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“Did you… See that”

A voice came from the crowd.

There was a hint of fear in his voice because his throat was trembling!

That was a fear that came from the depths of his soul.

Even if he was a Sacred Sovereign!

“Sacred Sovereign Shangs attack seems to contain more than one archaic sacred art! Can he release so many archaic sacred arts at the same time”

One had to know that each archaic sacred art was not easy to use.

Even if ones cultivation had already reached the level of an archaic Sacred Sovereign, one had to concentrate and be extremely focused.

Otherwise, the archaic sacred art that was released would not be able to display its full strength.

However, he did not expect Sacred Sovereign Shang to be able to use so many archaic sacred arts at the same time!

“Hmph! An archaic Sacred Sovereign who had successfully possessed someone in the distance let out a light snort.

“Idiots, thats all you can see.

Sacred Sovereign Shang did not use many archaic sacred arts at the same time.

Instead, he fused them into a cultivation technique to greatly increase his attack power!”


Hearing that, the people who were already extremely shocked became even more shocked.

Being able to use several archaic sacred arts at the same time was already an extremely amazing thing.

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In the end, he was actually able to synthesize many archaic sacred arts into one.

That fellow was not only extremely talented, but he was also ridiculously monstrous.

It felt like he was almost an existence that surpassed that world.

“Hes that monstrous How did you people from the immemorial era endure it”

The archaic Sacred Sovereign looked at Sacred Sovereign Shang, his peerless magnificence and domineering figure.

He indifferently said,

“How else can you survive Crawl over.”

There was not the slightest bit of unwillingness in his words.

It was obvious that he had also been convinced by Sacred Sovereign Shang during the immemorial era.

Humans only had the courage to admit that they were as small as ants when they faced a mountain that they could never cross.

That was because they knew that they would never be able to conquer the other party in that lifetime, they simply chose to lie flat.

Hearing those words, the other people could not help but be speechless.

However, in their hearts, they had even more respect for Sacred Sovereign Shang.

A fellow who could make others submit to him was definitely an unrivaled cultivator, and cultivators were worthy of others respect.

At that moment, Sacred Sovereign Shangs attack had already met Ye Xiaos eye technique.

Even though Ye Xiaos eye technique had already been fused with the Primordial Chaos sacred art, he had only maintained it for an instant.

After the two attacks paused for an instant, the black light released by Sacred Sovereign Shang actually began to swiftly suppress Ye Xiaos eye technique attack and pushed towards Ye Xiao once more.

“My God! So strong!”

“He actually suppressed Ye Xiaos Primordial Pupil fused with the Primordial Chaos sacred art.

Isnt this too amazing”

“Looks like hes still a genius from the immemorial era.

Hes a little stronger.”

“Thats right.

After all, the cultivation civilization of the immemorial era was already several times stronger than the current world.

The prodigies of that era were also many times stronger than now.

“Ye Xiao can be considered a super genius in our era, but if he were in the immemorial era, he could only be considered ordinary.

“Naturally, Sacred Sovereign Shang can not be compared to others.

In the immemorial era, he was the top genius of a generation that suppressed all the prodigies!”

People could not help but begin to sigh.

There was both admiration for the cultivation civilization of the immemorial era and admiration for Sacred Sovereign Shang.

Ye Xiao was slightly stunned.

It was not that he did not expect that move.

He knew that Sacred Sovereign Shang could synthesize with many archaic sacred arts, and as long as he stacked more archaic sacred arts, he would be able to let his strength erupt causing it to be several times stronger.

However, he did not expect it to be so strong.

It looked like he could not continue playing.

He had to bring out some of his true abilities.

Before that, he had to think of a way to lure out his trump card.

It was the most foolish thing to reveal his trump card in advance.

Therefore, seeing that the other partys attack had already arrived in front of him, Ye Xiao directly used the Great Destiny technique without hesitation.

Fusing the powers of the Primordial Pupil and the Primordial Chaos sacred art.

“In the name of Ye Xiao, destroy the attack in front of me!”

Right after he said that Sacred Sovereign Shangs archaic sacred arts that he had fused together were instantly disintegrated, leaving not a single trace behind.

Following that, Ye Xiao attacked once again, aiming at Sacred Sovereign Shang.

“In the name of Ye Xiao, heavily injure Sacred Sovereign Shang.”

Ye Xiaos lifespan was continuously being burned, but the effect was very good.

His three greatest techniques were fused together at that moment, and they were displayed to the fullest.

A powerful force erupted, instantly causing Sacred Sovereign Shangs entire body to begin to be destroyed.

Sacred Sovereign Shang was unflustered.

His entire body flashed and formed a dark with a chaotic barrier that carried nine-colored multicolored light.

It firmly protected him within and actually stopped Ye Xiaos attack.

That was right!

It successfully stopped Ye Xiaos attack!

Even the omnipotent Destiny sacred art was stopped by him!

Moreover, it was not an ordinary Destiny sacred art.

Instead, it was the Destiny sacred art that had been fused with the Primordial Chaos sacred art and Primordial Pupil.

To be able to resist such an attack, it was obvious that Sacred Sovereign Shangs energy was extremely powerful.

“Its appeared! Its The Discord sacred art!”

The archaic Sacred Sovereigns expression was extremely grave as he could not help but speak slowly.

The Sacred Sovereigns of the current era could not help but look confused.

“The Discord sacred art! What sacred art is that Why have we never heard of it”

The other archaic Sacred Sovereign took a deep breath before speaking,

“Thats the sacred art that Sacred Sovereign Shang created himself! Its a sacred art formed from the fusion of more than 50 sacred arts that he cultivated.

“Although these 50 sacred arts arent as powerful as the Primordial Chaos sacred art and the Destiny sacred art, there are simply too many different types of sacred arts fused together.

As a result, the increase in power is unbelievably powerful.

“Its said that the Discord sacred art he created has already surpassed the Destiny sacred art and the Primordial Chaos sacred art.

It has reached the legendary lesser celestial art.”

“The celestial art Could it be… The legendary existence that surpasses the sacred art”

The hearts of the current generation of Sacred Sovereigns started to race.

The archaic Sacred Sovereign explained once more,

“Thats right.

The so-called celestial art is a cultivation technique that surpasses sacred art.

“It is rumored that there is an even more powerful existence above the Sacred Sovereign, called the Celestial Sovereign! The Celestial Sovereign to the Sacred Sovereignis like the vast sun to a firefly.

“Although becoming a Sacred Sovereign is already extremely difficult and dangerous!

“However, to become a Celestial Sovereign, one must not only walk through extremely difficult and dangerous situations but also have a great amount of luck.

“Its the kind of true heavenly luck!”


Hearing his words, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air and could not help but feel their scalps go numb.

Although they had long known that there was an even more powerful existence above the Sacred Sovereign, called a Celestial Sovereign, it was still too far away.

It was so far away that it even made people feel as if it was not real and did not exist.

In fact, they could not be blamed for that.

The cultivation civilization of the immemorial era was many times stronger than it was then.

In that era, there were countless cultivators like a forest, and there were countless Sacred Sovereign.

There were even some Celestial Sovereigns.

However, in the current era, Sacred Sovereigns had long become a rarity.

Ordinary Sacred Sovereigns were extremely rare, not to mention high-level Sacred Sovereigns.

Therefore, due to that reason, many inheritances had long disappeared, and no one had ever successfully cultivated to the Celestial Sovereign.

Therefore, not many people knew about Celestial Sovereigns.

It was as if it had become a forgotten history, a legend, and a myth.

After they heard it from the archaic Sacred Sovereign, everyone was naturally shocked!

That also made people admire and fear Sacred Sovereign Shang even more.

It was too terrifying.

He actually created a lesser celestial art.

No wonder he became a lesser Celestial Sovereign.

That talent was rarely seen in the world since ancient times.

At that moment, even if Sacred Sovereign Shang had personally admitted that Ye Xiao was the number one genius since ancient times, people would still feel that Sacred Sovereign Shang was the actual undisputed number one genius since ancient times.

That was because, although Ye Xiao was strong, he was lucky to have learned the two most powerful sacred arts, the Destiny sacred art, and the Primordial Chaos sacred art.

Moreover, he also had the pure True Immortal bloodline.

As for Sacred Sovereign Shang, he relied on his own ability to fuse many archaic sacred arts together to form them.

It was equivalent to a person being tall, rich, and handsome.

He was born with everything.

The other person relied on his own hard work and worked his way up step by step.

If the two people had the same wealth, then it would definitely be the latter, which would appear to be stronger.

From that situation, Ye Xiao was slightly inferior.

No, it was not just slightly inferior.

At that moment, everyone faintly felt that the outcome was already decided.

Some of the archaic Sacred Sovereigns who had successfully possessed could not help but sigh.

“Sigh! I cant believe that even after over 100,000 years, this fellow is still as powerful as before when he arrived in the new era.

He crushed all the geniuses and didnt give anyone the chance to resist.”

Sacred Sovereign Shang slowly stepped out from the chaos.

A lotus flower appeared beneath his feet and firmly wrapped him within it.

As long as Ye Xiao used any method, he would be blocked out by his Discord sacred arts chaotic energy.

Sacred Sovereign Shang had his hands behind his back as he stared at Ye Xiao.

His eyes seemed to have turned into chaos as they were pitch-black.

“Ive been searching for sacred arts since the immemorial era.

I want to rely on many sacred arts to merge into a supreme celestial art!

“Unfortunately, the sacred arts I found werent very strong, so its only a step away from the celestial art.

“But now that Ive met you, I feel that the day for me to fuse the celestial art has finally arrived.

“The Primordial Chaos sacred art and the Destiny sacred art on you both belong to the top two existences of the archaic sacred art.

“In addition, you have the pure True Immortal bloodline.

“As long as I fuse these three top-tier powers, I will definitely be able to cultivate a true celestial art!

“At that time, I will also completely break through the restraints of the Sacred Sovereign and reach the strength of a Celestial Sovereign.

“The results of those hundreds of thousands of years of waiting have finally come.

“Speaking of which, I still have to thank you for making me.”

Ye Xiaos gaze was indifferent, and there was not the slightest trace of panic on his face.

“Its not certain who will succeed.

Dont jump the gun.”

Sacred Sovereign Shang raised his eyebrows slightly, but he immediately shook his head.

“Forget it.

Ive told you too much.

Im afraid that you wont be able to understand the difference between you and me.

“The reason why you are so confident is that your path is too smooth.

Whatever you obtain, its an existence that others can not hope to reach.

“Your luck is indeed unparalleled.

“But this world does not only rely on luck to speak.

“This world relies on strength.”

As he finished speaking, he extended his hand and lightly tapped on a chaotic nine-colored lotus flower.

In the next second, an accident suddenly occurred.

That lotus flower actually turned into a ray of light speed and pounced toward Ye Xiao.


Its strength was abnormally powerful.

It was so powerful that it did not have a trace of logic at all.

He directly used an unstoppable stance and mercilessly tore apart Ye Xiaos domain.

Although his strength earlier had also torn apart Ye Xiaos domain, it was far from being comparable to at that time.

Previously, its speed was very slow, but at that time, its speed was so fast that it made peoples hair stand on end.

It was simply unimaginable.

The domain of the Sacred Sovereign was equivalent to them controlling the world alone, completely unaffected by any external interference.

Everything inside was obeying their commands.

Sacred Sovereign Shangs attack was so fast in Ye Xiaos domain that people could not even keep up with it.

It could be imagined just how powerful this attack of his was.

Immeasurable energy enveloped Ye Xiao, and in an instant, it triggered an intense light explosion.

That ray of light covered almost one-third of the immortal worlds space.

Even in a world that was not enveloped by light, one could clearly see that ray of light.

It could be said that at that moment, the entire immortal world could see the ray of light produced by that explosion.

Everyones hearts pounded wildly.

In front of that attack, everyone seemed very tiny, so tiny that they were like a speck of dust.

They were not worth worrying about at all.

The overall situation was set!

Ye Xiao absolutely could not withstand the power of that attack.

He was already dead.

At that moment, countless people could not help but begin to sigh with emotion in their hearts.

That fellow, Ye Xiao, did not bring too many benefits to the immortal world.

On the contrary, in order to raise the Xuan Yuan immortal sect, he even stirred up waves after waves in the immortal world.

Originally, everyone thought that no one in that world could suppress him anymore.

In the end, they did not expect a group of archaic Sacred Sovereigns to appear.

Moreover, among that group of archaic Sacred Sovereigns, there was a super top-notch heaven-defying genius who took him down.

At that point, Ye Xiao could finally be said to have been removed from the immortal world.

They could also relax a little and no longer have to face the god of killing in the future.

However, they were also clear in their hearts that Ye Xiao was a topic that could never be erased in the history of the immortal world.

He might disappear along with the flow of time, but that heavy stroke that he left behind in the immortal world would definitely not be forgotten by anyone.

After many years, perhaps there would still be some people who would remember that the immortal world had once been ruled by a man called Ye Xiao.

He had an absolutely unquestionable ability to rule.

Any cultivator who challenged him, regardless of whether it was a one-on-one or a group fight, would eventually be annihilated.

If it was not for the most powerful genius suppressing him during the immemorial era, the world would probably still be in a state of being suppressed by him.

However, with his fall, a brand new legend would rise.

That was Sacred Sovereign Shang!


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