saw Ye Xiao, she immediately pounced into Ye Xiaos embrace.

The fragrance assailed his nose.

Ye Xiao took a deep breath in her beautiful hair.

That familiar fragrance made him somewhat intoxicated.

At the same time, his mood inexplicably calmed down and became very quiet.

His gaze swept toward the cradle not far away.

He saw a small hand leaning against the side of the cradle.

It had some baby fat on it.

Its skin was very delicate and shiny.

It was crystal clear, and a faint light was reflected on its pink nails, it perfectly represented the wordhappiness.

Feng Nishang transmitted her voice,

“I wanted to look for you just now, but the child has already fallen asleep.

I was worried about her, so I waited for you to come over.”

Feng Nishangs cultivation was not low either.

She had already discovered Ye Xiao when he had just returned.

However, she was a woman who knew her limits.


On one hand, she knew that Ye Xiao wanted to exchange a few pleasantries with the members of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

On the other hand, she also knew that the safety of the child was the most important thing.

Although it was the Xuan Yuan immortal sect and it was basically impossible for anyone to take away Ye Xinyi, no one could guarantee that no accidents would happen.

What if some superior cultivator were secretly spying on her and took the opportunity to steal the child Would she not regret it for the rest of her life

That was also one of the reasons why Ye Xiao liked Feng Nishang very much.

It was because of her rationality.

Feng Nishang might have been the Phoenix Empress of the Phoenix god clan before, so she was the type of strong woman who could do things with ease.

“How have you and the child been recently”

“Both of us are pretty good.

Its just that my daughters cultivation has been improving too quickly recently, and her bites hurt a lot when she feeds.”

When she said that, Feng Nichangs face turned slightly red.

Ye Xiao wanted to laugh in his heart.

He knew about Ye Xinyis cultivation increase.

After all, she was his biological daughter, and she was currently the only one with a bloodline.

Therefore, theoretically speaking, every time his cultivation increased, Ye Xinyi would receive the most gifts.

It was possible that she could receive 50 percent of the gifts, and the remaining 50 percent would be distributed to the entire Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

No one received more gifts than her, so the speed at which her cultivation increased was also the fastest.

In comparison, Feng Nishangs cultivation was not as strong as her daughters.

Even if her daughter did not have teeth, the pain was still not something she could easily endure.

That made Ye Xiao feel somewhat guilty.

It was very easy for him to be outside.

It must be very hard for his wife to take care of the child at home alone.

He used his Primordial Pupil to scan and saw the scar on Feng Nishangs chest.

It was shocking and some of the scars were even new.

Ye Xinyis cultivation had already reached above the Sacred Sovereign realm, but she was still an infant in the end, so she did not have such a deep consciousness.

Perhaps due to the spiritual connection between mother and daughter, she would be able to sense a little of Feng Nishangs pain, which was why she restrained herself.

Otherwise, Feng Nishang might have been injured even more severely.

That made Ye Xiao extremely moved.

Being a mother was the greatest occupation in the world, and it was one of the best.

However, if he had not turned her into a mother, she would not have had to suffer.

Ye Xiao immediately executed the Void celestial art to help Feng Nishang heal her injuries.

The injuries on Feng Nishangs body were healed in the blink of an eye.

The white jade porcelain bowl had recovered its smoothness, causing Ye Xiaos heart to jump.

Feng Nishang heaved a long sigh of relief.

Her slightly furrowed brows had finally relaxed.

The corners of her mouth curled up slightly as she said with a smile,

“Looks like Ill just let you accompany me by the side in the future and help me heal my injuries non-stop.”

Ye Xiao said with a serious expression,

“This isnt a solution.

I have to think of a good way for you to get it done once and for all.”

Feng Nishang could not help but have some doubts on her face.

“How do I get it done once and for all”

“Of course, its to help you raise your cultivation.

As long as your cultivation is raised to the Sacred Sovereign realm, you can suppress your daughter in the future.”


Feng Nishangs face lit up with joy.

She was still very interested in raising her cultivation base.

Although she was a full-time mother at the moment, she did not want to become a good-for-nothing.

If she became a Sacred Sovereign, she would more or less be able to lend a hand if the Xuan Yuan immortal sect was in trouble in the future.

“Then what should we do to quickly raise my cultivation base to the level of a Sacred Sovereign”

“This is an extremely complicated process.

I need to discuss it with you properly.

Come, lets go to the inner room.”

Feng Nishang looked at the fervor in Ye Xiaos eyes.

Suddenly, her face turned red.

It was as bright as a red pomegranate as if it was about to drip blood.

She seemed to have already understood how to raise her cultivation.

At that instant, she suddenly felt as if she had been tricked.

A month later, Feng Nishangs cultivation successfully advanced to the realm of a Sacred Sovereign.

Not only did Ye Xiao raise the power of her bloodline, but he also raised her martial art comprehension at the same time.

Ordinary Xuan Yuan cultivators who received gifts could raise their cultivation and martial art comprehension at the same time, but Feng Nishang could not.

She did not have the pure True Immortal blood of the Xuan Yuan cultivators.

Therefore, Ye Xiao allowed her to enter a part of his consciousness so that she could roam around and watch his martial art comprehension.

He could directly make a copy and use it.

It was simple and practical.

That way, Ye Xinyi would not hurt Feng Nishang if she feeds again in the future.

However, Ye Xiao suspected that the time limit for Feng Nishang to take care of the child would probably continue for a very long time.

Under normal circumstances, it was very difficult for high-level existences to have children because it required the two peoples cultivations to not be too far apart.

Feng Nishang and Ye Xiao both belonged to the great realm of the Sacred Sovereign, so Ye Xiao seriously suspected that in that one months time Feng Nishang would probably surprise him with something.

However, he did not think too much about that matter.

It was better to raise his cultivation first.

The energy and substances that he had absorbed from the archaic ruins had not been completely digested.

There was also Sacred Sovereign Shang.

The energy and substances that he had brought to him were even more.

He had also stored them in his body.

Back then in the archaic ruins, Ye Xiao had not completely absorbed and refined those things because he had to fight.

Since he was safe, he would definitely refine them all and completely strengthen his cultivation.

The Void celestial art was like a gigantic crusher, madly crushing those spiritual energies and the spiritual auras that they originally carried.

Then, he would mix those spiritual auras with the spiritual energies and absorb them into his body which would greatly increase his cultivation base.

The nine apertures in his body were emitting thunderous booms at every moment.

Every corner of the Xuan Yuan immoral territory was continuously transmitting thunderous roars.

Fortunately, people had long gotten used to it, so they did not feel anything strange.

On the other hand, when those existences that had been refined into puppets by Ye Xiao heard the thunderous roars, all of the hairs on their bodies trembled.

It was extremely terrifying.

“D*mn it, why is this fellow advancing again”

“Advancing when he has nothing to do all day.

I feel that his mother must be having an affair with the heavens.

Otherwise, how could it be so easy to advance One must know that his current cultivation has already reached the legendary Sacred Sovereign realm!”

“This fellow is already a freak to begin with.

Moreover, hes that kind of freak that has no limits.

No one knows where his limits are.

“Im already used to it!

“Even if he suddenly becomes a Celestial Sovereign, it wont be much of a surprise for me.”

Sacred Sovereign Ziyue clenched her fists and snorted coldly,

“Whats the big deal Shangs improvement speed was even faster than Ye Xiaos during the immemorial era.

When he recovers his peak cultivation, hell definitely come and save me.

“At that time, no matter how powerful Ye Xiao is, he will still be defeated by him!”

While the puppets were chatting, Ye Xiao let out a long breath and felt the abundant energy in his body as well as the tenth aperture that was continuously rotating and absorbing energy.

He knew that his ten apertures had already been completed perfectly.

If he continued on, as long as he successfully gained 12 apertures, he would be able to perfectly unlock the next stage of his cultivation, the Celestial Sovereign!

The Ancestral Dragon had once told him that after advancing to the Celestial Sovereign realm there would be the final Supreme Sovereign realm!



Ye Xiao slightly clenched his fists, and his eyes flickered with purple lightning.

That was the embodiment of his excitement, and it even contained the transformation of the power of laws.

However, at that moment, Xuanyuan Long came over to report the matter.

“Ye Xiao, in the starry sky, Ive discovered some clues.”

Ye Xiaos thoughts were pulled back, and he continued to speak,

“Come in and talk.”


Xuanyuan Long quickly entered the forbidden area where Ye Xiao cultivated.

The law energy there was so dense that all the pores on his body could not help but stand up.

The law energy was too dense that they did not even need to be absorbed by themselves.

They began to rapidly drill into his body, constantly tempering his body and improving his cultivation.

That shocked Xuanyuan Long.

It was too terrifying!

He naturally knew that the place was not originally like that.

It was only formed after Ye Xiao cultivated for a period of time.

That made him unable to help but sigh in his heart.

Ye Xiao was indeed worthy of being Ye Xiao.

It was too terrifying.

“What do you want to talk about”

Ye Xiao asked, pulling Xuanyuan Longs thoughts back to reality.

Xuanyuan Long immediately cupped his hands and said,

“Its like this.

Today, some disciples of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect went out to patrol.

In the end, they discovered that a few immortal sects had been wiped out.

Not a single sect was left behind.

The entire place was blasted into a vacuum zone.”

Ye Xiao was slightly stunned before he immediately raised his brows.

There was actually such a thing.

Could it be… That the archaic Sacred Sovereigns who had just possessed others were causing trouble

However, that should not be the case.

Not to mention that there was still a portion of Sacred Sovereigns that the world already possessed.

Even if it was those Sacred Sovereign who had possessed others, they would still want their own orthodoxies and subordinates.

It was still possible for them to subdue him, but it was a little illogical for them to be destroyed.

Moreover, not all Sacred Sovereigns possessed the Void sacred art like him.

The Void sacred art could refine immortal blood, refine everything, and raise ones cultivation base.

Other Sacred Sovereigns wanted to refine immortal blood to increase their cultivation base, but the effect was very low.

It was even impossible for them to take a fancy to it.

Moreover, from another perspective.

They had all seen their own cultivation base that day.

If they went too far, they should also be worried that they would have some thoughts, right

Those fellows were not imbeciles.

They had messed up and made him unhappy.

He reckoned that they would not try to cause trouble with him.

Originally, if they had wanted to refine those immortal sects, they would not have gained much.

If they offended him again and risked being slapped to death by him, then it would be even less worth it.

Ye Xiao also wanted to guess if it was a battle of extermination between a few sects.

Perhaps, it had something to do with the unease he felt when he had just returned to the Xuan Yuan immortal territory that day

However, what exactly was going on He had to go over personally to take a look.

Even so, he would not go over directly.

The starry sky was quite chaotic right then.

He had to first protect the Xuan Yuan immortal territory so that he would not have to worry about the future.

It just so happened that when he went out at that time, he had absorbed a lot of Sacred Sovereigns energy.

At the same time, he had also imprisoned their primordial souls, including Sacred Sovereign Shang.

He refined those cultivators from the immemorial era into puppets to help him guard the Xuan Yuan immortal territory.

It was perfect.

He did as he was told and very soon, Ye Xiao began to refine them.

“I got it.

You go back and cultivate first.

Ill personally go out to take a look later.”

Ye Xiao took out the materials and the primordial souls of the many archaic Sacred Sovereign as he let Xuanyuan Long go out.

Xuanyuan Longs face twitched violently when he saw the primordial souls of the archaic Sacred Sovereign.

Then, he nodded and immediately left.


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