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“Theres no rush.

Just the two of us working together might not have enough advantages to deal with Ye Xiao.

Its best if we find a few more old friends to work together.”

Sacred Sovereign Gu Ties words made Sacred Sovereign Yun Bing frown, and his expression was a little displeased.

“The more people we find, the more people will divide the things.

There are only a few things in total.

How are we going to divide them”

“Thats easy to say.

We can all cultivate his two sacred arts.

As for the speed of cultivation, it depends on our own aptitude.

Moreover, we can also split the pure True Immortal blood in his body equally.

As for that sacred weapon, it shouldnt be too important in comparison, right

“At worst, we can use the pure True Immortal blood to make up for the sacred weapon.

What do you think”

Sacred Sovereign Yun Bing nodded.

“Thats right.

This is indeed a good idea.

Then well do as you say.”

After taking a deep breath, he opened his mouth again and said,

“But I have to tell you first that when we divide the things, I must ask for more.”

Gu Tie raised his brows slightly.

“Youre making it very difficult for me to do this.”

“Whats there to be difficult about When the two of us look for other people next, dont expose all of Ye Xiaos tricks.

“For example, we can hide the fact that he has the pure True Immortal blood on him, or something else.”

Hearing that, Gu Tie smiled slightly.

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“This is a good idea.

In any case, just the two sacred arts on him alone can already attract other people to attack together!”

The two of them laughed sinisterly.

Not only did they scheme against Ye Xiao, but they also schemed against the rest of their companions.

At Undesirable Sea, on Ye Xiaos side, after a period of unremitting efforts, they finally succeeded in removing that barrier.


Following a thunderous sound, the barrier was opened.

Majestic immortal energy surged out from it, preventing the seawater from pouring back.

Ye Xiao immediately entered it.

The pure and rich immortal energy rapidly surged into Ye Xiaos body.

He did not care about those things.

All of his attention was placed on the entire building.

The appearance of that huge ruin was actually based on the appearance of the ancient buildings in Ye Xiaos previous life.

Ye Xiao vaguely felt that he had seen it in the history books.

If his guess was correct, it should be based on the appearance of the Epang Palace.

That made Ye Xiao even more excited.

So many coincidences were definitely not coincidences.

It was very likely that the Ancestral Dragon really came from his world.

Ye Xiao walked through the ruins and soon arrived at a huge palace.

On the walls of the palace, there were some murals.

They looked as if they were playing a video displaying the life of a man.

Ye Xiao was very familiar with that world.

It was the Nine Provinces small world!

It was also the place where the Ancestral Dragon started from the current world.

Then, he came all the way to the Xuan Yuan divine territory and then to the immortal world…

That man was most likely the Ancestral Dragon.

He had always had his back facing Ye Xiao.

On historical occasions, he defeated one super high-level cultivator after another who stood in front of him.

Just like that, he became stronger step by step.

In the end, he had also become a top-notch Sacred Sovereign!

At that moment, what Ye Xiao did not expect was that the Ancestral Dragon had actually turned his head around.

The instant their eyes met, Ye Xiaos expression could not help but be a little stunned.

The Ancestral Dragon… Was alive

That was not right!

He was not alive.

At the very least, the one there was not alive.

His current strength had already reached the level of a Sacred Sovereign, and he should be at the same level as the Ancestral Dragon.

In addition, he had so many tricks up his sleeve that it was impossible for him to be much weaker than the other party.

If he was really a living person, there was no reason for him not to feel it.

However, the other party clearly had his own consciousness, so it should be a clone.

His level was quite high!

“To think that I can actually meet a Xuan Yuan bloodline here, and its even from the same place as me.”

Hearing those words, Ye Xiao took a deep breath.

“As expected, Senior is just as I guessed.

He came from Earth.”

Ancestral Dragon nodded, and then he could not help but feel puzzled,

“However, speaking of which, its not easy for you to reach this level of cultivation.

The energy in the world is getting worse by the day.

Under such circumstances, its really rare for you to advance to the strength of a Sacred Sovereign.”

“Senior, Im just lucky.

Moreover, hasnt senior already cultivated to this level”

Ancestral Dragon shook his head.

“Im different from you.

Im destined to be able to reach this level because I have a great opportunity.

“Speaking of which, you also came from Earth.

Could it be that you know that existence as well”

Ye Xiao was stunned and asked in puzzlement,

“Which existence”

“A woman who is beautiful to the extreme and is extremely strong.

She even likes to keep a diary.

Oh right, she is also an existence that created this world.”

Ye Xiaos pupils immediately constricted!

An existence that created the world, then how strong was she

One had to know that although his current strength was already heaven-defying enough, it was still not enough to break through the world in front of him.

Furthermore, since the other party could directly create a world, it meant that she could easily destroy it.

If that was the case, it was not a good thing for Ye Xiao.

“Senior, just who is she”

Ancestral Dragon raised his brows slightly and immediately said,

“I also dont know just who she is.

I only know that she is not an ordinary person.

She can make people come to an unfamiliar world and have a brand new life.

“If we were to divide her according to her cultivation level, she should have surpassed all the cultivation levels in this world.

I call her the God of Creation!”

“Is there really the legendary God of Creation in this world”

Ye Xiao could not help but ask again.

Actually, he already believed it in his heart.

After all, it was impossible for a world to appear out of thin air.

He only wanted to continue to confirm.

Ancestral Dragon nodded and immediately said,

“Back then, my soul was wandering in the long river of time, always searching for the method of immortality.

“In the end, I met her.

She was moved by my persistence and was willing to give me a chance to come to this world to search for immortality.

She also gave me origin energy.

Borrowing that origin energy, I activated my creation ability and created all sorts of things along the way, including the cultivation technique that Im currently cultivating, the Heavenly Creation Art!

“Its precisely because of this origin every that Ive come to this day.

“Even so, Im still unable to face that woman directly now.

I can faintly sense that my strength is about to approach hers.

However, Im still far from reaching her level.”

Ye Xiaos mind immediately took the opportunity to calm down.

Even a powerful existence like the Ancestral Dragon was not her match.

In the future, he might not even be able to reach that level and fight against her.

However… Why did the Ancestral Dragon say those things to him

As if seeing Ye Xiaos doubt, the Ancestral Dragon immediately opened his mouth again and said,

“The reason why Im saying these things to you is that I want to join hands with you to fight against her.

It can also be said that I want to fight against the will of this world!

“Ive discovered that based on her powerful and terrifying power, the laws of this world that she created are very complete.

“Therefore, when we cultivate, we all have the chance to become the God of Creation and become an existence like her.

“However, theres a problem.

We need to gather all the power of laws to break the shackles of this world.

“As long as we can successfully break through the suppression of this world and reach a new level, the two of us should be able to attain true immortality.”

Ye Xiao immediately raised his brows slightly and said,

“This world was created by her, so its definitely weaker than her.

Even if the two of us break through the shackles of this world, we wont be able to reach the God of Creation, right”

Ancestral Dragon shook his head.

“Youve misunderstood.

This world was created by her, but this world contains all of her law energy.

Its an absolutely complete world.

“From a certain perspective, this is equivalent to us being an embryo.

Whats nurturing us is her blood, her bloodline power.

“Therefore, we have the same bloodline and the same possibility as her.

“However, the most important question now is, when she created this world, did she do so to prevent any accidents from happening Did she break through the barrier of this worlds laws and bring about a threat to the original world she was currently in She deliberately added some things.

“As long as the two of us can work together and break through that barrier, the two of us will have a chance to successfully break through to the realm of the God of Creation and reach the other shore of eternal life.”

At that moment, Ye Xiao finally understood why the Ancestral Dragon had said so much to him.

It seemed that he wanted to work together with him to break through the shackles of that world and let him successfully advance to the realm of the undying and indestructible God of Creation.

What a perfect plan!

The Ancestral Dragon spoke again.

“If the person I met today was just an ordinary person, I definitely wouldnt have said these things to him.

However, you are different.

I can feel an extremely special aura from your body.

“This aura makes me feel very at ease.

Its something very strong.

“Moreover, you and I came from the same place.

Im willing to believe you this once.”

Ye Xiao knew that the Ancestral Dragon was probably referring to the Golden Book divine soul.

He did not expect that he could even sense it.

However, he could only vaguely sense a general idea.

It was impossible to completely investigate the Golden Book divine soul in his body.

That meant that the Golden Book divine soul was extraordinary.

One had to know that the Ancestral Dragons strength was already beyond doubt.

In addition, he had just told him that he had once obtained a trace of the origin energy that was used to construct the great world.

If even he could not sense the Golden Book divine soul in his body, that meant that the Golden Book divine soul was very likely an existence that was above that world.

Ye Xiaos heartbeat could not help but start to accelerate again.

The Golden Book divine soul was so powerful.

In the future, could it bring him to successfully advance to the realm of the God of Creation

“Then… How should the two of us deal with the woman you mentioned, or rather, break through the barrier of this world”

Ye Xiao was a little curious and asked in a low voice,

Ancestral Dragon immediately opened his mouth and said:

“With your current strength, its still not enough.

The strongest existence in this world is not just the Sacred Sovereign! Above the Sacred Sovereign, there is another step called the Celestial Sovereign! Above the Celestial Sovereign, there is the Supreme Sovereign!

“The Supreme Sovereign is the highest combat strength in this world.

At the same time, his strength is also far beyond your imagination.

“Only when you reach the Supreme Sovereign are you qualified to work together with me.

Otherwise, with your current strength, you were simply a small fly in the past.

Others might just slap you to death.

What use do you think you have in the past”


Good fellow.

Ever since he came to that world, he had rarely been despised by others.

He did not expect that he would actually be despised by his fellow brethren.

However, Ancestral Dragons words also gave him new hope.

His current strength had already reached the level of a Sacred Sovereign.

He was only two realms away from the Supreme Sovereign.

In other words, he was already infinitely close to that peak strength.

As long as he could succeed, the days of him working together with Ancestral Dragon would not be too long.

Once he became the legendary God of Creation realm, perhaps he would really be able to take a break.

At that time, no one would be able to threaten or harm him.

He must become a God of Creation!

He must break through the limits of the world.

Ye Xiao clenched his fists and took a deep breath, secretly swearing in his heart.

Ancestral Dragon looked at him and then said,

“However, she is very strong.

If the two of us want to join hands to fight against her, we must plan everything out ahead.

The most important thing is to raise our cultivation levels to the Supreme Sovereign realm.

“Otherwise, everything will just be empty talk.

“This is a very long time.

The two of us have to wait patiently, especially you.

With your current cultivation, you can at most block her senses.

As long as she doesnt enter this world, it will be difficult for her to discover your whereabouts However, if we fight, you are completely unqualified now.

“Before this, its best for you to keep a low profile and develop steadily.

Dont easily reveal your secret.”

Ye Xiao nodded and immediately comforted him,

“You can rest assured on this point.

My character is still a little more steady.

Even if there wasnt this matter that you mentioned today, I wouldnt normally be too ostentatious and go around publicizing my identity.

“Moreover, its only the Supreme Sovereign realm.

The difference shouldnt be too great.

Give me a little time, and I should be able to achieve it very quickly.”

Ancestral Dragon could not help but raise his eyebrows slightly.

The reason why he chose to be frank with Ye Xiao was partly that the two of them came from the same place.

Moreover, the two of them had the Xuan Yuan bloodline in that world.

With those two things, he dared to gamble.

However, what he did not expect was that Ye Xiao actually dared to be so arrogant, directly saying that he could advance to the Supreme Sovereign realm in a very short period of time.

Was that fellow joking with him

Although his cultivation speed was very fast, advancing to the Supreme Sovereign realm also took a considerable amount of time.

It was not an ordinary cultivation level.

“Youd better not be too arrogant.”


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