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Chapter 74: I Wont Stand For It

“The radar screen shows an unknown creature approaching”

“Unknown creature”

The scientists in the command room could not help that their eyebrows rose.

They looked at each other with puzzled expressions.

“Could it be a star Beast”

“It shouldnt be.

This is the space territory.

Star beasts cant land here casually.”

“Then… Could it be the human warriors of the nine provinces This should be the space territory of the nine provinces, right”

Everyone looked at the commander.

After the commander pondered for a moment, he smiled slightly.

“Who cares what it is.

Since they are here, then help us test out the fighter jets!”

Everyones expression changed slightly.

“Commander, this isnt good, right”

“Whats not good about it Its just a star beast, an alien star beast! Understand As long as its not our American warriors, then its fine!”

Everyone looked at each other and laughed evilly.

“Alright! Carry out the order immediately and annihilate the star beast!”

“Fighter Jet No.

1 received.”

“Fighter Jet No.

2 received.”

“Fighter Jet No.

3 received!”

After receiving the order, the three fighter jets immediately rushed toward that figure at their fastest speed.

Ye Xiao, who was experimenting with the Divine Intent technique, suddenly received a warning from the Big Dippers Grand Mystery in his body.

That caused him to be somewhat stunned.

“This is… A fighter jet”

When humans fought against star beasts, other than cultivating, there were other ways to strengthen themselves.

The two most famous of them were genetic technology and war technology.

Genetic technology was through unlocking the star beasts genes and then developing them into human genes.

Thus, shortening the time for humans to advance and join a major sect.

Although there were many serious side effects, its effects were indeed good.

War technology was the research on the latest weapons and other aspects.

It allowed many countries to create batch after batch of extremely powerful weapons of mass destruction on the star beast battlefield.

Some of them could even be called the attacks of divine grandmasters.

Moreover, looking at the flag on the other partys fighter plane, it seemed to be America with the strongest technology at the moment.

Just as Ye Xiao was thinking, suddenly, six rays were shot out from the fighter jets.

That kind of ray was compressed from ultra-high frequency lasers.

In an instant, the Big Dippers Grand Mystery determined that its lethality was not inferior to the attack of a Xiantian fourth-grade great grandmaster.

Moreover, the speed of the ray was extremely fast.

Ye Xiao did not expect that the other party would launch an attack on human martial artists, so he did not take too many precautions.

By the time he reacted, their ray had already arrived in front of him.

Ye Xiao instantly activated the Overpowering Saber and slashed at it.

The blade light drew a dazzling electric spark in the air and exploded the six rays.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

It was as if six dazzling fireworks had exploded in the sky.

Thick smoke rose in all directions.

Ye Xiao was in the middle of the thick smoke.

He did not cultivate the body-refining technique, and he did not take too many precautions.

Under the attack of the six great grandmaster-level attacks that caught him off guard, he suffered some light injuries.

The Mending the Heavens technique was activated, and his injuries quickly healed.

His eyes were so cold that there was not a trace of warmth in them.

The other partys technological level was not low.

How could they not have realized that he was a human

However, they still attacked him decisively.

It was clear that they wanted to use him as a target to practice their skills.

‘I wont stand for it!

After the three fighter jets on the opposite side launched a wave of attacks, they immediately reported to the command room.

“The combat target has been eliminated.

Request for further instructions.”

A hint of disappointment appeared on the commanders face.

He had thought that it was a big fish from the nine provinces.

It might be a little challenging to kill it that way.

He did not expect it to be a small fish.

“Forget it.

Come back.”


The fighter jet was preparing to return when suddenly, the radar on the screen showed red fluctuations again.

“Hes not dead! Hes not dead! Hes starting to circulate his spiritual energy.

The radar is reporting that the opponents spiritual energy wave is that of a great grandmaster! Requesting to launch a new attack.”

The commanders eyes lit up.

That was interesting.


Just as he finished speaking, Fighter Jet No.

1 suddenly sent a message.

“The enemy has disappeared!”

Fighter Jet No.

2 quickly gave the order.

“He hasnt disappeared, he is above you! His speed is very fast, your radar didnt detect it, hurry up and speed up!”

Fighter No.

1s pilot saw a ball of golden light shooting out from above him.

The earth-shaking pressure caused all the magnetic fields of his fighter to be disturbed.

Without raising his head to look, he left his last words.

“Oh my God!”


In the next instant, the golden saber light covered his fighter jet and completely detonated it.


The other two fighter jets immediately launched an attack toward the center of the explosion.

However, in the next second, one of the fighter jets suddenly exploded!

It suffered Ye Xiaos attack.

“D*mn it!”

The last grandmaster pilot was already scared out of his wits.

How could he stay any longer He immediately charged at full speed, trying to escape that area of the starry sky.

However, before he could heave a sigh of relief, he saw a bright red dot of light on the screen rapidly chasing after him.

Its speed was so fast that it made ones hair stand on end!

“Oh my God, the other party is flying faster than me! Oh no!”


In the next second, the last fighter jet was completely destroyed.

After destroying the three fighter jets, silence returned to the air.

Obviously, the other party had already left.

In the command room, the scientists were all stunned on the spot.

The commander had one hand on his waist and the other on the screen.

He was so angry that his fingers started to tremble.

“Is this the fighter plane that is supposedly comparable to a grandmaster”

A fat scientist coughed lightly and said,

“Perhaps the opponents combat strength is above a grandmaster.”

“You want to say a grandmaster Dont tell me that our radar technology is also fake.

The most advanced radar in the entire United States is clearly testing that he is a grandmaster!”


The other opened his mouth, but in the end, he still did not say anything.

“The research and development investment for this fighter has already exceeded 20 billion dollars.

In addition to the rare alloy materials that were created, the three fighter jets have cost a total of 40 billion dollars!

Now, they have been cut down one by one like they were cutting a rabbit, and the other party has left unscathed.

“We dont even know who the other party is!

“Every single one of you here must take responsibility for this!

“Just wait for my report! A bunch of idiots, f*ck!”

After destroying three high-end fighter jets, Ye Xiao quickly landed back in Jianghai city.

Americas strength was very strong, and there were many high-level martial artists.

After the other party suffered losses, it was hard to guarantee that they would not send out a great grandmaster or a divine grandmaster!

It was not that he was afraid.

It was just that if he were to fight with a martial arts expert, it would be difficult to determine the victor within a short period of time.

At that time, if he were to attract more people over, his identity would be exposed.

The hole would only grow bigger and bigger.

Nothing good would happen.


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