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To Sacred Sovereign Ziyue, those people were like ants.

She did not care at all.

In her eyes, the other partys hard work was also childish and laughable.

“Useless effort.”

Sacred Sovereign Ziyue lightly spat out those four words.

She raised her hand and struck out with a palm.

When the palm wind was released, heaven and earth shook instantly.

The terrifying power instantly broke through the spatial barrier and mercilessly tore it apart.

In front of that power, the spatial barrier was like a layer of the membrane.


That palm attack quickly landed on the barrier.

Along with a violent explosion, the entire world was filled with a bright golden light, making countless people unable to open their eyes.

Behind Sacred Sovereign Ziyue, other than Gu Tie and Yun Bing, the other Sacred Sovereign smiled.

“I didnt expect that after so many years, Sacred Sovereign Ziyue could still release such a powerful force.

As expected of that woman!”

“Its a pity that she hasnt reached her full strength yet.

If she had, I wonder how strong she would be”

“Alright, nows not the time to lament over this.

Their array should have already been broken.

Its time for us to reap the harvest.”

However, just as they finished speaking, an incident suddenly happened.

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As the light gradually faded, the situation of the array gradually entered their sight.

It was actually… Unharmed!

At that moment, the few Sacred Sovereigns could not help but be somewhat dumbfounded.

Sacred Sovereign Yun Bing was still a little better.

After all, he had already been told previously that it was possible that Sacred Sovereign Ziyue was unable to break through that barrier.

Even so, his heart was still extremely shocked.

That was because he still held a certain degree of doubt about Gu Ties words.

In the end, he did not expect that it was actually true.

The current him could not help but be shocked by that Ye Xiao whom he had never seen before.

That fellow was indeed not ordinary and terrifying.

According to Gu Ties words, his cultivation should not have reached the Sacred Sovereign realm yet.

If he was only at the peak of the third-level Imperial Immortal realm and was able to create such n array, his personal strength would probably be even stronger.

What an extraordinary fellow.

Sacred Sovereign Ziyue also had a shocked expression on her face.

She did not expect such an ending.

However, she quickly returned to her normal expression.

There were countless high-level cultivators in the world.

Although Ye Xiao had somewhat exceeded her expectations, it did not mean that a cultivator like him could not appear in the world.

Hence, after taking a deep breath, she launched a second attack!

After the previous failure, at that time, she used her sacred weapon.

With a twist of her right hand, the spatial barrier beside her broke.

After breaking, she extended her hand into the dimensional rift and took out a longbow.

It was a longbow that was emitting multicolored light!

Not only was it beautiful, but the aura it emitted was earth-shattering as if it could suppress the entire starry sky.

Everyone in the Xuan Yuan immortal sect felt their hearts tremble when they sensed that sacred weapon.

“D*mn it! Its a sacred weapon!”

“I didnt expect that the other party had a sacred weapon in her hands.

Im afraid were doomed.

Once the sacred weapon is out, who will be able to compete with her Shes already a Sacred Sovereign-level powerhouse to begin with.

With this sacred weapon, Im afraid that we wont be able to hold on this time.”

However, at that moment, Xuanyuan Long and the rest opened their mouths and said,

“Dont be afraid.

Resist with all your might.

Well burn the pure True Immortal blood in our bodies to temporarily increase the power of the array formation.

“With the support of the pure True Immortal blood, the array can still hold on for a period of time.

“Dont give up.

As long as we wait for Ye Xiao to return, everything will be fine.”

Hearing those words, everyone was once again encouraged.

They worked together even more and unleashed their strength to the maximum.

Sacred Sovereign Ziyue looked at the longbow in her hand as if she was looking at her lover.

She gently stroked the body of the bow.

“My lover, although you have yet to be revived, with the heaven-piercing sacred bow in hand, no one in this world is my match.

“I will definitely successfully open the Xuan Yuan immortal territory and plunder the pure True Immortal blood as a gift for you when you finally come back.”

As she finished speaking, her gaze suddenly became sharper.

In the next moment, she held the sky-piercing sacred bow in her hand and pulled the bowstring.

The terrifying power of the heavens around her began to rapidly condense and form a long arrow.

The instant that long arrow was formed, the stars in the heavens began to emit waves of trembling sounds.

Many of the stars began to tremble, causing the light in the starry sky to continuously spread, it looked like an uneven sea surface.

All the living beings in the starry sky were trembling.

It was as if the end of the world had arrived.

Seeing that scene, even the various Sacred Sovereigns could not help but feel a chill.

“Too powerful! As expected of the power of a sacred weapon.”

“Such a powerful strength, even the Sacred Sovereigns might not be able to block it.

Looks like this time, they should have no hope at all.”

“I wonder how powerful that sacred weapon in Ye Xiaos hand is! Can it be compared to the sky-piercing sacred bow”

Finally, that arrow completely exploded out.

With unrivaled strength, it pierced through the starry sky, ignoring the degree of evolution of space and time.

With an unstoppable stance, it ruthlessly nailed onto the defensive barrier of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.


The ripples produced at that time were many times stronger than the previous one.

The large patch of starry sky nearby began to produce ripples.

The spatial barrier was like the waves in the sea, constantly squirming.

It was as if many places were about to break apart.

Some powerful existences were actually destroyed on the spot at that crack, turning into ashes.

The shockwave mercilessly swept through the stars, causing dazzling rays of light to appear one after another in the starry sky.

No one knew how much time had passed.

It could be an instant or an entire century.

The light gradually faded, and the starry sky returned to silence.

Even so, the starry sky was clearly much dimmer.

That was because many heavenly bodies in the surroundings had already exploded and turned into ashes, disappearing without a trace.

The various Sacred Sovereigns could not help but guess.

At that point, it should be completely over, right

Even Sacred Sovereign Yun Bing was the same.

The Xuan Yuan immortal sect might be able to withstand the attack of a Sacred Sovereign, but it definitely could not withstand the combined strength of a Sacred Sovereign and a sacred weapon.

The corners of Sacred Sovereign Ziyues mouth curled up slightly.

However, just as she was about to admire her masterpiece, the expression on her face suddenly froze.

She had never expected the situation before her eyes.

The defensive barrier of the Xuan Yuan immortal territory was actually intact.

It did not suffer any damage and not even a crack had appeared.

“What How is this possible”

Sacred Sovereign Ziyue could not help but widen her small mouth as she looked at the scene before her with a shocked expression.

In reality, not only her but even Sacred Sovereign Yun Bing and the others were also shocked.

They had never expected that even when Sacred Sovereign Ziyue took out the sky-piercing sacred bow, she would still fail.

One had to know that Sacred Sovereign Ziyues own strength, coupled with the combat strength displayed by the sacred weapon which was the sky-piercing sacred bow, was enough to easily heavily injure any Sacred Sovereign among them who did not have a sacred weapon.

Despite that, she was still unable to successfully break through the array that Ye Xiao had left behind.

That barrier… Was actually so strong

Within the Xuan Yuan immortal sect, everyone was delighted.

They had successfully defended it.

Although they had expended quite a lot of pure True Immortal blood, it was already good enough to be able to defend the Xuan Yuan immortal territorys array.

As long as they were given a little more time, it would be fine as long as they waited for Ye Xiao to return.

Sacred Sovereign Ziyue took a deep breath.

She was not blinded by anger and instead opened her mouth to speak,

“Looks like this kid does have a trick up his sleeve.

Im afraid that I alone wont be able to take down the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

I think that its better for all of us to work together to break through this defensive barrier.”

Everyone nodded and immediately took a step forward.

Although their hearts were a little heavy, there was more excitement in their hearts.

That was because the harder the other party was to deal with, the more it showed how powerful the other party was!

That meant that the other party had more good things in his hands.

At the same time, on the other side, in the Undesirable Sea.

Ye Xiao, who was moving forward, suddenly seemed to have sensed something and raised his eyebrows.

‘This is… Some trouble with the Xuan Yuan immortal sect

He knew about the incident where the archaic Sacred Sovereign Gu tie, caused a ruckus in the Xuan Yuan immortal territory last time.

It was because he had a certain connection with the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

Hence, after Gu Tie escaped, he guessed that the day would come.

However, he did not expect that the day would come so quickly.

Without the slightest hesitation, he immediately prepared to rush back to rescue.

At that moment, the void barrier in front of him suddenly shattered.

Ye Xiao narrowed his eyes and immediately threw a punch.


From the shattered dimensional crack, a sword ray shot out and headed straight for Ye Xiaos face.

In the end, it collided with Ye Xiaos fist force.

The collision of powerful forces caused the shockwave of the battle to sweep across half of the Undesirable Sea region, raising waves that were over hundreds of millions of feet, revealing the bottom of the sea.

The waves overturned countless islands as well as even shattered the bodies and souls of countless creatures.

Within a short span of dozens of breaths, other than Ye Xiao, there were no other living beings in that region of the sea.

Under such a level of attack, even Imperial Immortals were like ants, instantly turning into ash.

Ye Xiaos expression was cold as he stared straight ahead.

“Get out here.”

A moment later, as the air distorted, a figure slowly stepped out.

“Sir, youve come to Undesirable Sea and killed so many people.

Dont you think that youre taking things too much for granted Perhaps, do you think that I, the Undesirable Sea, am a piece of trash that can be bullied by anyone”

The person who came was a barefoot old man who stepped on auspicious clouds.

His beard and hair were all white and he wore a wide white robe.

His gaze was like the stars, shining with a dazzling blue light.

He looked like a supreme existence.

Ye Xiaos gaze moved slightly.

From the other partys aura, he could sense that the other party was a Sacred Sovereign with two apertures.

However, his gaze only moved slightly for a moment before it returned to its original state.

A mere Sacred Sovereign with two apertures was not enough to threaten him.

His current cultivation had already reached three apertures.

He looked indifferently at the Sacred Sovereign in front of him.

He did not speak and directly walked away.

The Xuan Yuan immortal territory was currently being attacked.

He did not have the spare time to waste there.

However, the other party would obviously not let him off so easily.

“You want to run In front of this lord, how can you have the chance to escape”

The Sacred Sovereign instantly charged forward.

The attack was also launched at the same time and was aimed directly at Ye Xiaos face.

The space around Ye Xiao was locked down on the spot.

Power surged over from all directions, mercilessly suppressing Ye Xiaos body.

However, just when the other party thought that the move could easily kill Ye Xiao, Ye Xiaos eyes moved slightly.

An even more terrifying power instantly enveloped his body in a reverse direction.

The Primordial Pupil!

The Primordial Pupil was activated.

The powerful eye techniques power made the other party unable to defend at all.

In an instant, his bodys functions were destroyed and his entire body flew backward, spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood.


He had just spat out a mouthful of fresh blood when his neck was grabbed by Ye Xiaos large hand.

Along with Ye Xiao executing the Primordial Chaos sacred art, he increased his speed to the extreme, and the opponents neck was forcefully torn apart by him.

However, as a Sacred Sovereign, the strength of his body prevented him from dying so quickly.

Even so, Ye Xiao still had a backup plan.

The power of the Primordial Chaos sacred art flowed along his broken neck and rapidly surged into his mind and internal organs.


In the next moment, he directly exploded into a cloud of blood mist.

After successfully dealing with that Sacred Sovereign, Ye Xiaos eyes did not reveal any overly complacent expression.

That was because he could sense that there was still someone waiting for him in front of him.

On the Xuan Yuan immortal sects side, it was estimated that they would not be able to hold on for long.

Hence, he did not dare to waste time.

He raised his speed to the limit and charged straight ahead.

Ye Xiaos speed was very fast.

It could be said to be a million miles in an instant.

Plus, he had only moved for less than two breaths when the barrier in front of him was blasted open once again.

It was as if a large eye had opened up in space-time.

A large hand grabbed the spatial barrier and stepped out from it.

“You were actually able to kill Sacred Sovereign Doro! Your strength is quite strong.

“However, everything ends here.

This venerable one, white rain, now represents the Undesirable Sea.

Ill send you to hell!”

Another Sacred Sovereign and this one was at the great success stage of the Sacred Sovereign with two apertures.

He was just one step away from easily advancing to the Sacred Sovereign with three apertures.


As long as he was not a Sacred Sovereign with three apertures, there would be no difference in front of Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao directly used the Destiny sacred art.

“In the name of Ye Xiao, destroy the Sacred Sovereign before me.”


Following a violent explosion, his body exploded into a cloud of blood mist on the spot.

At the same time, in the depths of the Undesirable Sea, in a large hall, a few figures sitting cross-legged suddenly opened their eyes.

“I didnt expect that even Bai Yu was killed by him.

In such a short period of time, he killed two of our Sacred Sovereigns in a row, and both of them were Sacred Sovereigns with two apertures!

“This Ye Xiao is indeed extraordinary.”

“Even so, we cant let him leave so easily.

“Regardless of the loss of our Undesirable Sea, we can not afford to lose face just because of this!”


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