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Chapter 73: Warning! Warning! High Energy Ahead!

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Ye Xiaos face was covered in dust.

He climbed up from the pile of rubble and patted his body.

At the same time, he used the Mending the Heavens technique to heal the injuries on his body.

It was too awkward.

The speed of the Divine Intent technique was too fast.

For a moment, he did not control it well.

When his thoughts were just activated, his body arrived on the mountain.

For a moment, he did not have the time to stop and directly crashed into it.

Fortunately, he was now a Xiantian fourth grade great grandmaster, and his physical body had been slightly strengthened.

In addition, he also cultivated one or two body-refining techniques, so he did not suffer any serious injuries.

Otherwise, crashing into the entire mountain at such a powerful speed would have been enough for him to suffer.

After healing the broken skin on his body, Ye Xiaos spiritual energy sensed a few waves of spiritual energy approach.

He once again used the Divine Intent technique and flew upwards.

Not long after, a few figures came one after another.

They were none other than the few grandmasters of Jianghai city, as well as the professor of the Jingdu Martial Arts Academy who had just returned to Jianghai city, the great grandmaster, Du Changfeng.

When the few of them arrived here and saw the half of the cliff that had been dented, they could not help but feel shocked.

“What a powerful destructive force, this power is too strong!”

“This technique, if you dont have the strength of a great sect, you wont be able to use it! Old Du, what do you think”

Du Changfeng gently stroked his chin and said with a solemn expression,

“From the damage range of this attack, there is no doubt that it is the attack of a great sect.

However, his attack method and the shape caused by the falling move made me very confused.”


“Based on my many years of experience, this is a type of strike technique! The opponent used a strike technique to attack and cause this kind of damage.”


Everyone could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

Their scalps were numb!

Jianghai city already had a swordmaster and a saber art expert.

Now, another strike martial art expert had appeared!

That way, there were three martial art grandmasters!

“Whats going on in our Jianghai city Why are there three grandmasters”

Du Changfeng let out a long sigh.

“In fact, there are more than three martial grandmasters in Jianghai City.

“When I came back today, Tianyu reported to me that Jianghai city currently has a healer above high-level and a spiritual grandmaster.

Judging from their cultivation, the lowest one is at least a grandmaster.”

After saying that, everyone was completely dumbfounded.

The entire air was deathly silent.

Only the mountain wind continued to pass through the large hole that had just been blasted out, giving off a series of chilling whistles.

Jianghai city was definitely going to produce some treasure!

On Ye Xiaos side, he was testing and practicing his movement techniques in the starry sky.

After doing it for quite a while, he finally got used to the operating method of the Divine Intent technique.

He was able to operate and stop at will.

That was also thanks to his cultivation.

Having reached the rank of a great grandmaster, he was able to fly and practice in the air.

If he were to practice on the ground, who knew how many things he would hit.

From the looks of it, the speed of the Divine Intent technique was not bad.

Originally, his speed was already slightly faster than the speed of sound.

The speed of sound was 760 miles per hour.

He could probably fly about 800 miles per hour.

Now, his speed had reached about 4,040 miles per hour.

He could reach 1.1 miles per second, which was about 6,000 feet.

That speed was actually not an exaggeration.

After all, the Divine Intent technique itself was not an ordinary cultivation technique.

It was several times higher than a grandmaster-level cultivation technique.

As a top-tier movement technique in a martial arts world, Ye Xiao felt that it was still very reasonable.

After all, compared to those novels where the gods created the Earth and created man, that figure was far from being so exaggerated.

However, he was still only a Xiantian fourth-grade great grandmaster.

If he were to advance in the future, his speed would probably increase even further.

No matter what, he was still far from the speed of light.

The speed of sound was only about 1/900,000 of the speed of light.

He had only exceeded the speed of sound by a little more than five times.

‘I wonder what my current maximum speed is

Ye Xiao raised his head and looked at the starry sky above him.

He took a deep breath, and his eyes revealed a strong curiosity.

‘Im already a great grandmaster now.

With the spiritual energy protecting my body, I can avoid the radiation of the sun, and I can also avoid the problem of oxygen deprivation in the high sky.

Why dont…

At the same time, a laboratory base with the star-spangled banner in the starry sky was conducting scientific and technological experiments.

The commander of the experimental base and a group of scientists stood in front of a window and examined the data through a large screen.

On the screen were three mysterious and futuristic fighter jets that were flying rapidly under the night sky.

Their speed was so fast that it caused ones adrenaline to surge.

They were continuously demonstrating the operation of climbing and accelerating, they were flexible in steering and other aspects.

The scientist introduced them to the commander,

“This brand-new fighter jet is made of a few new materials that have just been found in space.

It is made of a special type of alloy.

It is light in weight, has excellent resistance to attacks and high temperatures.

With it, it can withstand the high-intensity continuous flying combat that many fighter jets in the past could not withstand.

“Due to its immense power, the pilot of this fighter jet has to have extremely high physical fitness and reaction speed.

He has to reach the grandmaster realm!

“However, it can display a speed and attack power that is comparable to a great grandmaster.

“To put it simply, it can turn a grandmaster into a great grandmaster!

“It can bring the whole of America to a new peak that will last for a long time.”

The commanders eyes were filled with mirth.

‘Good stuff!

‘Truly good stuff!!

Cultivating was as difficult as ascending to the heavens.

It would take a long time to raise an ordinary person into a grandmaster.

It would take even longer to raise a grandmaster into a great sect!

Now, with that opportunity, they could raise the strength of a grandmaster in large numbers and raise the strength of an armys grandmaster to a great grandmaster.

The extent of the increase was not something that ordinary humans could imagine.

Then America would be able to completely control the space battlefield, and then control the voice of the entire human race.

Suppressing the powerhouses of other states would be a piece of cake!

By collecting martial arts geniuses, martial arts experience, and cultivation techniques from other states, they would be able to increase Americas strength.

“Can this fighter jet be mass-produced already”

“This requires your approval, Mr.


“Ive approved it.

Immediately report it to the American Star Defense Department to produce this new type of fighter plane.

If it succeeds, Americas strength will be able to receive another huge increase in a short period of time.

‘At that time, Americas top strength will be further consolidated.”

“Alright, Ill have the pilot fly back now.

Register and report the test data.

After the optimization, report it directly to the American Star Defense Department for production.”

The few pilots in the cabin received the recall message at the same time.

They piloted the fighter and prepared to return.

However, at that moment, one of the pilots suddenly realized that a red dot had appeared on his radar screen.


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