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However, Ye Xiao was not afraid.

Since he had already done what he had to do, it was pointless to be afraid.

If the other party came looking for trouble, he could just kill them!

At that time, Luo Feng and the others flew up and cupped their hands towards Ye Xiao,

“Many thanks to the Sacred Lord for making a move.”

Ye Xiao said indifferently.

“Even though Ive made a move to kill them this time, its mostly because theyre here for me.

I cant stay here forever to protect you.

“You have two choices now.

“First, you can continue to stay in the Undesirable Sea, but try to keep a low profile in the future.

If you stir up any trouble and get wiped out by others, theres nothing you can do.

“Second, due to the relationship between you and my clone, I can give you a chance to follow me to the Xuan Yuan immortal territory.

I can ask the Xuan Yuan immortal sect to provide you with protection.

“However, there is one thing I have to remind you of.

Although I am already very strong, I have many enemies.

Moreover, there are many high-level cultivators with greater strength.

“Even if you follow me to the Xuan Yuan immortal territory, it doesnt mean that you will be safe for the rest of your lives.

“In the future, if someone wants to destroy the Xuan Yuan immortal territory, you might be destroyed as well.”

Hearing those words, everyone present could not help but feel their hearts tighten.

After a while, Luo Feng finally spoke,

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“Sacred Lord, this matter is too big, can you give us some time to think about it.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

When Luo Feng said that, he understood in his heart that the other party was most likely not going to look for him.

Whatever, the matter was entirely voluntary.

If the other party was willing to come over, he would protect them.

If the other party was not willing, then it was not his problem.

However, he did not directly expose the other party.

He just nodded and said indifferently,

“Alright, if you change your mind, you can head to the Xuan Yuan immortal territory on your own.

However, its best to hurry.

If anything happens in the future, I cant guarantee that the Xuan Yuan immortal territory will be accepting everyone who comes!”

Luo Feng nodded.

“Thank you for your advice, I understand.”

Ye Xiao replied softly, after which he turned and left.

After seeing him leave, the others could not help but ask Luo Feng.

“Senior Luo, why do you say that That was a great opportunity.

If we follow him to the Xuan Yuan immortal territory, we would be able to rely on him in the future.

We would no longer have to live in fear like we do now.”

Luo Feng shook his head and sighed meaningfully.

“It wont be as easy as you think.

Were just pirates, not the Xuan Yuan bloodline.

Even if we go, well only be protected by them for a while.

We dont know what will happen in the future.

“Besides, the Xuan Yuan bloodline can enjoy the promotion of the Sacred Lord.

Theyll become stronger and stronger.

When that happens, well be a burden, and people will hate us.

“Although cultivators like the Sacred Lord wouldnt care, who could guarantee that the other members of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect wouldnt care

“Other than those issues, there was also the most important one which was what the Sacred Lord had said earlier.

He also had many enemies.

“We only knew that in our eyes, the Sacred Sovereign was indeed powerful, but what about cultivators above the Sacred Sovereign We have no idea at all.

“As far as I know, even in the Undesirable Sea, there are many superior cultivators whose strength is far above that of Sacred Sovereign Kong and the other Sacred Sovereigns.

“That means that there should be many people whose strength exceeds that of the Sacred Lord.

“That should also be the reason why he told us the second point just now.

“And if we continue to stay in the Undesirable Sea, although we might encounter some trouble, the Sacred Sovereigns might not necessarily come looking for us.

“As long as we are honest in the following days and dont attract too much attention, there shouldnt be any major problems.”

When the others heard that analysis, they could not help but sigh deeply.

There was no other way.

They could ignore other things, but they could not ignore Ye Xiaos enemies!

Those superior cultivators were existences that they could not afford to provoke.

If they defeated Ye Xiao, then the Xuan Yuan immortal sect would definitely be massacred.

On the contrary, there was still a chance of survival if they stayed in the Undesirable Sea.

Clinging onto ones thigh was indeed a very good thing.

However, clinging onto ones thigh also carried very great risk.

If another thigh kicked over, Ye Xiao might not necessarily die.

However, it was not certain for ants like them who clung onto ones thigh.

“However, everyone, dont be too discouraged.

Didnt the Sacred Lord just say that if we want to go in the future, we can go over at any time As long as the time isnt too long, its fine.

“Lets find a place to hide for a period of time and wait and see.

“If we really cant survive in the Undesirable Sea, it wont be too late to look for the old man!”

Everyone nodded.

They were pirates, and pirates were different from ordinary immortal cultivators.

They did not have the background of a reputable sect and were not protected by the rules of the immortal world.

Therefore, many times, in order to survive, they had to make plans for themselves.

Being a little more cautious was always beneficial.

On Ye Xiaos side, after he finished explaining the matter of the pirates, he quickly prepared to leave.

He could already feel a few terrifying auras locking onto his body.

If everything went as expected, it would not be long before they would start targeting him and launching attacks.

The Undesirable Sea was their home ground, after all, so he had to be a little more cautious.

Just as Ye Xiao was about to rush back to the Xuan Yuan immortal sect, several streams of energy appeared in the outer regions of the Xuan Yuan immortal territory.

Those streams of energy were all extremely powerful, shocking the hearts of people.

They even caused the stars in the surroundings of the Xuan Yuan immortal territory to start trembling.

One could imagine how terrifying their strength had reached.

The various Sacred Sovereigns and Imperial Immortals in the Xuan Yuan immortals sect discovered those existences at the first instant.

They instantly flew out, their expressions extremely grave as they looked outside.

“Can you feel it”

“Its a Sacred Sovereign! And not just one or two, its a group! There are at least seven of them.”

“Why are there so many Sacred Sovereigns here all of a sudden”

“It should be related to that supreme archaic Sacred Sovereign from before.

Ever since he escaped, Ive been feeling uneasy.

Since he was revived from the immemorial era, the other archaic Sacred Sovereigns should have the same strength.

“If he wakes up some of his old friends and brings them over, this will result in such a situation.”

“Ye Xiao isnt here right now.

We wont let him in no matter what.”

Although everyone was killed and subdued by Ye Xiao, they still had their brains.

Those archaic Sacred Sovereigns in front of them were not from the same era as them.

They did not have any relationship with each other and did not have any conflict of interest.

If they let the other party attack, not only would they kill the members of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect, but they would also destroy them.

Moreover, even if they let the other party attack and destroy the Xuan Yuan immortal sect, Ye Xiao would not let them off either.

Hence, under such circumstances, they had to join forces to resist.

They had to wait until Ye Xiao returned no matter what.

“With just the strength of us, Im afraid we wont be able to defend for long, right”

“We still have to defend! We can use the array that Ye Xiao left behind.

Everyone, concentrate all their strength on the array and can resolve and resist the other partys attack.

“That way, we can still hold on for a period of time.

“This Xuan Yuan immortal territory was created by Ye Xiao himself.

It contained his complete power.

Once this place is attacked, he would be able to sense it immediately and would definitely immediately come back to rescue.

“As long as we hold on until he returns, there wont be any problems.”

Hearing those words, everyone present felt slightly more at ease.

As long as Ye Xiao returned, everything would be fine.

“Alright! Then lets give it a try.”

Everyone began to release the aura on their bodies, channeling the immortal and sacred energy into the array formation.

When Xuanyuan Long and the others saw that scene, their expressions were similarly very solemn.

“I didnt expect that so many Sacred Sovereigns would come all of a sudden!”

“The other party should be coming for us.

Now that Ye Xiao isnt here, its probably difficult for us to resist with our own strength.

We must work together with those guardians to strengthen the array formation to defend against the other party.”

“Everyone, attack together!”

All the members of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect charged forward at the same time and used their full strength.

At that moment, a dazzling array quickly formed outside the Xuan Yuan immortal territory.

Golden light flickered, firmly protecting the entire small world within it.

Outside the light, several archaic Sacred Sovereigns looked at the scene in front of them and could not help but reveal mocking expressions.

“Gu Tie, is this the extremely powerful Xuan Yuan immortal sect that you spoke of It doesnt seem like theyre that great! They dont even have the courage to face us head-on.

Using some arrays to block us is simply too naive.

“Did you collect the wrong information”

The one who spoke was a female archaic Sacred Sovereign.

Her face was filled with arrogance as if she was a high and mighty queen who looked down on everything in the world.

Gu Tie said with a faint smile,

“Sacred Sovereign Ziyue, dont underestimate them.

Although theyre using the array to resist us now, that doesnt mean that theyre a bunch of trash.

“The last time I came over, I didnt see that legendary Ye Xiao!

“I guess that hes very likely in seclusion now to cultivate.

“If my guess is correct, they want to use this array to extend the time they can resist us.

“In this way, they will be able to give that Ye Xiao sufficient time, right

“Therefore, its better for us to end the battle as quickly as possible.”

Sacred Sovereign Ziyue shook her head and smiled disdainfully.

“Theres no need to waste time like that.

This venerable self alone is sufficient to break this array and then kill them until they leave nothing behind.”

As she finished speaking, she directly took a step forward.

The people behind her could not help but squint their eyes as they watched her back.

“After so many years, Sacred Sovereign Ziyue is still as arrogant as before.”

“However, this is understandable.

After all, she had successfully opened the three apertures of the Sacred Sovereign back then.

After sleeping for so many years, although her strength had greatly decreased, she was still able to display the strength of the two apertures of the Sacred Sovereign.

“This strength is stronger than many of us here.

She naturally has the right to be arrogant!”

Sacred Sovereign Yun Bing transmitted his voice to Sacred Sovereign Gu Tie,

“Gu Tie, if this continues, Im afraid things will not go well.

This womans strength is so strong.

If she performs too well and her strength is too dazzling, when the time comes, she will probably ask for many more things.

“You said before that you would let me choose more.”

Gu Tie smiled faintly and comforted him,

“Dont worry.

I dare to guarantee that she will definitely not break this array.

Do you believe it”

A strange look suddenly flashed across Sacred Sovereign Yun Bings eyes.

He was slightly surprised.

Could it be that the array in front of him was actually stronger than her and could withstand the attack of the Sacred Sovereign with two apertures

He continued to transmit his voice,

“Gu Tie, dont joke with me.

Youre trying to fool me here.

You know the strength of the Sacred Sovereign with two apertures very well.

“Back then, all of us had cultivation levels above the two apertures.

The lowest cultivation level was the two apertures.

Theres a huge difference between the Sacred Sovereign with two apertures and the Sacred Sovereign with one.

“Moreover, dont forget that this old woman Ziyue has cultivated the sacred arts quite well.

She even has a sacred weapon in her hands.

“Do you dare to guarantee that she wont be able to break this array”

Gu Tie replied once more,

“Dont worry.

You have known me for quite some time already.

When have you ever seen me spouting nonsense I never do things that Im not confident in, and I definitely wont say anything.”

Gu Tie was not joking.

He had felt that array before and the might of the array was truly extraordinary.

Also, at that time, only a group of Imperial Immortals acted to control it.

The Sacred Sovereigns did not join them.

The majority of the Imperial Immortals of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect also did not join.

That meant that the array did not unleash its full strength at that time.

Even in that situation, the array was able to trap him, forcing him to use life-saving methods to escape.

From that, one could very well imagine how powerful that array was.

Right then, the array was powered by more than just a small number of Imperial Immortals.

There was also the Sacred Sovereign and the countless cultivators of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect there.

Most likely, the array had already been strengthened to an unknown extent.

Sacred Sovereign Yun Bing was once again shocked.

He would naturally believe Gu Ties words.

However, would that array really be so powerful

One must know that Gu Tie had said before that Ye Xiaos cultivation was only at the peak of the third-level Imperial Immortal realm.

Although he had to admit that Ye Xiaos methods were indeed a little monstrous, no matter how monstrous he was, there was still a limit, right

The array set up by the peak of the third-level Imperial Immortal realm wanted to resist the attack of the Sacred Sovereign with two apertures.

Was that not a bit like a fools dream

However, from Gu Ties confidence, it did not seem like he was joking.

Since he was not joking, then… Was that array really that mystical

It made him feel a little curious.

His eyes stared straight ahead, wanting to see what was so mysterious about it.

Sacred Sovereign Ziyue soon arrived in front of the array.

To the Sacred Sovereign who had already grasped the law energy, it was merely a matter of a thought.

After she arrived, she looked at the people inside and could not help but snort.


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