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Ye Xiao did not care about what others thought of him.

At that moment, he had already entered the archaic ruins and began to absorb energy.

Inside the archaic ruins, it was not an ordinary building type.

It looked as if some celestial bodies were connected together.

Outside the celestial bodies was a vacuum region.

There was no energy or material inside.

All the energy and material were gathered inside those celestial bodies.

Some of those celestial bodies had already been shattered, and only a trace of energy remained inside.

The energy inside should have already been stolen by someone.

If it was not as Ye Xiao had expected, it was most likely Sacred Sovereign.

That fellows actions were really fast.

Ye Xiao could feel that the energy contained in each of those celestial bodies was not low.

At the very least, it was above that of the Sacred Sovereign.

There were many celestial bodies that contained energy, it even exceeded the Sacred Sovereign with four or five apertures.

Although Ye Xiao did not know why there was so much energy in the archaic ruins, he knew that it was not the time to be in a daze.

When the Primordial Pupil was used, Ye Xiao seemed to be able to see through the energy contained within those celestial bodies.

Each of them had their own form.

Could it be that those celestial bodies represented a Sacred Sovereign

After they died, they sealed all their energy within those celestial bodies.

As he thought, Ye Xiao found a flaw in the celestial body and entered it.

He first found a celestial body with the energy around the Sacred Sovereign with two apertures.

That was because he still did not know the exact situation inside.

If he were to enter a celestial body that was too strong rashly, it would likely bring him uncontrollable danger.

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Just as he entered it, Ye Xiao felt a wave of dense energy ignorance, rapidly surging towards him.

Those energies gathered together as if they wanted to crush him into dust.

However, Ye Xiaos current cultivation had already far surpassed the other party, so he was not afraid of the other partys covetousness at all.

With a light snort, a pressure burst forth and directly forced the other partys energy out.

That wave of energy clearly had its own consciousness.

Therefore, after the other party felt Ye Xiaos pressure, he could not help but turn pale with fright.

“A Sacred Sovereign with six apertures How is this possible How can such a powerful existence appear in the age of chaos”

It was not a voice, but a spiritual fluctuation.

After the other party released that spiritual fluctuation, he quickly reacted and immediately began to calm his spiritual energy.

However, since Ye Xiao had already detected it, he would not let him calm down.

That was a good opportunity for him to understand the immemorial ruins.

The Primordial Chaos sacred art was activated, directly suppressing the other partys mental energy, making it impossible for the other party to escape.

“Primordial Chaos sacred art!”

The other partys mental energy once again erupted with an even more intense fluctuation.

Clearly, he did not expect that Ye Xiao was not only the Sacred Sovereign with six apertures, but also possessed the legendary Primordial Chaos sacred art, which was ranked second on the sacred art rankings.

Ye Xiao clearly captured the other partys spiritual power, and then he calmly said,

“Since youve already been discovered by me, dont hide anymore.

A dignified archaic Sacred Sovereign, dont act like a mouse.”

However, the other party did not continue to activate his spiritual energy and completely fell silent.

It was as if he had accepted his fate and did not want Ye Xiao to obtain too much information.

Ye Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly.

As a smart person, how could he not know what the other party was thinking

“I originally wanted you to say it yourself.

Since youre not going to do it the hard way, then dont blame me for not being polite.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he immediately used his divine sense and began to forcefully analyze the Sacred Sovereigns spiritual energy.


The other partys spiritual energy undulations began to tremble again.

After his spiritual energy was forcefully analyzed, his consciousness would suffer a very serious injury.

Moreover, it was irreversible.

Only the most top-grade heavenly and earthly treasures as well as rare treasures could repair it.

However, to repair a Sacred Sovereigns spiritual energy, what level of treasures and how much was needed were unknown.

It could be said that he would basically never have an intact spiritual energy in his entire life.

However, it was a pity that since Ye Xiao had already decided, he would not give him the chance to beg for mercy.

He mercilessly scanned the other party and clearly understood the cause and effect of the archaic ruins.

As it turned out, in the immemorial era, a world-destroying catastrophe had once occurred!

That world-destroying catastrophe was about to destroy the entire world.

No one knew the reason why that world-destroying catastrophe had occurred, but what everyone knew was that after that catastrophe, the energy, substance, and law energy between heaven and earth would be greatly reduced.

Even cultivators at the level of a Sacred Sovereign could not avoid it.

At the critical moment, some cultivators chose to hide, such as Sacred Sovereign Shang, Li Qing, Zi Yue, Gu Tie, Yun Bing, and other Sacred Sovereign.

Their idea was to put themselves into a deep sleep and wait for their future awakening.

That method had a certain degree of danger.

If it was not done well, it was very likely that later generations of cultivators would discover it and take the opportunity to kill them.

Moreover, as time passed, because they had been asleep for too long, they were unable to absorb the energy and matter in the universe.

The final result was that their cultivation would drop.

It was a very terrifying problem.

However, it also had a benefit, which was that their mobility would be slightly stronger.

It was easy to wake up, and they could retain a complete consciousness.

Moreover, they could still retain a certain amount of strength.

After waking up, they could also rely on their own abilities to recover their peak cultivation.

However, that method was only suitable for those who were already strong, or those who were more talented and heaven-defying.

Although every Sacred Sovereign was a heavens favorite among heavens favorites.

Sacred Sovereign Shang was just like the other Sacred Sovereigns, who were also heavens favorites, but still suppressed the others to the point where they could not raise their heads.

For those who did not have enough talent and were not confident in their cultivation, they chose another method to quickly recover their strength after they woke up.

That was the collective seal.

The advantage of the collective seal was that everyone relied on the power of dozens or even hundreds of Sacred Sovereigns to create a private space.

In that space, all the energy and materials would not be consumed.

Even if they were consumed, it would only be a little bit.

Compared to the Sacred Sovereigns who were sleeping outside, it was almost negligible.

The Sacred Sovereign would each form a celestial body and store its energy in it.

If someone found an archaic ruin and entered it in the future, they could use the possession method to re-forge their sacred bodies, they could also store all their energy in it.

They could resurrect themselves at their peak.

The way they stored their energy would cause them to lose their physical laws.

However, if they kept all their energy, all they needed was a carrier, a carrier of the current era.

That carrier would allow them to communicate with the laws of the modern era and would not cause them to reject them.

Even if that carrier was just an ordinary Imperial Immortal, they could still use the sacred blood of their main body to easily pile up the other party to the strength of a Sacred Sovereign.

They also did not need to worry about the strength of the people who entered that place being insufficient.

Since those who could enter that place with the lowest strength should be around the Sacred Sovereign.

Calling them an Imperial Immortal was just the lowest limit.

As for those below Imperial Immortals, it was simply impossible to enter that place.

Even if they were lucky enough to enter, they would also be crushed into dust by the enormous energy substance inside.

It was just that they might not have thought that they would actually be messed with by Sacred Sovereign Shang.

It was really too unethical.

That was because when Sacred Sovereign Shang opened the archaic ruins, it would instantly attract many people.

Of course, many people would not be afraid.

The problem was that it would also attract Ye Xiao.

To them, Ye Xiao was simply a nightmare-like existence.

Sacred Sovereign Shang was the same.

Sacred Sovereign Shang plundered even more ruthlessly.

He directly used them to help him recover his cultivation.

It was as if all the Sacred Sovereign in that archaic ruin had been robbed for nothing.

After understanding those things, Ye Xiao directly crushed the other partys mental energy and began to absorb the other partys energy.

Moreover, the speed at which he absorbed the energy here was faster than anyone elses.

The speed could even easily surpass Sacred Sovereign Shang.

That was because he cultivated the Void celestial art, an existence that could devour all energy forms without limit.

When the Void celestial art was unleashed, Ye Xiao continuously burned his lifespan and the power of laws.

However, compared to the things he consumed, he obtained more improvements.

Hence, he was sure to make a profit without losing anything.

After finishing the inheritance energy of the Sacred Sovereign with two apertures, Ye Xiao quickly moved on to the next one.

During that process, he discovered that quite a number of people had already entered and were studying other celestial bodies.

Those peoples aptitudes and methods were far inferior to him and Sacred Sovereign Shang, so many people had yet to enter a celestial body.

In reality, even if they entered, what could they do

Would they not still become a substitute for someone elses resurrection and die without a burial ground

Sometimes, greed was the biggest cause of death.

However, Ye Xiao could not be bothered to meddle in other peoples business.

He was not related to those people, so there was no need to waste his saliva.

Moreover, there was one more point.

Even if he really went to say it, it would be useless.

Those people would definitely not believe it.

They might even forget the grace in which he had allowed them to enter before and turn to hate him instead.

What he needed to do then was to snatch the energy of those Sacred Sovereigns with Sacred Sovereign Shang.

He wanted to see who could obtain the most energy in the shortest amount of time.

The two of them were using the refining method to snatch energy bodies.

They were not like those archaic Sacred Sovereigns who possessed others.

By possessing them, they could completely retain their own energy.

Moreover, refining could only obtain a small portion of their energy.

The vast majority of their energy would be consumed.

However, that small portion of energy was also very rare.

If one were to cultivate on their own, it would probably take half a year or even hundreds to thousands of years to cultivate it.

Sacred Sovereign Shang entered a little earlier.

The amount of energy he refined was much stronger than Ye Xiaos.

However, there was one point.

Ye Xiaos refining speed was faster than his, and the amount of energy he refined from a single celestial object was even greater than his.

The Void celestial art was no joke.

Sacred Sovereign Shang did not have the Primordial Chaos sacred art or the Destiny sacred art to begin with.

In terms of methods, he was already much weaker than Ye Xiao.

Not to mention the Void celestial art.

In terms of the speed at which Ye Xiao increased his cultivation, it could be said that he was beating him up.

Of course, Sacred Sovereign Shang had an advantage over Ye Xiao, which was that his sacred body was already in the lesser Celestial Sovereign realm.

Therefore, when he refined it, he did not have to refine it so precisely.

Compared to him, the two of them were like a bucket and a water tank.

If a water bucket wanted to improve, it had to expand its main body step by step, while a water tank could just pour water directly.

From that aspect, Sacred Sovereign Shang had shortened the difference in the speed of improvement between him and Ye Xiao by quite a bit.

Therefore, although Ye Xiaos refining speed was very fast, he did not dare to be careless.

He used all his strength to speed up the refining speed, and in the shortest amount of time, he began to refine rapidly.

One celestial body, two celestial bodies, three celestial bodies…

The celestial bodies in the archaic ruins dimmed one after another.

Every time one of them dimmed, it meant that an archaic Sacred Sovereign had fallen.

Those celestial bodies that were glowing were filled with complete energy and had yet to be plundered by anyone.

Sometimes, Ye Xiao could also hear some miserable screams.

He was very clear in his heart that those were some supreme ancient beings or Imperial Immortals that had been possessed.

There were still some smart people in the crowd who could find a way to break the seals of the celestial bodies.

Although there were very few of them, there were simply too many people who had entered.

The number of people was clearly there.

Naturally, smart as they were, that was probably the last time they would act smart in that lifetime.

The seals on each celestial body were different.

Each seal was created by an archaic Sacred Sovereign himself.

On one hand, they had already thought that there might be other archaic Sacred Sovereigns who would steal their energy.

On the other hand, they thought that those who could break their own seals must have cultivated cultivation techniques of similar attributes.

That way, the other partys body would be more suitable for them to possess.

Those that could not enter would naturally not be suitable for possession and would also be blocked outside.

That was equivalent to a defensive barrier, and it was also equivalent to a test.

That made Ye Xiao think of something.

Something that only women had.

The characteristics of that thing were the same.

It would only allow one thing to enter.

As long as it entered, it would instantly put up a defense, preventing all other things from entering.

At that moment, Ye Xiao could not help but wonder if those archaic Sacred Sovereign had found inspiration from that thing and created that archaic ruin.

Unfortunately, the barrier on those celestial bodies had no effect on him at all.

He had the Primordial Pupil.

With just a glance, he could clearly know where the weakness of the defense was.

Then, like a sniper bullet, he accurately hit the target and devoured all the energy inside, leaving nothing behind.

It was simply perfect!

Just like that, not long after, Ye Xiaos cultivation successfully advance a level and reached the Sacred Sovereign with seven apertures.

There were still five more steps to go before he reached the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures.

Once he completed the last five steps, Ye Xiao would successfully enter the legendary Celestial Sovereign realm.

After the Celestial Sovereign realm, there would be the final Supreme Sovereign realm.

He would also have the qualifications to enter the arena to fight against the God of Creation.


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