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The Sun-devouring Demon left in peace.

Under everyones gaze, Ye Xiaos sword strike was so powerful that it was completely unreasonable.

He did not give it any chance to escape or resist at all, mercilessly tearing its body into two halves.

The Sun-devouring Demon swore that he had never seen such a powerful radiance in his entire life!

That light was heaven-piercing and earth-shattering.

If it had known that there would be such a powerful existence there, it would not have come there no matter what.

Even if it had to find a place to hide and live in seclusion for tens of thousands of years, it would go willingly!

In fact, it was usually very cautious.

However, because the depths of the sea had been too chaotic during that period of time, it had suffered many injuries and was in urgent need of energy to heal itself.

As a result, it had no choice but to make a move and devour some immortal cultivators to heal its injuries.

In the end, under everyones watchful eyes, its corpse and the huge tentacle from before instantly disappeared from the spot.

Obviously, someone had taken its corpse.

At that moment, all the living beings on Ling Yun Island were petrified on the spot.

The entire Ling Yun Island fell into a dead silence.

Everyones thoughts had almost stopped.

They had no idea what had happened.

That was the Sun-devouring Demon!

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It was a famous top-grade sea beast in the Undesirable Sea!

It was a third-level Imperial Immortal!

Then, it was killed instantly without even seeing its own enemy.

How powerful must the person behind it be to be able to do that

“A Sacred Sovereign! Hes definitely a Sacred Sovereign! Its impossible for anyone else to have this kind of strength.”

An old Imperial Immortal was so excited that he was incoherent and his white beard was shaking.

That was a Sacred Sovereign!

In the entire immortal world, be it on the continent or in the Undesirable Sea, there were not many Sacred Sovereigns.

They represented the most supreme existence in the world!

They were the thunderclouds that shrouded the sky and earth!

Therefore, even Imperial Immortals like them could not help but feel a wave of shock, admiration, and relief.

Since there was a Sacred Sovereign near them, but unfortunately, they could not see him.

One had to admit that it was a great regret.

“Everyone, Im afraid that Sacred Sovereign wouldnt casually come out to meet us.

Lets hurry up and get to work.

Lets get down to business first.”

“Thats right.”

Another Imperial Immortal quickly stepped out.

“We just suffered an attack from the Sun-devouring Demon.

There are too many losses on the island and there are many things that need to be dealt with.”

“We can only do so.”

Everyone quickly went to work.

The Imperial Immortals and workers on the various large merchant ships also began to busy themselves with the matters on their own merchant ships.

That included counting the number of injured people, repairing the huge ship, and arranging the rest of the journey.

At the same time, Ye Xiao was at the foot of a cliff, barbecuing on iron plates.

Without saying anything else, the taste of the Sun-devouring Demon was really not bad.

The meat was chewy and juicy.

When paired with large amounts of oil and stir-fried with green onions, ginger, and garlic, the taste was absolutely superb.

It could also be used to add oil and cumin powder for grilling.

As expected, the stronger an existence was, the more delicious the meat would be when eaten.

Ye Xiao ate a beautiful meal.

At least one-eighth of a large octopus had been eaten by him.

As a peak third-level Imperial Immortal, not only could he enjoy the delicious food when he ate, but after eating, he could also rapidly refine their blood essence and use it for his own use.

It was quite perfect.

It could be said that no matter how much he ate, he would not be able to hold on.

He would just continuously increase his strength.

However, he was not just eating there.

At the same time, he was also interrogating the Sun-devouring Demons primordial soul, hoping to find some information about the deep sea from him.

After the primordial soul of the Sun-devouring Demon was kept by Ye Xiao, it had been imprisoned in one of his storage rings.

Seeing Ye Xiao suddenly appear, Sun-devouring Demons face instantly turned ashen, but it was also filled with caution.

It was not stupid.

The other party was able to instantly kill it, which was enough to prove that the other partys strength was no trifling matter.

If it were to argue head-on with the other party, would it not show that its intelligence was low and that it was unbearably stupid like a pig

It looked at Ye Xiao and immediately asked warily,

“Do I have any enmity with you”


“Then, is it that you dont like me”

The Sun-devouring Demon asked again.

Ye Xiao replied again with an indifferent expression,

“Not really.”

“Then… Is Ling Yun Island your property”


The Sun-devouring Demons brows were knitted into a knot.

He did not offend the other party, nor did he make the other party dislike him.

Ling Yun Island had nothing to do with the other party.

Why did the other party suddenly attack him

He simply could not understand.

Ye Xiao only slowly raised two fingers and then said indifferently,

“I only called you here for two things.

The first thing is to understand what happened in the deep sea from you.”

Hearing that, the Sun-devouring Demons face could not help but twitch violently.

At that moment, it was somewhat displeased.

‘Just because you want to understand some information, in the end, you want to kill me What kind of logic is this

Was there still justice

Was there still law

To be honest, it really wanted to go up and tear Ye Xiaos face apart.

If it was not because it was worried that it could not defeat Ye Xiao, it would definitely have gone up long ago.

It was never too late for a gentleman to take revenge.

He would temporarily put that matter aside.

In the future, when he had enough confidence and strength, he would deal with that brat to return all the humiliation he had suffered that day to him.

“What about the second matter”

The Sun-devouring Demon was filled with anticipation and wanted to ask what the second matter was because he was very curious.

The first thing that Ye Xiao did indeed made people very angry, but the second thing should be more serious, right

Unfortunately, the Sun-devouring Demon still underestimated the degree of Ye Xiaos boredom.

Ye Xiao said indifferently,

“Because your meat is delicious.”

The Sun-devouring Demon was instantly stunned.

He simply did not dare to believe it and did not want to accept that answer.

That answer could be said to be completely unreasonable.

Was there a mistake

What does it mean that his meat was very delicious

‘Just because my meat was delicious, you cant just casually kill me, right

‘Dont go overboard!

Just as the Sun-devouring Demon felt that he could not hold it in and was about to go berserk, Ye Xiao spoke again,

“You came from the deep sea.

How is the deep sea now”

The Sun-devouring Demon was so angry that he was trembling.

He was so angry that he was cold.

After doing such an outrageous thing, he still had the cheek to ask me for information.

Be more realistic!

“This Emperor doesnt know.”

After spitting out those five words in a bad mood, Ye Xiaos brows twitched slightly.

For some unknown reason, when he saw Ye Xiaos slightly raised gaze, the Sun-devouring Demon could not help but shudder violently all of a sudden.

With that gaze, it could already feel something that was 100 times more terrifying than death.

It trembled twice before opening its mouth to speak,

“Cough, cough… You have to tell me first which part of the situation you want to know!”

Ye Xiao replied without hesitation,

“Zhang San!”


The Sun-devouring Demon suddenly raised its voice.

It simply could not believe its ears.

Ye Xiao was actually looking for Zhang San!

That was a freaking demon god!

Why was that fellow looking for him

Ye Xiao seemed to have seen the doubt in its eyes and immediately said,

“He owes me a lot of money.”

Although he could intimidate the Sun-devouring Demon, its cultivation was similar to his after all.

There was not much difference.

He could not forcefully use his spiritual energy to read its memories, so he would lie to it first.

If he were to directly say that he had a good relationship with Zhang San, the Sun-devouring Demon might not necessarily tell him about Zhang Sans whereabouts.

If he were to say that he had a relationship with Zhang San at that instant, the Sun-devouring Demon might very well do something bad in the dark.

In order to ensure that he could find Zhang San in one piece, Ye Xiao had to play some tricks.

The truth was just as he had thought.

Just as he said those words, in the next second, the eyes of the Sun-devouring Demon lit up.

It immediately opened its mouth and said,

“So thats how it is.

I know that youre asking the right person for me to ask Zhang San.”

Its thoughts were very simple.

For such a powerful fellow like Ye Xiao to find Zhang San, he would definitely fight with Zhang San.

Zhang San could kill enemies of a higher level.

He might even be able to defeat that fellow.

When the two of them fought, the dog would bite the dogs fur, and it would be the perfect time for it to reap the benefits.


Hence, it did not hesitate to tell Ye Xiao about Zhang Sans whereabouts.

Of course, it was not only because of that.

The Sun-devouring Demon was not a fool.

After traveling for so many years, it had seen countless things.

Hence, it naturally thought that Ye Xiao might be lying to it and operating in the opposite direction.

However, the most important problem was that Ye Xiao was at the peak of the third-level Imperial Immortal realm.

It was precisely because of it that the Sun-devouring Demon would not doubt him.

The peak of the third-level Imperial Immortal realm.

Although such a cultivator was not the strongest existence in the entire immortal world, he was also the strongest existence below the Sacred Sovereign.

How could such an existence play such petty tricks

Of course, he chose to believe in him!

“Zhang San has already been captured by the Sea Alliance.

They have sent out several Sacred Sovereigns in total.

“Now, they are preparing to hold a king-slaying assembly to specifically kill the Pirate King Zhang San.

The earliest tomorrow, Zhang San will be interrogated and executed!”

Ye Xiao raised his brows.

“Ive heard of this matter, but didnt they say that it would take some time”

“It should have been like this, but the situation has changed a lot.

The Sea Alliance is also worried that he will make some mistakes.

“After all, this guys methods are too powerful.

No one knows if there are any higher-level existences behind him.

“If there are other people behind him, and they rescue him, then all the sects in the Undesirable Sea will be finished.

“Not only was this kid able to kill enemies of a higher level, but his talent was also very monstrous.

He advanced very quickly.

“Once he escaped, the dragon would return to the sea.

The next time he appeared, his cultivation might have already advanced to the final step, the Sacred Sovereign!

“At that time, coupled with his ability to fight across realms, let alone the five Sacred Sovereigns, even if a few more came, they would only be sheep entering the tigers mouth to practice for him.”

“I see.”

Ye Xiao could not help but sigh in his heart.

His clone was actually able to receive such treatment from the Sea Alliance.

However, although he sighed, the most important task at the moment was to rescue him first and fuse them together to raise his cultivation so that he could reach the Sacred Sovereign realm a step earlier.

It seemed that he could no longer stay there.

He had to hurry over as soon as possible.

At that moment, Zhou Chuan and the other two Imperial Immortals on Ye Xiaos ship were chatting as they walked over.

“Our ship has been severely damaged.

We might not be able to repair it in a short period of time.

However, we can choose to leave it here to be repaired.

After that, should the three of us go and watch the King Slayer Assembly with our own eyes”

“Old Zhou, are you saying that we should let the people on the ship continue to deal with the ship while the three of us use the teleportation technique to go to the deep sea”

Zhou Chuan nodded his head seriously and lowered his voice slightly.

“Ive already calculated it.

Our entire ship has been completely destroyed.

There are many places that we cant repair and can only replace.

If we dont replace them, well still need to adjust the parts.

“Itll take at least ten days.

“This is such a long time.

Even if we stay here, we can only meditate.

We cant do anything else.

“Rather than that, we might as well go out and take a look.

“Thats the Pirate King Zhang San!

“Hes a rarely seen figure throughout the ages.

Dont you want to see how he was brought to justice”


Once those words were said, the two of them were completely moved.

“Since thats the case, then… Why dont we go and take a look”

“This… I think its appropriate too.”

“Since thats the case, then well go back later and directly announce this matter”

“Alright! Lets go!”

The three of them were just about to leave when they suddenly saw a figure at the bottom of the cliff.

Among the three Imperial Immortals, Imperial Immortal Zhou Chuan could tell with a glance that Ye Xiao was a customer of their ship.

As an Imperial Immortal, sometimes, the things or people he saw with a glance would be firmly engraved in his heart.

He knew Ye Xiao very well because back then when Ye Xiao had just boarded the ship, he had already glanced at Ye Xiao.

At that time, he had already sensed that YYe Xiaos temperament was extraordinary.

However, he could not sense how much cultivation Ye Xiao had, so he did not pay too much attention to it.

Yet he did not expect that Ye Xiao would actually appear in such a place.

What was he doing there

“That fellow, he seems to be someone from our ship.”


“Its that brat sitting on the ground.”

The other two Imperial Immortals glanced in the direction he was pointing at and could not help but speak,

“Thats right, it seems to be him.

Ive also seen him on our ship before.”

“But, this fellow is alone in such a place.

What is he doing”

Unfortunately, just as the three of them were still trying to figure it out, Ye Xiao suddenly disappeared from where he was.


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