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Everyone had no choice but to watch as Ye Xiao left.

However, just as he was about to turn and leave, suddenly, Zhang Sans subordinate, Imperial Immortal Luo Feng spoke,

“Right, Holy Knight, Pirate King, oh no, your clone, the resources we collected earlier are still hidden with us, do you want to take them with you”

Although Ye Xiao had already fused with Zhang Sans memories, he had just completed a great battle, so he had not had the time to digest his memories.

At that moment, hearing the other partys reminder, he searched Zhang Sans memories and immediately understood that the matter was indeed true.

The reason why Zhang San wanted to come to Undesirable Sea was to search for a large number of resources to replenish Ye Xiao.

He had already expected that he would be targeted by the alliance, hence he hid all the resources he had stolen in advance to prevent them from being split up.

When that time came, Ye Xiao would not be able to get those resources, he wouldnt be able to get them.

“Then lets make a trip.”

“Alright! Please follow us.”

Luo Feng and the others had just opened their mouths when Ye Xiao waved his sleeves and brought them all back to the Pirate Alliance headquarters.

Ye Xiao only needed to search through Zhang Sans memories and he would know all the maps there.

Hence, with a thought, he could instantly reach the place he wanted to reach.

Feeling the terrifying power of Ye Xiao, Luo Feng and the others could not help but feel their hearts beating.

As Imperial Immortals, their speed was naturally not slow, however, compared to Ye Xiao, it was too slow.

It was like the difference in speed between a human and a god.

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Ye Xiao took all the information and was about to leave when his spiritual sense suddenly scanned the bottom of the sea and felt something unusual.

“This is… ”

He immediately searched through Zhang Sans memories again.

It turned out that that place was not the stronghold of the Pirate Alliance in the past.

To be more precise, there was no so-called Pirate Alliance at that time, let alone any stronghold.

That stronghold was arranged by Zhang San after he found it.

Moreover, the reason why he chose that place to be his stronghold was that he discovered that the place was unusual.

At the bottom of the sea, there was an ancient ruin.

It was just that he did not have the ability to open it, so he did not touch it.

He wanted to wait until Ye Xiao personally came over to open it.

That fellow was quite thoughtful.

“Sacred Lord, whats wrong”

Seeing that Ye Xiao did not move, everyone could not help but curiously go forward and ask.

Ye Xiao immediately opened his mouth and said,

“Its nothing, but Ive changed my mind.

Im going to cultivate here for a period of time.

Dont disturb me.”

Everyones eyes lit up.

If Ye Xiao were willing to cultivate there for a period of time, it would be a great honor for them.

What they were most afraid of was that after Ye Xiao left, those people who hated Ye Xiao and did not dare to provoke Ye Xiao would vent their hatred on them.

Then they would definitely be finished.

Since Ye Xiao had decided to stay there for a period of time, they did not need to worry anymore.

Although Ye Xiao would also leave in the future, that did not mean that they would only be safe for that period of time.

Why did they say that

That was because, if a strong enemy came and saw Ye Xiao, the news would spread.

The others would think that Ye Xiao had already taken them in, and from then on, they would really not dare to make a move against them.

“Then well wait outside, we definitely wont let anyone disturb the Sacred Lords training!”

Ye Xiao nodded, and everyone left.

After leaving, the few of them immediately spoke,

“Should we spread the news of the Sacred Lord training here Let them wake up a little, in case someone tries to cause trouble for us”

Luo Feng shook his head.

“Theres no need.

If we spread the news, the others will only doubt it.

They may choose to remain silent for a while, but as time passes, they will definitely come over to verify the truth.

“And when that time comes, the Sacred Lord will have long left.

If that happens, our words will become a true lie.

“We wont say anything now.

In any case, someone will come looking for trouble in the near future.

At that time, the Sacred Lord will suddenly make a move, and this news will immediately become true.

“As long as this news doesnt come from our mouths, it will have endless magic power.

If it comes from our mouths, it will be worthless.”

Everyone came to a sudden realization.

“I see.”

“We shouldnt stay here any longer.

The Sacred Lord needs to go into seclusion to cultivate.

We should guard this place well for the Sacred Lord.”


Everyone nodded and replied in unison.

Then, they quickly scattered and returned to their respective positions to guard.

Ye Xiao naturally knew of their little thoughts, but he did not say anything.

Before he merged with Zhang San, Zhang San had once begged him to help him take care of those brothers.

Moreover, Zhang San also contributed a lot, so Ye Xiao naturally would not reject it.

If someone really took action against the Pirate Alliance, he did not mind taking action and helping them once.

At that moment, he wanted to see what the clone left behind.

He used his movement technique and teleported to the bottom of the sea, in front of the ruins.

The ruins looked like an ordinary ancient building.

Ye Xiao had a vague feeling that he had seen that building somewhere before.

After pondering for a moment, he immediately used his divine sense to inspect the ruins to see if there was any way to break the seal on them.

As he used his divine sense, a golden barrier immediately appeared on the entire ruins.

That barrier was extremely hard and even shocked Ye Xiao a little.

One had to know that his current cultivation had already reached the Sacred Sovereign realm.

That was an unprecedented peak realm.

However, he actually saw a barrier.

The degree of hardness was something that even he was a little afraid of.

That made him even more curious.

What kind of thing was hidden in the ruins behind that barrier

At that moment, along with Ye Xiaos spiritual sense, he continuously analyzed the defensive barrier of the ruins.

On the defensive barrier, large golden words suddenly appeared.

The moment he saw those large golden words, Ye Xiao could not help but narrow his eyes.

‘This is…

His breathing could not help but become heavy.

That was because he had seen those words in the history textbooks of his previous life.

During his free time when he was sick and hospitalized, he would also learn some ancient texts.

He knew that those characters were not the characters in that world, but Xiao Zhuan!

Xiao Zhuan was the character that the Ancestral Dragon had set as the official font after unifying the six nations in Ye Xiaos previous life.

Even so, why would Xiao Zhuan appear there

Could it be that it was the place where the Ancestral Dragon had once lived

Ye Xiao immediately began to circulate his spiritual sense again to speed up the analysis of the characters.

The discovery made him extremely excited, because that way, it was very likely that the Ancestral Dragon was someone from the same place as him.

Up until then, he had encountered many of the Ancestral Dragons remains.

There were stone steles in the human world, Mount Xuan Yuan in the divine territory, and the Great Qin immortal sect in the immortal world.

However, from the beginning to the end, he had not seen the Ancestral Dragon once.

He did not know if the other party was alive or dead.

If he was still alive, what kind of cultivation was he at Where was he

Other than those, Ye Xiao also had a certain thought and question.

If he was not the only transmigrator, did that mean that they had a chance to transmigrate back

Return to earth

Of course, Ye Xiao was not too reluctant to return to Earth.

He no longer had any relatives there.

At most, there were some kind-hearted people or friends who could help him.

However… That might be a sense of belonging that originated from the bloodline inheritance!

There was another problem.

Ye Xiao really wanted to know why there was such a thing as transmigration.

Who was behind all of it

If someone could control all of that, did it mean that there was a possibility of further progress in cultivation

It would still take a lot of time to analyze those words.

Ye Xiao guessed that the Ancestral Dragon had at least reached the same level of cultivation as him, the Sacred Sovereign.

Otherwise, he would be able to break through that defensive array with a casual move and not need to analyze it.

It might still require quite a bit of time to analyze.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, he would first synthesize his two great sacred arts one last time.

Perhaps it would be the last synthesis because Ye Xiao himself did not know where the limit of the Golden Book divine soul was.

As he analyzed the array, he split his attention to controlling the Golden Book divine soul and began synthesis.

A progress bar appeared above the Golden Book divine soul.

From the looks of it, it would probably take a very long time to completely synthesize.

If it was so easy to successfully synthesize it, that would be too simple, right

Just like that, Ye Xiao began to wait for a long time.

At the same time, on the other side, the archaic Sacred Sovereign who had escaped from the Xuan Yuan immortal sect also unsealed an inconspicuous tomb.

It was unknown when that mausoleum had been built.

As time passed, it had already been ground down.

Even the mountain peak that had been built had long since disappeared, turning into flat ground.

However, the archaic Sacred Sovereign was able to accurately find its location and easily open it.

“Come out, my old friend, Sacred Sovereign Yun Bing!”

Soon, an extremely powerful aura soared into the sky as a figure quietly appeared.

He was a muscular man who was more than nine feet tall.

His entire body was filled with muscles, and his vines were extremely prominent.

He glanced at the archaic Sacred Sovereign and said with a cold expression,

“Gu Tie! Why did you wake me up in advance If you cant give me a reasonable explanation, dont blame me for not being polite to you.”

Gu Tie smiled faintly.

“I called you out in advance because I naturally have something important to discuss.

Do you know that the immemorial sacred art that disappeared in the immemorial era, the number one Destiny sacred art, and the Primordial Chaos sacred art have already appeared”

“What did you say”

Hearing those words, Sacred Sovereign Yun Bings expression suddenly changed drastically.

Following that, his tone became somewhat urgent as he asked,

“Where are they”

“In the hands of a fellow called Ye Xiao.

That brats strength is very strong.

Not only does he possess these two legendary sacred arts, but he also possesses the legendary pure True Immortal bloodline! Oh right, he also has a sacred weapon in his hands!”

Sacred Sovereign Yun Bing slightly clenched his fist, and a dark green light flashed across his eyes.

It did not mean that Sacred Sovereigns who had reached their level could have a pure heart and few desires.

The so-called pure heart and few desires were only because they did not have any desire for ordinary things.

Case in point, would the Sacred Sovereigns take a second look at the immortal artifacts that the immortal cultivators cared about

Their own bodies were already strong enough to crush the immortal artifacts.

However, if they were to encounter an existence that they did not have and was even stronger than them, they would be the same as ordinary people, having covetous thoughts.

“Youve fought with him”

After experiencing the initial greed, Sacred Sovereign Yun Bing slowly opened his mouth.

At his level of cultivation, his intelligence was not to be underestimated.

He immediately analyzed that Gu Tie had fought with Ye Xiao before.

Moreover, if he was not out of his expectations, Gu Tie might have been severely beaten up by the other party.

Otherwise, he would not have just watched helplessly as so many good things were snatched away.

He would not have even come here to join forces with him.

That old fellow was really smart.

Gu Tie laughed.

“Thats not true.

I havent seen him yet.

Its just that he has a group of extremely powerful subordinates.

If we join forces, Im not a match for him.”

“Oh Its not possible for him to have Sacred Sovereigns under him, right”

“You guessed it right.

He really does have two Sacred Sovereigns under him.

Other than that, there are also some third-level Imperial Immortals.”

Sacred Sovereign Yun Bings expression suddenly changed.

To actually be able to take in two Sacred Sovereigns for his own use.

Looks like that Ye Xiao was really not an ordinary small character.

However, thinking about it carefully, he was able to obtain the legendary Destiny sacred art and the Primordial Chaos sacred art.

Furthermore, he had a pure True Immortal bloodline, and with the addition of the sacred weapon, that fellow was simply the heavens exclusive favor.

With so many companions, if he could not surpass ordinary people and stand above those of the same level, then he would really be true trash.

However… That also made him even more excited.

After becoming a Sacred Sovereign, he basically did not have any big goals because it was very difficult to meet.

What was worth him giving it his all for

The current Ye Xiao felt that it was very interesting.

Perhaps it could help him resolve his boring cultivation life.

“Lets make things clear first.

Although this venerable self will make a move, this venerable self will have to take a look at the Destiny sacred art and the Primordial Chaos sacred art.

“This venerable self can reject that sacred weapon, but I must have a share of his pure True Immortal bloodline.”


Gu Tie replied with a smile.

As long as he could make the other party make a move and take down Ye Xiao, it did not matter even if he lost some things.

One had to know that Ye Xiaos body was full of treasures, but his strength was also no trifling matter.

It was impossible to solely rely on a single persons strength to take it all for himself.

Only by joining forces could they take it down and profit.

Otherwise, even if he was ten times more precious than he was, what was the point of only being able to look at it and not take it

“When do we make our move”


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