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Once Ye Xiaos Destiny sacred art appeared, there was naturally no need to say anything more.

His powerful strength instantly destroyed Sacred Sovereign Emperor Dragon, the Sacred Sovereign with four apertures!

However, killing a Sacred Sovereign with four apertures caused Ye Xiaos lifespan to burn rapidly.

In just a short while, he had burned more than a million years of his lifespan.

It was just like fighting with Feng Nishang.

One might not necessarily be tired in the first few hours, but the last few seconds could exhaust one to death.

The energy output in an instant was vastly different from the depletion and loss caused by a long period of slow output.

When a normal person ran, jogging for half a day would at most cause them to gasp for breath.

However, if one ran for a few thousand feet all at once, they might suddenly die from overwork.

“Huff! Huff!”

Ye Xiao took a few deep breaths.

He had burned too much of his lifespan.

Although he would not die, the damage to his body was also very great.

That was the price of the Destiny sacred art.

The price of ignoring reality and destroying everything!

It was a double-edged sword.

Fortunately, he had already successfully killed the other party.

That was enough.

However, Ye Xiao would not be happy about that.

Success was success.

After success, there was still the issue of success.

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Presumably, at that very moment, the others had already begun to target him, right

The reality was indeed as he had thought.

Just as the other partys front foot had just fallen, in the next second, cultivators from all directions of the Undesirable Sea swiftly surged over.

After experiencing the initial shock, they had already begun to go crazy from excitement.

“Hahaha… He used the Destiny sacred art to kill Sacred Sovereign Emperor Dragon.

He must have used up quite a lot of his lifespan.

He doesnt have that much lifespan now.”

“Quickly go.

We must kill him.

As long as we can kill him, we can obtain those benefits from him.”

At that moment, all of the Undesirable Seas high-level cultivators went crazy.

That was because theoretically speaking, it was already very difficult for Ye Xiao to use the Destiny sacred art to kill cultivators above the Sacred Sovereign with three apertures.

The Destiny sacred art was close to the principle of equal exchange.

Ye Xiao might still have a portion of his lifespan left, but it definitely could not compare to the lifespan value that he had just used up.

The remaining lifespan was no longer enough to kill high-level cultivators.

Otherwise, his life would have already been lost before the Destiny sacred art was successfully used.

Thinking carefully, the treasures are in Ye Xiaos hands.

Two top-grade sacred arts, sacred weapons, and pure True Immortal blood, as well as countless resources, each of which was enough to make people go crazy.

Even those high-level cultivators at the Sacred Sovereign realm could not control themselves from going crazy from jealousy.

Sensing the countless auras pressing over, the Sacred Sovereign who had his arm chopped off by Ye Xiao but was not dead could not help but start laughing out loud.

“Hahahaha… Youre done for! Youre completely done! Now, lets see what you can do.

“If you dont use the Destiny sacred art, you can still hold on for a period of time.

However, once you use it, no one in this world can save you.

“Im looking forward to seeing you being torn to pieces by countless Sacred Sovereigns.”

Ye Xiaos gaze was calm and did not say any unnecessary words.

He did not even look at him.

He only quickly adjusted his aura to calm himself down.

The speed of a Sacred Sovereign was so fast that it made ones hair stand on end.

In the blink of an eye, the other party had already arrived there.

One aura after another was suppressed.

The spatial barrier was shattered, and then it was forcefully suppressed by so many rich and powerful forces.

The final result was that those shattered spatial barriers finally came to a stop.

Following closely behind, figures that were shining with nine-colored light descended from the sky and formed a large square formation.

All of the powers encompassed Ye Xiao within, causing Ye Xiao to not even have the chance to shatter the void and escape.

Their thoughts were very simple.

They would capture Ye Xiao there and seize all of the good things from him.

Ye Xiao faced this group of Sacred Sovereigns that were like fierce tigers and only glanced at them.

From their eyes, Ye Xiao saw half madness and also saw half greed.

Right at that moment, Ye Xiao slowly closed his eyes.

The smiles in the eyes of the others became even brighter.

In their eyes, that was the expression of Ye Xiao who was already prepared to surrender.

“Has he finally realized reality”

“Even if he doesnt realize reality, so what Facing so many of us Sacred Sovereigns attacking at the same time, even if he wanted to turn the sky upside down, he would be powerless.

Unless he has a backer.

Unfortunately, he is the strongest in the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

Other than him, there is no one else who can reach the Sacred Sovereign realm.”

“Even if there is, so what If there is another Sacred Sovereign, the result would still be the same.

We have so many Sacred Sovereigns here.

There are a total of 14.

Two Sacred Sovereigns are not our match.”

Everyone ridiculed wantonly as if they had already seen the final result.

Just as they were about to launch an attack and completely take down Ye Xiao, an incident suddenly happened.

They saw that those void barriers that were suppressed by everyones aura and could not move after being shattered actually began to tremble at that moment.

“Who said that our Xuan Yuan immortal sect doesnt have any high-level cultivators”

When countless people saw that scene and heard that voice, they could not help but narrow their eyes immediately as their primordial souls began to tremble.

“What… What happened”

“What a powerful energy.

This energy has actually already surpassed us Sacred Sovereigns!”

“The Xuan Yuan immortal sect actually has an existence thats even more powerful than Ye Xiao! How is this possible Who is he Why have we never heard of him before”

The Sacred Sovereign with the broken arm from before was completely dumbfounded.

He never expected that Ye Xiao actually had a backup plan and hid such a superior cultivator!

No wonder, no wonder he dared to disregard everything and unleash the Destiny sacred art.

It seemed like he had gambled everything there.


No matter how shocked those people were, the pressure in the sky had already descended.

That force was so overbearing that it was completely unreasonable.

It directly shattered all the spatial barriers and the power of all the Sacred Sovereigns.

One move!

With just one move, it directly crushed all the Sacred Sovereigns into a bloody mist!

It instantly killed all of them!

The entire sea region fell silent.

Everything returned to calmness and there were no more ripples.

Only the spatial barrier, which could not be easily restored for a long time, announced that a shocking attack had just happened there.

That attack had cut off time and space, creating such a long time of spatial cracks.

Ye Xiaos expression gradually returned to calmness as he heaved a long sigh of relief.

He had finally dealt with those elders from Undesirable Sea.

Following that, the other cultivators from Undesirable Sea probably would not dare to randomly find trouble with him within a short period of time.

The air distorted as the phantom image of the Ancestral Dragon appeared in front of Ye Xiao with a somewhat displeased expression.

“Didnt I tell you not to look for me unless its a critical moment Do you know that Im taking a huge risk just by casually making a move

“Even the slightest carelessness might attract that God of Creation”

Ye Xiao said with a calm expression,

“Theres no choice.

There are too many Sacred Sovereigns here, and some of them are even stronger than me.

Even if I can cross ranks to kill enemies, I cant reach such a heaven-defying level.

“If you dont come out and help me, Im afraid I wont be able to leave the Undesirable Sea today.

“More importantly, the Xuan Yuan immortal territory is currently under attack.

If I cant return in time and preserve a certain amount of combat power, the Xuan Yuan immortal sect will perish.

“Even I wont have a good ending.

“Are you willing to see such a situation”

Upon hearing that, the Ancestral Dragon did not say anything more.

He still had some feelings for the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

Other than that, there was another reason.

At that time, he only came down with his spirit and not his real body, so there was no need to be too afraid.

“Since the Xuan Yuan immortal sect is in danger, you should hurry back.

This time, I wont say anything to you.

“However, theres one thing.

Next time, dont casually summon me.

You can completely settle such a small matter by yourself.

Im not your free henchman.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Thank you, Senior.”

Ancestral Dragon shook his head, and the illusory figure immediately disappeared from the world.

After he disappeared, the spatial barrier crack on the sky box slowly began to merge toward the center.

Ye Xiao did not dare to waste any more time.

He grabbed at the void with his large hand and directly captured the sacred blood of all the Sacred Sovereigns present, along with their primordial souls, into his spatial ring.

There were so many Sacred Sovereigns, and among them were many Sacred Sovereigns who were stronger than him.

If he refined all of them along with the sacred blood of those Sacred Sovereigns from before, he reckoned that he could raise his cultivation by quite a bit.

At the same time, their primordial souls could also be used to refine into puppets to help protect the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

Killing two birds with one stone.

After doing all of that, Ye Xiao sped up his time and rushed to the Xuan Yuan immortal territory.

That side probably could not hold on anymore.

On the Xuan Yuan immortal sects side, under the situation where all the Sacred Sovereigns worked together with Sacred Sovereign Ziyue, Ye Xiaos barrier was finally unable to hold on any longer.

Even if there were the entire Xuan Yuan immortal sects clansmen who were constantly increasing the strength of their barrier by consuming pure True Immortal blood, they still would not be able to resist the other partys attacks.

That was because the other partys few people were all Sacred Sovereigns!

The difference in strength between the Sacred Sovereign and them could not be described with the word heaven and earth.

It was a difference in the entire dimension.

Countless members of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect had used up too much pure True Immortal blood, and their auras had also greatly weakened.



Seeing that the barrier in the sky was about to shatter, Xuanyuan Long, Yun Cangqiong, and the others gritted their teeth and took a step forward.

They began to unleash all of their strength and burn all of their pure True Immortal blood.

Seeing that scene, the demonic sect Sacred Sovereign could not help but shout,

“What are you guys trying to do Are you crazy You have already burned a lot of pure True Immortal blood.

If you continue burning like this, you will use up all of your pure True Immortal blood.

At that time, you will die without a burial ground.”

Yun Cangqiong, Xuanyuan Long, and the others laughed.

“Even if we die, our clansmen will still be able to survive.”

“Thats right.

If the Xuan Yuan immortal sect isnt exterminated, so what if we die”


You guys are simply a bunch of lunatics.”

The demonic sect Sacred Sovereign could not help but curse.

As for the others, when they saw that scene, their hearts surged with waves.

Was that the Xuan Yuan immortal sect

No matter what dangers they encountered, they could always unite as one.

For the sake of their own clansmen, even if they were superior cultivators who had already cultivated to the peak, they could absorb everything they had without reservation.

How could such a clan become extinct

Their civilization would continue forever.

For some reason, at that moment, many of them began to envy the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

They really wanted to become one of them!

Outside the barrier, the Sacred Sovereigns could not help but shout loudly,

“Quick! Hurry up and attack.

They cant hold on much longer.

The cultivators of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect are already preparing to burn themselves.

Dont give them a chance.

Otherwise, well lose a lot of pure True Immortal blood!”

From their point of view, the Xuan Yuan immortal sect was already in their hands.

What they needed to do then was to stop them from continuing to suffer losses.

That was because their losses were ultimately their own losses.

The attacks became even more intense and frequent at that instant.

The terrifying power suppressed everyone present to the point where they could not even breathe, and they instantly froze.

At that critical moment, the pure True Immortal blood that should have erupted from Xuanyuan Longs and the others bodies, which had already begun to boil, was suddenly suppressed.

It was suppressed by a force that they could not resist at all.

That was Ye Xiaos strength!

Moreover, the defensive barrier, because it did not have the replenishment of the pure True Immortal blood, was completely shattered at that moment.


An intense explosion sound was transmitted to countless great worlds.

The shock waves caused the stars in the heavens to tremble once again.

Many heavenly bodies of small worlds exploded because of that, and beams of resplendent light appeared in the starry sky one after another.

“Its open! The barrier is open!”

“Im sorry, Ill take my leave, everyone.”

One of the Sacred Sovereigns let out a smug smile and jumped into the light that had yet to calm down.


The Sacred Sovereign Ziyue cursed and quickly stepped in as well.

The other Sacred Sovereigns did not want to fall behind.

After all, there were only so many resources, and whoever had the advantage would get the most!

They were all pure True Immortal blood, and even the Sacred Sovereigns were tempted.

No one wanted to take less.

However, the moment they charged into the light, an extremely terrifying aura made all the Sacred Sovereigns shudder.

“Not good!”

Everyone could not help but exclaim.

Their hair stood on end and they quickly retreated.

In the next second, a sword light mercilessly cut through the light that had exploded earlier.

It made all the light in the world pale in comparison.

At that moment, it was as if this light was the only one left in the world.

Everyone revealed terrified expressions.

Even the Sacred Sovereign was no exception.

At the end of the light, the Sacred Sovereign who had charged in first had already been killed on the spot.

The expression on his face still retained the excitement from before.

That meant that the other party had attacked extremely quickly.

At the instant he was killed, he had not even noticed it.

Oh my God!

How terrifying was that speed

He had killed the Sacred Sovereign without even realizing it!


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