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Time passed very quickly.

In the blink of an eye, a months time had already passed through the gaps between his fingers.

In that one months time, Ye Xiaos cultivation had also obtained quite a lot of improvement.

He opened another aperture and reached the Sacred Sovereign with eight apertures.

In that age of chaos before his eyes, it was already very impressive for his cultivation to reach the Sacred Sovereign realm, not to mention reaching the Sacred Sovereign with eight apertures.

Above the Sacred Sovereign, each opening of an aperture would require one to experience countless dangers.

Previously, when Ye Xiao advanced to the Sacred Sovereign with seven apertures, the members of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect had already raised their cultivation further.

At that point, when Ye Xiao advance to the Sacred Sovereign with eight apertures, the members of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect had once again raised their cultivation by a large margin.

Among them, there were many whose strength had already reached the level of a lesser Sacred Sovereign, or even a Sacred Sovereign in the true sense.

As an example, the many pillars of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect, Xuanyuan Long, the Xuan Yuan clan head, Yun Cangqiong, and so on.

Ye Xiaos biological daughter, Ye Xinyi, had long been bestowed with the strength of one of the Sacred Sovereigns apertures when he had successfully advanced to the Sacred Sovereign with seven apertures.

Compared to the others who had increased their speed, it was actually a little faster.

However, to Ye Xiao, he could not be bothered to pay too much attention to those things that he already knew and was destined to do.

After advancing to the Sacred Sovereign with eight apertures, Ye Xiaos speed became much slower.

It was not because his own movement speed became slower.

On the contrary, his movement speed became much faster.

However, after advancing to the Sacred Sovereign with eight apertures, if he wanted to open more apertures, the amount of energy and substances required would also increase.

After he had absorbed the energy of a cultivator from the Sacred Sovereign with one aperture, the increase in his strength could almost be ignored.

Moreover, that level of Sacred Sovereign was the one with the most numbers.

The other higher-level Sacred Sovereigns were extremely rare.

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At the same time, as the celestial bodies dimmed one after another, many people had already been successfully possessed by an archaic Sacred Sovereign.

There was also a small number of people who used their own wills to forcefully suppress the archaic Sacred Sovereign and instead protected their own lives.

It was just that the portion of people was very few.

The vast majority had already been possessed by the other party.

After those people were possessed, they became archaic Sacred Sovereigns from ancient times.

Their main bodies would no longer have the chance to revive.

Ye Xiao secretly memorized those people in his heart.

He was prepared to think of a way to deal with them after he returned.

As the saying goes, those who are not of the same sect have different hearts.

Originally, even if they were not the Sacred Sovereign of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect, they already had ulterior motives, not to mention those archaic Sacred Sovereigns who lived hundreds of thousands of years ago.

In order to increase their own strength, they were willing to do anything.

To him, to the Xuan Yuan immortal sect, and even to the entire universe, there was a fatal threat.

At that moment, he still needed to carry out further plundering.

Although the speed at which his strength increased had greatly decreased, he still needed to plunder more.

He wanted to reduce the number of celestial bodies that Sacred Sovereign Shang had plundered so that his cultivation base could not completely recover to its peak.

One… Two… Three…

The celestial bodies in the archaic ruins began to decline at an accelerated rate.

Finally, when the last two celestial bodies in the archaic ruins dimmed, two extremely majestic powers slowly began to be released.

Those two auras were so powerful that it made people tremble in fear.

Most of the cultivators there were Sacred Sovereigns.

Although most of them were low-level Sacred Sovereigns, they were still Sacred Sovereigns.

They were not just any Tom, Dick, or Harry.

However, in front of those two auras, they felt like a group of ants.

Those two auras were like two huge mountains that could not be crossed.

That was the difference between every Sacred Sovereign with a single aperture!

The difference between the Sacred Sovereign with eight apertures and a Sacred Sovereign with one aperture was more than 100 times greater than the difference between a peak third-level Imperial Immortal.

“Its the two of them.

It must be the two of them!”

“I didnt expect them to be so terrifying and increase their strength so quickly.

How long has it been, and their cultivation has already risen to this level”

“Comparing people was really infuriating.

We also came in together.

I was almost successfully possessed by an archaic Sacred Sovereign earlier, and it took me nine oxen and two tigers strength to escape, and I even took a portion of his energy.

“The two of them have actually risen to the cultivation of the Sacred Sovereign with eight apertures.”

“Why dont you take a piss and look at yourself, do you deserve to be compared to the two of them

“One of them is a heavens favorite from the immemorial era, and the other is the most powerful monster of the current era.

Hes already an extremely dazzling existence, so he cant be compared to them!”

At that moment, one of the celestial bodies exploded first, and a tall and sturdy figure slowly walked out.

He was eight feet tall, and his body was surrounded by nine-colored multicolored light.

There was even a golden mist attached to it.

It was as if he was an existence that did not belong to that world.

He was filled with mystery and supreme majesty, not allowing anyone to desecrate him.


As his breathing continued to rise and fall, it was as if there was the sound of thunder within the archaic ruins!

That caused everyone to be even more shocked!

Even his breathing had reached the level where he could destroy laws.

One could imagine just how powerful the law energy contained within was.

At that moment, he slowly opened his eyes.

His eyes were like lightning, shooting out two gazes that were a trillion miles away as he explored the other celestial body in the distance.

“Ye Xiao huh Hes quite powerful.

I didnt expect that he could raise his cultivation to such a level in such a short period of time.

“Unfortunately, this is useless.

In front of me, you only have the choice of death.”

Just as he finished speaking, another celestial body exploded.

Inside, it was none other than Ye Xiao!

At that moment, the aura on his body was many times stronger than before.

It was actually the same as Sacred Sovereign Shang!

When their auras clashed, not only were sparks flying in all directions, even the people in the archaic ruins were unable to control their bodies and had no choice but to descend.

In other words, no one could stand on the same level as the two of them.

“So strong! Are the two of them finally going to fight”

“Ive finally waited for this scene.

The reason why I came in was to see this scene.

I didnt care about anything else.

“Now that Ive finally seen it, I hope that this battle wont disappoint me!”

“Speaking of which, who do the two of you think will win this time”

“I think Sacred Sovereign Shang will win.

He was originally the most favored among Heavens Chosen Ones in the immemorial era, and can be said to be unrivaled! He once suppressed a generation of geniuses, making them unable to raise their heads.

“That boldness!

“That strength!

“The martial heart!

“If he could not defeat Ye Xiao, then Ye Xiao is not a human, but a god!

“Thus, as everyone knows, Ye Xiao is not a god!”

After saying that, the vast majority of people present raised their hands in agreement.

“I agree with this statement.”

“Right! I agree too.”

“Although Ye Xiao helped us previously, I dont want to spout nonsense without any basis!

“Although Ye Xiaos cultivation was very strong and his aptitude was extremely monstrous, one had to know that the cultivation civilization of this world was still far from what it was a long time ago!

“Therefore, even if he was very strong, there was still a huge gap between him and the peak geniuses of the immemorial era.

“Fate is playing tricks on people.

Ye Xiao has always thought that he was the strongest.

Now, he finally met his match, right”

Of course, there was naturally a portion of people in the crowd who chose to support Ye Xiao.

“You guys, could it be that youre ungrateful people Dont forget, if it wasnt for Ye Xiao, we might not even have entered until now.

How can you say that”

“Youre right.

Ye Xiao hasnt even made a move yet, so he might not be inferior to others.

“He has the legendary pure True Immortal bloodline.

This bloodline is hard to come by throughout history and is extremely hard to come by! If he has this, he might not lose to others!”

The people spoke one after another, speaking one after another.

Above their heads, the two Sacred Sovereigns with eight apertures, were facing each other from afar, but they had yet to open their mouths to speak.

Their strength was extraordinary, and their auras were extraordinary as well.

They did not even need to open their mouths.

Just by looking at each other, they could see the other partys intentions.

At that moment, the two of them had already been fighting in the dark countless times!

Their auras also became two complete domains within the archaic ruins.

They were facing each other from afar, colliding with each other and resisting each other.

No one was willing to take even half a step back.

Finally, Sacred Sovereign Shang spoke first.

“There were once many people like you.

They were freakishly talented and could cross ranks to kill enemies! Do you know what they became in the end”

“I dont know, and I dont want to know.”

Ye Xiao indifferently spat out a sentence in reply.

Actually, he knew that it was nothing more than a scare tactic.

Perhaps those people had already been killed by him.

Despite that, so what

He would definitely not go along with what he said.

Wanting to use him to show off was absolutely impossible.

Ye Xiao would not give the other party a chance.

Sacred Sovereign Shang seemed to have already guessed that there would be such a reaction.

Hence, towards Ye Xiaos retort, he was not the least bit angry.

He only said indifferently,

“If you refuse a toast, youll be forced to drink it.

Looks like theres no need to waste my breath on you.”

A strange fluctuation was suddenly transmitted from the air.

It was Sacred Sovereign Shang adjusting his own aura.

When everyone felt that scene, they could not help but feel their blood boil.

“Its about to begin.

Its finally about to begin! Sacred Sovereign Shang has already begun to release his own aura to attack and break the balance.

The great battle has begun.

I can finally feast my eyes on it.”

The various cultivators watching the battle could not help but become excited.

Some of their eyes even shone, and they looked like they had lost the demeanor of a cultivator.

It was very difficult for others to understand their feelings.

However, in reality, for cultivators at their level, if they were able to see a battle between unrivaled cultivators, they might be even happier than if their cultivation base had increased by quite a bit.

That was because a battle between high-level cultivators could often allow one to absorb a large amount of experience.

Some rare experiences were not even inferior to top-grade natural treasures.

They could allow them to leap over a level that they would find difficult to leap over in their entire lives.

Faced with Sacred Sovereign Shangs actions, Ye Xiao naturally would not sit idly by.

He snorted lightly.

The aura and energy within his body erupted at the same time.


The two supreme energy domains collided, and the entire spatial barrier was mercilessly torn apart into a huge horizontal plane.

It looked like a huge gully.

One of them, a Sacred Sovereign with one aperture happened to be standing right in the middle of the twos attack.

In the end, he was accidentally blasted into a pile of ashes on the spot, and even his primordial soul was destroyed without a trace.

It was completely annihilated, making it impossible for him to be resurrected.

When everyone saw that scene, their hearts felt as if they were tightly gripped by a huge hand.

It was difficult for them to say a single word.

The battle between the Sacred Sovereign with eight apertures had actually reached such a terrifying level.

That was only the beginning of the battle.

It had not reached the climax of the battle at all.

At most, it could only be considered as a warm-up before the big battle.

However, it was the warm-up before the big battle that was so destructive that the Sacred Sovereign could not even stand in it.

At that moment, everyone suddenly felt a deep sense of powerlessness!

That powerless feeling that was as small as an ant broke their hearts!

The scene was deathly silent.

Some people moved their lips, but in the end, they still did not say anything.

Perhaps it was because they did not want to be destroyed by that unprecedented battle!

Maybe their bodies were already in a state of extreme fear, so they could not say a word.

The battle continued.

In the next moment, Sacred Sovereign Shang mobilized even more energy and gave up on full-scale defense.

He directly pierced Ye Xiaos domain.

The energy was like a long spear, charging straight at Ye Xiaos chest.

Ye Xiao was also unhurried.

With a slight movement of his eyes, multiple sword rays were released from his domain, destroying the attack while leaving nothing behind.

After shattering his attack with one move, Sacred Sovereign Shang did not show any signs of appeasement.

He released a second move.

At that time, it was a horizontal slash sword ray that contained at least three sacred arts.

The power of the laws was so endless that it was so powerful that it was simply unimaginable.

Ye Xiao narrowed his eyes.

That was also the first time he had seen such a strange move.

The sacred art that Sacred Sovereign Shang cultivated was far inferior to his own.

Ignoring the Void celestial art, just the Destiny sacred art and the Primordial Chaos sacred art were existences that he could see but could not touch.

If it was just an ordinary sacred art, the explosive power that he controlled would not be able to shatter Ye Xiaos defense.

In order to break Ye Xiaos defense, he actually gathered the three sacred arts together.

It was as if they had been twisted into a rope, making it more offensive and more resilient.

That allowed it to withstand Ye Xiaos sacred arts power head-on.

The reason why Ye Xiao was concerned was that even he had never used Sacred Sovereign Shangs method before.

That was not the type of method to display one move and then display another move, stacking attacks and increasing the support effects.

That was the type of person who would use three immemorial sacred arts at the same time and then merge the three together to form a brand new sacred art.

At that instant, that brand new sacred art of his was an existence that transcended realms.

That move was very beautiful.

Ordinary people would not be able to do it.

At the very least, Ye Xiao had never thought of or done that before!


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