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Crack, Crack, Crack, Crack…

The offensive power formed by the fusion of the three immemorial sacred arts formed by Sacred Sovereign Shang tore apart Ye Xiaos defensive barrier inch by inch, cutting the entire domain apart.

The domain formed by the Sacred Sovereign with eight apertures coupled with the power of the Primordial Chaos sacred art was extremely powerful.

At that point, it was also torn apart in front of those three immemorial sacred arts.

One could imagine how powerful a Sacred Sovereigns combined power of immemorial sacred arts was.

It was no wonder that he was able to take the lead in the immemorial era when all the elites were gathered together, becoming an existence that suppressed countless geniuses.

Perhaps that was the reason why he was so powerful.

The power of the combined techniques was no longer as simple as one plus one.

The explosive power it displayed was multiplied.

Furthermore, every time a technique was added, the number of stacks would double.

That way, no matter how weak the technique was, as long as the number of stacks was enough, it would eventually reach an extremely unbelievable level.

Seeing that the attack was about to break through everything and arrive in front of Ye Xiao, Ye Xiaos eyes moved slightly.

He activated his Primordial Pupil, and an invisible force surrounded him and slashed forward, finally shattering Sacred Sovereign Shangs attack energy into pieces until it was unable to cause any more damage to Ye Xiao.

Following closely behind, Ye Xiao executed his Primordial Pupils power and charged straight at Sacred Sovereign Shang.

Since the other party wanted to kill him, then it will be known who was stronger and who was weaker.

Who would win

Sacred Sovereign Shang obviously noticed the Primordial Pupil and made strange motions with his right hand, forming a strange symbol.

Following that, a swastika Buddhist symbol quickly formed in front of him!

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The moment the swastika Buddhist symbol was formed, heaven and earth changed.

It was as if everything was reflected with a thick layer of golden color.

Following that, Ye Xiaos Primordial Pupils power smashed onto the Buddhist symbol and directly exploded.

It was actually blocked.

Ye Xiao could not help but be a little stunned.

He was shocked by the strength of that move but he was also surprised that the other party actually knew the power of the Buddhist sacred art.

In Ye Xiaos memories, the current Buddhist power in that world was not considered prosperous, and he had never heard of such a powerful Buddhist sacred art.

One had to know that the power of his Primordial Pupil was extremely strong.

Once it was activated, he could even unleash a power that was not weaker than the Primordial Chaos sacred art in a short period of time.

Even so, the other partys swastika Buddhist symbol was still able to resist his power.

That fellow was quite something.

As if he had seen Ye Xiaos puzzled expression, or perhaps due to the mutual appreciation of Ye Xiaos talent, Sacred Sovereign Shang opened his mouth and said,

“There is no end to the world.

What you see are only the things that you were meant to see.

There are still many things in this world that you cant see.

The things you dont know might not necessarily be better than those you know.”

Ye Xiaos eyes moved slightly.

Could it be that there were other worlds other than the one he knows

Thinking about it carefully, it was not impossible.

That was because the Ancestral Dragon was not in their world at the moment, and he did not know where he was.

Even so, what he could be sure of was that there must be a place where he could be hiding!

Since he was not in their world, it meant that there were other worlds.

Moreover, there was a high chance that the swastika Buddhist symbol was not the sacred art of their world either.

With the nature of Buddhists, if they had enough strength, they would definitely develop their own forces and expand their territory.

With such a powerful technique, Buddhism would have already developed a long time ago.

Furthermore, it would have developed greatly.

It was impossible for it to develop silently like it was in their world.

In that case, it was possible that they were like the Ancestral Dragon and were not in the current world.

However, Ye Xiao was also clear in his heart that the biggest reason why he did not see or know those things then was because his cultivation was not enough.

The Ancestral Dragon had once told him that there was still the Celestial Sovereign realm above him.

There was also a supreme being above the Celestial Sovereign.

Perhaps, he still needed to become stronger in order to come into contact with those things.

Sacred Sovereign Shangs cultivation was infinitely close to that of a Celestial Sovereign in the immemorial era, which was the strength of a lesser Celestial Sovereign.

An existence like him should have a certain chance to come into contact with those existences, so it was understandable that he would know that strange swastika Buddhist symbol.

“Ive learned my lesson.”

After taking a deep breath, Ye Xiao made an inviting gesture.

At that time, he chose to give the initiative to Sacred Sovereign Shang.

The battle between the two of them could be considered quite elegant.

Their cultivation had already reached an unprecedented level, and their accomplishments could also keep up with each other.

Whatever schemes and tricks, or despicable sneak attacks, had long ceased to exist.

In reality, those who could reach their level were all magnanimous people!

If ones heart was not broad enough and not magnanimous enough, it was simply impossible to reach that level.

Sacred Sovereign Shang did not waste any more words.

He raised his hand and produced another swastika Buddhist symbol.

Ye Xiao once again used his Primordial Pupil.

The power of his eye technique exploded and crashed onto the swastika Buddhist symbol, but it did not shatter the symbol.

The Buddhist symbol actually broke through the barrier of his domain and once again tore it apart.

Moreover, it blasted toward Ye Xiao at a speed that was even faster than the three archaic sacred art attacks from before.

In an instant, Ye Xiao was able to analyze that the swastika Buddhist symbol was no longer the Buddhist symbol from before.

Instead, he mixed in the power of the other archaic sacred arts, causing the swastika Buddhist symbol to increase its power even more.

“In Ye Xiaos name, shatter the Buddhist symbol in front of me!”


The moment the Destiny sacred art appeared, the power of the Buddist symbol was shattered on the spot.

Sacred Sovereign Shang was not surprised by that result.

He had long known that Ye Xiao knew the Destiny sacred art, so he was not shocked.

Instead, he even praised him.

“Its the Destiny sacred art after all.

The number one archaic sacred art in this world.

“However, the Destiny sacred art mainly consumes ones lifespan.

The power it exerts is linked to ones age.

“In other words, it mainly depends on how many years of lifespan you have left.

“If my attacks increase, your lifespan will also be consumed faster.

“My power only needs to absorb the power of laws in the atmosphere.

“But how much lifespan do you have to play with me”

After saying that, Sacred Sovereign Shang once again used a swastika Buddhist symbol.

Once that Buddhist symbol appeared, the entire world seemed to dim for a moment in that second.

It was very obvious that at that time, he had fused even more sacred arts.

The current swastika Buddhist symbol was many times stronger than before.

It tore apart Ye Xiaos domain as easily as tearing a thin layer of paper.

Ye Xiao did not use the Destiny sacred art because it was indeed like what the Sacred Sovereign Shang had said.

It consumed ones lifespan too quickly.

It was not for constant attacks in a long battle but instead for instant killing or a special counterattack.

If ones lifespan was consumed too much, then one would eventually be consumed to death.

Even if one was not consumed to death yet, so what

When ones lifespan was exhausted and could no longer be used to stop the opponent, one would still be killed by the other party.

Of course, Ye Xiao would not panic too much.

He still had an even more powerful killing move, the Void celestial art.

That thing was already above the sacred art.

No matter how many sacred arts there were, it would be impossible to block it.

However, Ye Xiao did not want to use it so soon.

He did not want to use his most important trump card so soon.

He wanted to give it a try and try out a new way of thinking.

With a flicker of his eyes, Ye Xiaos Primordial Pupil was activated once again.

However, what was different from the Primordial Pupil from before was that the power at that moment was God knows how many times stronger.

It was to the extent that when the Primordial Pupil was just unleashed, the domain that he created by himself was directly shattered because that power was too strong.

What kind of concept was that

That meant that Ye Xiaos attack at that time had even exceeded the force that he himself could unleash!

In the next second, the two forces collided directly.

Ye Xiaos force actually destroyed the other partys attack in an unstoppable manner!


That force that was almost completely crushing did not give the other party any room to struggle at all and directly destroyed it forcefully.

Sacred Sovereign Shangs expression showed a momentary shock.

It was as if even he himself had not known what had happened in that instant just then.

How did Ye Xiaos power suddenly become so strong

However, before he could think too much, that power had already destroyed his attack and then mercilessly arrived in front of him.


The most powerful energy instantly pierced a large hole on his sacred bodys shoulder.

Nine-colored fresh blood shot out in the starry sky.

Sacred Sovereign Shangs eyes became absent-minded for a moment.

In the blink of an eye, he woke up.

Following that, he stared straight at Ye Xiao and asked with an incredulous expression,

“You… You… How is this possible How did you learn it”

What Ye Xiao displayed just then was actually what he was best at, fusing the sacred arts!

Although Ye Xiao did not merely fuse two sacred arts.

He instead had fused the Primordial Chaos sacred art with the Primordial Pupil and the Primordial Pupil could not be considered a sacred art.

Ye Xiao had truly reached a level of explosive strength that far surpassed the strength of two sacred arts, one plus one.

That was his method!

Ye Xiao shrugged.

“Youve already used it several times.

If I still cant learn it by now, that would be pretty dumb of me.”

At that moment, Sacred Sovereign Shangs brain seemed to be about to explode.

He simply could not believe his ears.

Although he was also an existence with extremely heaven-defying talent, no matter what cultivation technique, immortal technique, or sacred art, as long as he took a look, he would be able to easily learn it.

However, the technique he was using then was not something that could be learned with just a look.

Even back in the immemorial era, in that era where there were as many cultivators as there were hairs on a cow, and wise people as there were carp crossing the river, no one was able to learn such a thing.

It was precisely because of that unique technique that he was able to stand proudly in the immemorial era, and suppress many geniuses.

No one was clearer than him on the difficulty of operating that method!

It was not as simple as just one cultivation technique stacking up or enhancing another cultivation technique.

There were many sequences that had to be arranged to a relatively reasonable degree.

If he did not do that well, the moment he gathered his strength and executed that move, a huge explosion would occur due to the unstable energy control.

In the end, he did not expect Ye Xiao to learn it just by watching it once.

Furthermore, he even succeeded.

The success rate was simply too high!

One had to know that the reason why he was able to succeed in doing that was that his aptitude was too strong.

His analytical ability had already far surpassed the other geniuses, reaching an unprecedented level that no one had ever achieved before or since.

Even so, back then, he had failed many times in the beginning before finally finding the knack to complete that method.

However, Ye Xiao had only used it once.


Sacred Sovereign Shang felt as if he was holding in a breath of air in his heart.

The pressure made his chest feel a little stuffy, and he was somewhat unable to speak.

After a long while, he took a deep breath and opened his mouth again,

“In terms of aptitude, you, Ye Xiao, are the number one person since the immemorial era!”

Being able to receive praise from an enemys mouth was always the greatest praise.

Moreover, that was not an ordinary enemy.

It was the most dazzling genius from ancient times, Sacred Sovereign Shang.

Therefore, that commendation of his was not only a commendation, it was also a fact!

If it was anyone else who heard Sacred Sovereign Shang praise him like that, their state of mind would probably have some unbearably fluctuating fluctuations.

However, Ye Xiaos expression was very calm and did not have the slightest ripple.

That was because he knew clearly in his heart that he was originally at that level!

When a person knew how strong his aptitude was, he would not deliberately care about those things.

A person would forever only care about what he did not have.

What Ye Xiao cared about was raising his cultivation!

That was because he had yet to advance to the strongest!

However, a moment later, Sacred Sovereign Shangs expression changed.

The aura on his body began to become even sharper.

The killing intent undulated, making ones heart palpitate.

“However, this is what makes it interesting.

“Killing a genius who is even more powerful than me is much more interesting than killing those trash who are weaker than me.

“If you were an ordinary person, perhaps I wouldnt be so interested in you.

“Since you are an existence that surpasses me, then I… Will definitely kill you!

“Only by killing you can my martial heart continue to persevere to maintain a high and advanced attitude.

“Otherwise, my life will end here.”

The instant he admitted that Ye Xiao was stronger than him, a crack had already appeared in his invincible martial heart, a huge crack.

The martial heart absolutely could not admit defeat, let alone stop its target.

If he wanted to recover, there was only one way, and that was to kill Ye Xiao.

By destroying Ye Xiao and destroying the existence that surpassed him in that world, only then could he return to that kind of confidence, that kind of invincible confidence.

The injuries on his body healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the blink of an eye, he had actually completely recovered, and no injuries could be seen at all.

Ye Xiao knew that he must have used a special healing technique, and it should have been the archaic sacred art.

As for whether he had used the fused sacred arts or not, he did not know.

However, that did not matter because he only needed to kill him.

There was no need to think too much about anything else.

The Primordial Pupil was activated once again.

After synthesizing with the Primordial Chaos sacred art, the energy once again surpassed what it had been before and blasted towards Sacred Sovereign Shang.

Sacred Sovereign Shangs expression was calm as he took a step forward.

At that time, it was a ray of black light that struck Ye Xiaos Primordial Pupil technique.


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